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Michael Martineau

Hinesville, GA

#121 Oct 26, 2012
Not sure what your problem is exactly. I'm not saying i love the area, or even the post itself, but there are 2 bowling alleys on post, a movie theater on and off post. You got beaches within an hour away.You have 2 malls within an hour. So what if you have to drive an hour or 2 to go somewhere to spend the day with your kids. You ever been to Ft. Drum? they finally got a Wal-Mart outside their gate a few years ago. We have had one here ever since i came here in 2002.
the chain of command has little to do with whats outside the gate. There's a recreation field for kids to play sports, there's a YMCA. Plenty of fishing and outdoor activities all around here. Take your kids fishing or to the movies.
It seems you just want to complain about everything with no hard facts. You complain about stuff on post with nothing off post. Drive on post if you want to go bowling. Thats what Id's are for.
Jim the BOBO

Hinesville, GA

#122 Oct 29, 2012
Should be named cops set up speed traps at at 0730 after PT, 1130 for lunch and 1700 once soldiers get off. Hinesville is a leach and preys on soldiers.
Jeffery Saylor

Saint Louis, MO

#123 Nov 2, 2012
I am asking the town and the base in helping me to understand the circumstances of the death of my brother JAMES RAYMOND SAYLOR. Jimmy death certificate says he died on April 18 1987 and his body was not recovered from a pond N & S Maple until April 24 1987. I have tried everything to gain insights on his death, contacted the Army, The Red Cross, Miller Funeral Home, the Coroners office and the Police Department,I ask you to help me understand what happened at Fort Stewart, Jimmy had one week left with the Army, he went into the service to help support my mother and me after my Fathers death a few years before. Please help..I find myself staying up throughout the night trying to find out the facts, I have been diagnosed with cancer and it hurts to the core of my being NOT KNOWING..
Over the years we heard many contradicting stories surrounding his death, even at the funeral the team that came from base were unable to talk to us as a family...
Brothers...can you imagine waiting for days...not knowing if he is dead or alive...

email me at saylorftstewart@aol.com

Hinesville, GA

#124 Dec 20, 2012

Hinesville, GA

#125 Dec 20, 2012
The cops can't leach off of soldier's who abide by the laws.
0730, 1130, 1730 are rush our times, period. School buses, commuters to and from work AND soldiers. If you want to speed, please feel free, but if you want to avoid being 'leached' off of by civilian police officers, get caught and ticketed on post by MPs.
Just an army brat here

Hinesville, GA

#126 Jun 7, 2013
I've lived in hinesville for about 5 years now. And I can say for a fact, if your an adult or a little child, there's something to do. As for teenagers, not a thing to do. Most kids fall into drugs and alcohol here. To most kids it feels like a dead end. Half of the jobs that you think are perfect for teens are taken by the older population. I just graduated high school and I can honestly say that this town has one of the worst school systems ever. I haven't learned a thing from these schools. And I've been kicked out of one. Liberty county high school has some of the worst teachers I've ever seen! I am half Puertorican and white. I've been called stupid by teachers and have gotten over 30 referrals about dress code. The teacher favor the pregnant teenagers like its somehow not their fault. I've seen racist teachers like no other. I live in Hinesville still and I have 3 younger siblings and 3 older ones. One of my older siblings has hit nowhere's road because a cop decided that since my brother wouldn't snitch for them, he would arrest him for someone else's weed in someone else's car that he was a passenger in. The driver? He got away Scott Free. I fear that this town will destroy my little sister too. This is defiantly a blame on the city government. Why? The whole town is corrupt. The city officials are in each others pocket. They built a skate park in town about 2 years ago. Now the local police see it as a way do mess with kids. The movie theater sucks. They won't even let me take my 15 sister to a rated R movie! My two youngest sibling get bored of me taking them to Lizzie crickets, cypress SAMs treehouse(which is closed until further notice), the bowling alley, the skating rink ( also closed until further notice), the park, and library.tell me, do any of those things sound like something a teenager would do? Didn't think so.....
Btw, I've lost a lot of friends in this town. Crime is terrible. My house has been robbed twice. Hinesville is a complete shithole. Nobody comes to live here willingly.....
carl butler

United States

#127 Aug 20, 2013
It's a damn shame what goes on in our court rooms. Although I've read about the corruption that goes on in chambers I never believed it ... until recently. Now I know why so many people have become so bitter against our alleged legal system. I should also mention that I'm following your web site VERY closely. Thanks for all you're trying to do to bring these discretions (understatement) to light.... In the South you have the Federal and state working together falsifying court records and stealing property with the Help of the IRS and State revenue, Federal judge Enderfield, Judge Stewart of Liberty Hinesville and Linnie Darden of Osteen Law Firm. Attorneys to watch that I found to be corrupt and taking money Atlanta area Kevin Mammola of Cordell & Cordell, Tesha Clemmons of Clemmons Law Firm. If you need an attorney, My advice, get one out of Georgia. THEY ALL WORK TOGETHER, Corrupted Racist and Stealing Land and Property. If you have a account with Wells Fargo, Find a Bank That is not working with the Georgia courts to steal and Falsify Court Records. Help expose them by posting and showing picture of the corruption that is going on. They are here to protect and serve, not lie and steal. Time to Dismantle the Republican Leadership starting from SEN Isakson and Chambliss all the way down to the Judges state, Federal and the State Bar. If your living in GA, Please share. It's time we have Leadership and Congress with Backbone
Carl Butler
M Donaldson

Hinesville, GA

#128 Aug 22, 2013
The Mayor is not a retired Col or officer of any kind. He is a former and I think dishonored gvt employee who is about as smart as a box of rocks. The former Mayor was an overly ambitious lawyer of which Hinesville has far too many. You have to go back a few years to find a truly pro military Mayor of Hinesville. Hinesville is overtaxed and the majority of public (gvt) employees are mental midgets that pretend to be ladies or gentlemen but are truly incompetent. Having said that, there are some nice people in the town and the traffic is not too bad.
The bus service is a drain on the public purse that should never have been started though and everyone will come to agree in the next ten years it is an unsustainable expense. Hopefully the football team will step it up and be as good as when we had true pro military Mayors.
PCSing soon

San Diego, CA

#129 Feb 24, 2014
I'm moving to Hinesville, Ga In May 2015. I am really looking foward to the small town atmosphere that it will provide. My wife usually finds a job after we pcs but we never plan our budget around her working. The way I figure, I will be 3 hrs 51 mins from Disney and Universal Studios. All the history that comes with Ga. And all the hunting and fishing you could want. Small town values is better than big city excitement anyday.
Harsh Dose of Reality

San Diego, CA

#130 Aug 1, 2014
Growing up as a civilian in Hinesville and then joining the military after leaving college early, I have many thoughts on this topic Ė most of which wonít be popular among the military community. But given the exhausting, rehashed, whiny rants that I have read on this thread (particularly from the military wives), these are truths that need to be stated. Take it as something of a wake-up call for those of you with that entitled attitude that only comes with a complete lack of humility or decent upbringing.

I have been to many military installations representing all branches of service, including Fort Stewart (obviously), Fort Bragg, Fort Dix, Fort Irwin, Camp Pendleton, Miramar, and several Air Force Bases. The immediate areas around each were not very nice. Pawn shops, check cashing establishments, liquor stores, strip clubs, used car lots, apartments, old rental units, etc.Ė all staples of lower income people. Iím not saying that these arenít ever used by locals, but their clientele is mostly military.

Hinesville absolutely caters to the military, and it has my entire life. In return we got drunk soldiers constantly fighting, underage girls sneaking into the barracks, military spouses screwing around on each other, pimply military wives complaining that the town is so boring, abusive soldiers beating up their Korean wives, and this overall sense of entitlement because you all think the crappy $20,000 you make each year is what keeps Hinesville from ďdrying upĒ. After decades of that, you should be grateful that there isnít more anti-military sentiment.

Letís be honest for a moment. The majority of you donít enlist out of some patriotic duty. You do it because your options are limited. Some donít do well in High School, some are plain stupid, some get in trouble with law, some canít afford college, and some are just aimless. I myself lost focus in college, so I enlisted for direction and discipline. Everyone around me had a similar story, and despite being constantly told we were the best of the best Ė we knew better. The best of the best were probably studying law at Georgetown or engineering at Duke.

The fact is that, if you graduate in the top ten of your class, youíre doing something other than enlisting. And if your cruddy little towns in Ohio, Michigan, or Indiana were any better than Hinesville, you wouldnít be marrying the military guys just to get out of there. Iím sure there are a few exceptions, but exceptions to the rule do not disprove the rule.

So host communities like Hinesville welcome this influx young, poor, uneducated, immature people that flock to the military, and then you have the gall to blame the host community for being a dump. Trust me when I say that the dump that you came from is no better. If it were, then why did you leave it? Itís a harsh reality, but it is reality nonetheless.

So to you military wives, here are some more harsh realities: your husbands arenít really superheroes, you arenít really princesses, and your children will absolutely never split the atom. You are, at best, no better than the locals that you constantly complain about. Hinesville is not the custodian of your happiness, nor is it obliged to cure your boredom. Maybe your experience would be a lot better if you simply dropped the entitled, passive-aggressive attitude you have with the locals.

If you donít like that, encourage your men to get out of the military and go do something with else their lives. Either way, stop acting like youíre owed the world simply because you married someone that puts on a uniform for a living. Itís admirable, but itís not extraordinary. I did it, so I know all about it. Youíre not special, and, when you act like you are, itís not well received. If you perceive that Hinesville has an anti-military attitude, perhaps you spent some time looking in the mirror rather than whining about it on the internet.

San Diego, CA

#131 Aug 11, 2014
You know what's SO funny? You got all these army wives on here complaining about Hinesville but every time their men go on deployment, I end up plowing at least 5 or 6 of them. They're such ho's and they don't care about protection and they tell me not to pull out. I bet I've lost my c*m in at least 80 army wives while they loser husbands were gone. So you better get a DNA test, jarheads! Hahahahahahahahahahaha!!!
Here Here

San Diego, CA

#132 May 8, 2018
I feel like this thread should be bumped to the top. Those comments two posts above are spot on, and Iím curious if any military people care to respond.

United States

#133 Thursday Jun 7
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