i think we should have atleast one tattoo palor in peekskill its art & peekskill is full of art & talent . we have so much talented teens rapping , singing , and dancing these kids are great . i love art & music and body art is beautiful , i love tattoos i just do not have any yet . I think if we have atleast one it would be great , im hoping mary foster sees peoples opinion if she reads up on things and comes across mines . soooo by baning tattoo parlors in peekskill is not going to stop anyone from getting them , a mojority of peekskilians have them even kids in middle school , tattoos have meaning you just dont get them to get them now do you ???
im really hoping that they do not ban tattoo palors because i would like to get one and get one where i live not to have to travel all the way to manhattan just to get one . many people will want this banned but than theres ohters like me who dont think before you make actions thats all im saying , it would make downtown peekskill a reason to go to all the time a tattoo and piercing palor would be great and make alot of $$ too , instead of going to non professionals and having these kids walking around with infections from used needles ewww please mary foster dont ban tattoo palors in peekskill !!!!!!!!!