As to the rules that have been added for the Peekskill Common Council, it is apparent that they are just another attempt to stifle dissent and limit free speech when that ‘speech’ could embarrss or reveal inconsistencies of the Mayor or council.
The rules as now written allow the Mayor to obstruct or destroy any idea that she finds distasteful. Let me give an example of my point. Let us suppose that the Mayor and Council decide to impose a curfew on teenagers of APP. under the guise of keeping the streets ‘crime free’. When the public attending hear this proposal, half cheer and half boo. Using the rules of decorum, the Mayor could deem booing as “…egregious, inappropriate, and obstructive behavior. The Mayor then calls for the …”Chief of Police or the Chief’s designee, to eject all that have booed citing the “Section C. Rules of Decorum and Purposes of Rules of Decorum.”
Now only those who support The Royal Mayor and her cronies are left inside, votes are taken and the Mayor boasts that the Public is 100% behind the Council and her. This example is not as far fetched as it may appear.
We can only thank The Lord that we have had such brilliant teachers like “Honest Abe Michael Griest, Mr. Teitelbaum, Mr. Merrit and a host of others in PHS that taught us why the Bill of Rights was added to The US Constitution, and still serves as the Law of the Land of which includes Peekskill NY.
Ps. didn’t some famous person of the past utter something akin to “…I may disagree with what you are saying, but will defend your right to say it…? If the Council does not feel that is inappropriate, I may just call one of those sages and ask them!