MEINEKE sells knockoff mufflers and r...

MEINEKE sells knockoff mufflers and rips you off!

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United States

#1 Jun 24, 2008
On March 31, 2008 I went to MEINEKE to replace my muffler (which was a glass pack) and two pipes. This was a simple task. I chose MEINEKE because they are widely advertised and claim to have excellent customer service. Well, the manager of the meineke, Bobby Kimbleton, told me that they did not have any glass packs available. So I asked,"what do you have?" He said all we have is Flow Master's. He told me it would cost $115 just for the Flow Master muffler. I told him that I thought that was pretty expensive. He then replied, "'re getting a Flow Master that's why they're expensive." The full price was $200.67 for installing a Flow Master muffler and running two pipes. That's pretty expensive but I just figured I was paying more because MEINEKE is a widely advertised company, also there were no other muffler shops open on this day. So I said ok. I left my truck there, first mistake, and came back in a couple of hours to pick it up. When I returned the truck was done. It started raining so I did a quick once over and paid the man. When I started up the truck it didn't sound much different than it used to.
Well, a couple of months go by and I notice that one of my exhaust pipes are hanging lower than the other. Also my wife told me that she noticed that same pipe swaying when I drive. I looked at the pipe and saw that it wasn't welded or secured properly. I called MEINEKE and told them the situation. I could tell that the weld was done with a torch, or something similar, instead of a typical MIG welder, etc. It was barely holding up the pipe. Also the support ring with the nuts and bolts was pushed up the pipe so it wasn't even being used. The other pipe was done correctly so I wondered why not this one. The man on the phone asked for a receipt. I told him that,"the receipt was very small and I misplaced it, however I can get the bank transaction from online. And surely my name would be in your computer system." The man basically said no service.

United States

#2 Jun 24, 2008
So today, June 24th, 2008, the weld broke completley....then went the pipe with my exhaust tip, and then the pipe hit my truck and did some minor damage to it in the back. So I went to the nearest shop, paid $50 and got a new pipe put on along with new welds. This time I actually stayed at and watched. The guy was nice and worked fast! As I was waiting at this shop. The manager waved me to my truck and told me that the weld was done poorly. He also had another surprise. He asked what kind of muffler I had recently purchased and I told him it was a flow master. He said I might want to take a closer I did. The muffler did not look machine welded, that was the first clue. The second clue was that there was no stamp or emblem that said flowmaster any where on the muffler. So not only did MEINEKE do poor welds, they also sold me a knockoff of a flowmaster, at a high price, without telling me. That is misrepresentation.
I called the MAnager today and he told me that I should have brought my vehicle in and they would have fixed the weld but now since I went to another location it voided my warranty. Imagine how pissed off I am after he told me that. I told him that I tried to come in and they said no receipt no service. He pulls my name up in the computer and says,"Here you are." He continues to tell me that they could have helped me. So then I ask what the computer shows. He said it showed me purchasing an install of a FLOW MASTER muffler with two pipes, etc. So I ask him why did you sell me a knockoff of a flowmaster then? He was hesitant to answer my question until I told him that I know it's a knockoff. So, all smug, he explains how they only sell knockoffs unless the customer request the "Dealer Flowmaster." He also said that I ONLY paid $114.95 for the knockoff and the Flow Master would have been $159.95. After hearing that I asked him what crack he's been smoking because no one pays that much just for the flow master muffler unless it's a top of the line, performance, etc. kind. A basic flow master does not cost that much. So our conversation ended with him not being able to help me.
I called the customer service dept., for MEINEKE, and spoke with a lady. I explained my situation and asked for a manager to speak with or anyone else that could help me. She said it is up to the owner or manager of that specific MEINEKE that I had service to compensate me in any way. And she also said that they typically sell knockoffs unless the customer request the dealer version.
Needless to say, I wasn't helped at all. My question and biggest problem with this whole thing is: "Who in the hell asks for any name brand and puts the words dealer in front of it? Also, who in hell would pay the same price or MORE for a knockoff?" Do you go to Foot Locker and ask for a $60 of Nikes and recieve a knockoff pair....Hell no you don' would say what in the hell are these. Imagine if the employee told you, " wanted the Dealer Nikes......well that'll be more money." What the [email protected]!
Anyway, this will probably never be resolved but at least if you read this you'll know what to MEINEKE.
Too busy

Pasadena, TX

#3 Jun 27, 2008
Report them to the Better Buisness Bureau.

Wheaton, IL

#4 Jul 19, 2008
that sucks balls.

Wheaton, IL

#5 Jul 19, 2008
i dont live in joliet.
Retired 1SG

Uvalde, TX

#6 Jul 19, 2008
Get the news media on it. Most TV stations have a consumer protection investigative reporter.
I'd be willing to bet that Meineke will then jump thru their butt to fix their screw-up.

Houston, TX

#7 Oct 31, 2008
When Meineke was a local operation you had a good chance for good service. But it was sold for mega-bucks to someone not from here and here we are.
John Q Public

Houston, TX

#8 Nov 6, 2008
You should call their President. That always works for me. An Underling and Lacky is what you dealt with. He is the SMALLEST Potato around.
Now, tell the exec staff you will find all the people they have scammed and do the CLASS ACTION on thier mengy hides and you will get some ass kissing results.
Try this CHUMP: Mr Bob Cowart (President) E Colonial Dr, Orlando, FL

Go to and get their info. This is all you will need to find this MORON!

AT and you will like this: Meineke Discount Mufflers International.

Good luck and do not let them tell you that you are wrong. Tell them you will ask the Consumer Protection Division of the Texas Attorney General to look into this. Guess what, be a bit smarter than they are. It is not hard, just DO NOT cuss or lose your cool. Stay focused and mono tone and it will drive them NUTS.

Mashpee, MA

#9 Jan 26, 2009
Having been a former Meineke franchise owner in the late 80's, it is hard to believe Meineke Corporate would tolerate this BS. In the Midas chain, Corporate would have refunded your money, and charged back the individual dealer. It's all about the best constomer service you can provide in this economic downturn. This knock-off Flowmaster is actually manufactured by Arvin, produced at a former Flowmaster factory in Mexico. This knock-off will crack across the center/bottom within a year! I like the comment posted by 'Retired 1SG'- call in the local media!

United States

#10 Feb 13, 2010
Thanks for the lowdown.I was about to take my SUV to Meineke for an exhaust system replacement.
I don't need the headqache. I think I will try MIDAS.

Massapequa, NY

#11 Apr 29, 2010
ClassicBill wrote:
Having been a former Meineke franchise owner in the late 80's, it is hard to believe Meineke Corporate would tolerate this BS. In the Midas chain, Corporate would have refunded your money, and charged back the individual dealer. It's all about the best constomer service you can provide in this economic downturn. This knock-off Flowmaster is actually manufactured by Arvin, produced at a former Flowmaster factory in Mexico. This knock-off will crack across the center/bottom within a year! I like the comment posted by 'Retired 1SG'- call in the local media!
i wuld like to speak to do i reach you

Hauppauge, NY

#12 Aug 3, 2010
thanks for info, don't think i'll be using this company, again thank you for this vital info.
karmic Adjuster

Philadelphia, PA

#13 Sep 14, 2010
Looks like this will be a very expensive turn of events for Meineke.
Will go elsewhere... Glad to make the difference...

Honolulu, HI

#14 Sep 20, 2010
Do not go to Midas either. You will get the same BS. The problem is corporate America. These corporate entities are just fronts for the individual dealers. They will not punish or correct the dealer situation for that is where they get their money from. All they care about is the bottom line not customer satisfaction.

jump thru the hoops first but keep very detailed notes. When you do not get satisfaction you WILL need to take them to court. They are counting on giving you enough BS till you just quit.

I live on an island and my original muffler system lasted for 18 years. I change the whole muffler system and it only lasted for two years, now I am told that it needs to be replaced again because of where I live. Well the car lived here for 20 years and now they are telling me the weather rots out the new system in two years???

Go Figure, I did not ask for a pipe that rots out in a year or two. I don't replace anything on the car in two years except tires and brakes but that is expected. What would happen if they sold you brakes that only lasted three months and did not tell you???

Manchester, NH

#15 Sep 30, 2010
Meineke is a rip-off. ever since i can remember, mechanic shops have always offered cheap brakes, ok brakes, and the best brakes, for any car or truck. which means meineke has been srewing clients ever since they opened. they get aftermarket parts and charge you for the best product. isnt that theft by deception. paying for something your not truly getting. sell a fake micheal angelo painting to a museum and see what happens. people are going to jail for bootleg products these days, like hand bags. why is meineke getting away with bootleg auto parts.
Joe Magz

Granite City, IL

#16 Oct 16, 2010
I just replaced my muffler today for my jeep and it only cost me $50.00. But thats cause i did it myself. If you got all the tools you need its very simple. Unless you need to replace pipes, in which case you need a machine to bend them or make welds. Usually though you just need some clamps to make the connection tight, and if you go to a junkyard you could find the pipes for your vehicle already bent appropiately, and still do it yourself.
rex-- spokane wa

Spokane, WA

#17 Feb 17, 2011
well thats just crazy i will never take anything to either of those places altho i went and bought a welder learned hoe to weld and did my own exhaust much funner and cheaper and feels better knowing i did it... good luck on taking those sob's down..

Belmont, MA

#18 Feb 25, 2011
Thanks for the post. I was just going to take my wife's car there. It's not about the money it's about the lies.


#19 Jun 10, 2011
Thanks for letting me know about Menike I was going to take my car there ..
anyone have any suggestions .??
I live in mississauga, Onario , canada .

Inman, SC

#20 Oct 31, 2011
i can verify all theese complaints, i have been working there for almost a year now. i have had to deall with this "flowmaster" situation 4 or 5 times already. and if you think thats bad there high milege and synthetic oil changes are just regular 10w-30. i hate working for them and it makes me feel like crap everyday

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