For the Parents

Raven, VA

#1 Jan 10, 2011
i know some things on this woman and i think all parents should know she sales her medicine and i would like my kids to stay away from her she has been an addict and on the meds that help you get off drugs but she is selling it and i dont think thats a real good recovery and also she has 4 kids by 3 different daddys so i dont think she would be a good influence on our children or any young adults. people like her is the reason why we have so much problems with young people getting hooked on drugs you would figure since she has kids of her own that she would think about doing what she does but i grew up in house full of drugs and dealers and i never had what i needed i would have to work and buy my own stuff when my money wouldnt get stolen by the peope that my parents would bring into my house and i remember very well parents who deals or does drugs is no place for 4 kids i heard they wasnt very old i think mabey the oldest was 5 or 6 so i say the youngest is just a baby so lets pray for them and hope someone comes along and takes real good care of those kids because i know she isnt able i think she has a job im not sure but that never mattered in my house i still suffered emotional abuse cause no one was ever there for me. Post me back i want 2 know what everybody thinks even if you dont like it i want everyones opinion
its me baby

Hermitage, TN

#2 Jan 11, 2011
well i know her and i agree her house is nasty an her kids always look nasty ive always thought someone should do somethingbut never did...she does sell her drugs i know 100% for sure she does and she goes from job to job and so does josh! they need to start taking care of them babies and get off the drugs!
grandmother of one

Charleston, WV

#3 Jan 12, 2011
I'd really like to know more on this situation.....

Blacksburg, VA

#4 Jan 12, 2011
Why don't you call social service on them? The babies are not getting any help unless somebody does sumthin
ashley hurd

Raven, VA

#5 Jan 12, 2011
How would you feel if someone come on here and was talking about you like i mean if you really know this stuff for a fact then it could get out to the wrong person and her kids could get took from her now if i know anything about britni its that she loves those babies shes not a bad mother i dont know what she does were not exactly friends but we used to be real good friends and she has had a bad road but she's on the path to a good one and people like you is the reason why people like her have a hard time and in order for your kids not to get into stuff like that is to raise your kids right teach them right from wrong and if they still choose to take that road there is plenty of other people out here that they can get there stuff from but you can't control your kids choices only they can i can understand wanting your children to stay away from stuff like that but thats no reason to bring someones name into it raise them right and you want have no worrys

Raven, VA

#6 Jan 12, 2011
I know britni better than most people. We grew up together. Whoever is writing such bad stuff about Britni has to know her pretty good to be able to write about her kids, her house, and her drug habit. I'm betting that whoever it is that's writing the bad stuff knows her because you are one of the people who's bought her medicine and if you are then what gives you the write to judge her or make comments about what she does with her life. Do you have children? Do you have a drug problem? I bet the answer is yes to atleast one of these questions. I've heard of so many others in Lee County who have children and drug problems. I've heard of moms who don't feed their kids because their past out on the couch with a needle in their arm or their children run around dirty and with no clothes on because mommy or daddy sold their stuff to buy drugs. I've also heard of the children who sleep on the floor and freeze at night because their mommy and daddy spent the money for the electric bill on drugs. Britni makes sure her kids are fed, clothed, kisses their boo-boos, potty trains them, changes their diapers, and every other thing that a mother is supposed to do so the next time you find that you have nothing better to do then pick on a drug addict who is trying to get their shit together, think twice about it and decide to pick on someone who is as bad as you say they are and doesn't give a shit about it.

Raven, VA

#7 Jan 12, 2011
By the way someone did call social services on Britni so they did an investigation. Britni passed it with flying colors so apparently Britni is doing a pretty good job with those kids. So is there anything else you would like to say?
sakorra rivera
#9 Jan 13, 2011
i am brtni's husband's wife and honestly,i think you are ridiculous. first off, asking someone to pray for her is something, but don't be a hypocrit because gossiping is a sin too. secondly, yes, she has had some hard times but who hasn't? she is getting better. The fact that she has had more than one kid to more than one father has nothing to do with her influence. her and my brother love and take care of those children incredibly. They are clean and well taken care of and they have more love than you can ever imagine. they have everything they need and want. no, she isn't perfect and no, she doesn't always do the right thing,but she is human and she tries. i really feel sorry for someone that has to go on a site to talk about people you don't know at all. i think you should grow up and find something better to do with your time than try spreading lies about people.
sakorra rivera
#10 Jan 13, 2011
by the way, if you are really concerned, do the right thing and go to them yourself or at least tell everyone your name. if you have anything rhude to say about them anymore just come to me. you are nothing but a liar and coward.
mom n law
#11 Jan 13, 2011
if you really want to know about josh and britni then grow a couple and go to them yourself and ask then you will see that those children are clean, feed, loved, and spoiled rotten if i thought that those children were being hurt or neglected in anyway believe me i would go to them face to face and address them in person it seems to me that you are taking the cowards way out if you are really concerned it sounds like to me like you are a current girlfriend of one of her x's and maybe just a bit jealous or maybe not im not so sure but one thing is sure you seem to know her very well and that tells me that you have a drug problem either current or in the past and children yourself so clean up your own backyard and stop worring about someone elses oh and i will pray for you and your little ones
Britni Gale

Roanoke, VA

#12 Jan 13, 2011
This is Britni Gale and I would like to know why my name is being brought up in the first place. No one needs to be talking shit about me and my family especially my children. I stay at home and mind my own business and you guys should do the same. First of all, I dont sell my meds, secondly, my kids are not nasty, they are very well taken care of. They get fed whenever they say they are hungry and they get a bath every night. My home is not dirty and if you dont believe me come and find out for yourself. I dont know why you are saying shit about me that you dont even know is true or not. Why dont you people grow up and grow some damn balls and come to my face and say what you have to say bout me instead of being a pussy and hiding behind the internet, obviously you know where i live if you say my house is dirty. You had to have been there to know if it is or not. Yes social services was called on me and i still have my children so that ought to tell your dumbasses somethin. Oh, and you say that im the bad influence, how is that when I stay at home and take care of my kids all the time. Yes I have made some bad choices in my life and dont think that there isnt a day that goes by that i dont regret them but do me a favor and stay out of my fucking business because it isnt any of yours.
Britni Gale

Roanoke, VA

#13 Jan 13, 2011
What no one has anything to say now? Come on now own up to it and tell me who you are!!!!!!!
Britni Gale

Roanoke, VA

#14 Jan 14, 2011
Iwud really like to know who you people are that think im such a bad mother. You have to know me pretty well to know how my home looks or how kids look and are treated because there are only very few people that I let into my house. So if you're not too big of a coward then tell me who you are or just tell me why you felt the urge to talk shit bout me in the first place!!!!!!!!!!

Raven, VA

#15 Jan 14, 2011
Does anyone know what happened to her brother Wayne?
#16 Jan 16, 2011
its none of your business what happened to my brother wayne hes very happy and dont even live round here ne mre so get a life and stop worryin bout him and i wud really like to no who is talkin bout me

United States

#17 Feb 3, 2011
I havnt saw him around in over a year I was wondering where he got to Wayne was a good man or seemed it anyways.

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