pasadena gangs; are they still here???

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#69 Aug 18, 2010
SoSad wrote:
@Wetblacc - are you that delusional? Your ignorant gangs have killed far more people than any "redneck gang" like the "KKK". Yeah it's the parent's fault. I've never known any gang member who had parents that were worth a $hit. Yes, we need to reiterate that they can NOT think for themselves. You brought up the ".45" comment. One of these days everyday common folk will have enough of this stupidity. You clowns will push people too far. "Rival gangs" will be the last thing you have to worry about at that point. I wish it did not have to be like this. I wish your parents would have been worth more and given you higher dreams than working at the local mcdonalds. I wish the bleeding hearts out there were flushed down the toilet and prisons were able to exact the kind of reformation they need to. I wish a lot of things but unfortunately you can't reason with people stupid enough to shoot someone over the color of their shirt. Your mentality will be phased out soon enough.
I long for the days when the only people afraid to walk down the street are the ones wearing any type of gang identification. Those days will come. Hopefully you're grown up by then... if not I hope someone gets you before have a chance to pass your retarded lifestyle off to the next generation.
your on some other shit sir. If you want to take that trip down 225 and exit any exit you like and c if you cant see the struggle these people go threw. Your talkin from a computer screen, im right here on lily fittin walk down pine st reminising all the good and bad times i had. Parents arent always to blame, and i hope that when your kids, or your grand kids hang out on the wrong side of town youll c yourself. Ive been through the heart aches unlike your bitch ass. And yes KKK and racist faggots is just as a problem as street gangs. You can ask vider tx about that one. But it still stands, come in peace or leave in pieces.-W.B. of the South East Juggalos Much Clown Love Yall.

Pasadena, TX

#70 Aug 19, 2010
LoL so I guess your "heart aches" give you a reason to be ignorant? Are you going to be the typical idiot hiding behind the "Mommy didn't love me enough/Daddy loved me a little too much" syndrome? I grew up all around Houston/Pasadena. We struggled just as bad as many others. Never could afford the Deer Park lifestyle. I didn't need to hide behind a gang to know who I was. You are a crab in a bucket and your mentality is to drag others down with you by promoting stupidity and ignorance. "South East Juggalos"? Have you ever tried to step outside of your McDonald's employee way of thinking to look at how stupid that really sounds? Life is hard kiddie ... you're not biggie or pac ... that era has passed. Stop wishing on a rap video and do something with yourself. Your "boys" aren't going to pay your bills ... no matter how much "brotherhood" crap they might talk or "how down they are". My kids will not hang out on the wrong side of town. I've raised them to realize they are in a much higher class than gang members. If you keep going with the gang mentality you're more than likely going to be running to their office every Friday to collect your weekly check.

Remember... just because the people around you are stupid does not mean you have to be. Realize your environment for what it is.

P.S. If the KKK dominated this area like you pretend it does then we wouldn't even be having this conversation. You have to look at the logic... if the KKK is dominant and the crime rates are low... what does that tell you?

Houston, TX

#71 Aug 25, 2010
ive been around the same gang since i was about 12 yrs. old in pasadena. it isnt like a gang at all we are more like a family and now that my generation has kiddos too they all grow up together like a family...we r all tios,tias and cousins then u got all the moms and pops....think what u want but i support my gang family 100% because they support me 100% they always have!!!!

Pasadena, TX

#72 Aug 28, 2010
If you're a female I think there may be "other" reasons you were taken care of. I would love to see "Tio Joe" take in all of the males of your "family" and support them all while they hang out all day and do nothing. He wouldn't. "Family" is one thing... growing up with the highest ambition of being a drive-through clerk at Dairy Queen is another. Your "family" leads to uneducated idiots warring over the color of t-shirts. If you can't see the absolute ignorance in this then, unfortunately, you fall into the same category. I know many a former gang member who regret their previous life because all the time lost growing up in that environment. If you want your kids to eventually resent you for raising them to be idiots then continue on in the same mentality.
missing the boat

Lake Saint Louis, MO

#73 Sep 4, 2010
just because you work at a low level job don't mean that you can't educate yourself and get a better job. you can go go the library or get on the internet and good stuff like concrete jobs, steel workers, instead of things that won't help you. educate yourself, pic new friends and move on. thank god, my nephew was 1/4 mexican and got a full scholarship to a great college. whites don't get that treatment, so you get more aid than whites but you fail to take advantage of it. keep gang banging and hopefully we won't have to worry about you NO more.

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#74 Sep 21, 2010
Truth wrote:
Are things really that bad that you guys have to cuddle each other and use stupid names? "Latin Kings"..... really? Seriously?... Kings of what? You probably live at home with Mommy! Have you ever stopped to actually look at the people you call "friends"? Do that next time you're throwing up signs and then ask yourself "Do we look completely stupid right now?"... the answer is... Yes.
shut the f up

Fairfield, CA

#75 Sep 30, 2010
Yea we might. Gange bang but when u look at history who's all tha krazy hanabel eating who who owns. All tha artilary and amunition compan what rase is tha famous zodiac killer how abought fredy and jason or that krazy hick who raped his own doughter. And put hear in cellaer 4 20 years and gave hear 3 kids what race r all of the sick indeviduel tha whit man tha same whit man whou send us 2 poor iraq tha same whit man who drop boms in NAM. I GUEES OUR LIL GANGS DON'T LOOK SO BAD WHEN U TURN TA TABLES.YANKE DODOLE ,honkey red neck overall wear shootgun weeding monster truck hauling
Unknown wrote:
Ha..Everyone thinks pasadena is runned by the bloods but we all know is that the mexicans are on top of the City..the top Gangs are Northside Pasa then Villa Boy Pasa, Varrio Pasa Rifa, Southside Pasa, Eastside Backus St. And Every black guy thinks when they walk out their house their a Blood But when they get caught alone they don't bang Also Altadena Block Crips are on top by smashing these bloods

Houston, TX

#76 Nov 4, 2010
Unknown wrote:
Ha..Everyone thinks pasadena is runned by the bloods but we all know is that the mexicans are on top of the City..the top Gangs are Northside Pasa then Villa Boy Pasa, Varrio Pasa Rifa, Southside Pasa, Eastside Backus St. And Every black guy thinks when they walk out their house their a Blood But when they get caught alone they don't bang Also Altadena Block Crips are on top by smashing these bloods
xcuz mi by bet ta nekz own pazdana

Pasadena, TX

#77 Nov 7, 2010
Zenno of SEJ

Pasadena, TX

#78 Dec 7, 2010
Smoke You wrote:
<quoted text>
Can't stop, won't stop, diddly bop?
Look dude, it's called a wall, we're building one, then we will top it with guards, so when you get deported again you won't be coming back.
Live it up, that's what your life is about right? Better make it fast, more punks like you end up dead every day. Perhaps if you had more respect you would see your quality of life improve. Such a waste, it makes me sad, no matter what race you are, you don't have to chose to live life like an animal.
and whos gunna build this wall?
Bad turned good

Clearwater, FL

#79 Dec 27, 2010
I was born in raised in Pasadena. I was there when the gangs started and unfortunately I was involved in the madness. I was raised by a single mother and I looked to the streets for guidance. My mom worked from 7pm to 7am daily as a nurse to support our family. So, I had plenty of time to get into some unfavaorable things. People don't understand how the gang life is and never will until they live it. I am in the gang books til this day at the PPD and I have graduated college. I am a Mechanical engineer and I can still be picked up in a gang sweep. How is this fair? The gangs will not be a problem for ever because the only ending for a gangbanger is prison or the grave. I have seen over thirty of my friends killed the rest are in prison forever. I have friends on death row now for the "Halloween Murders" in 1993. Its a vicious cycle and it needs to stop. I moved my two sons away from Pasadena half way across the country. The problems are here also as they try to emmulate the gangs of California. I have seen white bloods and crips out here which is mindblowing. They call each other n***as and the whole nine. This world is something else but we have to raise our children the right way. It only takes one time to get in trouble and the rest of your life is over. I was acquitted of a murder charge at the age of 16. I was with the wrong people at the wrong time and it almost cost me my life. I didn't kill anyone but just being there is as bad as pulling the trigger. Young people wake up this is a vicious cycle and it needs to be broken. Peace

Pasadena, TX

#80 Dec 29, 2010
This ninja rides one deep. I trust no one but family. Im down with Bandidos. There right there in Baytown.Its money to be made over here. For you ppl in highlands and deer park we'll c what city supply yall kids with Cocaine and Chris dolmeth. You wanna talk shit, why not help? run ya mouf but never helped in one benefit. google that shit. Pasa "Get-Down" Dena. Ya daughter better have found someone 100 and who wont fold. either that or move to la porte where its safe. lol. Real talk yall need to get up and do something, im never coming back on this website. FTW

Pasadena, CA

#84 Feb 20, 2011
Yeah, NW pasadena is a real dump now. Kind of sad. The town by and large is much nicer than most of LA. I hate to racial profile but it does strike me that when a neighborhood becomes "ethnic" it also becomes crappy looking, trashy, and crime goes up. That may be more because of economics but right now everyone is broke, the only difference is, educated and broke people don't seem to hate their neighborhoods the way uneducated broke people do.

Houston, TX

#85 Mar 11, 2011
haha its funny how the dumbass ganster californians think this is about pasadena, california and type the name of their gang. o and the population of both cities is just about the same so these fools need to realize theres another pasadena out there and its in the best state, texas baby.
well well well

Plano, TX

#87 Apr 6, 2011
bunch of punk ass kids running around thinking they own the streets. idiots, it funny. last time driving down one of the streets a couple of gang bangers were walking in the middle of the street making cars go around them and throwing up signs as they did,well pissed me off and i punched on the gas and blew the horn,funny how quickly they jumped and crapped their pants. they act like this cause they think everyone is scared of them,well look out bitches caused u haved pissed off more than 1 citizen that has had enough. i had gang member friends growing up,but always had enough sense not to do stupid shit,always had good grades graduated college and have a great job and family. so i know what it is growing up like this,but was not stupid like the morons walking around now. well hope pasadena pd keeps u punks in check or the rest of us will.
Rabbi shultz

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#88 Apr 18, 2011
Cry about it.
Southeast juggalotus

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#89 Apr 18, 2011
Haters mad cause they daughter getting the brown dick. Sur Este know about it bitch.
the map

Plano, TX

#90 Apr 18, 2011
man Southeast just reading what you wrote i can imagine u sounding just stupid while saying it out loud. or should i rephrase it" YO YO YO u suund so dum yo,it lite me hearin dem wards cumin stratta atta ya mouth Yo" I hope that u can understand that. And maybe ur mad cause someone gave ur mom the brown stick and didnt stick around to see his mistake,

La Porte, TX

#91 Apr 23, 2011
there are those that seek knowledge and those who are content with belief. we have all come here to gain new experiences. we have all been here before.
everyone we come across has always been there and not mere coincidence, this is our soul group. this is by our design. many of you reading this have incarnated now to gain positive polarity, the negative emotions and situations are designed to help us understand life in a way we have not understood in past incarnations. This is all part of our spiritual growth. One must learn to accept all experiences and not reject or hate or put blame. Light could not be appreciated unless the darkness has been experienced. One can only choose when one knows what the choice is. Light and Dark originate from the same source all is one this is the Law of One. Light is measured in its density ,Light is knowledge

Pasadena, TX

#92 May 5, 2011
Smoke You wrote:
All i have to say about the subject is there are no gangs, just a bunch of scared little people running around trying to make something in thier world real. These people need help, they are retarded and need doctors.
By the way, if you are in a gang, remember this: Alot of your friends will die due to gang violence, but even more are killed by heart-broken fathers and raging brothers. Sure, it gets labelled gang violence, but really, you got killed by the family member of someone who did not need to die. There is but one word to label such a person: FAG
This coming from a person in Deer Park...the most racist place on earth

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