Fort Rosa Parks Military Academy
Art Sitter

El Segundo, CA

#62 Jan 9, 2013
momofaprisioner wrote:
I also took care of a young girl who stold a car from there and was in a terrible reck. She did not live to be here today. She was only 12
My dauhter Tabitha was in Ft. Rosa Parks in 2000 and in my opinion was a victim of a pathetic social service, public education and criminal justice system. My daughter passed after havig escaped from the Ft. being pursued by a CO from the camp in a high speed pursuit. I was lied to by the Ft telling me law enforcement did the pursuit but found out later it was some person from the camp.
I have to thank Crystal Roach, Newaygo Co. prosecutor for trying my 15 year daughter as an adult in a bomb threat case. A bomb threat she called in to avoid being bullied by another student at Newaygo High School. My daughter took off from Ft. Rosa Parks the morning of a scheduled court hearing that would have remanded her to the adult court system. I have nothing but contempt for the Ft., Col. Slickers and the Newayco Co. Court system. My daughter survived 4 months after her escape and car accident and fiannaly passed as a result of mistreatment in an adult foster care facility following the car accident. To all those who received positive outcomes from Ft. Rosa Parks, my hat is off to you!

Salt Lake City, UT

#64 May 14, 2013
Tiffany wrote:
I was the second female to ever attend Fort Rosa Parks back in 99' i have to say it was the best thing that ever happend to me.Many people may want to talk bad but except responsibility for ur own actions u put urself there so b4 u put a good facility down look in the mirror!

Yes I was the third female an it changed my life forever I never got in trouble with the law since my sister an I both went. Big thanks!

Salt Lake City, UT

#65 May 14, 2013
Sgt Kraemer wrote:
I am glad to see a discussion about Fort Rosa Parks happening on line. I worked there for two years, one as the social worker / leader of 2nd Platoon, and then as the Language Arts teacher. I was proud to work there, and saw "miracles" happen every day. I quit a year before it closed for a few reasons. First, because it was growing too fast. It was amazingly successful, and Colonel Slickers was spending too much time trying to open new facilities. Seconoly, they ran out of good workers. Walkerville only has so many peopole willing to give all, keep their cool, and maintain the high personal standards expected of staff. Any break from the high standards meant dismissal. I saw many told to leave just because they "had a bad day." Slickers insisted that staff never have a bad day with the youth. Thirdly, Slickers refused to give up on any youth. THere were some youth I believe needed an environment different than FRPyet he kept several youthy hoping for a change, but those few spent their time ruining whatever they could around them. I know of no other juvenile justice facility that would have reunions where over a hundered former "inmates" would return for a weekend of camping. I know of no other facility willing to take bus loads of their youth to parades, festivals, schools, etc. for showing off. I know of no other facilities that sent their youth to help out with community service up to a hundered miles away, and were in hign demand for such service. I know of no other facility that took their youth to Detroit and let each of their young people sit in Rosa Park's van and get her personal blessing.
I know hard times were there too. Three minute showers, obstacle courses, sand hills, hit the deck push-ups, two miles before breakfast, and months with your eyes on the deck as 4th Platoon walked by. There is nothing more terrifying than having all 120 pounds of Sgt. D. staring through you face to face, but the same terrified new boot would love and trust Sgt. D. for being there, being consistent, expecting the best, and helping you achieve the impossible.
Hope more of you folks can add to the history of Fort Rosa Parks.
I just wanna say thank you it changed my life for the better I am now 30 have 2 beautiful children an a husband I'm very blessed...At the time I hated the camp but I now owe my success in life to the life lessons I learned at Ft.ROSA
jenn covey

Canton, MI

#66 Jul 31, 2013
I went to fort rosa parks military academy back in 2001 and I have to say it changed my life for the better yea it was rough at first but if I didn't go there I don't know where id be today I hated my father for even sending me there but now I know why he did it for specially being his only daughter and I didn't think there was abuse there they were just trying to teach respect in the youth that most now days need instead of running over there parents my number was 408 if any of the sergeants of people that remember me please find me on fb jen lynne covey id really like to catch up and talk to some of ya .
Danny Milam

Detroit, MI

#67 Oct 9, 2013
I went to fort rosa parks, and upon graduation the first time around I continued to get in trouble. I revisited the park for a two week term and yet still got in more trouble. This place did nothing for me, it was a joke.
Ryan p 393

United States

#68 Dec 18, 2013
Dawn Sears wrote:
I am a parent of two children that attended There. It was several years ago, and it did change their lives. My son was first, he had a few behavorial problems after his dad died. I was single and couldn't control him. My daughter was second. She got into trouble at school, and if I hadn't sent her there the courts would have. They were both there twice, and it did make a difference. As for violence, it was the youth that got violent. They would either attack the staff or the other youth. It was the staff that would step in to restrain them until they calmed down. So for those of you who say it was violent, get over yourselves. You just didn't want to be there.
i have been there too in my eyes it would be horrible to go back a second time ive seen kids get there face slamed in the dirt and get a brokin nose just for not answering a officer thats uncalled wasn't all officers there were some very good officers there too ones that would listen...then shift change came....i seen one kid get thrown out of his bearacts and land face first on to a metal ramp... there was sexual Sargent that i seen was smokin meth behind the leatreeen/showers i didnt know what it was then but i know was a place that had two faces it was a place that could pick you up and help you for the better then shift change again and all that would go not a weak person and i wasn't then but that place was only good for half the day and then you felt like a worthless slave that had no hope...they say to break you down and build up is the way togo but FRPMA is not the way it should be done
Ryan p 393

United States

#69 Dec 18, 2013
I think its weird that "no one" has said any thing about what they would call the sweat ppl that have been there know. When u would go in a teepe with a hole in the ground filled with red hot rocks and the sgt would put herbs on the rocks and thay would burn into smoke then pour so much water on them that you would pass out if you didnt get out or put the heat out of ur mind remember that i know you all do....
Ryan p 393

United States

#70 Dec 18, 2013
I dont remember alot of names but i remember lt noonen always will she was kind strict and carrying the way a officer in that position should be the same with sgt choopa that man has a hart of gold more like platinum that big man "no offensive" opened my eyes in life sgt bowers i think it was and a nother sgt that stared with a b he was Mexican again "no offensive" he gave me his sheveron if u know what that meant alot to me so much he brought a tier to my eye when he give it to me cuz i knew he had a hart even though he was mean i think he did it cuz i wanted to be a marain and still do but he knew i felt so alone in my life right then and there.ill never for get any of what i just said... Stacey noonen, sgt choppa, sgt bowers, Lt cambers, sgt D you all ill never forget..thank you for the ones that truly helped in my life and help me be the man i am today.........choppa riddin in that van that was fun

Milford, MI

#71 Feb 17, 2014
Sgt Thompson wrote:
I was so excited to see this website. I am amazed at all of the entries, there are so many stories to share. I look back on the time I workd at Fort Rosa and smile. It changed my life for the better. I got to meet so many amazing people. It opened my eyes to all of the good and bad in life. Watched a lot of kids deal with gut wrenching issues, it was a lot more than a "BOOTCAMP". The word bootcamp sounds really tough but the truth is all of the stories we shared ,the hours of groups, and the guys that were man enough to really talk about their issues were a lot tougher than anything that a bootcamp could throw at ya. No one seemed to share the realities of what brought everyone to Fort Rosa. I was just telling someone the other day about Sgt Kramer's amazing blankets, I told a friend about standing in snow up to my knees at 5:40 AM yelling "GENTLMEN YOU ARE GOING TO ACCOMPLISH MORE TODAY BY 6AM THAN MOST PEOPLE ACCOMPLISH IN A WHOLE DAY !!!!!" and caught myself chanting MOVE... MOVE.... MOVE to my own child. Fort Rosa left a huge impact on my life too. I have checked on my boys over the years looking on OTIS relieved to not see names pop up, cried a little to see some of my best guys make mistakes that cost them their freedom... Its a darn shame. I send a great big HOO RAH out to my FIRST PLATOON.
thank you sgt thompson and sgt d

Mexico, Mexico

#72 Mar 21, 2014
I attended ft. Rosa parks. There are postives and negatives on this place. A postive I becane more physically fit. As for schooling I must say it was a joke. Never attended class. Mostly did pt. Sweat lodges. There was alot of risky things going on staff members with the females....I personally am glad to see this place shut down. I did fgrow close to one of tue staff the she even came to see me in ky other placements...but this place was a joke

Taylor, MI

#73 Apr 19, 2014
Well i cant say anything about frp. But i was in LWA. 2004. Alot of the staff at that time wer good people..wish. wuda kept in touch. Eagles....#8515-
tim lewis

Ypsilanti, MI

#74 Jun 11, 2014
I went through 90 days of this in 99 or 2000 it changed me as well sgt domingo was the worst but i always wanted to impress him the actual military is nothing compared to this

United States

#75 Dec 18, 2014
Jay went there for sixs months

Taylor, MI

#76 Mar 7, 2015
:-)Cynthia lorenza

Taylor, MI

#77 Mar 7, 2015
One of favorite sargent ......Tom dejhon
Lea Hiner

Saint Louis, MI

#78 Mar 26, 2015
I was thrown into FRP juvenile military academy twice. My first time there I was 15. They tortured us. A girl ran away n stole our night officers keys to her car even she went to the rest room.. the girl wrecked the car, was in a coma, then died... u want to know why? Because the staff that was there was mean, cruel, & physically abusive. Children that are troubled don't need to be treated like this. I still have traumatic memories! I hope they either revised their program or closed forever.
Lea Hiner

Saint Louis, MI

#79 Mar 26, 2015
tim lewis wrote:
I went through 90 days of this in 99 or 2000 it changed me as well sgt domingo was the worst but i always wanted to impress him the actual military is nothing compared to this
Omg I remember domingo... I still hate that place to this day. I seriously wish it'd burn.
Lea Hiner

Saint Louis, MI

#80 Mar 26, 2015
mrchafin142 wrote:
<quoted text> thank you sgt thompson and sgt d
FRP's was a joke. The abuse that us KIDS endured was cruel and unusual. Staff physically ripping us out of our bunks, making us eat then go p.t. til we passed out or threw up, physical abuse, the degradation... I remember everything to this day & it didn't make me a better person. I made me a better person years later. We didn't learn anything in school. I will say there were a couple staff members who helped me emotionally, but aside from 3 or 4 little happy-ish memories, it was awful! I'm glad they shut down. N I pray if they ever open up again that they do better on screening who they hire & make a better program that helps instead of hurts children.
Lea Hiner

Saint Louis, MI

#81 Mar 26, 2015
Ryan wrote:
you know what i went to fort rosa parks around 2002 and it was the best thing that ever happend to me if you think that park is violent or has done anything wrong your a liar and you were probably too week to make it through it that park changed my life and it makes me sad to think that its closed and that there are kids that went to it that are talking bad about it get your head out of your ass.
I made it thru there twice! And it was sick how they beat on kids! And ur sick too.
Lea Hiner

Saint Louis, MI

#82 Mar 26, 2015
momofaprisioner wrote:
I also took care of a young girl who stold a car from there and was in a terrible reck. She did not live to be here today. She was only 12
I was there when she ran that night. It's sad. But I believe that frp's pushed her to that point. They were too hard on kids. We were just kids. The system was trying to pull us away from violence by throwing us into violence... smh.

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