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Review: Adobe Family Practice - Robert Walantas MD

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Santa Fe, NM

#1 Jul 7, 2011
This man is not an MD. He is BSN NP. He is not a nice person. Very strange. He may have knowledge but he will criticize your thoughts and beliefs in the process. very righteous.

Santa Fe, NM

#2 Jul 8, 2011
Good thing he isn't a veterinarian. Animals don't deserve to be treated badly.

Lindsay, OK

#3 Jul 9, 2011
My first experience was the same as "none" above. Second time was a little better, a thorough session, although my wait was 3 hours. One woman in the waiting room was asking, "Will I have to wait 5 hours again this time?"

I followed up at the hospital on an EKG performed in his office because he said it showed evidence of a prior heart attack or congenital abnormality (he didn't send me for a follow up, but I was alarmed). The 12-lead EKG was totally normal at the hospital.
Quack quack

Florence, AL

#4 Aug 2, 2011
quack quack!

Albuquerque, NM

#5 Nov 27, 2011
I am fairly new to Santa Fe and was looking for a general practitioner. I needed to get my blood pressure medication refilled as well as a water pill. These are the only two meds I was on. By the time I left his office, he had changed my BP and water pill Rx's, and sent me to the pharmacy with six different Rx's. The EKG I was given, was the same results as "neutral". The new meds he prescribed made me very sick and gave me migraines. He also put me on hormones, even after a blood test showed that my levels were normal, which he never told me. I only found that info out after going to another doctor. I think he actually makes his patients sick!!

Albuquerque, NM

#6 Nov 27, 2011
I forgot to add that Mr. Walantas does not like to be questioned about the medications that he prescribes to you as a patient. He will not review or explain the new meds and will tell you that the meds you are on are crap, even if you have had no problems with them and they are what have worked for you! I also sat in the exam room for 3 hours while he went from room to room telling Rodney Dangerfield jokes. I could hear him through the walls, telling other patients the same joke he just told me.

Albuquerque, NM

#7 Feb 22, 2012
I had set up an appt with mr walantas, to be waiting over two hours. i had left with out rescheduling, and without being seen. well a month later i get a bill stating i had all kinds of problem recorded in my "so called chart" and they were charging me over 300.00$ this man is a fruad!!!

Peoria, AZ

#8 Apr 7, 2012
I had an appointment with mr Walantas, waited over an hour to be seen and it was only for a pain i was having In my kidney i left with six different Rx's and one of them being lithium. I read up that doctors are suppose to test you to see how your body reacts to it but i never did any of that. Being on the lithium caused ringing In my ears numbness In my left hand I'n my pinky and ring finger, every Time i blink i have blurry vision as if i had contacts I'n wrong and they shifted. I have headaches which feels like a sharp pain that's I'n the center of my head and are actually worse then regular headaches, confusion where i couldn't think right and loss of appetite so i stopped takin it also i had allergic reactions to other medications he prescribed me and just became very sick and let me mind you i did not get treated for my kidney! I highly recommend you DO NOT see him. I know other people who he's rude to and got them addicted to medications.

Edgewood, NM

#9 Jun 20, 2012
Robert is an amazing NP!!!!! He has help me in so many ways. Yes, the wait may a little long but never have I had to wait HOURS!!!!! Its really sad how some hatful people out there exadrate!!!! IF YOU DON'T LIKE HIME THEN GO SOMEWHERE ELSE!!!! His office assisatent is the nicest lady I have ever met. I HIGHLY reccommend his office.





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Santa Fe, NM

#10 Jun 20, 2012
quack quack quackity quack quack

Santa Fe, NM

#11 Jun 20, 2012
HTF does one exadrate and WTF is an assisastent and recommend one c, okiedokie?

It's ok. The hat can Be only half full for it to work right.

Santa Fe, NM

#12 Jun 21, 2012
I believe anyone not liking or trusting a Dr. can just find another one. Would you keep taking a car back to the same mechanic if they never fix your car right and never have it ready on time ? Probably not.
exaderate this-

Atlanta, GA

#13 Jun 26, 2012
I was a patient of Roberts and i have family and friends that have seen him. Every person i love dearly has told me about some of his lies regarding ekg's, lab reports and yes even medicine he had given that made them sick. I've also heard from around town that he had been in trouble for having several affairs with patients in his hometown of TX. This is wrong on so many levels especially it being a FAMILY place of business. I've heard that people have seen him throwing stuff at his staff. I know his staff and they would be working 50hrs a week without having a lunch break. They would be trying to eat and he'd come out of a room yelling because the bathroom door was open. Nobody should b treated this way!! And for you to say that you would recommend him to everybody is stupid...LIKE YOU, LEARN HOW TO SPELL!! Of course we wouldn't take our "broken car to the same mechanic" that's even more stupid!! We write these posts so we can let future patients know what kind of douchebag NP they're thinking about seeing...DUH!!
unprofessional idiot

United States

#14 Jul 17, 2012
Robert is abusive, rude, weird and unprofessional!!! He was arrested for beating his wife. He treats his staff like shit!!!! He cursed at his employees the entire time I was waiting to see him. I watched several people walk out of his office due to his behavior. This man needs HELP!!!

You can tell he is a control freak!! I will never go back to see him nor will I recommend anyone to see him EVER!!! I cannot believe any of those poor girls can put up with his unfair and inappropriate behavior!

If you are looking for a "Family" doctor BEWARE!!
And Another Thing

Albuquerque, NM

#15 Jul 18, 2012
BSN NP... Does that stand for Bull Sh*t Narcissist Nurse Practitioner? Seriously, this guy is going to be in jail in NO TIME. He has NO boundaries, he hates women and he will NOT help you, he will only hurt you. I agree with the comments that he is rude and abusive. He is unethical as well. Robert Walentas is a VERY scary person. Stay far, far away from this man- he is mentally ill.

Santa Fe, NM

#16 Jul 20, 2012
As a previous patient of Robert's I witnessed first hand his string of lies and bullshit building up to what I believe could have been malpractice on many counts. He is absolutely an evil little man. Robert is extremely greedy. All he cares about is the $$$. He is super unprofessional with patients. During one of my visits one of the other patients was an unconscious woman who had been brought in by her mom, Robert made a joke about her saying "That's what happens when you drink and drive". He said this in a lobby full of patients in front of the mother. No one laughed, because it wasn't funny. He laughed though. He was also very piggish. He was dirty and inappropriate. He DOES hate women. If you go in for an appointment he will tell you that you are fat and scare you into buying his BULLSHIT weight loss program, which was disproven years ago. I have heard of many instances of him hooking patients on pain medication and making them sicker. He brutally pistol whipped his wife, he was violent at Adobe Family Practice, he's screamed at and cursed out patients and employees. He is a horrible, disgusting man who shouldn't be allowed to have a practice. He is mentally ill and I would NEVER recommend him.

Santa Fe, NM

#17 Jul 20, 2012
And Another Thing

Albuquerque, NM

#18 Jul 21, 2012
In response to Voldemort: Weird. I was trying to find his mugshot about and hour ago and you did it for me! I did notice that Walentas was only nice to the patients that were extremely obese and I thought that was because he was trying to talk them into gastric bypass surgery. He was NOT nice to me, ever. He informed me that HE was the smartest person in the room. He criticised my living arrangements, my career and hobby choices, my relationships, my disability status, my weight, all things that were none of his business. He yelled at me because I had not quit smoking by the time my second visit came around. He then wrote me a nasty letter, terminating our relationship.?!? He informed me on one visit that he would have to do this to keep me from suing him!?!?
I have never in my life met someone who demands so much respect from YOU but then continues to act in such an unprofessional manor. I think it's time to alert the proper authorities about this man's practices. I wish he would leave town forever. So many more people in Santa Fe are going to learn this lesson the hard way.

United States

#19 Jul 21, 2012
He is a sad little man. Always has been. Just imagine what his poor kids (his biological children who he has nothing to do with that his) have endured.
He stopped divorcing the women he ran around on a whole back and decided to go full retard and become a polygamist. How humiliating for his two ACTUAL daughters to have a father who hates women.
Now hes beating women with guns.
Guess he will have to find a new second wife.

United States

#20 Jul 21, 2012
Come to think of it the tiny little dude might have more action than he knows what to do with soon on the cell block.

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