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#25 Apr 10, 2012
resident wrote:
Word of advice for all you ppl dealing with CPS here in Pearsall. Dont let CPS intimidate you, they are bullies and fun with the fact that they are given way to much authority over what happens regarding your family and your children. Trust me these ppl dont care about you or your kids, they just love to feed off of the pain that your going through. Stand up for yourselves get a good lawyer and put them in their place. They dont like it when you stand up for yourselves, dont let them bully you. The CPS office here is a disgrace and they know it! They are always in trouble for all of the mistakes that they do cuz they dont know what they are doing. I know this for a fact!
that is true but that dsnt only happen in the cps area its all over Pearsall they give the wrong pple authority and it goes to their head, therefore they become a...holes and think they can do n e thing they want!
Concerned Citizen

Dallas, TX

#26 Apr 30, 2012
CPS in Pearsall is a disgrace to our community. They do not know what they are doing and they are given way too much power. Who do you contact to report CPS when they are not doing their jobs? They just continue to give you the run around & obviously do not seem to care. Are all the caseworkers here in Pearsall the same?

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#27 May 9, 2012
NY Rabbi Battles for Custody from Officials



(KIRYAS JOEL, NY)—Padwa Chipas Znis through a member of its group, Rabbi Jacob Teitelbaum of Kiryas Joel, NY has recently filed a complaint with the United States District Court—Southern District of New York—against a handful of defendants and co-defendants following false allegations and claims of child neglect.

The result of these false claims led to the removal of Rabbi Teitelbaum’s children from his residence where he lives with his wife. The defendants have gone as far as offering to Rabbi Teitelbaum’s wife to return the children to her if she agrees to separate from Rabbi Teitelbaum.

Having dealing with these ongoing issues for nearly two years, Teitelbaum is emotionally and mentally drained, and is hoping to get some support for his fight.

This all began almost two years ago when Rabbi Teitelbaum and a friend got involved in a religious campaign against forced divorces that were taking place in the community through the use of illegal kidnapping.

“The cause of the harassment and intimidation we received was based on religious disagreements we had within our community,” said Padwa Chipas Znis.“Those individuals with whom we filed the complaint against weren’t merely satisfied with having Rabbi Teitelbaum’s children taken away, but have continued to harass him an attempt to separate him from his wife and evict him from his wife in an effort to stop our campaign.”

“English is not Rabbi Teitelbaum’s native language, and he doesn’t have the finances to hire a big time lawyer to help make this right,” said Padwa Chipas Znis.“His children and family are his life, and it has been an emotional hell dealing with this for almost two years. All he wants is to get his family and his life back in order.”

For information on how you can get involved in taking action in helping Rabbi Teitelbaum to get relief through this case, email HYPERLINK "mailto:[email protected]" [email protected] Below you will find a copy of the complaint. For more information please visit our Blog

Charleston, WV

#28 Sep 5, 2012
Cps in Woodward Oklahoma took one of my children away from me in that state I was visiting and said I deprived my little boy the courts refused to give me a court appointed lawyer and I don't have money to hire a lawyer. This was 3years ago thay made up bogas lies on me and turned my child over to a unstable home all while thay.denied any of my family rights to my child sure you can fight cps and win only if your rich or have money I didn't have either I love both my children I did not deserve what that state did to me. I hope thay rot in hell for the wrong thay done to me and my little boy the cps the cops and the court system in Woodward Oklahoma

Charleston, WV

#29 Sep 5, 2012
Where's my rights oh I forgot I wasn't given any all mine was taken away from me I was born and raised in the good old us of a its suposto stand for justice for all that's bull crap I was treated like a piece of trash and I don't have any rights whatsoever in our so called wonderful country oh I foget I would if I was loaded down with lots of money maybe then I would have a kinds of rights shame on our country I pray God fixes it one day soon

Charleston, WV

#30 Sep 5, 2012
Good luck in your fight thay are no justice left in the USA. Ive lost all hope myself. No one left that cares that will stand up and help us fight for our rights that was taken away from us or giving

United States

#31 Sep 6, 2012
Has anyone ever had trouble with the CPS caseworkers here in Pearsall? Are they honest individuals who really have the childrens best interest. I have a friend who has really been treated unfairly by CPS here. It appears that my friends mother made some allegations that are not true, but because the mother has friends within CPS the issue has really been blown out of control. It is very sad that people who are professionals are allowed to get away with this.

United States

#32 Sep 7, 2012
Why are you people even having issues with CPS? If your were doing what your suppose to CPS wouldn't need to be involved in your lives. If CPS is called apparently something caught their attention.

Houston, TX

#33 Sep 7, 2012
cowboy wrote:
Why are you people even having issues with CPS? If your were doing what your suppose to CPS wouldn't need to be involved in your lives. If CPS is called apparently something caught their attention.
People call CPS on other out of angry revenge or hate many people have done this but CPS will take da word of any lowlife instead of doing an investigation instead of finding out what's really going on. If CPS come to your house do not let them in its your right unless he or she is an officer with a warrant you have every right to say get off my property...

Dallas, TX

#34 Sep 7, 2012
Well this will sound rude but 1 close your legs 2 don't be doing every guy that shows up 3 be a mother not friend 4 know your rights 5 don't have 20 kids by 20 guys 6 don't make your mom take care of them 7 don't make us support you & your kids the guy that did you should I didn't or at least give it up once a month for your medicaid sec8 tanf welfare 8 if you want to abort you pay for through your skank funds don't do drugs alcohol or date dumb asz
been there

United States

#35 Sep 19, 2012
I had quite a few false accusations reported to cps just because i didn't let that person use my kids on their income tax. Seriously people, I'm not gonna go down for fraud so u can get more money. But i searched on the internet nd found a wayto fight off the cps nd it was there the whole time but i was intimidated by these cps jerks that i forgot about my rights. Move don't forget u have the right to confront your accusers. Nd u can press charges on them for misuse of state nd government services slander and falsifying a report, other things too. But don't forget to put a" NO TRESPASSING" sign. Not even the cops can gounless u invite them or they have a search warrant

Cotulla, TX

#36 Sep 19, 2012
Been there. U r an idiot U should not molest ur child u idiot
been there

United States

#37 Sep 19, 2012
Markova wrote:
Been there. U r an idiot U should not molest ur child u idiot
U r the idiot markova. My kids went thru alot as it is nd not because of me u moron its because of their other parent. I am against all this child abuse. Nd y would u even say something so ignorant like that if u dnt even know me. Grow up. Ur probably the one abusing children. Nd just to let u know i fought the person that abused my child nd had that person imprisoned. At least i got one pos locked away nd i feel good knowing that person wnt harm another child for alot of yrs. U r such a dumba** markova

Cotulla, TX

#38 Sep 19, 2012
Been there. .......... U chose to fucknthat person so u are a moron. U failed ur children And still will always FAIL
been there

United States

#39 Sep 20, 2012
Markova wrote:
Been there.......... U chose to fucknthat person so u are a moron. U failed ur children And still will always FAIL
Think what u want markova but i know I'm doing my best nd i don't have to prove it to anyone else but my children. Nd i feel sorry that u have such negative attitude. Whatever happened to you has really taken over you. Maybe u need help. Seek counseling. Nd last comment.

Cotulla, TX

#40 Sep 21, 2012
Eres una pendeja tu ....

Case closed

United States

#41 Nov 26, 2012
Hey everyboby im dealing with cps here in michigan and this is what happen too me cps worker come to my mother home they were talking so nice to me and my mom and ask me to go and get a bed for my babies and I did and they asked about my other children and I told them they would have to talk to my aty and then they ok the next thing I kno the police showed up and arrest me on warrent then when I got to the police station they were asking questions about my other children and when I didnt give no information they put in jail on kidnapping charges then I finally come clean about my other children told them I never had the other children and then they charge me with welfere fraud and keep in mind that my babies were with their grand mother and not in harm way well provide for cps and the prosulting want and talk to the judge and the judge sign an order to remove my babies I was not in court and either was my aty they want behind my back and did this because I lied to them so what should I do my heart is breaking cause im on the edge

United States

#42 Nov 26, 2012
If you want to reponse to what I wrote please do so at [email protected]
from experience

Dallas, TX

#44 Dec 3, 2012
teacher wrote:
<quoted text>
hey PEDO eres un pendejo move to SA and they will bend u over like ur mamma does u idiot....... we as police obey laws that are in writting so does CPS, u on the other hand do not even know how to read
so if cps abides by the law, explain to everyone why the judge in my case turned purple when my attorney made the cps agent admit to falsified information after reminding her that she was under oath in a court of law?

Pearsall, TX

#45 Dec 4, 2012
CPS won't take your kids if your not doing anything wrong. Quit painting a pretty picture and step up and be a mom. No more excuses.

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