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Houston, TX

#1 Nov 9, 2008
Greetings fellow Pasadenians. Just a short note to advise you that James Quick, the scumbag that murdered Michelle Melton (one of your former residents)on August 15, 2008, and who has been out on bond for almost 3 months now, awaiting trial for murder 1 and attempted murder (of her husband), and James has been frequenting the Pasadena area. He has been ordered not to come within 1000 yds of the family members, but he seems to think it's ok to continue to stalk them. He has approached them in a familiar discount store chain, he has walked into their place of employment and has even driven into their subdivision, in an attempt to stalk them and continue to terrorize them. This notice is to advise the Pasadena Police Dept. and the citizens of Pasadena, that since James Quick retrieved his white 2008 Nissan pickup, he has made numerous joyrides to the city of Pasadena and that he is armed and dangerous and does carry a weapon in his truck. And what is so apparent is that according to his bonding conditions, he is residing in Shepherd, Tx. until his trial. So why the trips to Pasadena? He confessed to killing Michelle and to shooting twice at her husband, and yet he was unable to complete his intended task. He is wandering and cruising Pasadena in an attempt to complete the job. Hopefully he will be apprehended by the police before he commits another murder. Keep a look out for this truck and for this man. And call police if you see him, he is dangerous and is just foolish enough to try to kill again. He needs to be in jail until his trial for murder, at which time he will be sent to prison for the rest of his life.
Julie Smith

United States

#2 Apr 1, 2009
This is sick twisted man, this JAMES QUICK. Such a tragedy for the Melton family. How can someone with a premeditated crime be free to roam the streets and add insult to injury by stalking the family? Where is the justice here? I mean I know the judicial system in Harris County is sub par, but come on. A families SAFETY is at stake. I pray that this man gets what he deserves, SERIOUS PRISON TIME. Until then he should be locked up in hell aka Harris County Jail to rot. He deserves no more no less. Sorry excuse for a human being, taking the life of another.

Houston, TX

#3 Apr 3, 2009
did he really confess? seems so sad he's allowed to be free and why hasn't this come to trial yet, it's been over 6 months. how long does it take? seems like murder trials should take precedence over minor offenses and be sent to the top of the list. doesn't make sense, but neither do all the killings and kidnappings and evil that goes on these days.

Houston, TX

#4 Apr 3, 2009
All the articles and comments on this story and i've read most of them; tell me this man is winning and the family who lost their loved one is losing. how can things go this way? doesn't the public see what is wrong with this picture. what happened to swift and just justice? even gangs take care of their enemies quicker than our justice system. let's put the gangs on the street and give them a hit list of felons. that would keep them from killing innocent people and put their skills, illegal as they are, to good use, saving us all tax dollars for prosecutions and housing and clothing of prisoners.

Houston, TX

#5 Apr 3, 2009
do the police keep track of this man on a daily basis? why can't they monitor his whereabouts on a daily basis? is this all to the story or is there more? oh i forgot, we've got more robbers on the streets than cops and a donut shop on every corner. help this family get the due justice they deserve. this type of crime is all too common & shouldn't be swept under the rug. it just isn't ok to kill innocent people, it just isn't.
HarrisCtyDADissd Amrcn

Houston, TX

#6 Apr 3, 2009
Watch channel 13 news either tonight (friday) at ten or on Monday at 10pm, to see story regarding why admitted (confessed) murderers are released on bond. Hear an exerpt from his confession. After viewing the news story, please vocalize your opinions publicly. If we can't influence officials to set stricter bonding conditions, then we can continue to have murderers on the streets of our cities. Stand Up for Justice and Make the System listen to our pleas. Be an advocate & protect our community, let's take back our freedom and speak out and be heard.
Unruly Julie

United States

#7 Apr 3, 2009
I want to give Kudos to the citizens of Shepherd Texas for watching this creep like a hawk.
C Watson

Pasadena, TX

#8 Apr 3, 2009
I really hate the fact that we have to "influence" public officials to properly handle situations like this. How does a confessed murderer get's bonded!!@!@@?

Houston, TX

#9 Apr 3, 2009
how sad for these family members, not only coping with the loss of their Mother, Wife and Friend, but having to live in fear each and every day. May God be with them in their long, long association with the Harris County DA. Hopefully, the wait will be worth the outcome.

United States

#10 Apr 4, 2009
I'm not really sure what to say, but my friend is good friends w/this family and I pray for their safety. I do not know the details, therefore I do not want to speak out of turn . . . However, if the police know certain facts of the case, and they are not doing more to protect them, then something is really wrong with this situation. I hope the best for the family and pray that justice is served. Stephanie
Michael Pasadena

United States

#12 Mar 26, 2010
I wonder what could have happened to cause Uncle James to do what he did. He was married to my aunt prior to this marriage and he was always a kind, gentle man. He was wonderful to my aunt and I still consider him family. I wish I could see him to ask what happened. I have been told money was involved, one side acting greedy, imagine that. I also know Uncle James was financially secure on his own. If he did wrong, max penalty. But quit judging what you don't know. Wait for all the facts to come out.

“Shoot first.”

Since: Mar 10


#13 Mar 30, 2010
Does anybody have a picture of this man?
And does anybody know the JUDGE that allowed this man bond?
Last i knew, if a prisoner had commited a violent offense they could have thier rights to a bond revoked.

Houston, TX

#14 Oct 18, 2010
Dear Michaelfrom Pasadena, not sure when you last spoke to your Uncle James, but he most certainly was not financially secure, he married a woman 11 yrs older than him and proceeded to bilk her out of a $300,000 fortune her deceased husband lefther, she built him a new $200,000 home, paid him money to stay with her and in the end, locked her and her daughter and her daughters' husband in their home and proceeded to try & kill them all. He confessed to all of it, I have the Confession DVD video if you'd like to view it, he did it out of greed and evil and he wanted to kill them all, so he could take what was left of the 78 yr old woman's money. He wanted her committed, and killed her daughter because of it. In his confession tape, he bragged about killing Michelle and expressed rage that he was unable to kill her husband and his elderly wife. He evencleaed out their joint bank account at 10 am the morning he killed Michelle, and packed his trailer to escape the law. He is an evil man and he's now in prison where he belongs.

Onalaska, TX

#15 Oct 18, 2010
Dear Michael from Pasadena, Your Uncle James is still the same man, older and health not as good as when you knew him. James loved and still loves his now ex wife. She married him because she thought he had tons of money. One of his nieces married a man that is a millionaire and Clotile told her that she did good and to stick her claws in him and hang on. She said that is what she was doing with James. She told the James niece this at James brothers funeral. Quite a lady hun? She never wanted him to visit his family, everything was for her and her adopted kids. James bought her kids vehicles, they stayed in an apartment that Clotile owned, they both but money into buying the apartment together. One daughter and her husband lived rent free for a year and James paid all the utilities and bought them food. They stayed high all the time and tore the apartment up. James had to totally redo the apartment before it could be rented again. After James and Clotile married she talked him into taking the money out of his 401k and spending it. She and the kids were verbally and mentally abusive to James and tormented him for a long time threatening to take everything away from him. Well, they have and he is in prison and has nothing but his family and we love him and stand by him. The day that Michelle died, Charlie had the apartment that was in Clotile's name put into his name. How did that happen? Was that before she died or after? There a lot of questions that have not been answered. Charlie went from almost filing bankruptcy to owning 2 homes, the apartments, new vehicles and shortly after his wife died he has a girlfriend. So much for Michelle being the love of his life. James was tried in the court of public opionion not by the facts. I saw the taped confession and he was and still is very remorseful for what he did. Clotile and her family may get away with what they have done for now, but one day they will have to stand before God and account for what they have done to their own family as well as ours. May God have mercy on their family. The only ones that were not involved as far as we know is the sister and her husband that is a preacher and live out of state. This family took everything that James had including the wedding rings from his first wife of 27 years and her mother's antique ring. All the antiques that belonged to his first wife be fore this marriage. They either sold or pawned everything from his first marriage. If Clotile had $300,000 dollars I can assure you that she spent it or gave it to the kids. She spent $50,000 to $60,000 on teeth implants. She was and still is a cold and heartless woman.

Houston, TX

#16 Nov 11, 2010
And what oxymoron was that last post from? Sounds like some trailer park trash relatives of James Quick. This reply is directed towards you, you misinformed & misguided fool. Had you attended their divorce trial you might be privy to additional financial facts, that would perhaps shock you to no end. James Quick entered his marriage to Clotile Quick with a net worth of approximately $80,000 (which included his decrepid house he owned at the time), and an outstanding debt of over $120,000 in credit card debt. He had tapped into his 401K from Exxon/Mobil many yrs prior and was taking it in monthly payments to support himself. After their marriage, Clotile paid off his credit cards, built them a new $200,000 house and paid cash for it. They separated in 2001 and James lived in an apartment for almost a yr and when he came back, he insisted that she pay him $20,000 to reconcile. There is a letter which was presented in the divorce trial to prove that transaction. James Quick was diagnosed as a narcissistic sociopath and is still being treated as such in Jester III Prison in Richmond. Again documented in his health records at the prison. Let me explain what a sociopath and narcissist is, it is someone who appears charming and friendly, but who in his mind, believes he is superior and is not subject to rules and regulations that others have to follow. And a family member would probably be apt to believe he was a decent human being, especially since he did not visit with his family hardly at all. He was only social when it benefitted him or his agenda. Which is what a sociopath is, someone who is above all others and demands power and glory, an actor on a stage, if you will. He also attended Church when he met Clotile and after attempting to latch onto several other women at the Church, the Pastor had to ask James to lay off the ladies and then he found Clotile. She was warned repeatedly to stay away from him, but she was lonely and gave in to his charm. But soon after the marriage the charm dissipated and became rage and anger and thus, they separated. James Quick has fooled his entire family, but he did not fool the psychiatrists and the Judge and Jury, the evidence in the murder trial was clear and precise and the ballistics and pathology evidence only corroborated it. Then of course, was the confessions he gave, an hour and ten minutes of clear and distinct guilty, along with reasons why. James terrorized Clotile and threatned to have her committed and she feared his very presence. So on the day of Michelle's murder, James emptied their only joint bank account at 10 am , had previously loaded his trailer with his belongings and then locked the three of them in the home and attempted to murder them all. Perhaps if some of you would like clear and documented facts, you'd like to read the transcripts or both trials, the divorce trial, in which James told some pretty damaging details of their marriage as well as the murder trial, which produced facts and admissions. And then there was the 2nd murder trial which was waived, because he plead guilty to trying to kill Charlie. You so called Christians, perhaps need to read your Bible a little more thoroughly, last time I read mine, "Thou Shalt Not Kill" was still a commandment. As a society we try our criminals in a court of law, they are found innocent or guilty and they go to prison or worse. But James Quick will not only die in prison, he will be sentenced to eternity in Hell by God Almighty. By the way, I willingly and openly offer the transcription of the trial and the DVD confession tape made by James Quick himself, to anyone who doubts the circumstances. I may even put it on the Nancy Grace Show for the world to view.

Houston, TX

#17 Nov 11, 2010
I am not through yet, folks. I've only begun. If you lowlifes think for a minute I'm going to allow you to bash my son, Charlie, after all he's been through, well, you better grab hold people,'as Bette Davis said,'It's gonna be a bumpy ride". Prior to Michelle's murder, Charlie and Michelle & Michael and Chelsea were the happy family next door in America. They attended Church regularly, maintained the Church grounds, theyw ere youth Ministers, they tithed and they lived the Christian life, far better than I've ever been able to live it. This family has suffered a terrible tragedy and yet ignorant, uninformed assasins continue to try and discredit them. They continue to try and cope with the loss of their wife and Mother, and to deal with moving forward with their lives. And all the while, James Quick sits in prison and types and mails letters to the family, asking them to send him massive amounts of money (extortion). True, they did receive a small life insurance policy but they would have rather had their wife and Mother, than a meager sum of money as compensation. And even though the Judge in James & Clotile's divorce trial ordered James to compensate Charlie for the funeral expenses, and he absolutely defied the order and never paid a dime. Now he wants money from them and his ex-wife Clotile, because he says he's entitled to it. I'll tell you what he's entitled to, he's entitled to spending each day, one at a time in the midst of hardened, mean, criminals like himself and hopefully he'll have plenty of time to think about how he took a precious life from the World before her time. And as sure as I'm typing this blog, God will see to it that each day is more miserable than the last. And if you think he's remorseful, think again. When he was asked in his trial, If he was sorry for murdering Michelle, his response was "I'm a victim, too, in all of this, I've lost everything I had". And that is a quote. He truly believes he's the victim here. But then again, sociopaths & narcissisits are all about entitlement, they are superior in their own minds and are to be worshipped by all others. Somehow I don't think his cellmates are worshipping him so much. Perhaps James is his own worshipper. I will continue tomorrow, as this entire blog is making me nauseous, there are such ignorant and uneducated people here that don't have the sense to put two and two together and get four. Oh yes, I forgot, they are relatives of James Quicks, it seems mental issues run in the gene pool.

Houston, TX

#18 Nov 11, 2010
Additionally, within a week after killing Michelle, James Quick filed on his own personal homeowners' insurance policy, a claim in the amount of $100,000 stating someone had been killed on his property. Duh? And the denial letter from State Farm Insurance Co., was sent to his exwife, Clotile, because he no longer lived there, he'd been arrested for committing the murder and was out on bond. Huh, you shoot and kill someone and then you try to collect on your own homeowners' insurance policy, when you're the person who committed the murder? Now who does it sound like is the person who is greedy and trying to get money out of someone? James Quick is a vulture and in his demented mind, he really thought he could shoot someone and get paid $100,000 by his own insurance company. No wonder he wanted his wife proclaimed insane and put in a mental institution, no telling what other types of farces he'd have tried to committ. He's a luny bird, big time.

And as for Charlie having a girlfriend, perhaps you are referring to his psychologist that he and his children are seeing, in an attempt to get over this ordeal.

And I forgot to mention, that the Pasadena Police Dept., has it on the 911 tape, the entire conversation where Michelle called them saying her Father in Law was threatening them and then on the tap, you heard her say, "He's got a Gun". Then 10 seconds later, she was dead.
Just too many facts, folks, not enough logic on the side of the Quick family. I could print facts from now till next year and still not have gotten to them all. Guilt as Hell, James Quick and if you ask me, his Family knew he was dangerous, because they didn't come around him more than once a year during the entire ten or 12 yrs they were married, sometimes less than that. If your own family doesn't visit you, when they live in the same city, you're probably not such a good family member, maybe even a pervert or a murderer, you think?

Pasadena, TX

#19 May 11, 2013
james quik is a sick individual and I knew the meltons personaly. and as long as I have known them quick did the family wrong. so until u know the facts keep ur mouth shut bout my friends. I am cloe friends with them the 2 sisters was married to the melton brothers. its sad that quick took michelles life for no reason..

Pasadena, TX

#20 May 11, 2013
he is a creep to take advantage of the family. his ex wife had $$ when they got married from her late husband. he didn't do anything for those girls so don't sit and act like he is this wonderful man that got caught up in a whirl wind when the family is the victim I don't have any remorse for quick at all he should have gotten the death penalty cuz he planned it.. piece of s**t..

Vero Beach, FL

#21 May 11, 2013
Let by gones be by gones.

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