Best and Worst Doctor in Alma

Best and Worst Doctor in Alma

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Waverly Hall, GA

#1 Aug 18, 2012
I would like to ask for feedback as to who the best Doctor is in Alma? Also, who is the worse Doc in Alma?
Beach Bum

Fernandina Beach, FL

#2 Aug 19, 2012
There are no BAD doctors in Alma. All are competent and taking new patients. No doctors have pill mills. all will run tests and prescribe accordingly.
Alma native

Griffin, GA

#3 Aug 20, 2012
I think Dr. Carter is the best. He knows what he is doing.. Also, Dr. Bagley is very good too. He has years of experience and is an expert when it comes to treating alcoholism and drug addiction. He has been there and done that and has a lot of passion for folks who have these types of problems. What amazes me is that Dr. Bagley continues to see patients, even though he is well past the age that most retire. No telling how many alcoholics and addicts he has treated for not one cent. I would like to see Dr. Bagley take a young Doctor under is wing and teach him how to treat addicted patients. Drug use is at an all time high and most Doctors don't want these patients. I suspect drug use is going to continue to grow and drug treatment centers are costly and insurances don't cover the cost. Thanks to Doctor Bagley for being there for folks with this illness.
Was there once

Spartanburg, SC

#4 Aug 21, 2012
I was once a 20 year prescription drug addict. I tried every pain med that existed. What you write about Dr. Baglety is true. He got me off ALL meds and I am clean and sober for over 3 years now. Thank you Dr. Bagley

Alma, GA

#5 Aug 21, 2012
I think Dr. Bagley is still the among the best. Dr. Carter is a great physician. I wish those two physicians would team up outside the admitted patients. Dr. Carter looks after Dr. Bagley's patients when they need hospitalization, then they are released back to Dr. Bagley's care. I know that Dr. Bagley taught Dr. Carter's father when Harry was in high school. They hold each other in high regard. It's nice to see two physicians from different eras working together.

It's a shame that the hospital administration wants to drive wedges between physicians. Our community is fortunate to have Dr. Bagley and Dr. Carter .
AA member

United States

#6 Aug 24, 2012
Bacon County Hospital needs to build a wing at the hospital for nothing but addicts and alcoholics who want help, let Dr. Bagley run it and Dr,. Carter can help. Many lives could be saved. Alcoholism and drug addiction is an illness just as diabetes, cancer, etc. the biggest problem would be insurance companies don't pay for treatment. Folks need to get their lawmakers to push legislation to cover treatment for these sick individuals. Carter could learn from Bagley the addiction practice and many lives could be saved. Bagley has helped thousands of addicts since he found sobriety in the early 70's. Bagley won't be around forever, but his knowledge can be passed down to the next generation. And believe me the demand for drug and alcoholic treatment is a an all time help. Jails aren't the answer.

Baxley, GA

#7 Aug 26, 2012
Only in Alma Ga would the town brag about a doctor that can help addicts! Stay away from the stuff and maybe the alma police dept arrest people that are always high....
Addict recovering

United States

#8 Aug 26, 2012
Zander69 - you r ignorant as to how fortunate Alma is to have a outstanding addictionologist. One of your loved ones may need Dr. Bagley one day. I hope not, but this illness doesnt discriminate. It can take down rich, poor, doctors, lawyers, judges, etc. Dr. Bagley has saved may lives. And he isn't ashamed to share his story to help others. I suggest you educate yourself on this illness. 7 to 10 percent of the population will get it.

Baxley, GA

#9 Aug 29, 2012
Again,only in Alma would they brag about the town doctor that has a outstanding addictionologist. How about a good Heart doctor or a outstanding brain surgen? The people of Alma needs to wake up and realize that this town has a big drug problem!Somewhere down the line yall addict chose to go down that road! I think its very selfish when you put love ones thru hell! Being an addict is not an illness... Being an addict is being a dumbass!
Dr Lee of Douglas

Nicholls, GA

#10 Aug 29, 2012
Any doctor that is not in the Alma ER is good in Alma.

Hogansville, GA

#11 Aug 30, 2012
Even though it's sad that we have a need for a good Dr when it comes to addiction, it is something to be proud of. Prescription addiction is an epidemic that has nothing to do with what town you live in.
Recovering Addict

Nahunta, GA

#12 Aug 30, 2012
I'm not from Alma, I just ran across this page a while back. And Zander69, addiction IS A DISEASE ... and it seems to be attacking more and more ppl everyday, if you haven't been through it please don't judge the one's facing it. It took me well over 5 years to even admit I had a problem, and then almost another year before I got help. It takes over your body, your no longer in control ... the addiction controls everything you do, and can make an upstanding citizen do things you would never believe they would do. You sound like you have delt with a loved one or friend that is or was an addict, yet you don't understand how to deal with it. Bless your heart♥
Recovering Addict

Nahunta, GA

#13 Aug 30, 2012
Addiction is far spread, Alma is just another town .... but the bigger the city, the more addict's you run into, just about every other home you pass has someone living there who is an addict, or has a friend or loved one who is addicted to pills. If ppl would have been more considerate and knew more about this a few years ago, maybe I wouldn't have became and addict, and I was put on pills by doctors for years ...
Has lost track

Alma, GA

#14 Aug 30, 2012
How many does the lady that had the c-section make for Hutcheson?

Nicholls, GA

#15 Aug 30, 2012
I would be scared of her if i was a baby

United States

#16 Aug 30, 2012
Zander69 - You have a right to your opinion, but you just dont fully understand the illness. I don't wish anything bad on you, but if you ever have a loved one or yourself experience this disease, you will change your thinking. Betty Ford, Rush Limbaugh, Brett Favre, and many more intelligent people have experienced addiction. It's not a matter of waking up one day and saying, "well I think I will just quit cold turkey today". Your mind and thinking is sick when your addiction is active. Even after sobriety, you have to deal with staying involved in AA o NA to keep your sobriety. You are very wrong by saying being an addict is being a dumbass. Some addicts may be dumb asses, but not because they are addicted.

Baxley, GA

#17 Aug 31, 2012
Had family members died from being an addict. My uncle just a few months ago who i was very close to. My grand father died two years ago from drinking, never got to really know him.My best friend died last x-mas from a drugs and drinking. So i have people close to me waste their lives away. Is smoking a disease? NO! So what ever opinion you have is your right, but being an addict is not a disease, its a choice! Read the med. lable on the bottle and listend to your doctor and you wont become an addict, right? How do one becomes one? By taking more than you should,thats called a dumb ass!
Been There

Spartanburg, SC

#18 Aug 31, 2012
Zander69, you don't have a clue do you? You should just put your halo on and move on. If you think this is an Alma problem you have your head in the sand. And I am sure you know more than researchers all over the world who have most definately determined that addiction is a disease. But, I guess they should have consulted you?
clayton bigsby

Atlanta, GA

#19 Aug 31, 2012
Addiction is not a disease. That's assinine. I've been around plenty of addicts and not once has it been contageous and jumped on me. All this is excuses for people to use for being addicted or have been addicted. Its mind over matter. Nobody put a gun to your head and got your addiction started. It was a choice you made. It wasn't a disease you got from a dirty toilet or a classroom full of kids. Its not an illness you picked up from a crowd. Its a choice. Until you can man up and admit that you'll never be fully cured.

Brooks, GA

#20 Aug 31, 2012
It is a disease! It is a mental disease. And not everyone on prescription medications are addicts. There's also drug dependency. Whether you take the pills according doctors orders or take them like tic tacs, if you take something for a long period of time, chances are you will become dependant on them. I do agree though that until you admit to yourself that you have a problem then nothing can be done to help you. Just understand that everyone addicted to prescription medications dont intentionally become addicted.

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