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Jeff Sili

Urbanna, VA

#25 Jan 18, 2008
I have spent my life writing about what good things Caroline has going for itself. Have taken alot of heat for just that very thing. especially lately. However you haven't lived here very long and have some unrealistic views. In Caroline there is no such thing as a strict anything. least of all development zone, you probably mean comprehensive plan.
On the schools, The 5th grade classes that are in the old annex in the school my mother graduated from might diagree with you, especially the ones that went sick to the hosptial during the first weeks of school when the ac was broken. The school is ridden with asbestoes.
This side of the county is delighted that the development is in Ladysmith, we just don't need to be paying for it or the YMCA which will never be able to sustain itself, if ever built and is by NO means a done deal.
Bowling Green chose to be one of the last small, Mayberry-like town's in Virginia and are proud of it. Keep your population explosion. We have two development/growth corridors that we are being very careful with in order to keep our town from what it looks like over there, rows of houses,on mini lots and concrete.
Reassessment in no way means higher taxes. At the last one they simply lowered the tax rate and if assessments drop can bring the rate to any figure to make them equal.
Yeah you are right about the raise in taxes, I wouldn't mention that in mixed company even on your side of the county. I know plenty of folks over there in the lakes who still know where to find a bucket of tar and some chicken feathers.

Ashland, VA

#26 Jan 19, 2008
"a bucket of tar and some chicken feathers"

It's just that I have lived through all this in Spotsylvania... so I can say right now that Caroline is doing a lot more than Spotsy did at this point in their development.

And lower reassesments would mean a higher tax rate, so they can still get the same income... When I said higher taxes, I ment the tax rate, sorry.

Ashland, VA

#28 Jan 19, 2008
Umm... I was in spotsy, and never heard any promise from anyone saying that they were going to try to control growth.

Spotsy did nothing... everything they have done is reactionary. the only county that I have seen listed, which has tried the planned growth route was Loudon county... and they still have a good amount of rural land left (considering their location). Things are a little crazy up there, because the county is under so much pressure to develope more land, since it's so close to DC and the airport... but they're doing their best.

You're ignorant if you think you can prevent growth completely. Eventually it will happen. You can't stop people from building on their property they already own. If Caroline hadn't approved the large communities (Haymount, Pendleton, Ladysmith Village), then all the homes which are going to be built there now would have been built along the side roads of the county (like what happened in Stafford and Spotsy).

If people want to move to Caroline, they will... the best we can do is try to slow growth, and try to keep things as organized as possible.

Ashland, VA

#30 Jan 19, 2008
"I never said all growth could be stopped "completely," so let's get that straw man out of the way, okay?"

I didn't say that you did say that... I was just trying to make a point, I wasn't just talking about you.

Anyways, I will admit that higher taxes would slow growth, since one of the reasons to move to Caroline is the low taxes. Higher taxes would be needed to help pay for some of the road improvements... but remember that just about all the county's schools need improvement now, if we have higher growth or not. I think taxes will be going up in a few years... but I think the tax increase would happen if there was high growth or not.

And wouldn't zoning be a way of planning development?(Unless you zone all the land as being unfit for construction or something) Planned development is simply zoning areas where development is promoted, and other areas where development is inhibited. I reall yhtink we both want the same thing... it's just that I try to stay optomistic about things, where-as you're a little more extreme.(I think anyways)

Also, it might be in part because you (or others too?) see me personally as part of the problem... since I moved here a little over a year ago, I am one of these people you speak of, who are moving to Caroline for more affordable homes, cheaper taxes, and less traffic than to the north or to the south.

But since my wife and I moved down here, we plan on staying... and we hope to eventually live as well as work in Caroline.(Right now we both work in Richmond) We really like the county... and we're really hoping that Ladysmith turns into the village that the plan is aiming for.

And about them approving more communities... I really doubt they would. First, the way the housing market is, I doubt anyone would want to try. Second, there's already way too many approved building lots anyways... it wouldn't make any sense to approve more.

Anyways, lets work together on things, ok? Don't be so hostile... this is the opposite of what I expected from you when you greeted me on the FT forums.
Tom James

Mechanicsville, VA

#33 Jan 20, 2008
Some is using my name on Topix to post under.

This is the real Tom James and I did not make the previous posts.

I have no connection with Fredericksburg

Ashland, VA

#34 Jan 20, 2008
Burqa, I think maybe I should explain my stance on the issue a little... so then we can better understand each other.

I am in support of having Ladysmith develop into a town. Having walk able shops, sidewalks everywhere... lots of things to do, activities and events for the community. And I am in support of having a city block system in Ladysmith... I think that's self explanatory.

BUT, I am in support of distinct zoning boundaries, so that areas just outside of Ladysmith stay as they are now. Basically, I'd like to see a compact town, with country side right outside the boarders. This is something that no other county has been able to do... to truly contain growth, so that only the established towns have growth... leaving the other 90% of the county untouched.

This is a picture I grabbed from google images:

A lot of towns in Europe are this style... where houses are close together in the town core... and not spread out all over. I don't know where the idea that everyone must have a 1/4 to 1/2 an acre for their house... traditionally people lived close together in a village style, where you can walk everywhere. This cuts down in congestion from traffic, and promotes a healthier lifestyle.

I am in support of more retail opportunities, but NOT in support of big box stores. This is simply because of what I just said... it's kind of hard to walk to a big box store from your house.

I am in support of a bike path, and pedestrian cross walks across Rt. 1... so people can walk/bike from place to place easier.

I am in support of having developers pay for new schools, donate land to the county for parks... as well as pay for road widening. Also remember that for every new home that is built, some amount goes right to the county. Last I heard it was fairly substantial... I think all of those funds should go into an account used only to strengthen infrastructure (and schools).

I would like to see zoning that within Ladysmith, new lots are limited to 1/4 of an acre or less. Then right outside of Ladysmith have lots limited to 5 or 10 acres... and then further out limit lots to 20 acres or so. Then you have a way to enforce this village concept.

Like I said earlier... people are coming. Might as well shove them into one small town, and leave the rest of the county alone.... Otherwise you get like Spotsy and Stafford, where people just pick land, and build on it... and have development spread out all over, and down roads that were not designed to handle the amount of traffic that are on them now.

I'd like to see turning lanes and a median from Lake Caroline, up to where Gatewood rd. hits rt. 1... and then have Ladysmith rd widened to 4 lanes with a median from I-95 through to Lake Land'Or. I'd also like to see the number of new intersections limited to 2 or 3 on Ladysmith Rd... so that you don't end up like on Rt. 3 in Spotsy, where there is a traffic light every 1/10 of a mile.

I'd like to see the exit 110 interchange made into a full clover-leaf, and I'd like to see the intersection of Ladysmith Rd. and Rt. 1 made into an elevated intersection, to allow traffic to move freely through there.

Anyways, thatís the best I could sum it upÖ I know itís long, but itís hard to convey a vision in text.
Tom James

Mechanicsville, VA

#35 Jan 20, 2008

Ashland, VA

#36 Jul 25, 2013
What is going up at the southwest corner of Rt 1 and Ladysmith Road ?

Hodgenville, KY

#37 Feb 14, 2015
Eric wrote:
wow, I sure hope not.
I'm fine with driving 15-20 minutes to go to the one in Spotsy... Right in ladysmith would be a little too close to home for my taste. If they had to build a big box store, I'd be happier with a super-target.
Though, anything to give the foodlion some competition would be nice... but that's assuming it would be a super wal-mart...
What, is wal-mart trying to crush the local small businesses before they even get a chance to start-up? A walmart would kill the under-construction Ladysmith Commons area, and any other new commercial development happening.
I'm going to back away slowly from this topic, and pretend I didn't read it... until I see something more about it, I'll assume it's just a rumor.
On the other hand, I'd be 100% in support of a super-walmart down off of exit 104... they need something besides truck stops down there. And I think walmart would fit in better down there anyways... it's just that Ladysmith is trying to have an old-town style image, and a walmart would kill that.
ok, enough about this, I need to stop rambling. If anyone knows anything more, I hope they post it.
I would love a Walmart!!!!

Saint Michaels, MD

#38 Sep 29, 2015
You now are blessed with a Walmart.

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