GBI continues investigating naked man...

GBI continues investigating naked man shooting

There are 25 comments on the WALB-TV Albany story from Mar 5, 2012, titled GBI continues investigating naked man shooting. In it, WALB-TV Albany reports that:

PELHAM, GA - We have new information about that naked man who was shot and killed by Pelham Police Friday night.

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Apex, NC

#1 Mar 6, 2012
Hey everyone I am the victims younger cousin . If you find out and or know any information can you please inform police . We need justice .
outraged citizen

United States

#2 Mar 7, 2012
Shame on the officer/officers who fired shots at the man. They didn't know if he was robbed or in distress. Shame on the paper for titleing the story as ...."naked man" why is it relevant that he was nude? This man was someones son, brother, cousin, loved one. How humiliating. Why is it assumed that the man did something wrong? Don't police carry tasers? If @the anything they could have used their taser instead of fire arm. Theses "officers" are who protects us? More like murder/homicide. I hope that the truth is found out, and I pray for the family of this young man in their time. Everyone should stop and think about his family needing answers instead of carrying on about him running naked. Ppl have done worse, the officers of the law did worse than that. I pray for justice in this case, and am outraged that the journalist and editor would allow for this. I am outraged that our protecting law enforcement would allow for this. Shame on them both. Lord's will be done.

Roslindale, MA

#3 Mar 7, 2012
Our government law enforcement in this country are horrible especially when it comes to race I am a good friend of one this young man's cousins my heart and prayers go out to the family this is a dam shame police officer think they have all the power its a sad tragedy I hope justice will be done and the family gets answer
the truth

United States

#4 Mar 7, 2012
how the hell is anyone, police officer or not,justified in shooting a naked person? Cant the dummy see he had no weapon? It surely wasnt hid in his clothing.If he was that scared he shouldnt be on the force to begin with! And if he was so feared for his life,why didnt he aim for a knee or something,other than shooting to kill? It seems law enforement these days are judge and jury.
This policeman should be brought up on charges,enough is enough or is this going to be another internal wash? If it was a ordanary citizen you can bet you last dollar you would be in jail right now.This is bullspit.

Valdosta, GA

#5 Mar 7, 2012
It is pathetic that people are so stupid as to think that a naked man cannot be dangerous or to think that the officer that shot him did not have probable cause. The officer that shot him would also be the officer to take a bullet for you. The law has checks and balances and gets unbiased opinions for situations such as this. They are also trained to handle situations such as this. This officer also has a family to get home to so he had to take care of his safety as well. Praying for the innocent family members of the victim as well as the officer and his family.

Mount Pleasant, IA

#6 Mar 7, 2012
Shame on the officer that didn't stand there and let the erratic man kill him first?

United States

#7 Mar 8, 2012
no one said the man couldnt be dangerous,but whats up with the officer.I thought they had pepper spray,tazers,night sticks and was taught self defence? Like the above said,why not shoot somewhere where it would stop him instead of killing him. If that was your brother,son or whatever I bet you wouldnt stand for it.And if a citizen shot an unarmed man you can bet your butt you would be arrested ! Wake up,right is right and wrong is wrong.I think we have a person who is scared of his job to the point of shooting someone, when other avenues could have been taken.Dont worry it will be whitewashed over like some others

United States

#8 Mar 8, 2012
The truth of the matter is, nobody really knows what happened yet and unfortunately we may never know the whole truth because the young man is dead. When I first heard the story, I thought that whoever was running around naked must have been really drugged up. Then I thought, well really he could have been robbed. In either case, it was hard for me to understand why the police shot him. The only reason they couldn't have used tasers would have been a distant target, but that's even more of a reason not to shoot. I imagine there might be something this young man could have done to spook the police; unfortunately for the police don't have the right to shoot someone twice in the chest for probable cause, those types of wounds are for situations when deadly force is displayed. I could understand shooting to disable, but not shooting to kill and the reports do say the man was unarmed. Police are humans too, but those humans shouldn't be police if they shoot every time they get a little scared. I am praying for the police and their families. Then of course I am praying for my own family, because the victim was my cousin. I am interested to see how this will play out in court, I will be there...

Thomasville, GA

#9 Mar 8, 2012
It saddens my heart that something to this nature has happened. I am no judge, I am free to speak and I feel that time is drawing near, God is calling many of us home. It is time to get ourselves together. I have known members of this young man's family for years, and when I tell you ALL, I mean All of his family are great people and I am sure he was as well. Unlike many people you hear stories about I've never heard anything negative. I pray that God brings justice to this situation and see's fit that we all learn from this. People many still feel we are in a world of supremacy, we aren't we are all equal. Everyone needs to stop taking life for granted and honor what is right and what needs to be done. To the family of the victim who may or may not read this post, I lift you high in pray because that is the only thing that will get you through. To the office who shot this young man, I pray for your rest at night to sleep, I pray for your safety and your families safety because just as you've hurt someone's family and taken a dear life from them, it could have been very well your family on the other end. Peace and understanding needs to consume this community, this is a time for all to come together for what is right and put away foolish acts.

Mount Pleasant, IA

#10 Mar 8, 2012
I'm assuming no one has read the article in the Camilla enterprise today. It would probably help you understand more if you read some facts and not just listen to these assumptions based on ???

Snellville, GA

#11 Mar 9, 2012
I'd like to thank the positive people on here. This was a family member who was gunned down as they law would say if it happened to one of them. Its said to see cuzzo gone. I wish it wouldn't have came to this. He has children who will never get a chance to hug their farther again. We the family wants justice. We would like GOD's will be done. I don't know who's at fault. I just pray they find JESUS before they meet the maker. GOD bless you all.
Voice of Reason

Thomasville, GA

#12 Mar 9, 2012
I finally got a copy of the Camilla paper. And, we still don't have any "facts." The Camilla paper reported what the police said and they said exactly what we expected them to say. As usual, they said whatever was need to cover their... So, what is factual about that?

United States

#13 Mar 11, 2012
To Outraged citizen,to me it is very important they report he was naked,if we didnt know that and though he had clothes on we would all assume he might have had a weapon and the officer was possiably justified.There is no doubt now that he didnt have a weapon, so why was this officer so scared, to kill this man?(for BDC, black ,white,red or yellow, it dont matter)

Ignorance said The officer that shot him would also be the officer to take a bullet for you.
I say:I hope Im not the one he pulls over to check my drivers liscense someday. The officer didnt take a bullet for anybody,he was dishing them out instead.

Message for BDC : who gives a spit about race in this situation,wrong is wrong.Give the race spin a rest,it gets old.

Confused: Shame on the officer that didn't stand there and let the erratic man kill him first.
I say: what was he going to do....pee on the officer,the man was naked.Been watching too many KungFu movies?

Confused:I'm assuming no one has read the article in the Camilla enterprise today. It would probably help you understand more if you read some facts and not just listen to these assumptions based on ???

Voice of Reason says: I finally got a copy of the Camilla paper. And, we still don't have any "facts." The Camilla paper reported what the police said and they said exactly what we expected them to say. As usual, they said whatever was need to cover their... So, what is factual about that?

To Mr Voice of Reason, You are correct sir,that was my assumption after getting a hold of a copy
Voice of Reason

Thomasville, GA

#14 Mar 12, 2012

That would be Ms. Voice of Reason. As of today, the only facts that I am sure of are this young man's identity, that he is dead and that we--we being his family--love and miss him very much. And one more fact, something is very wrong here.
friend of keith

Thomasville, GA

#15 Mar 20, 2012
I am actually a freind of Keith Wilson.and yes he had a lot of problems He was running around naked and accused of jumping on a police officer, their excuse for shooting him but he was shot 2 times in the back. Georgia is a reall corrupt state and what do you think will happen to the officer? Nothing he wont go to prison like any other murder. Come on lets get real our forces need to be trained better and looked at better.
A friend in pain

United States

#16 Mar 23, 2012
I dont no wat the hell happen but my friend is gone I didnt no keith but about a year and ahalf we wrk at the same place an we became good friends it is a tragic wat happen to him there is alot of pepole in pain an will never get closur

Macomb, MI

#17 Apr 1, 2012
There is alot of facts that will be revealed in this bizarre case. The "naked man" was alledgedly too high on drugs to know what he was doing or where he was at when this situation happened. The FBI and GBI are in control of this case and not the local police department so that there will be a thorough finding of fact. Everyone with an opinion should keep it out of this forum unless you know the TRUTH. Too much typical police bashing and race baiting that seems to be fashionable these days. The Pelham Police Department has not had a policeman kill anyone in over 100 years, a fact, so I don't think any of the writers in TOPIX can make brash statements of how good or bad the PPD are. Find the TRUTH and it will set you free of rumor and gossip and race baiting and stupidity.
Voice of Reason

Pelham, GA

#18 Apr 5, 2012
Truth Defender,

If you think that a person being high on drugs and acting erractically is a reason to fill them with bullet holes then you have to be kidding me. If the person was naked and unarmed why did the office feel compelled to confront the situation without backup? And why was it necessary to use deadly force? People are high, drunk and acting erractically 24 hours a day--why are the toxicology reports so crucial. Do you really feel that a person being high is a reason to shoot to kill. We have homeless veterans all over Southwest Georgia acting crazy and I cannot ever recall hearing about a police officer shooting one of them. This may be Pelham's first shooting in 100 years; that shooting was resulted in the death of a son, a father, an employee, and a veteran.
Outraged Citizen

Thomasville, GA

#19 Apr 6, 2012
Soutwest Georgia citzens should be outraged. But they are so used to the police getting away with flagrant abuse of power that it is business as usual. Was this young man really a vet?

United States

#20 Apr 7, 2012
Shame on people who have the nerve to tell others to suppress from speaking out about things that dont seem right to them and not talk unless they know only the facts.
I think if we want to express an opinon than that is our right to do so, just like you are expressing yours.
This topic isnt about gossip,its about a persons life that was taken and it has people rightfully upset and they will be, until this investigation is over.
But I cant understand how a trained officer can fatally shoot an obvious unarmed man, either.

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