mt vernon is a bad place to live
The Gunny

Newport News, VA

#81 Jan 4, 2012
BigG wrote:
I understand how everyone feels, but no matter what anyone says no one should loss their life over foolishness....Mount Vernon does need alot of help and I say stop fix the road and start putting some programs in effect for the kids, we can not stop the one who have goen so far but dame it we can start by helping our younger ones so they don't end up like the older ones...Mount Vernon it up to the people their to change Mount Vernon. God Bless
Big G are you kidding me programs did you say programs what a joke you need parents that will raise their kids not single mothers on welfare. Programs won't fix fatherless home and kids with no moral fiber.
The Gunny

Newport News, VA

#82 Jan 4, 2012
yOUNG sHAD wrote:
im a 15 year male in mountvernon ya make us look like buch of gang banggerz husslerz robberz and shiit lik dat mountvernonz a good place to live if u not talkin bout anny 1 trying to act like u hard u good i lived in mountvernon my hole life but i travel and i go places every state got there bad and good placees. lady thatz suckken off ct i have fam dat live in waterbuury it a good place travel south copple milez u get the hood dont try to put down my hom3town ya town of brookfeid i bet behind doorz therz plennty chidren doing drugz and haven sex
Nice, great English should help you land a great job
The Gunny

Newport News, VA

#83 Jan 4, 2012
My fathers family were all raised in MV and I was born there in 64 his name was Robert Eaton

Ossining, NY

#84 Jan 14, 2012
Hey Gingerman and Lord Jim... Guess I a little younger but I also attended Sacred Heart School (Class of '64) and Washington Junior High School. I remember the tracks and Wilson Pool and Wilson Woods, they were the big things back when I was a kid. Remember Bordon's Hill? Walking down to go to the pool was ok, but was a long was a long way up after swimming all day lol
The Ginger Man wrote:
Lord Jim, we are the same age. I went to Sacred
Heart and AB Davis. I grew up a couple of blocks
from the Embassy Theater. We had to go to the Bee
Hive every 1st friday after Communion--remember that? My Argus Rte. was 4 Ave. & 3rd Ave. between 3rd & 4th street. Do you remember the "6 Street woods" down on Sandford Blvd. I used to swing from the vines like I was Tarzan.
Do you remember the "tracks"? If you remember them we grew up in the same neighborhood. Anything I need in life I could find down at the "tracks". How about the Carvel stand on Fulton and
Sandford Blvd.--Best hot dogs I ever ate.
And Johnnys' Pizza--best pizza I ever ate.
I guess I could go on and on--sure miss old Mt.

Since: May 12

Macon, GA

#86 May 27, 2012
i was raised in mount vernon 30yrs ago it was a great place to live!! liberal laws against crime is the real problem i remember 4th ave. was a great place to shop!! in my opinion is that all crime is given a slap on the damn wrist!! and part of the problem is parents they dont raise their children correctly!! i was a single parent for 20yrs of two children and they knew not to mess up at school or in public, for i would go ham on them regardless where we were, i remember the pizza place on 4th avenue the meat store genungs it was a great place even johns bargain store just thinking about mount vernon brings tears and joy!! the way it was and the way it is now!! its a damn shame how mount vernon has changed the old movie theater there was a time kids could walk home, i did, mount vernon has turned into a cesspool of negativity, i wish i was in the mayors office, or police chiefs office things WOULD CHANGE I GAURANTEE IT!!!

Since: May 12

Macon, GA

#87 May 27, 2012
peaches nyc

Brooklyn, NY

#88 Oct 6, 2012
first of all most of the shooting are jamaicans, who sell drugs, that are causing problems in mt. vernon on the south side not african americans. but that really does not matter whoit is, thats bad. i do not find that the whole of mt. vernon is bad or ghetto as the idiot from levitown ny said. mt. vernon is making a very nice come back. we need more positve people and talk. not like those prejudice cowards on this posting. there is good and bad in every race. it is very sad that in this day age you speak like this. thats why we have crime and violence every where, cowards like you.
Rosie Jo

Paintsville, KY

#89 Dec 2, 2012
I think it doesn't matter where you live there are good and bad people. As I sit and reflect of days gone by. I see that people have lost the respect of other people. People used to help other people. Now it seems like that when a person is down people just want to give them a big swift kick. What is happening to our world? A person's life is not worth a dime. People will shoot you for a $1.00. Greed, drugs, economy, are some of the reasons. Young people are not taught the work ethic that we were taught by our parents. They want something they take a gun and go out and take it from someone no matter if they have to kill them or beat them to an inch of their lives. In this holiday season we all need to step back and remember what this season really means. If everyone would just do one good deed it would feel your heart with gladness. One last thing I just want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas.
I agree

Mahwah, NJ

#90 Dec 15, 2012
MeanDonnaJean wrote:
<quoted text>
The lovely grammar and spelling above shows the "quality education" our children are receiving in this hellhole called Mt. Vernon.
Enough said.
Enough said is right! Uneducated & no class
Oh well

Brooklyn, NY

#92 Dec 19, 2012
laughingatmonkeys wrote:
mt vernon was fine until it was over run with blacks.
now....the people that pay the taxes here cant send their children to school here because of the savage animals that have ruined the school system.
anywhere blacks go turns to shit...its a shame,not for them but for the people that have to live with them.
do a demographics search....stay away from anyplace with more then 5% black population in it...once these pieces of shit get somewhere....its all down hill
MY PRESIDENT IS BLACK.DON'T BE MAD THAT YOU ARE WHITE TRASH.You ghost need to stay got our way.God loves Black people. Who is your God...or should i say who is your devil.
My president is black

Brooklyn, NY

#93 Dec 19, 2012
I don't care where anybody live you are 20minutes from a hood.(low income houses).You all wanta talk about where is the best place to live. In this time and age.Drugs, Guns, and violets are everywhere. It can't be stop.How safe are we.You are no better then the next man.Last I check crime is everywhere.When black people kill they mostly kill over money,drugs and 8 out of 10 times the hit they target. White people always gotta kill everybody, before killing themself. It's a fact. Black people get broke, they robbing you. White people get broke, they taking one to the head.The reason white poeple hate blacks?Well that's easy,We don't pick cotton we pick president. We are lawyers,doctors and judges. We force our way in.When black people come in we take over. White people hate what they can not control.White people will always fear us, but it's your kind killing off your kind.Do the resource..........

Hampton, VA

#94 Dec 20, 2012
About Mount Vernon crime rates
The crime rate in Mount Vernon is considerably higher than the national average across all communities in America from the largest to the smallest, although at 34 crimes per one thousand residents, it is not among the communities with the very highest crime rate. The chance of becoming a victim of either violent or property crime in Mount Vernon is 1 in 29. Based on FBI crime data, Mount Vernon is not one of the safest communities in America. Relative to New York, Mount Vernon has a crime rate that is higher than 90% of the state's cities and towns of all sizes.In fact, after researching dangerous places to live, NeighborhoodScout found Mount Vernon to be one of the top 100 most dangerous cities in the U.S.A.

Salisbury Mills, NY

#95 Dec 27, 2012
Roger Wilco wrote:
Lets be truthful..You all hate Mt Vernon because it Black run government,black schools,black people run hate mongering pick on some black people shtters-have nothing better to do that playa hate MV.Take a hike and look at the sht pile in your backyard!We love Mt Vernon-15mins to Manhattan,5min to Bronx, minutes away from New Rochelle,Pelham..Cry babies!Boo Hoo

I'm sorry but the bottomline for the upheaval in crime is, is the great influx of the Caribbean culture .... I love my Caribbean brothers and sisters and i don't say all are but the lack of respect, and quick temper to shoot and stab has marred this little town... teachers who teach at mt. V high complain about how the carribeans are just a different breed....Even the parents act with violence and disrespect when there children get bad grades... Demanding and expecting a change when the change should have started at home.... It's sad how this town has turned to the wild Wild West......

Yonkers, NY

#97 Jan 9, 2013
I lived here for 8 years althought you are all right reguarding the Middle And high school Mt Vernon has some very beautiful areas and a bad area. Also some very beautiful homes. And yes there is a bad side just like wherever you go.

Patchogue, NY

#98 Jan 9, 2013
Oh well wrote:
<quoted text> MY PRESIDENT IS BLACK.DON'T BE MAD THAT YOU ARE WHITE TRASH.You ghost need to stay got our way.God loves Black people. Who is your God...or should i say who is your devil.
I think his WHITE family who raised and formed him had much more to do with him than his absentee dad.
Amanda Carter

Bronx, NY

#99 Jan 16, 2013
Wow the racism I'm reading right now is astonishing!
Amanda Carter

Bronx, NY

#100 Jan 17, 2013
I'm from Mt.Vernon and I hate it and I'm black. I have lost white friends, black friends and spanish friends to the crime in that city. So saying that all black people will ruin an area is not an accurate statement. That 15 year that wrote the statement about whatever probably does not attend school at all. I went to Mt.Vernon schools, which are pretty bad. Although I did not recieve my diploma from any of them! The curriculum is standard but the stundents in attendence to the schools make it an unpleasent learning environment, more bad influences the good. I believe in the overall map of the town there are more good areas to reside in then their are bad ones. A couple statements made in these comments are fairly accurate.. Yes the areas of the town that are populated with mostly black people are the worser areas. It would also be best to stay on the North side of the town if your considering a move to the area, buying a home south of the New Haven Line would not be a great choice. For shopping puposes their are a lot of great places to check out on the south side of Mt.Vernon. Lastly, if you could avoid sending your children to Mt.Vernon schools then do so.

Well I hope my comment was helpful towards you and your future endeavores, I wish you luck in finding a home wether it be in Mt.Vernon or anywhere else in the state.

Brooklyn, NY

#101 Feb 11, 2013
what wrote:
<quoted text>
I think his WHITE family who raised and formed him had much more to do with him than his absentee dad.
Or that stronge black women that's been there from day one.I never heard him claim you ghost, why is that.Once you go black, u don't go back.I guess he loves his black people because millions of black people got his back. In fact he is living as a black family. It's funny because if he wasn't president . you would of said fuck him but, the fact that he is. now, here comes the claims.could of fooled me. I feel bad you people always want be in something you are not a part of.I hope i didn't get you mad, because you people are crazy in your sheets that's why blacks is crazy in the street.

Brooklyn, NY

#102 Feb 11, 2013
what wrote:
<quoted text>
I think his WHITE family who raised and formed him had much more to do with him than his absentee dad.
You live in yonkers.Total white trash
St_Ursula_School er

Loganville, GA

#103 Apr 22, 2013
North of 1st Street, the Heights, California Rd areas, and Fleetwood are nice. Any place else...don't waste your time.

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