spotlighting deer
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just need to no

Hendersonville, TN

#1 Nov 28, 2011
who were the 4 boys that got cought spotlighting ?
Loves to Hunt

Richmond, VA

#2 Nov 29, 2011
hadn't heard about this, where did it happen? Blackwater? Poor Valley? Beech Grove?

Murfreesboro, TN

#3 Nov 29, 2011
DOES IT MATTER the state lets u call in your deer after u kill it guess how many dont call theirs in spotlighting is nothing deer hunting in lee county is a joke

Hendersonville, TN

#4 Dec 1, 2011
It was cody manes austin woliver jason paul dalton duff the killed 5 doe on ben hur the go pulled over speeding thats how they got cought
josh m

Hendersonville, TN

#6 Dec 3, 2011
lol dalton did you even shoot ? or what ?

Hendersonville, TN

#7 Dec 5, 2011
lol we killed 5 in ben hur? id like to know whos freezer they went in, everybody spotlights we just happened to get caught, whats wrong? cant find the balls to do it yourself? just to let you know its fun so try it sometime

Jonesville, VA

#8 Dec 5, 2011
I hardly call spotlighting hunting. Just some idiots that are too lazy to earn their deer. What a joke

Hendersonville, TN

#9 Dec 5, 2011
actually we do go hunting just like everybody else, probably killed more than you sittin and freezing my ass off but i also enjoy spotlighting caise like i said its fun

United States

#12 Dec 8, 2011
Like I said, it's lazy. I real hunter doesn't see the challenge in something like that. But you're still kids, so you will probably see it differently when you grow up.

Nashville, TN

#13 Dec 8, 2011
Austin, YOU my friend and a IDIOT. Bragging that its fun, dude your a RETARD. It might be fun but dont have to post it on here. I hope the TWRA smokes all your alls ass's!!!
stupid so called hunters

Gate City, VA

#14 Dec 8, 2011
i'm not big on hunting but i do respect hunters that do it the right way. these bunch of young idiots don't need guns. if your going to hunt, then at least do it the right way and respect the animal that you are killing. to say spotlighting is "fun" just shows the lack of intelligence of the people doing it. i happen to know one of the guys mentioned and if it's true i hope he gets CAUGHT and gets into trouble!

Roanoke, VA

#15 Dec 8, 2011
KIDS like these spotlighting deer are idiots!!!I hope they take their guns & the right to hunt & then lets see how much fun it is. You LAZY a** kids need to leave the deer for the real hunter that goes in the woods to hunt.

Roanoke, VA

#16 Dec 14, 2011
I heard someone found 30 deer in sandlick or close to there & charged 3 or 4 boys with killing them. Is this the same bunch kids or a different bunch???
jc man

Nashville, TN

#17 Dec 15, 2011
30 deer??? WTH??? Yeah I agree, take the guns and then revoke their hunting privileges for life!! How stupid can you be? The parents need to bust their a** for starters, but hey, their parents probably dont care and probably have no clue where their kids were at 1 am in the morning anyways...Man I wish the TWRA and the judge could see this post and read where tha IDIOT said its fun!! Might not be to fun when they get done with him!! Id fear the game wardens more than the real cops!!

United States

#18 Dec 16, 2011
Not once did the young man say they shot anything while spotlighting! It may be against the law, but if they were not shooting and just riding around spotlighting that's harmless!

Since: Dec 11

Location hidden

#19 Dec 19, 2011
Harmless, ya say?? To whom? or what?
*Gonna take sec to think about this one*

Nope..ain't gettin it.
Harmless to the deer? Let's think about how it ruins their vision for a while afterwards.( Just like it would yours). Think about just maybe it might cause a Doe to be HIT & KILLED by the next passing vehicle-- wonder just how long her FAWN(s) will survive without her??
There are very valid reasons why this chickensh*t practice is ILLEGAL in the first place!

IF, and I say IF... these boys really did this... Let's think about FIVE dead deer left lying to ruin & rot. Austin, himself, says " like to know who's freezer they went in"...Tells me they didn't take a kill with them when they left ( IF they actually did this.)....Harmless??
Wonder just how many ppl FIVE killed deer would feed anyway?? or 30!!!!???

Since: Dec 11

Location hidden

#20 Dec 19, 2011
And of course we'll take a sec to think about these boys PARENTS!!
Harmless, ya say??
I'm bettin when they leave COURT on their court date that if ya were to ask ANY one of them if they felt it was "harmless"...that each & every one of them would disagree with ya after having been stuck paying hefty Fines/Court Costs because of these boys actions and their " harmless fun".
Certainly won't be "HARMLESS" to their wallets/purses...and it certainly won't be the FIRST time.( at least not for 1 or 2 of these boys parents... I know them,personally).
I know for a fact that at least two of these boys parents have had to work extra hours before to pay for their "harmless fun" and how hard it was/is on the rest of their families to keep having to bail them out of trouble over & over again.
Think they give a sh*t?? Apparently NOT, because they KEEP having their "harmless FUN" and KEEP getting into sh*t that they KNOW better to be doing!
Think they give a sh*t about all the money they've cost their parents ( that couldn't be spared)that it took them to pay for the price of their "harmless FUN" in the past, or that their sisters/brothers/moms/ c.. had to without something else that was MUCH more needed than the price of their "harmless FUN"?? Apparently NOT!!
Think they give a sh*t about the TIME taken away from their brothers/sisters because THEY were the cause of mommy/daddy having to be away working extra hours?? Apparently NOT...because they KEEP ON getting into sh*t and keep on having their "harmless FUN". Besides, mommy/daddy having to be away working extra long hard hours gives them another chance to go out and have some more "harmless FUN".
Some ignorant ppl just NEVER learn, do they??
Ya would think Austin would have grown up a little & learned something after having been " sent off" many times, Austin? Enlighten me and refresh my memory.* WINK*

Since: Dec 11

Location hidden

#21 Dec 19, 2011
By the way... just how much "BALLS", exactly, does it take to spotlight helpless deer anyway??

And I forget when the Court Date is, too...refresh my memory??

Yep, ppl...found out they DID do this discusting, chichensh*t thing and they are going around laughing about it and bragging about it.
"Harmless".. my azz!!
Think I'll print out Austin's previous posts and mail 'em to the Judge .....OK...THAT'S DONE.

Just plumb PITIFUL the kindsa kids some good, decent ppl get stuck with having to raise. Makes ya wanna CRY, and really feel sorry for their parents & families. They are really good ppl just trying to do the best they can.

I wonder if any of these kids ever take a sec to think about how they're gonna be 18 in a few years and mommy & daddy won't be able to bail their azzes out of their " harmless FUN", then.
I'm guessin NOT..until then,... they'll just keep on having "FUN" and having a good 'ol time being the CAUSE of the hardships THEY and their "FUN" put on their families.
Not to worry...not to worry, boys...soon after your 18th B-Days------ I'll make it a priority to come visit ya on Jail/Prison visiting days and bring ya PLENTY of soap-on-a-rope!!!
I know, I know...some of you hanky-stompers reading this think I'm being much too harsh on 'em and should ease up.
You will be the ones that don't know them, their families, or their history of getting into trouble. HARSHNESS & a good azzkickin is EXACTLY what's needed to help 'em grow the F up and get their heads outta their azzes and make 'em ACT like they just MIGHT have a little common sense, LAWD knows they don't need anybody else making EXCUSES for them or their behavior...they've already had YEARSSSSS of that and it's done absolutely NOTHING to help them grow the F up and think of their families before themselves & their "FUN"!!
Those of ya reading this that DO know them, their families, & history of felonies & misdemeanors... ya know EXACTLY what I'm talkin about and that every word I've posted is the TRUTH!!

Elizabethtown, KY

#22 Dec 20, 2011
Ok wicked one or whatever your name is.. for starters shut the hell up nagging on about these boys when they're not even yours. Second of all, it is completely harmless and LEGAL to spotlight deer as long as you do not have any kind of weapons on you or in your vehicle. This includes knives and guns. So atleast read up on Virginia game laws before y'all run your mouth's. Third, it does not hurt a deer what so ever to shine a light in there eyes. Who ever said that is plum stupid. And by this time of the year the fawns that were born in the spring are already weaned so if their mother died it would not harm them. Geez some people just have no clue what their talking about
Lee County Hunter

Blacksburg, VA

#23 Dec 20, 2011
Some fawns are not yet completely weaned. Deer will continue to feed their fawns milk in times of low food supply. I have killed and seen does killed that were still lactating....not good. Fawns whose does are killed will have a higher rate of mortality than those let with them until they are yearlings. Some areas have local laws prohibiting the use of spotlights for any reason after October 1. Another amazing thing is that Virginia prohibits hunting over bait for deer, yet Walmart sells at least 4 or 5 different types of deer attractants.

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