wease also know as Allen Levine is no...

Honeoye Falls, NY

#150 Aug 13, 2012
Tommy and Billy are doing just fine thanks for asking.

Holley, NY

#151 Aug 13, 2012
You can bet your bottom dollar that they are doing fine and I can tell you that Alan might say publicly that he wishes them well ,But in his bad heart he wants that station to fail and he wants to win and it drives him nuts that he is no longer on top when he actually believes he is the reason for Tommy's success and the reason WCMF is still raking in big money.That shows you the arrogance of Alan.

In the end what Drives Alan really crazy is the fact that he can no longer submarine callers and walk away thinking he won an argument.Social media today has allowed the little guy to punch back and this is very difficult for Alan to deal with.Of course he is surrounded by yes men who laugh at every little comment he makes and in essence it actually hurts the show he is on because he has insulated himself to the reality of what is happening and is unable to assess what is really happening.

But for the common man to be able to respond too Alan's attacks ,especially when he hammers people who write a editorial he disagrees with is the essence of what makes America great.In the end the little guy still has a voice over the bullies and Alan is the biggest bully in Rochester.And the bottom line is Alan is just a hypocrite who says he stands for the little buy but in the end he will not speak up for them( Kano ) and he will make them pay for his daughter while he skates away and allows for unfair advantages to working families of lesser means.Alan does have a bad heart and the facts bear that out.

Holley, NY

#152 Aug 14, 2012
radio hours are the hardest part of this job.People have no idea how difficult it is to start at 3 or 4 in the morning every day.

Rochester, NY

#153 Aug 14, 2012
Lance wrote:
Sorry Gary, but they just announced that the Wease Show is in fact #1 25-54, which is the money demo and #1 with all Men, which is the other money demo. I guess you are wrong again, but we all knew that. Great news for Wease and they Guys. I hope I just made your day you rotten toothed,lying, smelly loser.
I guess Gary missed this previous post on mine. But then again, he never replies when he is exposed as the creepy, lying troll that he is. Wease is #1 in all of the big money demos. I would think that makes the people at Clear Channel very happy.

Holley, NY

#156 Aug 14, 2012
No answer on why Alan can be a dead beat dad and not pay for his daughter in PA while he earns as he says Big money and sits on a big boat.Is that what Alan believes is fair and Just?

Who cares if it is a old issue ,why should people who are responsible and do not leave their wives and new born children pay for Alan's daughter for her entire life.If Alan has the money which he brags about ,why should he not pay for her?

This is why a mean spirited person as is Alan Levin are hypocritical beyond belief and it is why his foolish words ring so hollow.Alan cares about Alan and if you ask him to pay only for what he is responsible for he will become angry and demand that other people pay.Between medical ,food and rent I imagine its been about a million since he walked away so if in his mind he is big hearted than let him pay a cool mill to the people of PA.
And by the way if I am incorrect than i will gladly buy a learning toy for a child who needs not a video game but a way to better themselves in the charity that Alan has started to promote his show.

Ok Alan,lets see you defend this post.You want to still pretend you care about people and snow ball more people in your dwindling audience???

You can skew some numbers any way you want Alan ,but you are no longer and have not been in a while number one and I see you will also not talk about your supposed contract extension.HAHAHAH

Rochester, NY

#157 Aug 15, 2012
Here it is again. Sorry Gary, but they just announced that the Wease Show is in fact #1 25-54, which is the money demo and #1 with all Men, which is the other money demo. I guess you are wrong again, but we all knew that. Great news for Wease and they Guys. I hope I just made your day you rotten toothed,lying, smelly loser.
Slam Garys teeth loose

Rochester, NY

#159 Aug 15, 2012
Why doesnt someone just find Gary and break off his fingers so he'll stop posting the same exact crap every other day?

Holley, NY

#160 Aug 15, 2012
The statement of State Run Schools sounds a bit draconian to me.Its as if she was sent away by parents who do not care about their child.

I will respond to the statements made as soon as I have some time.For right now I am being a loving Parent who does not believe that other people should be responsible for raising our children.I guess some people think its good for a society to allow any one to have children and then shirk their responsibility by allowing the Government to do it for them Even though it might cost billions to raise them.What matters to people who are irresponsible and selfish is that they can walk away and have some one else to blame and feel fully confident that leaving a child is better then staying with them.

In the end if some people need help until they get on their feet I believe some assistance is fine,but in the case of Alan who turned a lucky break in to a huge revenue stream for almost 2 decades I would think he would have welcomed the opportunity to pay back what was his fair share.Multiply that fair share by the millions of others who have taken good programs that were supposed to help the poor and now turned it in to a industry of a way to make a good living and sleep all day and the real selfish Alan Levin is clearly seen.. His false persona on the radio show he is on and his ability to snow ball listeners to make them think he cares about them is truly incredible.He really should consider being a politician for this ability.

More to come.By the way I have some tid bits that i can share a bit later so let me tease them and I will be back.
Head Scratching Thoughts

Rochester, NY

#161 Aug 15, 2012
Hey Dooshbag Gary, his name is ALAN, not Allen. you F'in Tard
Ha Ha


#162 Aug 15, 2012
Head Scratching Thoughts wrote:
Hey Dooshbag Gary, his name is ALAN, not Allen. you F'in Tard
and Douche Bag isn't spelled "Dooshbag" either ...
Head Scratching Thoughts

Rochester, NY

#164 Aug 15, 2012
Ha Ha wrote:
<quoted text>
and Douche Bag isn't spelled "Dooshbag" either ...
So true, real Douche bags like you deserve the proper spelling.
#165 Aug 16, 2012
As I have stated before Alan can justify any decision he makes no matter how harmful it is to the people he says he cares about as long as in the end it makes his life easier.It is always about Alan and what is in it for him.The reason he surrounds himself with yes men is to make himself feel better at decisions that always aid himself first.

What better example could any one want than when he abandoned his daughter and pushed her off on the government.And as I have always said he justifies this by convincing himself that since the Kennedy's did it ,there must not be a problem for him to do it.It is always the easy way out for Alan and his own answers and examples bear that out.

And by the way ,if Alan never earned the incredible amount of money that he did I would not ask that he payed back his debt to the people who helped his daughter and continue to help with almost every aspect of her life.But for Alan to once again shirk his financial responsibility to his own daughter while he lives the life of the top percenters shows you what type of person Alan is and always has been.

He really should have been a politician for the way he can evade ??? and how he always makes it better for himself.Do we really want to have people in Washington who are like Alan? And you can better believe both sides are loaded with people equal to his selfish views.Although it seems the democrats are better at blaming other people and demanding other citizens pay for the lack of responsibility of the people who have children and then walk away with the exact same mindset that allowed Alan to feel he was being a better father by not raising his daughter.

Of course this is nuts ,but its what has been happening for decades.The example Alan sets is Do not worry about being responsible for you are not the problem and any one that tells you are is racist and cruel and mean.Vote for me and I will give you everything you want for free .


Holley, NY

#167 Aug 16, 2012
If people are truly in need and down on their luck then of course we as Americans should help our countrymen out.But some how this generosity that was supposed to be for the poor has been turned in to a way to make a very good living for millions and millions of Americans..

Sadly even people who earn a substantial amount of money ( Alan Levin ) use these programs to enhance the rich lifestyles they live by having the rest of us pick up the tab....

I will ask this question one more time,should Alan the Brother Wease-el Levin who is in one of the top earning brackets in this country be allowed to walk away from the responsibility of paying for HIS first born daughter???? And if Alan says no ,or comes up with some excuse that muddies the water ,than he must agree that working families who are not wealthy should in no way pay for his daughter.

Ok simple question but I can assure your that Alan will find a way to evade the question and above all else still sleep at night with the full knowledge that he conned the people of Rochester yet again.
#168 Aug 17, 2012
Time to just ignore the nut. Boy, not only the dental and hygene issues, but mental as well. Talk about some problems. There is help out there Gary. Time to find it.

Holley, NY

#170 Aug 17, 2012
As expected ,he attacks me for asking the simple question which is should Alan Levin pay for his daughter while he is in the top income bracket or should the working people pay ??

Alan is a hypocrite and if it costs Alan money then its not good.

So why should other people pay for his daughter and if we ask that he pay for her does that make people mean or does it speak volumes for the type of person he is.But hey ,Alan has a charity that hands out video games that he does not pay for to kids so he must be a genuine guy who is kind.

Or is it that Alan is a selfish mean spirited person who walks away from being responsible and then slams the people who ask why he would want other people to pay for his children.45 years of what seems to be free medical ,a very expensive school and probably some kind of subsidized housing along with a myriad of other programs all for the total cost to Alan of zero as the rest of working families pay so he does not have to.

Politics is always a race to the bottom but when people throw out equal and fair I would ask how any one can not be outraged at how unfair it is to ask working people to support an endless money hole for a wealthy person who is gleefully and shamelessly happy to allow this to happen.


Holley, NY

#171 Aug 17, 2012
By the way ,can some one tell me how Kimberly and Beck are beating Alan?? He keeps cherry picking numbers to ease his ego and his fear.After all ,its a rough and tumble business today and Alan is fast approaching 68 and with that he will be close enough to 70 to just say its over.Even in today's culture of old is just a feeling being that close to 70 strikes fear in the strongest men.We are now talking about living past the medium age for this Country .

Holley, NY

#173 Aug 19, 2012
I would like to take this time to say that No one can ever accuse Alan of being humble.And in all honesty his attitude on what he tries to do on the radio can be the same as professional sports athletes .In order for Alan Levin to believe he is still relevant today he must convince himself he can bring in the numbers.

. Alan is on the flip side or at least at one time when he was number one and he had no competition it seemed as if people accused him of this.But of course Alan has not been number one and I do not see him being Able to blame any one for the predicament he is in this late in his career but himself.I have repeatedly told people that he is working harder then he ever has and in my opinion its not just about the money( which by the way was a decent offer by Entercom considering the numbers and history of what was happening at that time.Alan really thinks he is good at what he does and even though they have radically shook up the show he is on they can not bring up the numbers to regain what he once had.And I can tell you that he hates the hard clock .

His age is relevant to any one involved in the media.You can better believe it comes up at the higher levels of CC meetings and Alan is well aware of this.
Slam Garys teeth loose

Rochester, NY

#175 Aug 19, 2012
It must really get Gary's goat that Wease hosts a popular radio music show on Saturday mornings that totally breaks the station's music format.

Holley, NY

#176 Aug 20, 2012
I actually really enjoy the Alan's music show on Saturday.It is actually what he is good at.Lets hope CC allows him to continue to host that show even as they continue to make changes to the show he is on during the week.

Alan is trying as hard as he can to prove that he is relevant

Holley, NY

#178 Aug 20, 2012
Your cherry picking Alan.As the saying goes whistling past the grave yard.Every body in the entertainment business worries about their age and I can assure you the words [ we feel its time to go in another direction to connect with younger listeners] haunts Alan every ratings period. Facts are Facts.

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