Pop Francis Was Finally Arrested

Pop Francis Was Finally Arrested

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Kiki Alard

Palm Beach Gardens, FL

#1 Jun 19, 2013
That's why he doesn't post anymore
See Eye Eh

Fort Lauderdale, FL

#2 Jun 19, 2013
told ya

Savannah, GA

#3 Jun 25, 2013
I was arrested in Brazil with millions of others protesting corruption like all South Floridians should emulate.

And the retired Judge or was that retarded Judge thinks I'm the sick puppy for wanting Justice.

Happy to see everyone misses me, I just took a breather.

Savannah, GA

#4 Jun 25, 2013
I am also working on my Natural Health Manual so everyone can finally get real healthy.

Everyday medical science and all these pharmaseuticals untested etc prove they are unworthy for human consumption.

I would not donate one dime to any Insititue, from Alzheimers, Diabetes Cancer Parkinsons, these Insitutes are playing on your good will and deserve nothing, there are cures for all and my book will eventually prove it.

Please, I would just love or refer for somemone to challenge me factually instead of just the usual and customary personal attacks.


Ps: I hope that all thse Brazilain Protestors succeed in there goals. Corruption is garbage for everyone.

Savannah, GA

#5 Jun 25, 2013
A tip for all seniors:

If you want to prevent or even cure dementhia, keep in mind your brain is a muscle.

Like all muscles in order to prevent shrinkage with age, the brain just needs to be feed and exercise properly.

Do both and end dementhia NOW.
I have reversed my dementhia caused by those lousy faulthy drugs that do absolutely nothing except make doctors rich. T.Y. and T.G for restoring me back to normal.
I am happy the Lord has now chosen a different path for me with the abilty to challenge much of my former treatment which was simply crappola.

Savannah, GA

#6 Jun 28, 2013
Actually I wasn't arrested, I was restored by the Lord to a much earlier restore point.

Anyone view Brian Gumbels piece on soldiers with PTSD.(listen up).His before and after photos reminds me of myself.
They are approaching this about as incorrectly as humanly possibly.

Hes currently on (8) medications and just gradually getting himself worse not better. Hes putting himself in the ground. Exactly like I was doing to myself. I was diagnosis falsely as being Bipolar when I was in diabetic comas (trance like states of mind. These medication they use are simply crap.

The solution is a simple one A designed nutritional game plan. I designed for myself a nutritional program,(basically what my book is about) and have completely restored myself better and healthier then I have ever been in my life.

Nutrition NOT Medicine is the route to always chose and I can prove it based on my own living experience. T.G.

Full recovery better then before, I went back to a much younger earlier restore point and it shows.

Savannah, GA

#7 Jun 28, 2013
As sort of a very simplistic proof of all my assertions that mental health is strictly a problem with your digestive tract, I offer all of you the following:

Listen to the commercial for "Snickers" very very carefully . "your not you when your hungry", well you are not you until a proper balance is reached in your gut (known as gut flora".

Quality bacteria which by the way is destroyed by excessive "sugar". So limit sugar intake and metabolized sugar as well as all toxic waste accumulates in your belly fat. Want to remove belly fat, then limit toxic waste consumption!! Sounds very simple, it is.

I now have proper balance of bacteria in my digestive tract and low and behold no more mental health issues. They simply evaporated.

End all mental illness now, many doctors know this but it would put them out of work and pills are big big business in this country.

My best approach was a steady diet of fermented foods like "Sauerkraut" and Fresh Cabbage.(a natural muscle builder as well) Cabbage soup is excellent and the reason women of Poland do not get breast cancer either because of this.

Throw away all the medications and learn proper nutrition. Get in touch with the right foods for you, and get In touch with the Lord (can't hurt only help)while your at it.

If your looking for Christ in your life, St. Andrews Emmaus for both men and women is a an excellent start.

Savannah, GA

#8 Jun 29, 2013
Happy to see today in the Savannah News that a pharmacy roof collapse and a hospital was caught in a drug scheme. it doesnt surprise me, drugs are big big business.
Doctors and Hospitals are most certainly caught in this deadly drug game of today.

Doctors really need to convert to supplements instead.
The list of bad drugs grows in leaps and bounds by the minute.

Nutrition NOT Medication.

Savannah, GA

#9 Jul 12, 2013
Anyone interested actually in the details of my arrest in East Meadow L.I. N.Y. 1999???

Please read all my post at East Meadow Forum.

It explains all details to the fullest.

****The arresting Officer , just another IRISH PED loser. Edward Carlson. Probalbly an Irish catholic to boot who has no clue as to Jesus teachings. Spare me the baloney.
More upon request.

I was the first Occupier of a Shopping Center stolen from me by the Justice system once again.

I was also the first to take a Polio shot in this Country as well.
Anyone have Polio? I was used as a pawn by my blessed Mother, so others would follow. I had to be the example. March up there and show everyone how to do it etc etc

Once again, I had no choice on the matter.

It is always mind over matter, so the weather never really bothers me. Though I like Ga, weather as opposed to Canadian. Florida too too toxic atmosphere.
Doing my isometric exercises while writing at my computer, may check out Subway later.$4.00 sandwich interest me!!
Later Stay well, and throw all Pharma away, It going to be grape Juice tonight, Grape Juice tonight I know for another deeep deep sleep.
Frank M Jerry

Savannah, GA

#10 Nov 3, 2013
Kiki,, Just Say No to all Bullies and control freaks!!
Follow the Ritchie Incognito story of rhe Miami Dolphins. My living experience in Coral Springs was made miserable by toxic Police Chief Roy Arrigo, bully, control freak and intimidator.

This is when you give an idiot a badge , he puts everyone, all honest citizens at Risk.
Look at all the retaliatory responses currently taking place across the nation.

I think you want to send the wrong fellow to Gitmo, it really should be police Chief Arrigo as previously stated in my writings and look away by the Justice Department and a do nothing F.B.I.
Frank M Jerry

Athens, GA

#11 Nov 5, 2013

Do you really like and want the "Bully Market" that exist and thrives in Florida?

Is that anyway to live your life where "gated community" is a selling point?

All I know is I want freedom, just witness all these retailiation responses against Law Enforcement throughout the country putting us all in harms way. Is this what you really want?

I'm taking "Bullism" on my way, with pen in hand not a AR-15 or NC-17 which are very too easy to obtain.
End bullying Now, along with control freaks and intimadors on HGH.

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