Good morning all. I am having problems with the mail being "delivered" to my friend at Coyote Ridge Correction Center. Is anyone else experiencing the same problem? I have called and called and no one returns my calls. My friend kited CR asking what may be the problem with the mail deliver system??? He was told... "if there is NOT a unit number on the mail then it would be returned." My friend has been moved back in forth to various units so I don't know the correct unit number at times. In addition, the official Coyote Ridge website says that the only information needed regarding mail is as follows:

Complete return address
Offender name and DOC number

Can anyone help me??? It is crucial that offenders receive their mail from LOVED ONES. It offers hope and support in an environment where they are stripped of that.

Thanks for reading and pray for those that are not as fortunate as all of us.