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#183 Oct 6, 2011
Isis240sx wrote:
Not every teen wants to sit at home every night watching TV, or worse a sibling.
But movie theaters can only do so much for those of us who want to be outside, moving around.
We meet up at the same place every time we go out. And the topic is always the same.
The conversation is always the same.
"What do you want to do?"
"I dont know, what is there to do?"
"I hate this place..."
Its not somthing we want to admit, but since Hurricane Ivan there has been little to no teen scenes anywhere but the movie theaters.
Theres no club downtown to hang out at. So we dont go downtown anymore.
Most of us have exhausted our supply of movies, and skateparks and the beach only last until the sun goes down.
So what is there?
Where is there?
Give us some hints please.
Even bayfront, where all the teens and others who simply like to play with their cars, clean them up and show them off have become a target of suspision and victim of police harrasment, just for being out at 10 o'clock at night.
So help us out.
-isis :)
I strongly suggest you give Youth Groups / Youth Ministry at local churches a try ; there are alot of them around Crestview, Fl. and they do fun, interesting , wholesome activities while giving the opportunity to make new friends. It has the benefit of good emotional development thru interaction , keeps a person away from destructive philosophies our culture brainwashes us all with, and promotes THE highest of importance : To actually know the Creator of the Cosmos, intimately, who created you special like no other . Give Mosaic Church of Crestview or some of the other churches a phone call to find out their meeting schedule ...you dont have to attend the church in order to attend the Youth Group. A little move in that direction, will pay big dividends to you and your friends.

United States

#184 Jan 21, 2012
bored wrote:
im just wondering why does this have to turn into an argument? I'm 16 years old and im jus trying to find something to do that might be fun and to keep myself out of trouble, that would be the reason i came to this page. I live in Pensacola and i just want to know if enyone knows something fun and possibly free to do.
Join the boys and girls club its better than nothing open monday-friday 2pm-8pm
look up events happening at the library
i wish there was more to do too

Crestview, FL

#185 Jan 21, 2012
Why don"t you teenagers try listening to your parents for a change?.If they"re any kind of parents they can tell you the right thing to do.The only problem with kid"s now days is They Know it all.& Don"t know how to listen.Why do you "need" to be told what to do? You won"t do it anyway.Who"s going to be there for you when your so-called Friends turn on you? Screw what your friends say or think.Listen to your parents.They"ve already been there & hopefully learned from their mistakes. They"re only trying to keep you safe from making the same mistakes.Try LISTENING for a change instead of BLAMING everything on everybody else.Use your BRAIN"S.Thank God my daughters listened to most of what I said.lol Now that they"re grown they"re thanking me for being so strict with them.

Detroit, MI

#186 Mar 19, 2012
ChanceWayne wrote:
I know you damn kids will just think I'm some olf bastard about to shake a stick at you, but the truth is
1) Teens, as young people are now called (believe it or not, there was a time in this country when you were just "young" and then gradually "grown".... where was I... Teens have a tell of a time hanging out because you've gorwn up subsidized by school and never know how to take the inniciative to just hang out, say, at the beach... or in a retraunt... make a club house... have a few beers with the guys... everyones waiting for somone else to invite them to a scene.. with the exception of a few, you don't know what to do without structure... no routine....
and 2) since your parents have nothing personally (experience wise) in most cases to invest in you little shit for brains you just vege out on my space.... would you really want to be so lame as to hang out every night at some juice bar called "teen-paradise" or some such crapola? Why not just take a walk down the railroad tracks, hell fall in love and stop being such hypercritical underdeveloped little assholes... Your lucky your not in a war! I know your parents are full of shit in most cases, but your on your own and existenail dispair is for the birds! Quit sulking and be hardcore... We were (though, most my friends never made it back from Nam...)
Before you judge my generation, take the time to fix your grammar and spelling, and stop criticizing everyone else. This person is simply saying that they're under stimulated and would like suggestions as to how they can avoid being bored and doing things teens do when they're bored (I'll let your imagination take that one) so stop being a hypocritical idiot and maybe provide something worth reading.

“Bagging groceries....”

Since: Mar 12

is child's play :)

#187 Mar 23, 2012
I think perhaps you should get involved with a local church youth group. Now before you dismiss this idea let me explain please. I have two teens and they are very involved with our local church and they are always doing something. This weekend they are currently in Navarre for the weekend at a condo ( overnight excursion) Some of the activities planned are surfing, volleyball games, swimming at the beach.. of course the girls have their own rooms and the boys will be in separate rooms but they will all have plenty of time to mingle when not sleeping. Every Friday is fun day for the youth at our church and is always something planned, might be trip to bowling alley, skating rink or something at the church but will be something fun, sometimes it is a sleepover in the church and the teens love it.

When they are not at church and wish to do something it is not difficult to find something to do. They often times ask to go to musuems or nature hikes or even find something to do to help the community out anonymously, like pick up trash in a historic section of the city which tourist might frequently visit.( something that makes you feel good inside when you go home but that you will get no reward nor recognition for other than what you feel inside... now I know it is probably hard for you to get motivated to do it the first time, but if you can push yourself to do it once.. I assure you that feeling inside will motivate you to do it again)

Hallandale, FL

#188 Jul 4, 2012
This is so pointless. You all are posting stupid shit, get a life
Pensacola teen

United States

#189 Aug 1, 2012
I can name a few things you all can do since I'm your age
Go to the random teen events at churches and youth groups, even if your not religious it's something to do and a way to make friends! To get involved google random churches and call them or see if they have a website
Go to the skating rink
Look up random activities going on at the libraries their often is things even if geared toward younger kids that's still fun for teens
Hope this helps :)

Birmingham, AL

#190 Aug 3, 2012
Ronnie wrote:
This is so pointless. You all are posting stupid shit, get a life
Does Ronnie have a better idea or does he just like being against everything? Being bitter only hurts the one being bitter!

United States

#191 Aug 7, 2012
ThomasA wrote:
<quoted text>Does Ronnie have a better idea or does he just like being against everything? Being bitter only hurts the one being bitter!
Coming from a tool like you, that's good for a belly laugh! ThomasA-the queen of the trolling ignoramuses with nothing intelligent to say and plenty of stupid and inflammatory bloviating to spew. Go have some signs made up to force Mexican Cubans's to fly American flags, peabrain

Birmingham, AL

#192 Aug 7, 2012
ThomasB wrote:
<quoted text>
Coming from a tool like you, that's good for a belly laugh! ThomasA-the queen of the trolling ignoramuses with nothing intelligent to say and plenty of stupid and inflammatory bloviating to spew. Go have some signs made up to force Mexican Cubans's to fly American flags, peabrain
Put down the pipe and join the real world! You may be surprised by what has passed you by.

United States

#193 Oct 13, 2012
You people are stupid! Kids don't get arrested for just walking, or just...( any b.s. your kids have told u after they got in trouble) you can go to the river, make a damn rope swing. Entertainment!
Go out on some vacant land n have a Bon fire, n camp! Entertainment. Go fishing. Entertainment. I'm 20 yrs old n never been to jail n no matter what, I'm out having a blast with my friends. Be creative and mature! It's not that hard, but u ppl make it snd like kids get arrested or in trouble just because, n that's not the case at all! Kids get in trouble because they've been raised to where they don't have to make there own deductions so when there on there own with no adult to tell them what to do they decide to act like dip shits. Quit making excuses for them.

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