Why are the members of the pelican rapids school board so concerned about the increase of pay that was given to the barnesville teachers? Barnesville teachers receive over 9% and Pelican Rapids teachers only received 5%. BOO WHOO. Pelican Rapids teachers have never given up a thing for the kids but want to tax some people right out of thier homes. Will these teachers shop exclusively in town? Not a change! So Pelican Rapids main St will look like Barnesvilles Main St soon enough. The board has a lot of nerve asking so few to pay the lions share of the up coming levy. You didn't leave the farmer out by mistake and I and many others will take our business out of town. The school board is responsible for the loss (15 of the last 16 years) of students. You need a tourniquet not a bandage to stop this bleeding. When times are hard the school board just comes up with more ways to ruin the town.