Lockhart, TX

#46 Dec 4, 2012
Yet we there is sexual abuse of a child and your kin to law enforcement then it all gets swept under the run and the kids may get taken away but they are never charged because according to CPS since there was close ties to law enforcement, they did not charge the person.. Justice at it's best.
Ram bro

Cotulla, TX

#47 Dec 4, 2012
Ram wrote:
Yet we there is sexual abuse of a child and your kin to law enforcement then it all gets swept under the run and the kids may get taken away but they are never charged because according to CPS since there was close ties to law enforcement, they did not charge the person.. Justice at it's best.
. The frio counteeee deputies are the best at fightinnnnn crimeeeee. Support them u bitch

San Antonio, TX

#48 Mar 3, 2013
I'm dealing with cps right now, they r trying to turn me and the dad against each other. I don't know what to do ,

San Antonio, TX

#49 Mar 3, 2013
from experience wrote:
<quoted text>
so if cps abides by the law, explain to everyone why the judge in my case turned purple when my attorney made the cps agent admit to falsified information after reminding her that she was under oath in a court of law?
I need a lawyer like that , I need help, please send me the lawyer that stepped up against Cps please

Carmel, ME

#51 Apr 17, 2013
glad that CPS do exist. Its a pain but be a nice parent and they will not bother you. Quit drugs and take care of your kids. Never had a problem with them, raised 5 kids.
Adalberto Cervantes R

Chimalhuac√°n, Mexico

#52 Apr 20, 2013
Possible human traffic activities between DIF Mexico and CPS San Antonio, and relation with the catholic Pope.
The pope start visiting and made business with them, The catholic church has to recuperate the money of the sues against them in ...USA. He knew about the killing of millions of Chineses of a religious group, Chineses offered him the life of the Chinese children of this religious group (Genocide massacre in China). Good opportunity, he contacted Hillary Clinton, and Calderon, opus dei members, business done in high level.
It seems that Joaquin Castro works for the China Imperium including India and their satellites countries like Mexico. Human Traffic between DIF Mexico to CPS San Antonio of Mexican, children from India and Chinese children. Allowing investment of American and Mexican mafias in San Antonio. Shame on Joaquin Castro. The true will come soon.
Calderon and his wife controlled DIF Mexico, the only entity similar to Child Protective Services in USA and with legal authority to USCIS (Immigration), Calderon and his wife were the only taking decision of adoption in Mexico through the States, instead of help many children to legalize their situation in the States, they used them as a personal business, each child more than 15,000.00 USD, they were coming from China, India and also Mexican children to be given in adoption in the States, no body (Mexican, Mexican American families), even the personnel in DIF Mexico knows that DIF is the only legal entity recognized by USCIS to do that. Only my estimates annually with Chinese children are more 200 million dollars, but it was only a personal business of Calderon and Fox that no Mexican or Mexican American was beneficiated.

Arlington, TX

#53 May 8, 2013
woweee wrote:
<quoted text>
one that will bend u over while he takes your foodstamp and drug money u worthless ahole,
if u take care of ur children and family you would not be in cps rat hole
. I am a single mom my family calls cups on me every three months with false reports. This time its because I no longer want to take prozac . I don't get food stamps and because I have let my family keep my daughter for awhile they are trying everything to discredit me. So I told on my parentss for popping pills with out a script and now I'm in trouble for letting her see them. Gosh what do I do.

Arlington, TX

#54 May 8, 2013
Well it looks like another loser tried to give there advice. Wowee needs to get a reality check. Here is some real advice Scared. Hang in there sounds like you got some really messed up family, and they have nothing better to do than mess up your like, work with cps show them you are a good mom, get your daughter back. And steer clear of your family causing you the problems.

Arlington, TX

#55 May 8, 2013
All I wanna do is cry
Adalberto Cervantes R

Mexico, Mexico

#56 Jun 16, 2013
Child Support in the NEw World Order
A Judge in San Antonio, TX, it seems that he is someone who likes little children (pedeastra), is ordering me to pay child support, when I am in this particular situation. What can I do?
I can not pay child support because I have these situations at this time. What do you want me to do?

United States

#57 Jun 17, 2013
I am a friend of a girl who recently got her cased closed. She got involved with CPS due to a domestic violence relationship. Meaning the baby was in danger. So they put her and baby in a safety plan. Well she broke the safety plan so baby got put in the grandparents home. CPS told her she could visit her son any time, day she wanted. Mind you that the baby is one hour and thirty minutes away from her and she don't own or have a vehicle. Process was supposed to be three months. Three months came. Still no baby. So they said you are required to go see your baby every Saturday from so time to so time for the rest if February. If she missed a day they would automatically take her to court. She was going. She missed the last Saturday. Not because she wanted to. But CPS does say to do thing in the best interest for your children. She came out positive for the Flu. She has discharge papers. CPS never asked Why she missed. That week she got served with papers.CPS took it to the next level. They let the grandparents fight for full custody. My whole thing is that threw all this they've asked my friend to do therapy and parenting class. She has completed therapy, doing two parenting classes nd counseling. She's keep a stable home for two years and a job. She doesn't do drugs. Keeps a safety environment and still no baby. They've asked her to stay away from the father to the child. It's been nine months. Now CPSis not involved but grandparents are fighting full custody. What does she do?
zulema estrada

Fort Worth, TX

#61 Feb 16, 2014
MY children were taken from me since August of last yr the judge ruled out everything but found me dirty in my hair follicle what can i do ?My children have been placed with foster parents for the time being im almost done with my classes i need four more.

Marquez, TX

#62 May 29, 2014
I'm trying to get my son back from cps he's already in Foster care and I got to court these month I need a good lawyer do I have to talk to them bout my other kids please I need help so clueless

Marquez, TX

#63 May 29, 2014
I'm going through the same thing but I'm in ardmore Oklahoma n I live in tx I have 3 kids but they took my youngest one now I'm trying to fight for him they r asshole for real n my family r on there side but I never been I trouble before n they treating me like this my 100th time being in trouble

Fort Worth, TX

#65 Jun 14, 2014
Proud parent wrote:
Ok so who do u call or talk to, to report this office!

el man

United States

#67 Jun 15, 2014
?Or just take care of your kids

Stockton, CA

#70 Aug 1, 2015
if ur daughter is 16 can she live in a 27 ft trailor with mother and uncle

Pearsall, TX

#72 Aug 2, 2015
Some of you people are ridiculous "dramaville" i was a victim of cps. Yes i agree people call cps for numerous reasons. The truth, abuse, neglect, or maybe just because they dont like you and for false accusations but cps does NOT take away your children for fun. Obviously if they did ut was for a reason. Cps just wants whats best for the kids. Some of you people act so innocent when you are not. They have to have found something wrong with you because they cannot just take your kids away for nothing. And to the person looking up laws and rights to not speak to cps you are also pathetic if you are so sure your a great person talk to cps, your scared and not wanting to talk to them because obviously you want to hide something. Lol, but if it makes you feel better play with victim. And make cps baf people. When their only worried about the safety of your children!

United States

#73 Feb 1, 2016
woweee wrote:
<quoted text>
one that will bend u over while he takes your foodstamp and drug money u worthless ahole,
if u take care of ur children and family you would not be in cps rat hole
just think with out that drug money and worthless asshole you would be out of a job. I know that my family depends on drugs and worthless druggies hell were more addicted to the shit then the user on the streets. So I give a big thanks to the American junkie. Be cause I need your toxicology test to feed my kids. Go junky guy!

Fort Worth, TX

#74 May 9, 2016
HELP...PLEASE NO BULLSHITTERS... I myself have had CP's called on me on 4 separate occasions all 4 x they have been unfounded...This was being done by my children's paternal bitch of a grandma ...OK now y'all know my CPS history ...I have 19 yr old daughter who recently got assaulted by her boyfriend... It so happens that his mother is a cps caseworker...She is OUR daughter...Now this little punk is afraid of her daddy he said he needed an ass whooping for what he did now remember this is our child and will defend her to the ends of the earth...WELL this little mommas boy got scared and told his mother that he was being threatened,so she left us a message saying that she was going to contact the police and file a cps case against we don't drink don't do drugs my kids have a clean safe stable home food in their bellies food in the fridge perfect attendance honor students...Only thing is putting my kids through that again I WILL NOT TAKE IT lying down I can't have my kids go through that again...I don't understand how this woman is a cps caseworker when she is a grown woman still living in her parents back house with a grown adult manchild son of hers that sells dope and she knows this all but yet she has the authority to remove children from their home and she can't even control what's going on under her own roof... So what can I do to make sure that she doesn't abuse her authority and start ripping my family apart...I won't have any problems with interviewing my kids or drug tests but the emotional part of this is hell...My kids are 13 and 16 i know there big already but theyre still my kids and to put them through that its just terrible man..How can I stop this lady do I report her first please someone tell me what I can do..

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