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MS AG Jim Hood's Office Ignoring Crimes by Gov't & Clergy!

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Speaker of Justice

Essex, MA

#1 Nov 29, 2008
July 20, 2008

Governor Haley Reeves Barbour
550 High Street,#20
Jackson, MS 39201

ALERT TO GOVERNOR BARBOUR: DO NOT BE DECEIVED BY HOOD AND HIS SUBORDINATES RE: Problem of Deprivation of Rights under Color of Law in Meridian, Mississippi

Dear Governor Barbour:

Could you “personally” kindly examine completely the contents of this transmittal including all enclosures? Perhaps it would behoove you on behalf of the State of Mississippi to call in an independent investigator to make arrangements to look at the hard evidence and talk to the principals in this case. Your State’s Attorney General’s Office is obviously negligent on this matter.

Our deduction regarding what is occurring with all of you in Mississippi is as follows:
1. All of you received a letter from me dated June 23, 2008.
2. Your office had called the Attorney General’s (Hood’s) office in the past to ask them to look in to the matter. Nothing is being done.
3. Your office will be duped into false reality that the alleged situation does not exist, is not serious or is under control.(Or, your office is participating in the duplicity.)
4. You will all be able to justify inaction in this matter from false findings made by the Attorney General.

As you will see in the enclosures,(two letters to Attorney General Jim Hood, written September 4, 2007 and September 10, 2007 (also the published version of the Sept. 4th letter which appeared in The Meridian Star on September 9, 2007), a letter to Scott Johnson, the AG’s Director of Public Integrity, dated Sept. 20, 2007, and a letter sent to Attorney General Hood dated July 20, 2008.) Attorney General Hood’s office has been involved in duplicity in this matter from the beginning. Our problem is that the attorney general’s office was involved and acting at least inappropriately and negatively, and possibly maliciously, cognizantly, and criminally in violation of Title 18, Part I, Chapter 13, Section 242: Deprivation of rights under color of law, and Title 18, Part I, Chapter 13, Sec. 241, Conspiracy against Rights, as well as perhaps the RICO conspiracy laws, and Title 18 regarding misprision of felony.
Speaker of Justice

Essex, MA

#2 Nov 29, 2008
Governor Barbour…

Please understand: Mississippi government officials acting unethically to cover up the truth will not kill the truth.

Lying…disparaging, slandering, media blackouts, banning from forums, or otherwise eliminating or neutralizing the victims and whistleblowers in this case will not change the facts.

The evidence exists, and it is indisputable; and others beyond the borders of Mississippi have photocopies and audio copies of everything. The Arm of Justice is not dependent on individuals to accomplish its goals in this case.

Either rule of law, the constitution, ethics, and integrity, heretofore lacking in Mississippi State and Meridian City government, will be brought to bear by the proper authorities who have the government-imposed authority and the legal and moral responsibility to do so, or we will continue in our effort to expose the truth until one of the following happens:

1 As a result of someone in Mississippi State or Meridian City Government calling for it, an independent investigation is brought to bear.
2 Oprah, 60 Minutes, or other well-known media outlets pick up the story to bring public opinion to bear.
3 Federal authorities beyond the corrupt Mississippi organizations begin to act according to law.
Speaker of Justice

Boston, MA

#3 Nov 29, 2008
I am an American citizen in my 60’s, and a business owner. I also happen to be an atheist…and I am outraged.

I have seen these tactics used by government at all levels to hide the truth to cover up all manner of evil.

I am appalled that the movie “Mississippi Burning” seems to have done nothing for your collective and individual consciences. In the past the target of bias, bigotry, hatred, and violence was color of skin…the same forces are now apparently targeting religious preference.

Sir…I do not write expecting you to act with integrity…only in hope of same.

I write to inform you:
1. That we are aware of what is going on in Mississippi
2. To inform you that threats and inaction from the very authorities that should be, as we are, acting in behalf of the victims, shall not defeat us.

My involvement with the Arm of Justice began about 26 years ago. We were all quite naive then…

We’ve learned a lot in over 2 decades of being sickened by this type of corruption.
Speaker of Justice

Boston, MA

#4 Nov 29, 2008
This is not the 60’s…you shall not prevail as you did so many years ago, with Chaney, Schwerner, and Goodman and the hundreds of the unnamed individuals who will never see justice in the land of the living. Governor Barbour, this is not the first time that your office has been contacted about these matters. The victims have been ignored for a number of years now.

We understand that with a large office such as yours, that subordinates can act improperly, and not necessarily with the knowledge of the superior (in this case, yourself).

I write this in the hope that you, Governor Haley Barbour, have been (up until now) kept “out of the loop” on these matters, and that you, as an individual and in your official capacity as governor, and for the State of Mississippi, will apprise yourself of the facts and become ashamed of the way the state and local governments have handled this matter, and that you will act immediately and decisively according to law, the constitution, ethics, common sense, decency, and integrity, to rectify this situation.

Very truly yours,

Berachot Levine
for The Arm of Justice
c/o xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Governor Barbour…
Remember:“When good men do nothing, evil men thrive,” and
“Justice denied anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”
Speaker of Justice

Essex, MA

#5 Nov 29, 2008
July 20, 2008

Attorney General Jim Hood
Walter Sillers Building
550 High Street, Suite 1200
Jackson, MS 39205

Dear Attorney General Hood:

I am writing to express my concern about a more than troubling situation which is occurring in the state in which you are responsible for upholding the law, investigating and prosecuting crime, and acting as liaison for all state agencies.

I am with The Arm of Justice here in New England. We monitor and record injustices and criminal and illegal acts which have been perpetrated against individuals and groups, and we investigate violations of civil rights of individuals. Right now we are monitoring and recording the injustices and illegal and criminal acts perpetrated against the minister, members and attendees of Christ’s Church in Action (CCIA) of Mt. Zion, now based in Meridian, Mississippi.

We have been requesting and receiving documentation over time from several sources in Mississippi and outside Mississippi regarding this specific situation. I have just received a report from Lucinda Johnson, Executive Assistant at CCIA of Mt. Zion, which causes me great concern.
Speaker of Justice

Boston, MA

#6 Nov 29, 2008
She informed me that she had a chance encounter with Meridian Mississippi City Councilman John Harris, at the Meridian Activity Center, on Monday evening, July 14, 2008. He was apparently there for some kind of “neighborhood watch” meeting, and Ms. Johnson had just gotten out of a computer class she is taking there. My understanding is that John Harris is some kind of minister, and is referred to as “Reverend Harris,” so Ms. Johnson, knowing that he espouses belief in the Christian Bible as she does, asked him to sit down with her and the other principals in the situation regarding the persecution against CCIA, in order to try and reconcile as it says in the Bible.

She said that Councilman Harris told her that he wasn’t interested in sitting down. After a few more words were exchanged about the Biblical context of the request, Councilman Harris made this comment:“The AG is looking into the letter that y’all wrote.” Ms. Johnson said,“Oh where did you hear that?” He said,“I just heard it.” Ms. Johnson said,“Okay, thank you.”

She informed me that she then, after reflecting on his comment, re-approached him a minute later to clarify that the letter did not come from CCIA but was from The Arm of Justice in New England. Ms. Johnson told me that when John Harris had said that the Attorney General was looking into the letter, at first she had an optimistic attitude, thinking that perhaps the AG was finally going to act according to law and ethics and look into the crimes that have been committed. She asked Councilman Harris,“Is the AG looking into the crimes that have been committed?” Councilman Harris replied,“No, they’re looking into the letter.” Ms. Johnson told me that she said,“Okay, thank you,” and walked away, crestfallen. She thought that what John Harris said meant that you, the Attorney General, were going to try to harass and harm those who are with The Arm of Justice acting as whistleblowers on behalf of CCIA.
Speaker of Justice

Essex, MA

#7 Nov 29, 2008
I would like to know why Councilman John Harris said this to Ms. Johnson. I demand to know WHO told him this, and if it is true or not. If Ms. Johnson’s assumption is true, and your office is going to try and hurt us, then perhaps you are already on the move to harm me and the others of us who are concerned and are acting for justice. We keep a low profile on our locations for this very reason, but if you succeed and hurt me, so be it. We are all tired of this and believe that justice and right will prevail in the end, no matter what you do to us. If you succeed in somehow eliminating or neutralizing me, the story won’t die. There are others like me out here, and the documented evidence exists and is in many protected places.

If Ms. Johnson’s assumption is not true, then I want to ask you, why don’t you just do your job and investigate this? Why haven’t any of the victims been contacted by you? Why has the evidence not been viewed? Why are you allowing your subordinates to “snow” you? Or, was the “snow job” at your direction?

Perhaps I already know the answer. Below I will attempt to delineate to you my assumption on your own tactics, or the “M.O.” which keeps you and anyone in collusion with you from EVER doing your jobs. Perhaps seeing it in print will jar you out of it, or at least stir the Governor to action when he gets his copy of this letter, or the U.S. Attorney General, or the President, or the national media, or any of the others who will be receiving a copy of this transmittal.
Speaker of Justice

Essex, MA

#8 Nov 29, 2008
Tactics Used By Government Officials/Law Enforcement Agencies
To Avoid Doing Their Jobs
(You and other government officials in this case have used any and all of these)

1. Ignore the crime, hope victims will “go away,” and get discouraged.

2. Pretend you are investigating. Lie to the victims.

3. If victims persist, pacify them by making commitments that you don’t intend to keep, thus fooling the victims into thinking you will be acting according to law and doing your job so they will “go away,” thinking you are going to do something.

4. When victims persist, commit slander and use any other tactics you can to turn things around and point at the victims as if they are the guilty parties.

5. Use threats of any kind, whether subtle or blatant.

6. Use active physical harassment, such as letters from the city demanding that evidence be destroyed (such as the letter from Bobby Vance, the housing inspector, less than 3 weeks after the ARSON which was committed against CCIA, demanding that victims {who have no money and no insurance} either fix up house or destroy it.)
Speaker of Justice

Boston, MA

#9 Nov 29, 2008
7. Use verbal harassment/slander of any kind whenever the victims try to bring up the crimes that were committed against them. Use any and all agents of yours, and in addition use any friends/associates of yours from other offices to accomplish this. Make sure that there is an impenetrable wall of collusion/cooperation to make sure that the victims cannot get justice from anywhere.

8. Make sure that any “lone ranger” who speaks up because he/she thinks that this should be looked into according to law, is properly “threatened” or “punished”(such as the official who received calls from certain public officials and “clammed up” because it was made clear to him that his family and security were on the line, and the police officer who told the victims that when he started asking questions around the police station, they “buried (him) on third shift”).

9. Lie to the public, through media control, and misleading/false/incomplete information, and when all else fails, completely black out the media. Keep the public in the dark, preventing the normal public outrage which would assist the victims.

10. Allow slander/libel in any form against the victims, while deleting, gagging, and banning the victims from speaking out.(Example: The Meridian Star Forum, where slander, lies, vulgarity, and threats against the victims were allowed to flourish, while the victims and anyone who dared to speak in their behalf were deleted and banned from the forum on pretense.)

11. Aid, abet and support the local media’s blackout of the story, thus continuing to keep the populace totally misinformed and misled about what really happened; this aids in the slander and lies about the victims, and turns public opinion against them.
Speaker of Justice

Boston, MA

#10 Nov 29, 2008
12. Use government employees of any and all kinds to verbally harass, avoid, insult, lie to, dodge, placate, and/or patronize the victims and anyone who would dare try to come to their aid. Ignore any and all correspondence from victims and/or concerned parties.

13. Make it look like you are allowing the victims time to speak and make presentation of evidence (such as at a City Council meeting), but shut them down in 5 to 15 minutes, claiming that this is all that is allotted to anyone. Thus you can make it look like you let them speak and show evidence, when in reality there is, of course, no way they could have presented an accurate picture and presented the evidence in that small time frame. Meanwhile, the public again does not know that the law enforcement agencies, the mayor, and other government officials are lying and not doing their jobs, and the small picture that is presented of the victims by the media, makes the victims look like they are “looney tunes”(instead of victims of serious crime who have not been able to obtain justice from any law enforcement agencies, so are forced to go into any venue they can to get justice).

14. If victims still persist in trying to get justice, accuse them of telephone harassment.

15. Get someone to bring false charges against the victims.

16. When victims persist, set up a meeting with them and tell them you will look at the evidence. At the meeting, don’t look at the evidence, but tell everyone else that you set up a meeting with the victims but that they didn’t have any evidence.(Tactic used by MS Attorney General’s office--see enclosed letter to Scott Johnson, dated 9/20/07.)

17.“Pass the buck.” Look at some evidence and tell the victims “you need to take this to (the police, the U.S. Attorney, etc.)”…this way, all agencies can just keep giving the victims the “runaround” and run them ragged for months and months and months, as every agency tells them to take the evidence to another agency.

18. Or, tell them they need to “get a lawyer”(the victims of crime need a lawyer???)
Speaker of Justice

Essex, MA

#11 Nov 29, 2008
To tell you a bit more about myself, I am a private citizen of the United States of America. My home is presently in New England. I am a Jewish man in my 60’s, and I own and operate my own business. I am an independent thinker, and I choose to give my attention to this matter.

Over time, I have lost faith that there is a God and have become an atheist. My reason for coming to that conclusion that there is no God is, for example, how can there be a God when He would allow the Jews and the people of Christ’s Church in Action to be hurt so badly? Seeing people like you hurting people like them and getting away with it, over time, has had that effect on me.

Although obviously I did not live it first hand, I have had handed down to me the stories of the erosion of the rights of my people which rapidly turned into vicious hatred resulting in the betrayal, torture and murder of millions of my people in the holocaust. If I do not stand up for the rights of these people, I may as well be a murderer just like the Nazis were, and just like the people were who did not stand up to them on behalf of the victims and say,“ENOUGH.”

Interestingly, I know that many of the people were deceived by the Nazis who used sneaky tactics to hide what they were really doing to the Jews. The Jews themselves and the other people were many times deceived into thinking, for example that the Jews were just going to “register” their names, but then were victims of a massacre and thrown in a huge pit that became their grave. In Buczacz, Poland, for example, the Jewish men of the town all went to register according to the new “law” and, upon arriving, found out that it wasn’t a registration at all, but a mass murder set up for them. All of the Jewish husbands/fathers of that town never came back that day, and it wasn’t until years later that many of the children even knew what had happened to their daddies. Daddy just never came home.
Speaker of Justice

Essex, MA

#12 Nov 29, 2008
Sneaky, sneaky. That word reminds me of a signed document I have which describes Meridian City Councilman Jesse Palmer’s words to the victims as he tells them “these people are sneaky, they’ll go behind the scenes.” He said this after telling the victims that they were supposed to pack their bags and leave after their house was (torched), and that when Martin Luther King couldn’t be stopped by similar tactics, they had him killed.

I’m having trouble understanding why you will not just do your job. These people that are being attacked by Meridian and Mississippi are the victims of crime. I’ve known these people for a number of decades, and from my observation they are just trying to follow the Bible and help people who also want to do so.

You people down there are supposedly such great Christians who believe the Bible; from what I understand that is why they call it “The Bible Belt.” You claim to believe in what the man from Galilee taught, but then you go and act like you do. It’s hypocritical and actually, in my opinion, rather disgusting.

Besides, in light of what it says in your own so-called New Testament (which I have read), which you profess to believe, even an atheist can see that your actions and inactions violate the very principals spoken and promoted by your man from Galilee and his associates. Even an atheist can see that what you are doing is morally and ethically wrong. If you do find me and choose to threaten me, frame me, or even kill me, you don’t win; you just expose yourself further. And, remember, that won’t change the fact that the evidence exists and there are others of us out here.

You know, as a Jewish man I can almost understand persecution, but even from what I’ve read in your New Testament, it is still almost unbelievable to me that the only people I’ve ever met who actually attempt to un-hypocritically follow the Bible are attacked and hurt so frequently and so badly; these are the very people that presently you Mississippians are persecuting in this case. It’s people like you who cause people like me to say that there is no God.

Although, I must admit, as I follow and have followed this case, at times there are things that make me take pause and consider that perhaps there is a God who metes out some kind of justice in this life. This happens, for example, when I reflect upon just some of the things that happened to people who came against Pastor Wade Demers and CCIA when they were located in Rhode Island:
Speaker of Justice

Essex, MA

#13 Nov 29, 2008
o Judge Fuyat, who issued a false restraining order against Pastor Demers, was disbarred, his wife divorced him, and his son was burned to death in a fire.
o Judge Healey, who originally had the divorce case against Pastor Demers (before it went to Judge Fay), had 3 members of his family die in the same day.
o Judge Fay, who was one of the main conspirators in framing Pastor Demers to cover up his own crimes, was disbarred, removed from the bench, and is now a convicted felon.
o Judge Crouchley, who was another judge who came against Pastor Demers and CCIA, had a brain embolism.
o Mike Burns, the prosecutor for the RI Attorney General who prosecuted false charges against Pastor Demers, blew his own head off with his own handgun.
o Governor DiPrete, who had promoted Rogeriee Thompson (one of the other conspirators with Judge Fay against Pastor Demers) from lawyer to RI Superior Court Justice, is now a convicted felon and served time in prison.
o Two police officers named Tooher and Binns were convicted of the same charge that they had falsely brought against Pastor Demers.
Speaker of Justice

Essex, MA

#14 Nov 29, 2008
And, in Mississippi, the same types of things are apparently happening, and it will be interesting over time to see more unfold. For example, three people apparently conspired to set Pastor Demers up to possibly be killed at a church meeting on Sept. 5, 2007, at Central United Methodist Church in Meridian. These three people and what happened to them are:

o City Councilman George Thomas: less than two weeks after the apparent set up, HIS SON, A HANDSOME YOUNG MAN WHO WAS IN HIS 30’S, DIED SUDDENLY.
o Pastor Steve McDonald, pastor of Central United Methodist Church, who spewed out a 20+ minute slanderous diatribe against Pastor Demers on the night in question: a few months later he HAD TO “STEP DOWN” FROM THE PULPIT DUE TO BEING CAUGHT LOOKING AT INTERNET PORN ON THE CHURCH COMPUTER IN HIS OFFICE, and subsequently entered a rehab center.
o Bill McBride, who, in addition to this apparent set-up attempt, had also been instrumental in attacking CCIA using the City of Meridian to question their tax-exempt status on their building which had been burned by the arsonists, IS NOW DEAD.

(Mr. McBride had become angered because Pastor Demers and members of CCIA had exposed before the Lauderdale County Board of Supervisors that Mr. McBride and Steve McCartney, his friend and head of the local library, had allowed sexually explicit materials in the library to be accessible to children of all ages and saw nothing wrong with it. The Board of Supervisors and the County Administrator reprimanded Mr. McCartney and the Library Board (of which Bill McBride was a member), and executed Pastor Demers’ suggestions concerning this issue, and Mr. McBride had a vendetta against Pastor Demers and CCIA after that.)
Speaker of Justice

Essex, MA

#15 Nov 29, 2008
So, as sad as it is for those people and their families, these kinds of things do make me take pause and consider that yes, maybe there is a God, and that He is looking out for those who are trying to serve Him. But at this point, in my mind, the jury is still deliberating…these people, the victims in this case, are still being hurt…if God exists, where is He? So, I choose to act independently of any belief in a superior being.

As I write this I am thinking,“Isn’t it ironic that the Jewish atheist is admonishing the so-called Christians about their ethics?

I have enclosed some transmittals that I have received which detail some of your tactics (two letters to you, written September 4, 2007 and September 10, 2007, the published version of the Sept. 4th letter to you which appeared in The Meridian Star on September 9, 2007, and a letter to Scott Johnson, your Director of Public Integrity, dated Sept. 20, 2007) There is much more documentation of your methods, which include detailed, dated and signed notes of the numerous phone calls made to many named individuals in your office, showing the deception, rude treatment, stonewalling, and disregard of the victims of crime.(Does the phrase “obstruction of justice” ring a bell here?)
Speaker of Justice

Essex, MA

#16 Nov 29, 2008
It should be interesting to see where this all leads, especially since the victims, through their experience with corruption in Rhode Island, learned to make such detailed notes and to get the names of individuals they speak with (even down to secretaries and switchboard operators), and to collect solid objective documentation including audio recordings, so that subjective judgment is not a factor in discerning the facts.

Quite frankly, based on your office’s track record, I don’t expect that I will hear from you, although normally I would expect to get a response letter from any agency of the law, and it would be nice if you would come to your senses. It is my opinion that it would be beneficial for all and for the State of Mississippi, if you were to act according to the law, the constitution, ethics, common sense, decency and integrity, and do so. But, I would have thought that you would have already contacted the victims and arranged yourself to sit down and look at the documentation.

Someone needs to actually sit down with the victims who can actually lay these things side by side and explain the sequence and the connection. It is not something that can be sent in the mail. The pieces need to be put together by someone in a face-to-face meeting (with an open, honest law enforcement person who will take the necessary time with the proper attitude—not a rude flunky who is set up to do a phony “look-see” and whitewash). These things need to be looked at collectively, with someone who has an understanding and can show the validity of the substance and timings of the police document relative to the crimes committed, in order to show that no investigation was done and that the document proves a sham.

(The police document was given by Meridian Police Chief Dubose. Chief Dubose said he wouldn’t blow the whistle but that he would give them the document. If you look at the timeline of events that coincide in conjunction with the police document, along with the CD recording of Ken Storms (made by Ken Storms), along with other official government-produced documents, and do an analysis of dates, times and persons on the police document, you can see the validity of the victims’ claims that the “investigation” done was fake, and was done over a year after the arson. Only the perpetrators were contacted (and they were then helped to leave the state). Everything else was fraudulent. By the way, the son of the person who allegedly gave the order to torch the house said that Ken Storms visited his mother (alleged order-giver) and had helped her in the past.)
Speaker of Justice

Boston, MA

#17 Nov 29, 2008
In summary, I would just like to say that although the hope is slim, I can still hope. In fact, I am hoping that my assumption is wrong and that your inaction to date was caused by misunderstanding and human error on your end…and that now we can begin afresh and in the interest of justice, and act with prudence, common sense, and according to ethics and law. Perhaps now is the time for Jim Hood to be the one to change things. After all,“Evil men thrive when good men do nothing,” and “when justice is denied anywhere, it is a threat to justice everywhere.”

Perhaps now is the time for Jim Hood to act with the integrity that was missing in many government officials in the 60’s. You, of all people, Jim Hood, should understand clearly what I am saying.

In this country all are guaranteed equal justice and equal protection under the law, and up until now the victims in this case have not received their constutionally guaranteed rights, and haven’t been treated properly in terms of integrity, morality, and ethics by those in government who should know better.

I’m sure that your constituents in Mississippi would agree that justice should be equally dispersed to everyone. I’m also sure that Mississippians would all want to avoid the debacle and shame such as was brought upon Mississippi in the 60’s because of inaction, negligence and complicity regarding the injustice that was done there then.

In summary, this is a simple solution: let’s just follow the law, the constitution, ethics, and integrity, without consideration of biases prejudices, hatred, and fears concerning those whose religious beliefs you may not agree with. And let’s not be blinded by political and financial considerations or “good ol’ boy” favors, or any other thought or idea or expediency that would stray you from a morally and ethically proper course.

Very truly yours,

Berachot Levine
for The Arm of Justice
c/o xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


P.S. I am also enclosing the cover letter which was sent to Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour along with his copy of this letter to you and the enclosures. The letter delineates more about Ms. Johnson’s assumption that your office was going to try and harm the whistleblowers.

Attorney General Hood,
Remember:“Evil men thrive when good men do nothing,” and
“When justice is denied anywhere, it is a threat to justice everywhere.”

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