Same Sex Marriages

Roanoke, VA

#62 Dec 2, 2012
great analogy. I agree!

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#63 Dec 2, 2012
First of all i do know a little something about the gay thing. like i said i have some in my immediate family. and you are wrong when you say that they dont have "gender roles" There are men that stay at home and take care of the housework while the "man of the house" works same for women.

Secondly, if we dont witness to those who desperately need it then who are we to witness to? God commands us to witness to others.

i am not picking on just the homosexuals. i mean everyone that does not have a personal relationship with Christ. You can not have that relationship with Christ unless your are saved by his blood and grace. He does love each and every one of us but he hates the sin. I am not pushing any religious beliefs on anyone. as long as they believe in God, heaven, hell, and the bible that is fine but you do not get to heaven by doing good works if that was the case then Jesus would not have died on the cross for our sins.

Third, as far as follow the bible i do believe that our lives would be alot easier if we did follow the bible from Gen. to Rev. But that is the reason we have the New Testament. That is what we are to follow.

But as this post shows you can not change someones mind if they dont want to listen and believe and in that case all we can do is pray for those that need it and then let God deal with them at the final judgement.

Raven, VA

#64 Dec 3, 2012
blah blah blah

You just like to hear yourself talk, or in this case, watch yourself type.

Whatever is true for your messed up family doesn't make it true for all gay people. That's the problem: stereotyping.

You witness and testify all you want through TOPIX. Haha. Somehow I don't think that's what Jesus had in mind.

Raven, VA

#65 Dec 3, 2012
Oh, and another thing...

You said we are to follow the New Testament. Well, there is NOTHING about homosexuality in the New Testament, dear. Jesus never mentioned it.

Raven, VA

#66 Dec 3, 2012
Oh, and before you go looking up specific passages from the New Testament that talk about "strange flesh" and whatnot, just know that all those passages that people use to attack homosexuals can be interpreted many different ways.

Homosexuality was not even a word in Biblical times. Interpreters decide and translate loosely at best using words that didn't even exist in those times. Because it is a point of contention, my theory is as valid as yours. You are no better than me.

Besides, you follow the translated words of a middle-easterner from the Iron Age.

I'm in the here and now thinking practically and legally.
yeah right

Chesterfield, SC

#67 Dec 3, 2012
Don't attempt to fool yourself by thinking you are witnessing about God's love, when you are causing others to turn away from God. You are ruining your own relationship with God while claiming to worry so much over someone else's relationship or wanting to show them God, when you clearly don't know him yourself.

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#68 Dec 4, 2012
Lonnie wrote:
blah blah blah
You just like to hear yourself talk, or in this case, watch yourself type.
Whatever is true for your messed up family doesn't make it true for all gay people. That's the problem: stereotyping.
You witness and testify all you want through TOPIX. Haha. Somehow I don't think that's what Jesus had in mind.
Read Romans

Raven, VA

#69 Dec 4, 2012
I am not religious. Stick Romans up your ass. That's what you Bible beaters don't seem to understand. You can't make a valid point if I don't even recognize your sources as legit.

It's about as useless and stupid to try to browbeat me into believing the Bible as it is for me to try to convince you not to.

Read Shades of Grey.

Natural Bridge, VA

#70 Dec 4, 2012
Well, like i said we are GAY , We are here , if you
dont like it, Go , GET THE HELL OUT OF THE USA , We
are here to stay

Jonesville, VA

#71 Dec 5, 2012
Lev. 20:13, "If there is a man who lies with a male as those who lie with a woman, both of them have committed a detestable act; they shall surely be put to death. Their bloodguiltness is upon them"

Since: Dec 12

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#72 Dec 5, 2012
God made Adam and Eve NOT Adam and Steve it is against the bible and its just nansty why would someone want to be with a person that has the same stuff they have i mean thats just NANSTY

Raven, VA

#73 Dec 5, 2012
Nansty? How old are you? 12?

Do you think your cliche statement, "God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve" is clever?

Next, why don't you say Go for it! Or Where's the Beef? or Get 'er done!

It's so overused it's stupid.

Quote some more of Leviticus...which says you cannot wear two different materials of clothing at the same time, and that you must make animal sacrifices to God, and a man who rapes a woman must marry her, and a woman not a virgin when marrying will be put to death.

Yeah, like anyone in their right mind follows Leviticus. You'd get arrested for animal cruelty, get put in jail for murder, and have to wear around a toga. HAHA

Stupid people.

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#74 Dec 5, 2012
It doesnt matter what or who you believe in. There is always someone out there going to make God fearing people look like they are stupid for believeing. and there are other who will twist and turn what the bible says to fit thier life style. i know, because i used to be one of those people. but let me just say that i heard a sermon that changed my life. and until people open up thier hearts and really listen and want to change there is nothing we god fearing people can do but pray

Clintwood, VA

#75 Dec 6, 2012
chris wrote:
<quoted text>Read Romans
Romans was written by Paul, NOT Jesus! alsO, bOOK OF lEVITICUS SAYS "NOT TO WEAR CLOTHING MADE OF MORE THAN ONE MATERIAL." you follow that too? And before i get slammed...i AM a spiritual person, a Unitarian. And something else...homosexuality is rampant in animal kingdon, and by the Genesis account,
God said His vreation was GOOD!

Raven, VA

#76 Dec 6, 2012
Amen Blank. God doesn't make mistakes. Homosexuality is found in every species.

Bible beaters should stay off this thread and stay out of politics altogether.

Separation of church and state, morons!

Jonesville, VA

#77 Dec 7, 2012
The Truth will stand when the worls is on fire.........and I mean that ...LITERALLY
To Well

Raven, VA

#78 Dec 7, 2012
You are insane. The world is not going to end unless we blow ourselves up with nuclear bombs.

If you believe in Revelations, you are sad.

United States

#79 Dec 8, 2012
if u dont believe in revelations that is what is sad. but for those that do not believe u will see and then it might be to late

Raven, VA

#81 Dec 9, 2012
Hell fire is up!

Preach it, amen and halleluah!


STUPID. Ignorance is bliss!

Oh, and it's "too late" not "to late"
Lol is all I can say

United States

#82 Dec 9, 2012
Contagious wrote:
<quoted text>
Getting on topix and talking about other people are a sins too.. doesn't matter how big or small the sin is its a sin...
yet your on here? Lol

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