What's the Real Deal with Coral Springs?
Frank M Jerry

Savannah, GA

#21 Jul 16, 2010
The Tea Party Movement is being classified as a Racist movement. I haven't been back to Coral Springs in almost 6 years but if Wings Plus on Sample Road referred to as Republican headquarters owned an operated by Brian and Carol Walsh, child predators are advocating the Tea Party movement then I fully agree The Tea Party Movement is a racist movement.
I had to hear my ex Irsh mother-in-law for too long and she was a humungous racist. I simply can't believe that a black man or women would work for Wings Plus.
Even Our Fathers Soup Kitchen in Ft Lauderdale has air conditioning on in the kitchen during the hot summer, not Wings Plus, they have no air conditioning in their hot sweaty kitchen !!
CSPD or the Romans use to love and give traffic violations to the none english speaking Haitian cab drivers. They were unable to fight the $75.00 bogus traffic violations. The Walshes who exploited Haitian workers and a former Cop never defended them. Brian and Carol Walsh real bowel movement of people and how much graft did they give Judge Lisa Carol Phillips ?
Frank M Jerry

Savannah, GA

#22 Jul 16, 2010
The only significant question which remains open in my mind is just, How much graft or payola was handed to Judge Lisa Carol Phillips of Ft Lauderdale in order to deny my motion for a custody hearing.

The motion named Brian and Carol Walsh hiring my 14 year old son to work in that urine smelling beer stinking saloon, Wings Plus or Republican headquarters. Another Tea scandel.

Again,the welfare of child means nothing to these Irish idots especially when there not there own kids as previously explained.

How much was given to Harold C. Forman Clerk or Jerk of the court not to reasign the case ? The case was never heard or reasigned.

Judge Carol Lisa Phillips felt so much guilt it required her to send two Sheriffs fully armed to my home hoping I would be provoked into doing something rash. That was my false reputation. The two Sheriffs left mocking my landlords cat that's how f up they are.

I always preached controlled dicipline to my 4 sons thoughout there baseball careers and it paid off. Thank God, I have enormous self dicipline and couldn't possibly be Bi Polar as diagnosed by Dr. Daniel M E.X Chervony.Only interested in the money Chervony.

Judge Lisa Carol Phillips should hang her head in shame, along with my ex wife and the Walshes and start repenting now. I wonder if they will allow there 14 year old daughter to work in a saloon ?

Trust me those who fail to repent of their sins go directly to hell !! Judge Phillips ,The Walshes, I will continue to try and disgrace them even if I have to disgrace them post humously.

Does Jim Naugle want his daughter working in a saloon ?

My 4 sons hate me now, Your not a good parent unless your hated by your kids, Thank God I hated and rejoice in their rejection !!
Frank M Jerry

Savannah, GA

#23 Jul 16, 2010
It's my understsnding that Oakland is cutting back on there Police force. This I'm gladly informed may lead to a trend across the Nation.

If Chief Duncan Forster needs to cut back,he has in my estimation three dirty cops. Officer Crawford, this cop is a trigger happy dude who thinks the taser is a new Christmas toy to be played with.

Sgt Galleghar, I have never in my life met someone more stupid then Galleghar and he's a Sgt. This guy is one big idiot. I am always wondering: there are numerous Galleghars in South Florida tied to corruption, I just wonder if he's related. This jerk entered my appartment alone, it really doesn't get any more stupid the that. He was always at my appartment for Chief adios Arrigo trying to provoke me and my kids as well. Another steroid user !!!!

Last but not least Sgt Allen, she actually left the police desk to run over to Wings Plus in favor for her buddy Bridget Walsh P.O The buddy girl system. So a bogus harrassment notice could be issued by Judge Mark Speiser !

Judge Mark Speiser was played for a fool.How was I harrassing my wife by entering Wings Plus ? They were most certainly exploiting my son provenbythe DEPT OF Business Regualation. They were subject to steep fines but got politically off the hook.

How is that Judge Speiser ? That absurd harassment notice was used as a means just to enter and shoot My son Brett joseph Jerry wonders as to the reason I'm in Savannah Ga. After all the harassment that followed, I'm just lucky I'm alive..

Judge Mark Speiser should give it up also !! The Good Lord is fully aware of all those who intentionally tried to harm and there are quite a few, hope there saying there prayers faithfully.

I did my 2 year indulgence and it paid off big time !!
Frank M Jerry

Savannah, GA

#24 Jul 17, 2010
I listen to Barry Levine trying to justify the new billboards advocating My Life My Death My Choice appearing across the nation. Like the Catholic Church, I am strongly opposed to these signs.

Barry Levine a spokeperson reminded me of none other then Dr. Stephen Moskowitz (Psychiatrist)of University Hospital and Pavilion who promotes suicide as does Dr. Daniel M.E.X. Chervony.

University and Pavilion is place whereby these so called doctors promote mass suicide in there medical practices and procedures. The Catholic Church should take a hard look at the happenings and going ons at the Pavilion.

It also comes from a place of enormous lust for money especially by the Mexican Chervony. His Ties to Big Pharma are unconscionable. I have desperately tried to have his license to practice revoked to no avail. The State is simply too too corrupt to get anything positively done. Therefore the stealing and killing especially at the Pavilion go unimpeded.

It is always these wretched people (Dr. Moskowitz) who have lead guilt ridden lives who then come out and support suicide because they never appreciate there own life. I wrote to Moskowitz on this very subject!!

Interestingly to note that while staying at the Pavilion, I wore my Emmaus sport shirt from St Andrews Emmaus quite often and Daniel M.E.X. Chervony actually became freighten of the shirt. What does that tell you ? MEX bellowed one day, Doesn't Mr. Jerry have another shirt to wear ? That how guilty Mex's is feeling because of all his personal wrong doings !!
Frank M Jerry

Savannah, GA

#25 Jul 17, 2010
Speaking of Police harrassment, How's the little Motor cycle Police Bandit doing ? He use to tail me quite often while I road around Coral Springs no doubt in favor to the other motorcycle bandit, the Blue Knight himself Brian Walsh. More proof of racism. Ran into a bunch of Blue Knights in Jericho Long Island, there hangout went out of business. Thank God !!

In fact pulled me over one day the PO issues me two citatations and informs me he's giving me a break and doing me favor and not no citation for no seat belt. This was a load of garbage and informed the Chief. I always wear my seat belt, ask my sons !!Plus I do not need favors from those kind of people.

A few months earlier,the motor cycle bandit was so upset at me because I was exiting the Aquatic center and of course he's right on my butt. I get out my car and ask him as to the reason there is no yellow tape around a hole the size of a moon crater. He so preoccupied with me there was a distinct possibility a small child could easily walk right into the crater. This escaped his feeble brain.

After he gave me the Citation on the other side of Wings Plus the less then intelligent bandit trys to exit the wrong way and just missed getting into a head on collison with the car entering. Too Bad. It would of been poetic Justice and served him right.

Please do not vote Republican in South Florida, it a vote against democracy !!
Frank M Jerry

Savannah, GA

#26 Jul 17, 2010
There is enourmous sad irony present here that sometimes looking back,I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

My ex-wife Kathleen Mary O'Hearn an Irish Catholic who claims to be charasmatic. Kathleen is no charasmatic Catholic as far as I'm concerned.It was a lie. After my divorce, I began to realize the reason Father Levy during pre canor refused to marry us. Kathllen was so furious we got married at another Church. This women can not handle the word no and I learned that to late.

All I heard for (20) years from my ex mother in law and Kathleen was how abusive David Meehan was ti my sister in law and nephew who know because of all those Irish beatings worship the devil. Kathleen initially use to brow my slow developing son Danny until I put an end to that Irish abuse qickly.It is no wonder Little David worships the devil.

Full knowing the history of Irish abuse, I had Irish friends grpwing up in New York and the dirtest football, baseball and basketball players they were. If I had $1.00 for every time my Irish friend low bridged me or held my shirt in basketball, it would be enough for retirement money.He was more absurd that Paul O'Neal of the Yankees who make Zambrano and Pinnella look like Saints in comaparison.

When I began to realize that my son Keith B.Jerry was falling victim to this Irish abuse, 13 hours on Saturday, I marched in to the house of horrors Wings Plus and spoke with Carol Saddam Hussein Walsh and demanded my son hours be shorten in no uncertain terms.

My divorce with my wife was going smoothly up until this point. My Irish wife takes this opportunity to vent all her bitterness and frustration on me, files a bogus harrasment notice instead of siding with me who was quickly putting an end to Irish abuse at Wings Plus in no uncertain terms.

All I heard for 20 years how wicked David Meehan was and Brian Walsh is absolutely no different, it's in there heritage. My membership in St. Andrews Emmaus confirms just how wicked and all these Irish can be!!

Just ask Bob Conlin who ran St Vincent De Paul and a memeber of Emmauss as well. Bob Conlin epitamized envy which a deadly sin and prohibited by the Bible. The sad part is my ex wife knows exactly what I reffering to and in the end sides with the enemy. Sold her soul to the devil. Lord have Mercy.
Frank M Jerry

Savannah, GA

#27 Jul 17, 2010
My son was taking seven honor and AP classes at the time, in fact his absence from class attributable to an AP examine warranted Sgt? Gallegher to charge into my home. It proved just home much scrutuny Chief Adios Arrigo had us under because of my ex-wifes fabrications. My wife cannot conrol her spending and was in desparate need of money and my sons Keith and Brett were a means of more money to her. This i know for a fact. Kathleen never enjoyed any of her children because none was a female. How awfully sad. I enjoyed every minute with my sons, I was the one highly blessed and highly favored! I wonder why ?

In any event, taking seven honor classes is no small task compounded by Brian Walsh assigning him 13 hours on Saturday. As a father, I had no say with Keith. It was working okay for a awhile until my son developed "chronic sleep deprivation". It came upon him very quickly and it had a dramatic effect on his mind and his behavior.

After I was tasered and sent to the cardic ward my wife is trying to justify her actions simply by stating that she worked as a youngster.Some people just never get it and you can explain it to them and don't want to know. They think ignorance is bliss including my ex-wife who still will not discuss anything.

The only thing I could do was to speak to the Walshes and insisted Keith start developing normal sleep patterns. He was coming home at 2 or 3 in the afternoon, take a nap for any hour or two, awake all night doing his home work etc. It was not working.He was not getting enough straight hours of sleep !!He completely freaked out and even today he can't remember exactly what took place.

I marched it Wings Plus hoping to have my discussion with Brian Walsh however Carol Walsh dressed like a Police Officer in her blue denim shirt and dungaree pants was present along with my son Danny.

It got heated quickly especially when she refused begin to undersatnd my position, I have a low tolerance for ignorance. This is a perfect example of righteous indignation on my part perfectly acceptable according to the Bible and actually had every right to tip over tables and chairs similiar to "Jesus" in the Temple. Women should not dress like men for a reason, there the reason. They want their cake and eat it to !!

In away, I was glad I didn't turn over every table becasuse CSPD Romans would of used real bullets in there chambers that for sure. There caught up in this false nobility without getting to the truth and the wisest thing Coral Springs did was get rid of Arrigo, Haupt and Haydu !! Allen Crawford and Gallegher need to be next and I'm stiil trying.
Frank M Jerry

Savannah, GA

#28 Jul 17, 2010
I'm absolutely thrilled for University of Notre Dame. The University needs all the shame it can muster and bring upon themselves. The athletes must of got there drinking advice from none other then Brian Walsh. He's your atypical Irish beer drinking fool.

Waste not want not, one of the Laws of God. The University will never again rise to fame again it will be just more shame. They have simply squandered too much dough.

This is just an indication of more to come from the University and Kelly. Kelly should give it up now and throw in the towel.

There still more worse off then USC. "Fighting Irish" What a joke, just more proof alcohol leads to Dopism. The "Fighting Dopes" is more like it.

University of Notre Dame is becoming a disgrace run by boosters of booze.
Frank M Jerry

Savannah, GA

#29 Jul 18, 2010
FT. Lauderdale Courthouse
Honorable Judge Mark A. Speiser
201 S.E. 6th Street
Ft Lauderdale, Florida 33301

Judge Speiser,

This a reminder notice that in May of 2004 you signed a bogus harassment notice in which upon serving of that notice I was almost killed by Coral Springs Polcie Department. It appears your a bought and paid for Judge, paid for by Law Enforcement. Law Enforcement controls the courts of South Florida just like Germany during World War 2. I remind you that it was through the auspices of Law Enforcement the Gestapo was started and people like yourself were afraid to do anything about it. History repeats itself.

Law Enforcement upon serving me this bogus harassment notice used it as a means of false pride and nobility. How does my march into Wings Plus owned and operated by exploiters of children (Irish Heritage) constitute harassment of my former wife ? It appears Judge Speiser, it's you in need of mental health.

Law Enforcement tasered me twice for no other reason then the fact I protested one of there beer drinking establishments referred to as Republican Headquarters. It so reminiscent of urine smelling Blarney Stones located in Manhatten N.Y.. Since Wings Plus is owned by a former Irish Policeman the term Code Blue also comes into action.

I would of hoped this would of been rectified by now ? How can you live with your actions as a Judge which were far from honorable ? You join the ranks of Judge Lisa Carol Phillips another bought and paid for Officer of the Court.!!

Judge Lisa Carol Phillips is married to Jim Naugle former mayor and hypocrite. He speaks against the morality of gays but Political corruption meets his fancy. I personally hope in the interest of Justice those Police Pension and Retirement Plans garnished by intimidation ultimately collapse under his administration. It would be fitting and proper.

My entire matter from Custody to harassment was dealt with by an extremely corrupt Courthouse. I can assure you it is not I in need of mental heath.

The only Honorable thing to do is step down and take Judge Lisa Carol Phillips with you.


Frank M Jerry Historic Savannah Georgia
Dated: July 09th 2010
Frank M Jerry

Savannah, GA

#30 Jul 18, 2010
Dated : December 18th, 2009

American Federation of Police & Concerned Citizens
6350 Horizon Drive
Titusville Florida 32780

Gentlemen :
I have been personally victimized by Police *3 times and am desirous of being reimbursed for those transgressions by Police Officers.

1) In a prearranged pull over in Titusville the Sheriff removed and took my license plate. All my belongings and car were then confiscated by Brevard Towing. They charged me an astronomical amount of money for the towing and therefore they just commandeered my vehicle. In order to pay for this experience I was forced to hand over my valuable College Ring (CCNY 1969). Sheriff Jack Parker can provide the rest of the gory details.

2) I protested an establishment owned and operated by a retired Nassau County, L.I. Police Officer. My son was being exploited and this has been proven by the Florida Dept of Business Regulations. Chief Foster Duncan CSPD FL. can fill you in on the details.

3) I protested the Waldbaum’s shopping center in East Meadow L.I. N.Y. My business was stolen from me. Officer Ed Carlson unmercifully beat me to smithereens while I roamed my old neighborhood. The Nassau County DA Office can provide the necessary details in the matter.

In this regard the true value of all the items is unquantifiable but willing to except $. I am still partially crippled by Officer Ed Carlson needless blows.

Many Officer are killed in the line of duty simply because of retaliation of previous transgressions they have willfully bestowed on private citizens intentionally. I have not sort physical retaliation. I am seeking compensation which is a very reasonable amount.

I am also a former licensed Lieutenant Security Office who has also risked his life in the line of duty. My badge is as precious to me as yours however I didn’t need a gun in order to obtain public cooperation.

Thanks for the consideration.

Lt. Frank M Jerry

Historic Savannah Georgia 31405

Ps. I currently reside in Georgia attributable to all the Police harassment which followed after the incident. Need I say more and every point of refuge has it’s price.
Frank M Jerry

Savannah, GA

#31 Jul 18, 2010
November 16th , 2009

Mr. and Mrs. Brian Walsh
9880 West Sample Road
Coral Springs, Florida 33065

It’s quite obviously apparent that neither of you will ever admit you were wrong and seriously wronged me. Both of you would prefer to take it to you grave. Irish are known to hold grudges for eternity. That’s your problem.

In this regard, please be advised that I personally forgive you for all your wrong doings at this time and hope you enjoy the holiday season.

Thanks for the injustices bestowed on me, it proved first hand just how far we are as a nation from civility. I see neither of you as Christians either.

Go in Peace both inner and external !


Lt.Frank M Jerry

Historic Savannah Ga.

Ps- My actions were strictly for righteous justice and my entering your establishment is referred to as righteous indignation. This may not be acceptable to your buddies at CSPD but acceptable according to the Bible. Amen.
Frank M Jerry

Savannah, GA

#32 Jul 18, 2010
Dated: January 22nd, 2009

Judicial Qualification Commission (JQC)
1110 Thomasville Rd
Tallahassee FL 32303

Re: Docket No. 0754 & No. 0755

This letter is a second attempt to end the corrupt justice system which I believe permeates South Florida and should be thoroughly investigated. The culprits involved should be completely weeded out. After much reflection, meditation and prayer, please find enclosed my two petitions sent to Governor Crist for action.

At this time, I believe, I’m entitled to a better explanation as to the reason my complaint fails to meet the Judicial Qualification Committee criteria for the removal of Judge Lisa Carol Phillips and Judge Lisa Trachman.

Please read my two Petitions !! I would like someone other that Brooke S. Kennerly “The Irish Connection” read the complaint and comment. My complaint meets the criteria for the removal of these Judges.

Thank you in advance for your kind attention to these matters.

This is an attempt to make a stand for democracy and “drown the swamp” in South Florida. In my perception South Florida is the most corrupt State in the Union. To too many citizens think the 14th Amendment to the Constitution means absolutely nothing and are still wagering our civil war.

I am demanding righteous Justice !

After the election, it was poled that most Americans are pessimistic about the future of America. This complaint is for the youth of America in order to put that notion to rest and end these type of injustices by corrupt Judges.

Frank M. Jerry

Historic Savannah Georgia
Frank M Jerry

Savannah, GA

#33 Jul 18, 2010
Dated: February 03rd , 2009

Judicial Qualification Commission (JQC)
Michael J. Schneider General Council
1110 Thomasville Rd
Tallahassee FL 32303

Re: Docket No. 0754 & No. 0755

Dear Mr. Schneider,

Thank you for your timely response to my inquiry though very chagrined at the response. It is felt the criteria was met for the two Judges to be removed from the bench.

Please inform Judge Phillips should my son Brett Joseph Jerry ever develop an alcohol dependency similar to his Irish drinking grandfather will like Senator McCain whose going to follow his “rogue terrorist to the gates of hell” will follow her “to the gates of hell”. It was I who was desperately trying to end the legacy of alcohol abuse on his mother side of the family and the Judge allowing a fourteen year old to hand out beer to customers is simply put Judicial stupidity at it’s finest. Judge Phillips must have a severed conscious of her own acquired from her own alcohol dependency.

Please inform Judge Trachman a cold hearted mean-spirited revengeful vindictive callus person that the blood of many many homeless rest on her hands. Judge Trachman can no longer complain of the atrocities of the Holocaust since I’m sure she’s able to justify her own actions and behavior based on those events. I can’t see how she will ever be able to atone for her sins against humanity.


Frank M. Jerry

Historic Savannah Georgia
Frank M Jerry

Savannah, GA

#34 Jul 18, 2010
Dated: December 21st 2009

Judicial Qualification Commission (JQC)
1110 Thomasville Rd
Tallahassee FL 32303

Re: Docket No. 0754 or No. 0755

This letter is my third attempt to end the corrupt justice system which I believe permeates South Florida and should be thoroughly investigated. The culprit involved should offer a permanent “recusal” herself as a Judge. Upon further discovery it has determined that Judge Lisa Carol Phillips acted in the spirit of political corruption and contempt (illegal) by denying my motion for a hearing in a child custody case against my former wife and sons Employer “Wings” of Sample Road, owned and operated by child predators Brian and Carol Walsh. Brian Walsh is a former Police Officer and found guilty of exploiting children in his employment practices by the Florida Department of Business Regulation. His doors also are to be permanently closed as well.

At this time, I believe, I’m entitled to a better explanation as to the reason my complaint fails to meet the Judicial Qualification Committee criteria for the removal of Judge Lisa Carol Phillips.

I have recently learned that Mr. Jim Naugle is Judge Lisa Carol Phillips husband and now as former mayor serves on the Police and Fire Pension Board. This now fully explains the “recusal” which should of taken place before the denial of the hearing. This is complete horse dong. This is not Justice. This is political corruption and demands the Judge be removed not just a recusal. Howard C. Forman never reassigns the case as required and also should resign otherwise he has no honor. Judge Lisa Carol Phillips has no honor.

This is surly corruption at it’s finest and in the mean time because of that denial my ex-wife connected to the Police threw caution to wind and never full filled her divorce agreement. She refused permission for my son to even talk to me. This has caused me irreparable harm and damage along with much pain and suffering. This is political horse dong. It’s a wonder how these people live with themselves and not self destruct.

Thank you in advance for your kind attention to these matters.

I am demanding righteous Justice !


Frank M. Jerry

Historic Savannah Georgia
Frank M Jerry

Savannah, GA

#35 Jul 18, 2010
Dated March 10, 2007

U.S. Department of Justice
950 Pennsylvania Avenue N.W.
Washington D.C. 20530
Mr. Alberto R. Gonzales - Attorney General

As a concerned citizen with much blood, sweat and tears on this soil, I wish to file this complaint which has to date fallen on deaf ears. I hope and pray appropriate action will be taken The cost of court pleadings is for me too prohibitive, I am man on disability.

In listening to the news and hearing that the F.B.I. is under fire feel it’s the appropriate time for me to make you aware of my personal plights and add more fuel to the existing fire.

Enclosed are various pertinent correspondence that basically outlines the injustices imposed upon me by Law Enforcement Officials who see the events of 9/11/01 as being some kind of authority to act quite frankly as imbeciles.

The injustices bestowed on me were as follows :

1) In Nassau County Long Island, I was manhandled by Patrolmen Edward Carlson because I protested the building of a Walbaum’s Shopping Center. I had a business establishment for eighteen years that was stolen from me by our illustrious justice system. When I went back in protest upon completion became the victim of police brutality. It sure seemed to me also like Patrolmen Carlson was a user of steroids.
A) This incident prevented me from substitute teaching by the Broward School District, because the F.B.I. blocked the appointment.

2) On several occasion subsequently protested vehemently the establishment of Wings owned and operated by a former Nassau County Police Officer. Sheriff’s were sent to my home(ala Saddem Hussein Style) including C.S.P..D. Brian Walsh was and is exploiting my sons who at this time see no dishonor working for him. They unfortunately value money more than love. My ex-wife sees nothing wrong with my sons prostituting themselves.

After my protest, I began to be harassed by C.S.P.D. and Broward County Sheriff’s Department. They find nothing wrong even though two Sheriffs broke into my apartment illegally only to have their buddies of C.S.P.D. stun gun me twice for no reason but pure vindication. Proof upon request.

3) Brevard County Sheriff’s Department picks up the baton and my car with all it’s belongings and writings, along with my college ring were confiscated by highway predators. I appealed to the decency of the Brevard County Sheriff’s Department which was ignored. These men are indecent human beings as the news media has portrait them on numerous occasions..

In Savannah citizens are demanding an audit of the Police Department. It seems an audit of the Broward County Sheriff’s Department, the C.S.P.D. and Brevard County Sheriff’s Department is in order. It would definitely uncover a lot of injustices. In the news recently, the Broward County Sheriff taking polygraphs committed blatant fraud. This is only the tip of the iceberg.

I have no remedy other that to Appeal to the Justice Department to take appropriate action and conduct a complete investigation. I would also like some kind of restitution in the form of an appropriate punishment being handed out.

Maybe all these unscrupulous Law Officers would like to patrol the streets of Baghdad, then these mass demonstration of false nobility won’t be so appealing to them.

Thank you in advance for your kind assistance in attending to my matters.

Frank M Jerry ( Former Lt. Security Officer)
10614 Abercorn St.
Savannah GA. 31419

Complaint to Brevard County
Complaint to Bureau Child Labor
Response to Sgt Fern C.S.P.D.(Unanswered)
Appeal to Brevard County Sheriff Jack Parker ( Unanswered)
Frank M Jerry

Savannah, GA

#36 Jul 18, 2010
Dated: May 08th 2008

Justice Department
Civil Rights Division
Mark J. Kapelhoff
By: Danielle Garcia
Criminal Section-Civil Rights Division


Thank you for responding to my complaint of November 07, 2007. Based on your own testimony which states :“matters generally involving allegations of excessive physical force or sexual abuse by law enforcement officers” falls under you jurisdiction. This is exactly Ms. Garcia what occurred. The C.S.P.D.(en mass 15-20) enter my apartment and two Sheriffs pinned me down in the fetal position and Officer Crawford stun guns me ; Isn’t that excessive force ? Please explain excessive force then ? I’m (57) year old man at the time protesting an establishment owned by a former Police Officer.

I remind you my sons were being exploited by a former Nassau County Police Officer Bryant Walsh. I legally protested his establishment which precipitated this incident. The Department of Business Regulations for the State of Florida agreed with me in a independent audit of there own. Carol Walsh his wife acting like Saddam Hussein sends her cronies C.S.P.D. to take care of business and you fail to see the violation of my “Civil Rights.” This is not quite right !!! Why did we take Saddam Hussein out of power ? He sent his henchmen to take care of business usually with the victim being murdered.

I am a graduate of C.C.N.Y. 1969 and have a BBA in Accounting/Law/Economic and worked for the prestigious firm of PriceWaterHouseCoopers. This is assuredly a violation of my “civil rights.” and needs Justice.

This is no Justice and without Justice there is no law Ms. Garcia. I’ve enclosed some additional writings for your cursory review. This should give you added insight into the horrific incident.

The Constitution of the United States prohibits Law Officers from entering my apartment without probable cause. They entered as favor to Bryant Walsh and Carol Walsh hardly merits probable cause.

Thank you in advance for the reexamination and kind attention to this matter.

I pray for ultimate righteous justice like my mentor “Jesus Christ” advocated !


Frank M. Jerry

Historic Savannah Georgia 31419

Ps. The removal of my drivers license and license plate was a separate matter but related. This was an Un-American act. I was exiting the State of Florida months later because of the constant Police harassment similar to Kathleen Savio. Kathleen Savio and Stacy Petersen are dead as a result of “Code Blue”( Evil Force ). Bryant Walsh and Carol Walsh are just more Drew Petersens. It is the responsibility of a Christian to try to remove “Evil” from this world. Please be reminded, I’m God’s property not Law Enforcement to be mutilated at there discretion. I accepted my fate willingly and still got pinned by Sheriffs and stun gunned twice !! Christ advocates Christians to accept there fate willingly.
Frank M Jerry

Savannah, GA

#37 Jul 18, 2010
Dated: June 11th 2008

Justice Department
Civil Rights Division
Mark J. Kapelhoff
Criminal Section -Civil Rights Division

Mr. Mark J. Kapelhoff

It’s been over (30) days and have not heard from your offices. I think Mr. Kapelhoff enough time has elapsed in order for action to have been taken.

In this regard, I am putting you on notice that in all likelihood a(100) Million dollar lawsuit filed in Federal Court against the Federal Government and the State of Florida and it’s Agencies for failing to provide adequate protection of it’s citizens is warranted. I can’t reside close to my family due constant harassment.

The Governor has failed, the States Attorney has failed and numerous other agencies have failed me as a private citizen. I don’t understand the reluctance to act unless it‘s all politically motivated. The Federal Government has failed even though I have provided them with more then sufficient and adequate recourse for remedy.

Please read my enclosed grievance just against University Hospital. The allowance of Medical and Medicare fraud in the State of Florida is so egregiously rampant that it hurts all citizens and nobody simply cares.

How mean spirited is Law Enforcement to engage in such outrageous conduct on a citizen with Moderate Parkinson disease ? Has the State of Florida level of civility reached an all time low ? This just gives more credibility for the need for significant political change as supported by Sen. Barack Obama. Not so ?

Maybe the State of Florida will need an income tax to settle this claim. This should go over big with Florida tax payers. They have no one to blame except the current political leaders lack of due diligence and care.

If you wish to settle matters out of court now and save public humiliation, please advise within the allotted (30) days. Govern yourself accordingly.


Frank M. Jerry

Historic Savannah Georgia

Ps-177 In order to get action one has to be politically connected ? Is this what your telling me ? How ignorant is a Government when a private citizen with Parkinson Disease is harassed and legal because of the Patriot Act ? I’d like to point out, I have two uncles who have died for this country and my other Uncle served in the U.S. Coast Guard for (25) years and my father is a decorated World War II Hero risking his life shipping OIL from the Mediterranean and away from his family working on maybe (3) hours sleep. Are you telling me now that these efforts weren’t worth the fight ? Inform McCain of this fact.
Frank M Jerry

Savannah, GA

#38 Jul 18, 2010
Dated: November 29, 2007

U.S. Department of Justice
950 Pennsylvania Avenue N.W.
Washington D.C. 20530

Dear Sirs,
Enclosed please find my plight with the American prejudicial Justice system. I would appreciate action taken. A brief summary and my various correspondence enclosed.

In the News lately there has been these various stun gun incidences and decided to appeal to your agency for help. I have enclosed all my relevant correspondence regarding my plight.

In essence, I protested an establishment owned and operated by a former Irish Police Officer. He was exploiting my sons while they worked in Wings. His defiance, belligerence and arrogance in addition to ignorance continues. It seems since he was a former Police Officer, he thinks he’s allowed to exploit children and be above the law.

He had the C.S.P.D en mass come to my home, break in and stun gun me by an Irish Police Officer. This action was illegal but acceptable according to the high standards of the department. In addition while exiting the State of Florida prearranged for a Sheriff to pull me over. I lost all my worldly possessions to highway predators. The Sheriff confiscated my license and removed my license plate as favor. The towing company whom I believe is in cahoots with the Sheriffs Office charged me an astronomical fee and simply commandeered my auto and worldly possessions.

I was assigned and Irish Judge in my custody hearing and denied even a hearing. My defiant Irish ex wife feels it unnecessary to full fill her divorce agreement and it okay according to the Judge. This is not Justice and extremely discriminatory. Would you prefer I take matters into my own hands ?

I would greatly appreciate any assistance and action you could provide me in settling this matter. I do not have the funds to take these immoral un-American human beings to court. It would only be an exercise in futility anyway since South Florida Judges continually fail to rule based on law. This is by the way the same complaint of former Irish Supreme Court Judge Sandra Day O’Connor.

Thanks for the consideration.

Frank M. Jerry

Historic Savannah Georgia

Cc: Florida Attorney Mr. Bill McCollum. I appeal to your sense of decency. I appealed before and appealing once again. Other Police agencies has been totally uncooperative. Bryant Walsh is worse then Sgt Petersen. I was stun gunned needlessly for favor, stun gunned is tortuous and can cause heart failure. My blood pressure was out of whack for several months after the incident. I am frustrated nothing is being done. This is the reason law biding citizens as myself take matters into their own hands.
Frank M Jerry

Savannah, GA

#39 Jul 19, 2010
Dated: June 21st 2008
Division of Medical Quality Assurance
Consumer Service Unit
4052 Bald Cypress Way
Bin- 75
Tallahassee Florida 32399
Previous Case ref.# 200632828
Current Case ref.# 200814645
Dr. Daniel Enrique Chervony (MEX)
7431 N. University
Tamarac, Florida 33321
Mr. Ronnie W. Shipp
My Official Complaint against Dr. Daniel Enrique Chervony centers around Mal Practice both Medical and Medicare Fraud. My comments solely are interest of brevity and just an outline. I’m prepared to expand if required. He is strictly a “ties that bind” doctor, tied to the pharmaceutical companies solely for money and his least concern is his patients welfare.
1. Prescribing Lithium
a)Lithium is a drug used to minimize the elation and despondence related to Bi Polar Disorder or manic depressive behavior. It has a stabilizing effect on the levels of the neurotransmitter glutamate(Salt).
A neurotransmitter is a chemical that carries messages between different nerve cells. Excitatory neurotransmitters act as triggers sending impulses from nerve cells to nerve cells.
Lithium has a profound effect on the excitatory neurotransmitters in the brain. Excitatory neurotransmitters represent 85 % of the brain. Nerve cells release glutamate(salt) between cells and then reabsorb the glutamate, pumping it back into the cell.
Malfunctions in this process can lead to inappropriate glutamate levels. Low levels of glutamate lead to depression and high levels of glutamate lead to mania. Glutamates are salts. Lithium serves in essence as a regulator of this process of releasing and reabsorbing glutamate and thus stabilizing moods.
b) Lithium should not be prescribed for individuals over (50). At the time of my initial encounter with Dr. Chervony I was over fifty. Also if it is prescribed the dosage should not exceed 900mg even though blood levels may be lower then recommended. I was told to take 1200mg.
c) After several years Dr. Daniel Chervony finally recognizes that I’m having a problem with the drug and really not providing any significant benefit therefore decides to switch to Depakote.
Dr. Daniel Chervony performed an inadequate history. A thorough history would have indicated that I was once diagnosed as Hyperglycemic which is elevated insulin levels( Too much sugar). Excess insulin acts like a vacuum cleaner in the brain sucking up much need chemicals and thus creating the imbalance. The Natural Solution would have been to control sugar intake and by normalizing glucose the outcome would have been normalizing and regulate all neurotransmitters in the brain thus avoiding all the harmful side effects associated with these extremely harmful drugs. It means just controlling sugar and salt intake along with a few other essentials like exercise and water.
Frank M Jerry

Savannah, GA

#40 Jul 19, 2010
2. Prescribing Depakote

Divalproex Sodium main purpose is to balance the natural neurotransmitter substance glutamate as well. Glutamate a chemical (salt) that triggers impulses between nerve cells. It’s considered an alternative to Lithium.

. a)The prolong use of Depakote can cause serious if not fatal liver disease like alcohol. The risk increases with age. It can also cause life threatening injury to the Pancreas. These problems can arise instantly without warning even if you been taking Depakote for years.

b) It is been determine that prolong use of Depakote can have a severe impact on mental thought processes. It did with me but not a suicidal effect like many but lack of motivation and inspiration.

c) It cost me my employment at Blue Lake Management in Boca Raton Florida which was sold to T-Rex Capital and now owned by The Blackstone Group.

Dr. Daniel E. Chervony inadequate history of myself would have indicated that I was once diagnosed as Hyperglycemic which is elevated insulin levels. Excess insulin acts like a vacuum cleaner in the brain sucking up much need chemicals. The Natural Solution would have been to control sugar intake. With the normalization of glucose the outcome would have been normalizing and regulate all neurotransmitters in the brain thus avoiding all the harmful side effects associated with these so called medicines. It means just controlling sugar and salt intake. It indicates to me all these chemicals that are being used to control or help mental illness are truly very unnecessary. A patient should be offered the right to choose and a nutritional game plan established. There are no current nutritional game plans in effect for mental health patients prevents huge profits.

Dr. Daniel Chervony is one of the bigger culprits of these torts with his closets full of drugs and ties to the pharmaceutical industry in order to live his lavish lifestyle. His need is for greed and with absolutely no concern for the health of his patient based on his own actions.

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