Larger Classes, Older Textbooks -- Ju...

Larger Classes, Older Textbooks -- Just What Educators Want?

There are 50 comments on the Oklahoma Impact Team story from Mar 1, 2010, titled Larger Classes, Older Textbooks -- Just What Educators Want?. In it, Oklahoma Impact Team reports that:

Oklahoma school districts will face severe challenges in the coming months as administrators try to figure out how to stretch what is certain to be a diminished state formula allocation for FY 2011.

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Tulsa, OK

#1 Mar 1, 2010
Textbook publishers have been ripping off the schools for years. Time for them to wake up and realize it's a different world!!

United States

#2 Mar 1, 2010
More oversight of school budgets would free up a lot of money. Skiatook isn't the only school wasting my money I'm sure.

How about we audit all the schools including the state colleges and trim their waste out. Then work from there, I'm tired of hearing we don't have money only to hear that we are squandering what we do have.

Next, lets reduce all the pay for coaches making over 50k a year and give it to the teachers that are really making a difference. Sports a good and I enjoy them a lot...but this is high school. If you want to make the big bucks don't coach/teach high school is Oklahoma.

Lastly we need to start combining school districts. There is no reasons that small districts should be paying all the high priced people they have. There is no reason that schools like Sperry and Skiatook, Prue and Cleveland, and Hominy and Wynona for example should all be paying Superintendents and Assistant Superintendents.

Basically before we lower out standards, how about we make our complaining schools districts toe the line, and merge to better spend our money. I would rather pay 200 Superintendents across the state $100 a year to run two or three small districts than pay 500 Superintendents $70k to run all 500 (of course this is an example and in no way reflects the actual number of school districts.)

There are other a state we just have to step on toes to get things done.

Tulsa, OK

#3 Mar 1, 2010
Wait a minute here please!

Was not the 'hype' that resulted in the lottery issue being past to provide a huge boost to the education system overall?


Ardmore, OK

#4 Mar 2, 2010
in ardmore the sup's salary is almost $200,000 per year (pop. about 27,000)
just does not make sense
oklahoma schools are very,very top heavy
ttown phenom

Tulsa, OK

#5 Mar 2, 2010
This reminds me why I am pushing to homeschool my kids.

Tulsa, OK

#6 Mar 2, 2010
Now we see--the SCARE tactics used.
When in actuality, if we stopped misusing the funds we have now.
Im here and your not

Atlanta, GA

#8 Mar 2, 2010
I wonder if its time for the parents to step up and take responsiblity for their offspring? If a kid needs individual tutering then the parents need to do it. Stop pushing your responsibility off on teachers and the government just because you like to bump uglys and dont know how to stop having kids.

Jenks, OK

#9 Mar 2, 2010
I agree about the Super's pay. Also, I think schools need to get back to the basics. For instance, smartboards vs chalkboards. Chalk is cheap and doesn't use electric. Flat screen TV's in every classroom at least in Sapulpa. How about the TV on a cart that teachers shared when I was in school. It seems like there is too much money going into sports. Fancy buses being bought to tote kids to and from sporting events. What happened to regular ole school buses? For those of you who don't know, all schools are required to publish in a newspaper their Estimate of Needs usually in July and August. Look at them. See where the money's going. I also think if you look at the details of these School Bonds being voting on, you will see exactly what they DON'T mention they will be blowing money on. They are quick to point out what will "sell", but not the items, that would be frowned on.

Plano, TX

#10 Mar 2, 2010
Im here and your not - Although I agree that parents need to be more involved in their childs education, you are missing the point. We took our daughter out of school to home school her because of the lax standard in the schools. However; I can complain, until I pass out, and the government can ignore me if they want but it's my money (and yours) that runs the schools. It doesn't come from some magic place, the people support the schools rather they use them or not and because of that we all have the right to complain about the problems.

It is better to offer solutions as well, but some people do not do that becuase really who listens.

I see little reason why a group of idiots elected in every school district should be in charge of the schools money. School boards are a joke, the school system is broken from the top down. How on earth do any of you expect to see differences at the bottom where our kids are if it continues to be broken at the top where elected board members and school leaders are?

Tulsa, OK

#11 Mar 2, 2010
think about it... cutting a teacher or working with the curriculum they already have??..think hard.
teachers have computers, they are innovated, they can deal with the challenge of textbooks..but class size... you can't keep adding kids upon kids... the teachers need a break.

Pauls Valley, OK

#12 Mar 2, 2010
With all the use of smart boards implemented in the classrooms will there come a time when textbooks may not be needed. Everything can be obtained through the internet. Could it be that in the near future that textbooks will be a thing of the past just like chalkboards?!
Willie Boy

United States

#13 Mar 2, 2010
Cut the atheltics programs, especially football. We, as a society, put way too much emphasis on sports in school. The vast majority of students do not participate in sports of any kind. Cut sports and you cut the costs of operating school buses as they are not used to bus teams to events.
Glenn Johnston

Porum, OK

#14 Mar 2, 2010
It's hard to feel the pain as far away as Pauls Valley. Please let Oklahoma City highlight them, and Tulsa choose a school in the metropolitan Tulsa area. It's not that I don't care about Pauls Valley, it's just that I think you ought to be broadcasting about schools more in the Tulsa area.
Mark Wedman

Chicago, IL

#15 Mar 2, 2010
While I agree that "tough" times require tough measures -- increasing already well-over-crowded classrooms with more kids is not a good idea. Oklahoma is already 'lagging-behind' the rest of the nation in our K - 12 educational system.
Why don't we treat this like any other wise and vibrant private company would if they were running a business. Some times... like it or not, times get difficult and to stay in business -- companies have to reduce their staff in order to 'stay-a-float'. And, they don't just stop there -- some companies take it 1-step further -- and ask their employees to "step-up" their efforts and ask their staff to 'work 9 hrs/day -- instead of 8' for a short-term until things (eg, economy) get a little better. Reduce teachers if we must -- then, take it 1-step further -- instead of the teachers going to school to provide instruction for 6-classroom hours --- have them provide instruction for 7-classroom hours. Instead of over-crowding the classrooms even more --- spread the same number of students across 1-additional classroom of instruction. For simplicity: if your school has 50 teachers and they all stay for an 'extra' hour (M-F) for classroom instruction.... that's 50 additional hours of classroom instruction provided at that school for the students attending there. It's not a perfect solution -- but certainly one worth considering.
And let's not forget those teachers who "step-up" and reward them for their efforts when it it comes time for increases the next-time-around. Best regards.
Leggo my eggo

Broken Arrow, OK

#16 Mar 2, 2010
The money thats coming in from the lottery is not being used as it should be. They have no way of tracking exactly where the money goes and what it is spent on. I wouldn't be surprised if the money is going to just pay the teachers salaries. That leads to the question of where is the money that was used to pay the teachers salary pre-lottery going?
More food for thought, the governor appointed Kathy Tailor to be his education advisor. Is she following the money(aka the hard to track lotto money)??
Raises an eyebrow or two
Deal with it

Tulsa, OK

#17 Mar 2, 2010
Times are tough, Oklahoma.

Already overcrowded classrooms? I guess that depends on where you're from. One of my elementary aged sons is in a class of 18. The other is in a class of 21. I can't call that overcrowded. When I was a child I remember having a lot more students than that in my classes, and there was no such thing as a teacher's aide unless it was an older student working as an aide as an elective. The same went for library and office aides. All were students using it as an elective. Nowadays we hire adults, pay them money and call them "Paras".

I guess things were just different back then, even though we had the exact same number of kids in the system as we do now. We had one Principal, no Assistant Principals (the Jr. High here has two), one Librarian and one Secretary. Any tutoring that happened took place on your own was not shoved down your throat by the school just so they could get more funding. As long as your kid could do the math, that was all that mattered...not how fast they could punch the answer in on the computer keyboard.

All these changes. All that money. Yet today's parents already supply the classrooms with everything they need right down the scotch tape, hand soap and Dry Erase markers.

What's been wrong has been wrong for quite a while, and it's going to take real cuts to make it right. Starting at the top...all the way down. Get used to the idea, because expecting a sudden windfall of money from the constituents right now is like trying to wring water from a dry wash cloth. There's none to be had right now.
Dog Lover

Bixby, OK

#18 Mar 2, 2010
You know, I am a teacher, and I suffer the classroom overage without complaint, spend at least a thousand of my own money yearly to make sure that my students have the extra materials to keep them excited about learning, and am currently working on another degree to make sure I have the most current methods and information. I gladly took part in the "voluntary furlough day" in order to help save my colleagues' jobs, and work countless hours outside of the classroom for absolutely no monetary compensation at all. The Smartboard is the best thing ever to hit the classroom, and there are huge numbers of free interactive materials to use that do nothing but boost the kids' enthusiasm for learning - I have kids that spend lots of time at home now on websites I have used in class, how is this a bad thing? The parents supply the stuff we need to start the year off right, and to get through the first semester, but I guarantee you there isn't a parent in the state who knows exactly how much the teachers provide on top of that! Textbook adoptions every five years seem sort of foolish to me, particularly in light of all the great materials out there for free or at least for much less than those texts. The most valuable learning comes from real life!!!

Tulsa, OK

#19 Mar 2, 2010
I was a teacher once and increasing the size of the classroom brings more behavioral issues with it.

Tulsa, OK

#20 Mar 2, 2010
We're in an economic depression. Schools are going to have to learn to make due with what they have......the way the people do who the schools expect to keep throwing money at an ineffective system. Suck it up and deal with it. Learn to priortize and balance your budget, the way taxpayers do and stop expecting taxpayers to give you their hard earned dollars for you to waste. I have no problem with larger classes sizes and using books longer. If you can't find the money in your budget for your wishlist of items, then you can't have them. Period.

Tulsa, OK

#21 Mar 3, 2010
Look, if every industry got to tax someone else to pay for their business operations we wouldn't have any businesses cutting back or trimming unecessary expenses. But when employment in government and education is up and other areas declining, all you have to do to get your project passed is have all your "government employees" vote. Education is a big employer in the area. If you don't think the teacher's union is a strong player, you just haven't put much thought behind it. They don't look out for the children, they look out for who pays the union dues.

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