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sad truth

Murfreesboro, TN

#45 Oct 22, 2010
But dear bubba that is the sad truth. Robert needs to realize that his daughter can read and can hear and she one day will be told all this bullshit about her beloved daddy or read it herself one, boy won't that be an embarassement to him then!!!!!!!!!! explain to your little girl why you were a man whore better yet she will date one day god forbid she date someone like him hahahahaha u reap what you sew robert bishop yours will come back ten fold
lovin this

Warwick, RI

#46 Oct 22, 2010
What people don't know is the one little girl that he screwed that was 16 what was her name oh yeah it was Hilary Lambert!! Robert your a worthless excuse for a person I hope you get what's comin to you one day. Ps aint her dad like a big wheel at the court house or somethin idk but this one might come back quicker then he thinks.

Murfreesboro, TN

#47 Oct 22, 2010
Here is my two cents worth. Everyone has a past, things that happened or that you did or were a part of that you are not proud of and would like to erase, but thats why it's called the PAST cause its supposed to stay there. You learn from it and move on. Call it life experience, learning experience whatever but it's a part of life. This site is nothing but a gossip mill, thats all it breeds. I personally don't care what Robert has done, I see the person now, the one that I see as a friend, a brother, son, boyfriend, and most importantly Daddy. It is not my place to judge him nor is it anyones elses. Since him and Candice have been seeing each other I can honestly say I have never seen him smile so much, makes me happy to see him with such joy! Everyone deserves to be happy and she brings that out in him, do you idiots honestly think she doesnt know all this stuff about him already that you are blasting on here. She has eyes and ears god knows lee county cant go a day without uttering his name. Why people take the time to read this trash is beyond me, if you don't like Robert it's simple, turn your self righteous head and walk the other way. But one day you yourself will be judged for your actions.

Ewing, VA

#48 Oct 22, 2010
You all are talking about someone's kid. About someone's past. Even as far as to say how far he had to drive to get his girlfriend.

If i was talking about stuff like this, i would feel pathetic. I could not even imagine thinking about someone as much as to type about how far he had to drive to get his girlfriend.

Amazing. The same people who type this shit are the same people who claim that everyone in Lee County talk about each other.

You people should seriously get a life and not worry about someone else's life.

I knew the people around here were nosy, but I really had no idea that they were so into other people's shit that they would sit on the computer at night and be thinking about it and typing about it.

Dayyyyum. You fool's must be sittin up all night thinking about this poor guy. When you people close your eyes at night, you are thinking about it.

This is a sickness. It has something to do with jealousy but this is really a sickness and should be treated.

You people should spend more of your time thinking about how your going to make some extra money..
But I bet it's people like you that give the guys a dirty look when you see him with a beautiful girl or a nice car


United States

#49 Oct 23, 2010
Ive known Robert every since High school and i see him all the time at the pawn shop.i even go hunting with him alot and he tells me alot of whats going on in his life.Me and robert are good friends and i would do anything for him but the stuff de tells me and the number of woman he has slept with is patheic.Ive tried to talk to him and tell him to find someone and settle down with but i think that he is addicted to it he thinks it is a challenge to have 3 or 4 woman at at the same time.As for a father he is a great father to his kid, But not a good role model or a boyfriend.
two cents worth

Elizabethtown, KY

#50 Oct 25, 2010
CASE #: GC09004701-00
FILE DATE: 11/04/2009
OFFENSE DATE: 10/26/2009
ARREST DATE: 11/02/2009
DEFENDANT: Bishop, Robert
Pennington Gap, VA 24277
DOB: 9/25/****
CHARGE: Assault (Misdemeanor) CLASS: 1
CODE: 18.2-57
PROBATION: Unsupervised Probation

to see just go to click on the 'case index' tab at the top. then click "General District Court Index" it's the second court option. once there you'll know the thing to do with putting in Lee Co & name, be sure for case status to put the dot by "Active & Inactive"
If he doesn't abuse women, why was he found GUILTY (in a Lee Co court of law) of misdemeanor assault on Nov 26, 2009 against a female? and the same day a charge for 'point/brandish a firearm'.

Sometimes it's wise to always consult a criminal record before you get involved with anyone, reguardless of their age & what people have to say about them. The truth is you cannot hide what's a public criminal record.

Murfreesboro, TN

#52 Oct 25, 2010
What an ass. Did you really go to all that effort to get that and print it on here. No you can't hide whats on a court record, but were you there?? Innocent people get screwed in court all the time, Justice is not always served nor does the TRUTH always come out. Have you nothing better to do than look things up on Robert Bishop? Damn you people are obsessed. Why do you care so much who he is dating or how he is living his life. There is a special place in hell for you that get on here and bash other people I hope you have a nice toasty rock! Be even better if on your way down Robert could lite the your ass on fire

Elizabethton, TN

#53 Oct 26, 2010
2 cents worth, did you know that if you "grabbed someones arm if they tried to slap you" they could take an assault charge out on you? guess not, you iq is not that high. you must be one of those welfare ####'s with nothing but time on your hands as probably is most of them on here. no iq's big enough to figure out how to run their own lives, just how to ruin everyone else's!!!! such a pathetic bunch. what goes around comes around, sit and wait for yours to come around to you!!! it will.

Elizabethton, TN

#54 Oct 26, 2010
2 cents worth....youre pathetic!!how much welfare you getting to sit at home and figure all this out?? you don't have an iq, do you?

Elizabethton, TN

#55 Oct 26, 2010
hey! lets start a new discussion, bishop is old news. lets talk about 2 cents worth!! hey, that your name or your price????? lmao i get it now, all you cruds are receiving welfare checks to stand around on a corner somewhere and take notes as to what everyone else is doing with their lives!!! pathetic little losers!!! remember, now the topic is about 2 cents worth!!!!!!!!!!

Elizabethtown, KY

#56 Oct 26, 2010
what's also interesting is that sadie, henry and lmaorof are all the same person ranting about the welfare losers and you gotta get on here and act like 3 different people to get your point across. at least the "welfare" people are not that stupid.

United States

#57 Oct 26, 2010
Now everyone knows that he is a POS and if candice dont get away from his retarded ass she will be next.

Hillsboro, WV

#58 Oct 26, 2010
bobo...say youre a friend of his....who you think youre kidding????
8 Ball

Goodlettsville, TN

#59 Oct 26, 2010
Hmmmm, not much different than a majority of the shit stirrers all having MI locations. lol

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