Wendy Hile or Mark Goldsberry ring a ...

Wendy Hile or Mark Goldsberry ring a bell to anyone?

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York, NE

#1 May 12, 2009
Just wanted to know if anybody remembered the Wendy Hile and Mark Goldsberry incident that happened back in 1974.

Duluth, GA

#2 Aug 17, 2009
George wrote:
Just wanted to know if anybody remembered the Wendy Hile and Mark Goldsberry incident that happened back in 1974.
Wendy Hile was my cousin. I was 10 yrs. old when she was murdered.

Duluth, GA

#3 Aug 20, 2009
I am very interested in what you have to say about the murder of Wendy Hile.
Northeast student 1974

Lincoln, NE

#4 Sep 6, 2009
George wrote:
Just wanted to know if anybody remembered the Wendy Hile and Mark Goldsberry incident that happened back in 1974.
Yes, I remember it well. I was a senior at Northeast at the time. Mark was a junior and Wendy was in 10th grade. Several days had passed that Wendy was missing. They questioned every student who ever came into contact with her. Mark lived on North 63rd street just a few blocks south of Northeast. Then one day a neighbor recalled seeing Wendy get into Marks car in the morning on the way to school. It was pouring rain and he offered her a ride to school. She never made it. They found her body in parts on his grandparents farm property out by Hastings, NE.

Omaha, NE

#5 Sep 28, 2009
Has anyone been able to find any news articles on this? I forgot all about it and now would like to read more!

Manhattan, KS

#6 Oct 12, 2009
Wendy was a good friend of mine. She and I went to Robin Mickle Junior High, and she went to Northeast HS,and I went to SE High School. Yes, Mark murdered her and left her in a field near Table Rock, NE. Mark apparently served some time in prison, but he is now a big wig in the Administrative department at the University of Nebraska in Omaha, because I took some classes there, and he signed my transcript. Sad, huh?

Manhattan, KS

#7 Oct 12, 2009
George, Mark dumped her body near Table Rock, which is south of Omaha, rather than Hastings.
Mark supposedly suffered a head injury in football, and it was said that he had some psych problems after that time. I have a good friend who was on the NE football team and remembers when the cops came to football practice, and took him away for questioning.
I am now 51 years old, and I remember hearing the news on the radio right before I headed to school. It was one of the worst days of my life...cried all day at shool, and walked around in a fog all day, and probably all week long. The Lincoln Journal carried all the information on it, but I tried to Google it and couldn't find anything on it. Maybe too long ago!?

United States

#8 Oct 22, 2009
Mark and I grew up together in NE Lincoln -- parents were close friends, went to the same church and even were baptized together. I moved away from Lincoln a couple of years before the murder, and we lost touch. Sue mentioned that he did "some time" in prison -- it was 14 years,plus 5 more on parole, longer than he'd been alive at the time of the murder. Since release, he has married, raised a family and become respected in his profession. I've only seen him once in all that time, but I do believe he's paid his debt and become a productive citizen.

Detroit Lakes, MN

#9 Oct 23, 2009
Michael,Wendy was my 14 year old cousin at the time she was brutally raped and murdered.Mark took her from us and paid with less days in prison than Wendy spent days on this earth alive.Its wonderful for him that he could put his past behind him,get married ,have children,have a career,but his "debt" is in no way paid.Wendy never had a chance to have what hes enjoyed and never will.MY aunt and uncle never saw her graduate,never danced at her wedding,and never held her children, they never even got a last chance to tell Wendy goodbye and that they loved her.How can spending time in prison ever pay back all that he has taken, it cant.

Overton, NE

#10 Oct 26, 2009
Chris wrote:
How can spending time in prison ever pay back all that he has taken, it cant.
No individual or institution can replace that which was lost, and I'm sorry if it sounded like I was suggesting that was the case. A lifetime in prison or even death could not restore those things to your family. I meant rather that once he became an adult, Mark chose to use his time in repentance and becoming a better person -- which many (maybe most) in his position do not. Rather than remaining a burden on society, he has become a taxpaying citizen who helps others realize their potential in college. I would never suggest this excuses what he did, only that he's made an effort to atone.

Manhattan, KS

#11 Nov 4, 2009
well, I am glad that he did pay his debt to society and has become a respected citizen, rather than sponge off society and not ever get rehabilitated. However, I can certainly understand how Wendy's cousin is hurt and lost her cousin, in a cruel and inhumane murder. I guess we all have to come to terms with what happened, and what we will do with it. To forgive or not to forgive... that is all our choices. I hope that Chris can forgive him sometime, as it will release her from the hatred that can destroy her. Wendy was a loving and kind person, and I will always have a warm spot in my heart for her.

Lincoln, NE

#12 Jan 15, 2010
I remember being scared as a young boy growing up in Table Rock. All I knew is something really bad happened and I saw pictures of my father helping in the search for remains. I recently went back and read all the articles that were in the local TR paper about it.

Lincoln, NE

#13 Jun 5, 2010
'cindy write's: I went to school with wendy and she was a friend and a classmate. Mark shouldn't even of had a chance of becomeing a taxpaying citizen. I'm sure he got his collage education while in prison which I'm sure we are taxpayer's had to pay. wendy never had the chance to go to collage.As far as I'm concerned mark can burn in hell for that's were he's going to end up anyway.

Lincoln, NE

#14 Jun 7, 2010
cindy write's:After all these's year's I'm still curious about how mark did this and how the police figured out it was mark that did it.I still find it crazy how he still was going to school that hole fall when they were looking for wendy.They did't find her untill spring the next year and the only way they new it was her was because of dential records.If anyone out there can answer my curiousity's I sure would like to know. It's been many year's and I have alway's wondered. wendy has alway's crossed my mind from time to time and I have been wondering what the truth is ever since it happened. Her death was a bad thing and at the time it was very scary for anyone who new her.I guess i still don't think mark deserve's freedom because what he did.
Mark Goldsberrys Nephew

Alpharetta, GA

#16 Jun 9, 2010
I found this out about him just a few years ago after I saw him at a wedding. I was not yet born when this happened and was shielded by my parents of his past. I can remeber growing up and spending holidays with his kids. You would never think this of him at first glance. My family had a fall out with his family for about 10 years, I was to young to know why, but I can now think of a couple of reasons. This piece of crap got off way easy. I suppose since he was a juvenile he got off easy. I think someone said his defense was a head injury from football, and he didn't know what he was doing. How do you walk around for 2 and half months and go about your normal life and not think twice about it. I don't understand our legal system, why can some people who commit a crime like this get off in 14 years, but others get put a way for life or put to death. He may seem like a normal and productive citizen today, but he will be judged. It just makes you so mad that he has a great job, and a wife and kids, because he does not deserve it. Wendy was never even given that chance becuase Mark took it from her. I have not seen Mark in about year, and I'm sure I will probably run into him again. I just want to yell at him and tell his kids he is a murderer, but I will just have to keep quite, it's not my place. I will make my appearance and get out of there as fast as possible.

Junction City, KS

#17 Aug 2, 2010
I happen to know that he works as the Administrator at the University Of Nebraska at Omaha, because I sent for some transcripts, and he signed them. It's creepy for sure!! IN answer to Cindy's question about how they found out it was him who did it...I heard that he was acting "strangely" towards a neighbor woman, and she reported his beahvior to authorities who questioned him, and he confessed to Wendy's murder. He almost got off supposedly, because the cops didn't read him his Miranda rights... that is what I heard, and don't know if it is true or not, but that was what I heard. There were alot of rumors floating around Lincoln at that time...

York, NE

#18 Aug 7, 2010
I Know Who Killed Wendy Hile
Posted on November 16, 2009 by David W. Boles
The killing of Wendy Hile in the Bethany area in the Northeast part of Lincoln, Nebraska in 1974 was an event that marred and scarred everyone in that tiny, tight-night, neighborhood. Tenth grader Wendy Hile — and her high school Junior murderer, Mark Goldsberry — lived within a few blocks of each other and the rest of us.

Decades later, the killing of Wendy Hile still stings within each of us, especially as we regress back into our childhood terrors wondering about the why of what happened so long ago — for three, long, days we only knew Wendy was missing — and we all tried to remove the rising horror within us that Wendy might never be brought back home to her family or to the neighborhood that yearned for her return.

Every so often over the years since Wendy’s death, I would do a web search for “Wendy Hile”— searching for shared remembrances of her awful death and for updated details on the status of her family and her murderer. My searches always came up empty and the memory of Wendy Hile continued to haunt me.

Then, over the weekend, I searched again for Wendy and found this thread on Topix — and all the gory details and searing pain and unending healing were returned to me with the same spite and hatred we all held for her killer so many years ago.

Wendy’s killer was her neighbor, and ours, Mark Goldsberry.

Mark, it seems, served 14 years in prison for raping and murdering Wendy and dumping her dead body in a field near Table Rock, Nebraska.

Mark spent less time in prison than Wendy was alive and he now has a family of his own and a good job allegedly working for the University of Nebraska-Omaha.

Did Wendy Hile get justice for her rape and murder? Is 14 years enough of a punishment for Mark Goldsberry’s crimes?

If Mark raped and killed Wendy today — would he ever see the free light of day again? Or would the electrocutioner’s hand have found his head?

A crime like Mark’s can never be abided in a small town neighborhood — and so, back then, the search was on to pin a reason on Mark’s rape and murder — because if a reason couldn’t be found, then that meant Mark’s upbringing, his environment, his parents, his family, his neighborhood, and all of us, were all were factors in the evil that formed Mark… and that would never be acceptable to the community.

So… it was determined somehow… that Mark Goldsberry’s rape and murder of Wendy Hile was somehow influenced by some sort of head injury he had suffered… and while that reason could never bring Wendy back to us…. it was enough of an excuse to lift the neighborhood — the rest of us — from the hook of blame for her killing. Mark was sick. Mark was injured. Mark didn’t know what he was doing…

…hushing up was always better than showing down…

… so we tried to come to terms with the excuse that Mark didn’t mean to rape and kill Wendy and dump her body in a field and keep it all a secret for three days… Mark was really not like us… even though he was among us… maybe Mark had no memory of his actions… Mark couldn’t be blamed for a premeditated murder and the rape of Wendy… all after he invited her into his car on a rainy day for a ride to school.

We all still hate Mark Goldsberry and there’s no way any of us who knew Wendy could ever believe that her life was worth 14 years in prison — and so we all continue to suffer in silence — but bound by our shared experience of the living terror that we learned can lurk in our neighbors and bind us to our darkest disappointments.

Mark Goldsberry not only raped and killed Wendy Hile — he stole the childhood innocence and the assumed security of an entire neighborhood — and for that, he will be eternally damned and there is no escape from all of us who remember Wendy Hile because we will never forget who killed Wendy.

Mark Goldsberry killed Wendy Hile.

Lincoln, NE

#19 Apr 7, 2011
Just found this website..

Mark is married,(2nd time) but had an affair with another married UNO employee, I think he was divorced, she was not. They share a blended family, his children from his first marriage, who he continually blamed his ex wife for every issue in his world and her children from her first marriage and of course, the love child! Of course, along comes Tammy Huwalt, her last name at the time. It was lust before love during university staff meetings. She did not even know he had been convicted of this crime, all the "pillow talk" never mentioned Wendy. She is "big" and I am not talking importance, but they are both in "upper level" management at UNO. The U rarely hires outside of the departments, too much work, they promote from within.

I believe a person may serve the time for the crime.and no matter what, it brings no peace to anyone in the families. Does he go to bed every night knowing he raped and murdered this young girl..who knows. But, even with a belief in heaven and hell, we all know where the murders go.

He got to the university through a work release program they had at the time. He got his degree as well.

The two people together deserve what life they lead, but the question is....do they have any true friends...coworkers yes, friends---no.

Altadena, CA

#20 Apr 13, 2011
Mark (and Wendy Hile) lived less than two blocks from my home at the time. I used to walk home the same way Mark did, and tried to be nice to him since I knew his girlfriend at the time. We walked together a couple of times after Wendy disappeared - I was nervouse about walking alone. Who knew I was walking with the murderer? That monster changed so many lives in the wake of his crime - and to read he was out of prison after serving less than his sentence due to good behavior makes me sick. He not only took Wendy Hile's life, he took the innocense of everyone around him. Head injury my a$$- that boy should have died in prison.

Hackensack, NJ

#21 Aug 9, 2011
Wendy was two years older than me and a good friend of my sister. She was in our home many times. Wendy was very pretty, had a beautiful smile, friendly, and an infectious laugh.

I recently returned to Lincoln on a visit. I drove past the home on 63rd and googled Wendy.

It changed all of our lives forever that knew Wendy. We lost a friend and gained fear.

Thank you for keeping her spirit alive.

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