Frank M Jerry

Savannah, GA

#430 Oct 29, 2013
As LUCK would have it FLHAbused in 2007 while residing in Ga, one night walking home from a gas station after purchasing some items, I get mugged and my wallet is stolen. There was no altercation and I gave the muggers my wallet which had almost nothing in it. However, the incident for some reason (not discernable at the time) spiked my sugar levels and was taken to GA Regional in one of my trances.

My first session the next day, a Female Psychiatrist informs her counter part right in front of me who were debating as to whether or Not if I needed medication.
She says to the other psychiatrist, he seems like he’s in a trance and let's just wait and see if he(meaning me) comes out of it. It was a trance, a diabetic trance and NOT one Pavilion Psychiatrist for 8 1/2 years ever recognized.(Not Chervony, Moskowitz , Martinasevic nor Vasquez.)

It all then began to register with me from that moment on, the only thing I still had to discern for myself was what were the causing these trances or spikes in blood glucose.

She did not know the root causes but knew it was a trance. I subsequently (getting to the bottom of things) determined they were caused by excess sugar, disharmony/ discord or high stress and excessive fish oil all caused my lood sugar levels to spike creating a trance like states of mind.

And you have “Schmucks” like Chevony practicing Psychiatry at the Pavilion who are unable to in
8 ½ years to decipher or determine this. The Police even brought me to the Pavilion on several occasions themselves completely withdrawn into myself/ out of it.

Why? because these doctors are in cahoots with big pharmaceutical companies with the sole purpose of pushing deadly Pills. Deadly needless Pills and Dr. James Mercola himself states that Bipolar is nothing more then a diabetic fit. It makes perfect sense NOW.
How many people have died and families negatively effected taking Depakote, Zyprexa and Now Rispadol? and they could not careless but only about the perks and money.

I would no longer ever recommend trusting any doctor of any sort. They all lie today for the money nad Perks. Hope they rot in hell.
Frank M Jerry

Savannah, GA

#431 Oct 30, 2013
There is a very interesting Health article in Dr. James Mercolas Health news letter today. I read his newsletter everyday and it is very informative.

"When it makes SENSE to Just Say NO to meds"!!! This is exactly waht I did 10 years ago and saved my life in the process and eventually relocating to Savannah Ga.
The smartest move I have ever made in my life other wise these Pavilion doctors would of killed me by now for sure.
Frank M Jerry

Savannah, GA

#432 Oct 31, 2013
Just a Coincidence Fl Abused?

MSN reported yesterday that 440,000 people die annually attributable to medical mistakes. Just be grateful your still alive and can do something about it.

I am Just thankful to the Lord for opening my eyes in the nick of time or I would have been one of those deadly statistics for sure.

These doctors need to get the Chair and in the case of the Mexican Chervony, needs to be sent back to Mexico, corruption is part of his upbringing and he brings this medical corruption crap to America.
Many of these doctors simply have No conscience like the one on trial for killing his wife.

Medical care is great if it is legit. Based on today’s standards medical care is not legit,
it is all about the money and perks,.
Frank M Jerry

Savannah, GA

#433 Nov 2, 2013
Did you noticed Miami Dolphins player left camp because of bullying??,
well one of the main reasons I left Coral Springs there was too much bullying going on.

Savannah much nicer with mucho more Nice people who treat each other in a dignified manner. Not bully them or try to intimidate them based a false information.

Wise up Good folks of Coral Springs and say No to bullies and
Do Not Eat at Wings Plus on sample, the home of the bully.
Read a Nice news letter, Natural News, Go Natural Health and save yourself mucho deniero in heath cost.!!
Frank M Jerry

Savannah, GA

#434 Nov 2, 2013
FLAbused and All the mentally abused folks, read as much Natural Health news as humanely possible, Mercola or Michael Adams, they have there heads straight.

Yesterday article-fight depression with Vitamin B3 Niacin- Right On the money!!

These psychiatrist are in reality another form of bullies- Just say No to all buliies !!!


The Miami Dolphins Player from Stanford( smarts school) said No and I fully agree. Simply Walk out or away and take up the fight another day..!!
Frank M Jerry

Savannah, GA

#435 Nov 2, 2013
Another Infamous Female Bully of Coral Springs was Det. Barbara Haydu. She was so overly preoccupied following my exploits for the Chief Roy Arrigo, she completely lost sight of her Fellow Bullies on Steroids. Glad there both gone!!

There is nothing worse then a Police Officer bully on steroids, Right Crawford, Gallagher and Carlson, all you Mark McGuire followers.
Maybe Haydu should of check into it if my ex wife testimonies were even accurate?
That was too much trouble for her. Those wicked lies of my ex were solely to gain custody of my two youngest sons were strictly for money.

***Woman lie for money.She filed a harrasment notice and she wasn’t even at Wings Plus, need I say more.

If I was such a bad abusive father Roy Arrigo, before there was a SS stipend for my two youngest sons, Why did they chose me to live with? and it was then very much okay with my ex-wife???.

My ex then lied for money and Police bought into those lies as well as Female Judges etc etc etc, then a bandwagon effect community effort that simply got out of control.

And if I did something wrong that required the invasion of the entire CSPD, Roy Arrigo,

Why wasn’t I arrested ever for it ?? Savannah Ga, much nicer place to live.
Frank M Jerry

Savannah, GA

#436 Nov 2, 2013
Keep in mind another word for Bully is "Control Freak", these owners of Wings Plus are control freaks and enablers.

They allowed my youngest Son to quit school by providing him a Job as a dishwasher.

How dumb was that?

But that was somehow okay with the Chief of Police Roy Arigo and Det. Barbera Haydu?

They should of invaded Wings Plus owned and operated by the "control freaks"
Brian and Carol Walsh !!

Now my Son has No education, caught with alcohol underage and the POLICE have only themselves to blame as well as the Courts, Female Judges sitting on the bench taking up space.!!!

These are the idiots that need the services of the Pavilion. I was just trying to make things right.
Frank M Jerry

Savannah, GA

#437 Nov 2, 2013
Hope my other Son is not blaming himself for his DUI. He was only emulating his Bosses, Brian and Carol Walsh who "glorify" the consumption of Irish Whiskey.
There'll glorify the consumption of Irish whiskey in Hell for sure. That is where Whiskey get glorified.
And Judge Phillips, How much Irish Whiskey do you consume on a daily basis? I had to become the Detective to get you to recuse yourself, Shame on you and you'll regret the day you were born should my sons become alcoholic. You'll be doing your Judging from hell.

You Irish are brain dead due to all your alcohol consumption. Right wing conservative alcoholics???.

Meanwhile Det.Haydu, How come you failed to detect the fact all Irish woman who worked for me.

Or my former sister in law who called my home daily complaining about her abusive Husband.

I grew up in Queens N.Y. and included in my circle of friends were of course Irish kids, I know what bullying, control freaks and the abusive Irish are all about. Right Bob Conlin of Coral Springs.

Would my ex father in law and brother in law allow me to marry their daughter and sister if I was remotely abusive or violent as charged?

Not on your life. They were both New York Police Officers. That marriage was annulled (40) years ago for other reasons.
Frank M Jerry

Savannah, GA

#438 Nov 3, 2013
Happy to learn the Republican Party is disintegrating and dissolving faster that an Alka-Seltzer in hot water. One of the primary reasons is that Wings Plus on Samples assertion of being a Republican Headquarters filed with Bullies, control freaks and steroid intimidators.

Exploiting my Sons then having CSPD trying to finish me Off. Carol Walsh, coercing my ex wife in to filing a bogus harassment notice because I went in and complained about my sons hours. Carol Walsh thinks she is above reproach..

How low do you get Carol Walsh?? Have those Bullies pulling me off the road in Brevard County. And I losing my possessions. Make good on my possessions Carol, or are you simply too cheap???

My case sounds like the kid from the Dolphins but I do not have two Harvard Lawyers as parents or a player rep from the NFL.

I not even sure Brian and Carol Walsh are even Christian people? They sure do not act like it, they act people strung out on Irish Whiskey continually. Hope the ultimately wind up in Hell.

Right Wing Conservative Republicans, this is a JOKE and a FARCE.

This is more of the way the Nazi’s operated and the Gestapo got started through Law Enforcement.!!.
Frank M Jerry

Savannah, GA

#439 Nov 3, 2013
Mighty interesting following the Ritchie Incognito story of the Miami Dolphins. Many similarities between Incognito and Chief Roy Arrigo( Bully, Control Freak and intimidator)

Ritchie Incognito( Dolphins) and Chief Roy Arrigo (Coral Springs) have plenty in common, one was toxic for the Dolphins and Roy Arrigo was toxic for Coral Springs and Country!!

Roy even hassled my sons at the Park and on their way home from school. A true toxic bum to the community at large!!Det Barbera Haydu played into his game.

Roy Arrigo ( A toxic Chief of Police) had to go, a great move by Coral Springs eventually! Used everything he could muster up against me.

And I’m sure Daniel Enrique Chervony MD of Mexico communicated with each other to make my life miserable. People who have miserable lives trying desperately to ruin others.

I wish my Sons would Wise up already to the truth and fact already. They should know now all those hassling incidences were staged by Roy Toxic Arrigo!.

Adios amigo Arrigo!! Hope it is vios condios which is permanent.
Even the Courts bought into toxic Roy Arrigo because he had a badge. These type of Police put the entire nation at risk(The innocent) attributable to retaliations against them.
Frank M Jerry

Savannah, GA

#440 Nov 5, 2013
Coral Springs freak town USA.
No real big surprise Richie Incognito and his type thrive in the State of Florida and wound up playing with the Dolphins. Birds of a feather flock together .

"Amazing Grace how sweet thou art",
He took me by the Hand and lead me from your toxic waste land (Coral Springs). How's property values, still in free fall??
There is only corrupt Justice presently in the State of Florida and if you don't play ball, they send Sheriffs to you home to try and shut you up or entire Police Departments to do a number on you,

Was it really necessary to pull me over while exiting the State even?? And then sit with your heads up your behind and wonder about all these shooting incidences across the Nation endangering the lives of the innocent..

I still want restitution for all my belongings Brian and Carol Walsh. You really do not think the Lord isn't watching all of you!!
Frank M Jerry

Savannah, GA

#441 Nov 7, 2013
Two more Mall shootings (N.J. and Detroit) putting innocent citizns at severe risk.

Bob Conlin another Irish Richard Incognito for sure. Had the nerve, to takes my Sacred words at Emmaus meetings(I joined to awaken my spirituality) and as a former Cop himself runs to Arrigo with them.

Lights go out in Church before Mass one morning and Bob Conlin begins asking me all these questions as to what we should do. Why ddidn't he know waht to do? Drunk on Irish Whiskey.

He specifically asked me to Join St Vincent Depaul so he can get more of a scoop for Chief Roy Arrigo. Whar a creep!!
Bob Conlin then informs me after Mass, my services for St. Vincent would no longer be needed. Is he actaully a Christian ? The reason pantry is low at St. Andrews. Food stamps being challenged by Tea Pots of Wings PLus!! Tea Pots disolved!!.

On my way to my car in the St. Andrews parking lot after Mass and after being let go, I find a Rose.
I'd rather have Mother Teresa at my back then any Police Officer, that's for hell sure.

****Code Blue is an evil force!!!
These are Irish drunks who are truly brain dead for sure on Irish Whiskey..
Lord have Mercy on their pathetic souls.

Justice with No Mercy is so prevalent in Florida, absolutely disgusting.
Frank M Jerry

Savannah, GA

#442 Nov 7, 2013
I really never comprehended the reason Chief Roy Arrigo had it in for me. Once he even detained me for about ½ hour while leaving a school after voting in my Security Uniform because I went out the same way I went in and apparently it was the wrong exit door.. He had people constantly harassing me like on the stairwell to my apartment after grocery shopping. And the motorcycle cop bandit who was always following me around Coral Springs. Roy Arrigo even had someone steal my sons Bike. I guess he was hoping against hope I would lose my cool one day.
Sending Sgt Gallagher over to drag me out of my apartment because my son was Not in class that day. Later that day Gallagher ( The HGH Bully) calls me and informs me (actually laughing in my face) my son was taking AP exams.

Why was Roy Arrigo monitoring both my sons movements??? because of all my ex-wife’s lies he bought into?? Or did Roy just have it in for me???.. Gallagher never offered an apology. These CSPD bullies have no humility.
This was all a bunch of crap by Roy Arrigo who was desperately trying to get me to lose my cool in order for him Not to lose his Job. T.G. I won, being patient, cool, calm and collective.

Roy Arrigo and Barbera Haydu both lost their Jobs with me staying patient. The HGH users have to still go.
******And all Roy Arrigo and Det.Barbara Haydu had to do was to look at my dog. A dog will inevitably take on the persona of his Master. My dog was about as docile a dog as a dog could be.
My ex wife, the more she wronged me, the more frightened and the more Nuts in the head she became. I had to start picking up my youngest son Now across the street from her gated community. She was going bonkers in the head. Even Father Mathew offered to mediate the marriage, she refused and to think I originally started dating her, she was attending prayer meetings.

She was NOW disavowing her faith even. And she did not want to reconcile.
Frank M Jerry

Savannah, GA

#443 Nov 12, 2013
To the Very Merry Irish Drunks of Wings Plus,

Politix informs me a Father calls Police on his Son to teach him a lesson. Cops kill son.

Sounds exactly what the Motives of Carol Walsh and Kathleen O'Hearn were, sends CSPD to teach me a lesson. Carol Walsh is of course beyond reproach in her exploitation of children.

They taught me an enormous lesson about just how there is absolutely no Justice in South Florida.

Just glad I wasn't killed as well, then All these female bullies would of rejoiced.

I am still left wondering as to how CSPD obtained the harassment notice to serve as an excuse to come barging in? Kathleen was not even present in this corrupt establishment, can not trust the food either.,
Can't even be nice enough to obtain back my stolen belongings. Good Bye Tea pots, good bye tea pots we hate to see you disappear.
Frank M Jerry

Savannah, GA

#444 Nov 23, 2013
To FL Abused and other person being abused in FL Hospitals,
It would be extremely beneficial for all of you to look into a quality Krill Oil for the following reasons,

The essential fatty acids (DHA) and (EPA) in Krill oil can significantly lower the risk of depression and bipolar disorder. Both assist in the balancing, normalizing and regulating the neurotransmitter dopamine. There is an excellent chance it will balance all transmitters in the brain like Hypo cretin, responsible for arousal, and feelings of over all happiness.

The controversy surrounding krill oil involves the fact that the krill are removed and seen as worthless from the oceans. The krill are the principle part and chief support of many fish, penguins, seals, and whales. Be cautious in it's use an excessive in take may increase blood glucose. Stay well and good luck, a far cheaper and less costly treatment plan in many many ways. Like your life expectancy.
Frank M Jerry

Savannah, GA

#445 Nov 26, 2013
There is an excellent chance a Quality Krill oil will gradually balance all your hormones as well as all your neurotransmitters.

Just received an e-mail from Skolove Law firm indicating the enormous number of deaths hospitals are actually responsible for, add to it the number of people who die because of Big Pharma, we have a outrageous epidemic on our hands that no one is talking about.
Frank M Jerry

Savannah, GA

#446 Dec 3, 2013
To Florida Abused and any mental health patient experiencing major side effects like Parkinson's or Alzheimer’s or tar dive dyskensia, from the deadly medcine.

Please research the use of Soy Lecithin !!
It may alleviate all of your concerns.

Please not however, it should be used sparingly and off and on like one month on and one month off, not for continuous use.

You may even increase your cognitive ability in the process. It cultivates the grey matter in your brain. I have gotten more intelligent with age.

*****IQ can be increased..

Good Luck.
Frank M Jerry

Savannah, GA

#447 Dec 6, 2013
Florida Abused et all those being mentally abused,

I remind all of you “Mental Illness” begins in the Digestive Tract. Not the brain. The notion that mental illness is a chemical imbalance of the brain is an intentional myth. Get your digestive tract in order and regain your mental health.

I started by fasting which completely detoxed my body. Then I ate plenty of fermented foods (cabbage daily)for awhile to bolster my digestive tract. And I built my immune system in the process. I have not had a cold or flu in ten years since I went Nutritional.

Another reason a colonoscopy was simply absurd, Hippocrates, a more advanced MD then todays stated death begins in the large intestines thus making a colon exam meaningless just like mammograms etc etc.

Many think they actually cause breast cancer plus these cold vaccines like wise, they cause flu’s and colds.
I would thoroughly research each and every medical exam today before allowing it. They will exploit your ignorance and it is these male doctors who exploit woman like many men do, make no mistake about that. My family dentist exploited my ex-wifes ignorance.
Frank M Jerry

Savannah, GA

#449 Dec 17, 2013
Today December 16th 2013, the Jane Velez Mitchell Show of CNN dealt with two TIER Justice that exist in this country. It is absolutely true based on my living experience and especially prevalent in your Ft. Lauderdale Court house. Because I refused to obtain an attorney in my divorce scam perpetrated by my ex-wife Judge Lisa Carol Phillips felt she had no obligation for Justice in the proceedings. She should step down immediately if not sooner.

Yet, this make shift Judge is big on morality in which she demonstrated absolutely none. A right wing conservative Judge appointed by President Bush married to a Police officer felt absolutely no Need for Justice in my matters before the court.

*****^Judge Phillips and her husband are the last persons on earth to preach or mention morality.

They both have zero moral standards of their own, that is for hell sure. She even denied me just a hearing in a custody case because my ex had no case and it involved a the Police of Wings Plus. She knew darn well that the Police acted inappropriately by invading my home and she had no answers for me thus deny the hearing. No courage Judge, you have zero courage and are extremely corrupt.

How can any of you look yourselves in the mirror each day???.

It is now going on ten years this complete lack of Justice,

To Hell with all of you. Merry Christmas Judge !!!. Sit and wonder this Christmas as to the reasons vigalante Justice is so prevalent in your State. You created your own mess, now lie in it.
Kiki Alard

Fort Pierce, FL

#450 Dec 22, 2013
Are you aware that it's not socially acceptable, proper, or good netiquette to respond to your posts over and over?


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