Hacienda La Puente Pop Warner accepti...

Hacienda La Puente Pop Warner accepting sign-ups

There are 537 comments on the Pasadena Star-News story from May 27, 2008, titled Hacienda La Puente Pop Warner accepting sign-ups. In it, Pasadena Star-News reports that:

Hacienda Heights La Puente Pop Warner youth football and cheer, open to children ages 5-15, are accepting sign-ups at Wal-Mart, located on the corner of Azusa and Gale avenues in Industry.

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West Covina, CA

#1 Jun 23, 2008
i desagree

Pico Rivera, CA

#4 Mar 10, 2009
Registration dates
3/10/09 3/12/09 6:00pm - 8:00pm
3/14/09 10:00am - 2:00pm
Manzanita Park Hacienda Heights
NLB Coach

United States

#5 Mar 27, 2009
Your new board is a joke, we heard all about you guys. Good luck your going to need it.

Another montobello ......
FYI it is Montebello

Pico Rivera, CA

#6 Mar 27, 2009
NLB Coach wrote:
Your new board is a joke, we heard all about you guys. Good luck your going to need it.
Another montobello ......
I'd rather be Montebello then NLB who is obviously illiterate who's the joke now?!
Funny NLB is DIV 1

Pico Rivera, CA

#8 Apr 7, 2009
How could you when you are in Division 1 this year, nice try!BTW-so called NLB Coach you should know who knows who in what Leagues before you try and claim status of a League you aren't part of. The old Board consisted of 1 Coach so educate yourself on who is who inside of a League! BTW-Anyone can teach the Double Wing. Honor is for people who earned it by standing up for what is right and following rules.
NLB Coach

United States

#11 Apr 8, 2009
[QUOTE who="BTW-Anyone can teach the Double Wing. Honor is for people who earned it by standing up for what is right and following rules.[/QUOTE]
Anyone can teach the Double Wing, We have two National Championship teams in two years. Both teams are running the double wing. That last team HLP sent to the National Championships ran the double wing. What offense do you run, o yea I heard all about your offense "one play at a time, we will decide what to call it latter on."

Los Angeles, CA

#13 Apr 8, 2009
I don't know how many parents are going to see this ad, or these comments. I just stumbled on to it as I was googling for a youth football league in the area. I have quite a few concerns.
1. A few of the responses, if not all, are by the people involved with this "new" Hacienda La Puente League. I'm appalled by the responses - none even have to do with "football." They are all personal attacks on the people leaving comments.
2. I agree, keep as many boys and girls off the street, by all means. But, this seems like the wrong league to involve our children in. It's full of drama, and this is only an ad for their league. To the folks involved who are making personal attacks - you look like fools, responding to this nonsense.
3. I found other leagues in the area - Hacienda Heights Cougars, La Habra Lions and La Mirada Matadores. Take a look at these leagues -maybe they won't be so wrapped up in personal attacks, but have an honest interest in the kids.
X-HLP Parent

United States

#14 Apr 9, 2009
This new HLP board is not what HLP was about in the past. The new board has been taken over by a couple of parents that were kicked out of a football program in Whittier. The rumor is money issues. Since they have been involved with HLP it has been all drama. These HLP comments have to be coming from one of them, the treasure Tammie. Her boy friend Dave would never question these guys ability to coach, he isnít that stupid. These guys took my sonís team to the national championships. They have multi offers to coach at the high school level every year, that is just crazy to question their coaching ability. These two are destroying a great league, by attacking our old board members you are attacking the heart of HLP. They will see the results of these comments this year, the parents and players will send a very clear message.

Los Angeles, CA

#15 Apr 14, 2009
are you kidding me???
this is supposed to be about your children having fun out there but you guys are taking it way to far by bashing one another... it seems to me like your almost living vicariously through your kids by doing all this trash talking... your supposed to be the adults (role models) and this is how you guys show it. wow it goes to show how trashy montebello really is to do something like that and then to miss-spell words... what grade in high school 9th? it seems to me that your not even mature enough to be adults. and this is coming from a 21 year old no i have no kids but my nephew plays for hlp and its really sad that i have to come here and regulate on a bunch of parents/coaching staff that's in the age range of 23-40 because you cant handle the fact that this is all in fun and games. its very slight chance that any of your kids will go pro so why do you try to cause a commotion over something like this. get over it!
X-HLP Parent

United States

#16 Apr 15, 2009
That is the real difference between the new board and the old board. The old board was all about all the kids. This new board is all about THEIR kids and their echoís. The new board is looking out for their kids and not for the best interest of the league. The way they have been treating our old board members is unacceptable, and if they think they are going to get parents to support them with this continued trash talking about the old board that worked so hard to get our league where it is today, they got another thing coming. They need to realize the old board may be gone but all those supporters are still involved in the league, and if they continue to trash talk it is going to create issues during the season. My advise to the new board, keep your month shout and due your job, especially you Tammie.

Los Angeles, CA

#17 Apr 15, 2009
the fact that you X-HLP Parent is trash talking and SRILL trash talking does not make you any better then the "new" board i dont know the ful story but maybe theres a reason why the "old" board got thrown out. and then to put tammie on blast? really??? i see more 19 year olds acting better then this. your parents act like it
For the record

Pico Rivera, CA

#18 Apr 15, 2009
I'm not going to belittle anyone but I will clarify the imposing concerns. To start my name is spelled Tamara not Tammie and if shortened Tami so thank you kindly to get it correctly when you respond with your bashing MS, yes I know who you are posting like several disgruntled people to put the League down, your IP comes straight from your place of employment NG. The facts are; 1. Myself nor any other Board Member to my knowledge,has ever been kicked out of any League for ANY issues, let alone money, 2. I was asked by more then one as you call them "X Board Members" to help out, never did I ask them, 3. The old Board Members had no issues with myself or other individuals until someone got caught doing something wrong in October 2008, 4.Yes there is a New Board but it consists of the same people who busted butt the entire 2008 Season for the KIDS, without being an actual Board Member, 5. Yes I did say somethings about 1 X-Board Member but I said it to his FACE in front of many other people, 6. The only egos were the people who choose to make the wrong decisions and then not be held accountable and reacting before thinking thus costing the League it's President, 7. Everything done (with the exception of this) is discussed voted on and agreed to as a BOARD in the best interest of the KIDS who look forward to having a home away from home! 8. Changes made were in the making since Sept 2008 and were for the best interest of the Kids and League, 9. Misconception is terrible people play at youth leagues for their KIDS not the people who run them, Coaches come and go Board members Come and go but the kids will always remain, that is the beauty of Youth Sports. Sorry to my fellow Board for not discussing this first but this is so childish and upsetting to parents who do support HLPPW and have for the past 5 years. So if anyone has anything to say try being an adult and email me directly bearing in mind cussing and threats will only get me to laugh but not give a response. SO your options are clear sit behind your computer hiding nameless and bash away or address the real concerns directly with HLPPW and it's Board.

Corona, CA

#19 Apr 15, 2009
Do you people let your kids have any fun? Isn't it supposed to be about them, having fun, learning about teamwork and sportsmanship? Instead the "adults" make it about their petty squabbles. Poor kids!

Los Angeles, CA

#20 Apr 16, 2009
tami just put the facts out there...
read it... ill do you one better come time for the season to start and things arent improved by the changes/adjustments then talk till then its not a good idea to open your mouths plain and simple.

Los Angeles, CA

#21 Apr 17, 2009
enough said, just cut it already. anyone know who the coaches are for the EXCITING new year???? cuz my boy wants a winning season this year
Mark X-Board Member

El Monte, CA

#22 Apr 20, 2009
TAMMIE,we had our five year run at HLP, 13 titles two teams went to the National Champiionships. Many of these kids are now playing varisty football at many of the local high schools and we are proud of them.
Now it is your turn, have fun, I have moved on. I wish all (except you and Dave) the best at HLP. The issues within the current board you and you alone created. When we have conference commissioners coming to us telling us that you were back stabbing JA and PB to obtain your personal goals. By back stabbing JA and PB you destoryed a whole teams dreams last year, but we all know you don't care about the kids, its all about you. Now you have what you want, so have fun.
I wish all the Best
Mark Schreiman

Los Angeles, CA

#23 Apr 20, 2009
that goes to show that Mark Schreiman is immature and con not move on because he is still opening he mouth about this... being very passive and rude. like i said before keep your mouth shut till the season starts
Ding Dong MS is gone

Pico Rivera, CA

#24 Apr 21, 2009
Ignorance is bliss isn't it. Typical of JA and MS to blame anyone but themselves for shattered dreams of the Team you are referring to. Look in the mirror MS and JA what do you see men or cowards. Coaches breaking rules is what got those kids into problems. You wanted people to lie and cover up and they didn't, so now they are the bad guys and you two always the innocent victims. Everyone wants to tear you two down and make trouble for you because you are so important in sports right? You two matter so much right? you can get kids into great colleges right? oh what no, then what is it why do people care about you two so much? I'm just clueless I guess. Don't forget everyone knows this stems back for years and anyone who keeps up with SGV Prep Sports, Fred Robledo knows this fiasco has been going on long before the Board members you are trying to blame! People are so tired of hearing how you did this and you did that and you went here and blah blah blah. Thank you for moving on, you should have your hands full with the Little League stuff anyways it's baseball season so glorify them like we all know you can do.
Mad Parent

Ontario, CA

#25 Apr 23, 2009
Whats going on at HLP??? To give a team to Burns is going to make alot of kids quite football..HLP u will soon find out what kind of person he is. He talks down to the kids and talks himself up like he's the best thing ever.Its not all about what he did at La Puente High. You have to remember the age group your going to coach. Tha only reason he wanted the team is for he's grandson and thats a fact. This is all about the kids and all i care about is that they learn the game and have fun doing it. HLP parents please keep a good eye on Burns. Pissed off old men should not be around kids...
Ding Dong MS is gone

Pico Rivera, CA

#26 Apr 23, 2009
For Starters Mr. Burns was asked by last years Head Coach to help him out. When he started is when the kids woke up and learned football is an aggressive sport and there needs to be discipline and yeah yelling. They have helmets on, kids running full speed at them and need to be prepared and listen to the yelling coaches from the sidelines giving directions. Jr Pee Wee is exactly the age where you have to be rough because this is when "REAL" playing is involved and serious injuries can occur. Parents had no complaints last year and to be honest the Head Coach is more assistant Coach material. To say Burns is there for his grandson like all the other Coaches aren't there for theirs is wrong. He was the one approached to help coach last year, and very content on the sidelines. Now you scrutinize him because he is more qualified and got the Position. Who takes a Tackle team to play Flag? ask yourself that when discussing qualifications, they teach totally different rules. 100% Counterproductive.

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