**westwood nj police dept**

Valley Cottage, NY

#41 Feb 16, 2009
To the guy trying to say there are no bad cops in Westwood:

Hi there. I'm a 29 year old who lives in the immediate area. I've spent a great deal of my life traveling along Broadway, Kinderkamack, Rivervale Rd., and so on.

Most of my life revolves around driving. It seems I'm always driving here or there, especially since most of my friends live at least 20 minutes from my home. I have always been a responsible and safe driver and never incurred much worse than a seat belt violation. But I have had countless problems with the Westwood and Rivervale police departments.

In fact, I had one officer (whose name I won't mention, though at the time I believe he was a sergeant)pull me over in Westwood. He saw a french fry on my seat and thought it was drugs. So he called in backup, and when the other officer arrived they proceeded to tear my mom's car apart looking for drugs, because they saw a french fry on the seat. My mom is a teacher, by the way, and they ruined several of her books in their crusade. After they tore up books and ripped seats and found nothing they eventually let me go. But the first officer turned to me before letting me go and he swore that he was going to "fuck me, big time the next time he sees me in his town". And he did. I was pulled over one night across the street from the Westwood police station by this very officer. He then proceeded to call for three other cars to back him up as he searched myself and two friends that were in the car. The two passengers wound up having a small amount of weed (less than a gram) and the other had a pipe. I had nothing on me, nor did I partake in any smoking. But this cop SWORE he would "fuck me", and I had to stand there while they literally tore the back seat from out my car and put it on the sidewalk. They tore my car apart and found nothing. They wound up arresting me anyway and slapped me with a DUI. When I went to court for the DUI the cop tried to act like he was my friend, all smiles and arm jabs. He purposely maliciously ruined my life for several years solely to make himself feel like a tough guy. I was paying ridiculously high insurance for years, and had to pay the state over two-thousand dollars. All so this guy could act like a tough guy and "show some punk kid who's boss". Unfortunately I've found that it's not such an uncommon story in Westwood.

After all this I still don't hate cops or anything like that. Conversely, I have nothing but great things to say about most of the cops that I've met through the years. I don't get pulled over very often, and even when I do, I find that most cops act very professionally and are usually rather friendly. I tend to meet a lot of cops in business situations, and they are usually just regular guys who are tasked with making sure their communities are kept safe and orderly. I don't find a lot of childhood-bully-turned-cop cops. But when I do, they're usually in Westwood or Rivervale.

So, I guess what I'm trying to say here is that just because you've only had good experiences with cops, or you are a cop (you're certainly an apologist) doesn't mean you should deny that wrongdoings and gross and malicious abuses of authority happen in Westwood. Denying or trying to cover up or divert/distort what happens on a daily basis does nothing for the good of humanity.

One poster summed up the issue perfectly by saying, "ask anyone under 30 what they think of the Westwood police".

Southampton, NY

#42 Mar 4, 2009
officer horst is a lying bastard

Mahwah, NJ

#43 Mar 10, 2009
jason wrote:
officer horst is a lying bastard
Lying about what? Careful what you say unless you can prove it. You could be sued for libel.
Anonymous Teenager

Newark, NJ

#44 Oct 13, 2009
I've grown up and spent my entire life in westwood, yet I don't feel safe in my own town. Every experience I have with the westwood police has been a negative one. From following me around at night turn for turn (out of town, into a restaurant and watching me eat), to insisting there are illegal substances in my car and not leaving my friend or I alone until they search the car and find nothing, to invasively asking about my whereabouts and if I have any drugs or weapons on me out of the blue while I'm taking a girl out for a date in the park. The westwood police department is far out of line and needs to get it's shit together.
grandma anne

Denville, NJ

#45 Oct 17, 2009
liars cheaters scumbags
dont worry

Neptune, NJ

#46 Dec 22, 2009
Westwood Cops are generally idiots, about 3 on the whole force are worth the uniforms they strut around in like they own the town.

North Bergen, NJ

#47 May 12, 2010
hmm, let's see. i've been threated and fought in many fights, nearly dying one a few occasions, purely innocent standing up for what is right, NO COP STANDS UP FOR WHAT IS RIGHT. The police have never done anything or offer any protection of any kind. in fact they offer protection only for my enemies. They know this well. If it's a homicidal murderer, they will put their arm around him and hung him before they treat an honest man respect. maybe if the honest man was rich but there are no honest rich men. I think one found someones lotto ticket once. the cops have cost me over 35,000$ in citations and fines and expenses for petty ordinaces plus the money they get from my taxes. They are thugs. God told me they were.

North Bergen, NJ

#48 May 12, 2010
sorry guys no God for you.

North Bergen, NJ

#49 May 12, 2010
NO God for the Cops.

Camarillo, CA

#50 Nov 11, 2010
oh yeah

United States

#51 Nov 17, 2010
they are all sooooo hot

Elizabeth, NJ

#52 Nov 24, 2010
the westwood police are corrupt plain and simple. they have tried to plant drug evidence on people before. the awful thing is when six backup cops show up and they all are aware of whats going down when evidence is being planted, who do you blame? they are truly disgusting human being, rumors are spreading that there is drug use amongst the cops and gambling, and no not poker games, gambling such as gambling on getting people arrested. When will these hypocrite criminals be brought to justice.


#53 Nov 25, 2010
nameless wrote:
When will these hypocrite criminals be brought to justice.
It's not just NJ, cops all over the country are out of control. Thugs, liars, bullies and other rejects of society are drawn to police work. If you think this is a generalization check out how many officers are arrested for serious crimes such as child molestation, rape, stealing, and the list goes on at: http://www.injusticeeverywhere.com
It is truly disturbing.
g string

United States

#54 Nov 26, 2010
i think most of them work on the side as strippers
Sounds ignorant

Farmingdale, NY

#55 Jul 14, 2011
It might sound ignorant but the town of westwood would be a lot better off with no cops at all. Westwood cops the most racist and unconstitutional cops ever put on this earth. I mean look at the dumb ass cop who started this topic. Dumbass could bearly spell

Mahwah, NJ

#56 Jul 30, 2011

Ramsey, NJ

#57 Nov 13, 2011
james nowacki wrote:
Nothing with speaking your mind.but before you say or think the police do these things because they are just trying to make people look bad,did you know,On average,more than 56,000 law enforcement officers are assaulted each year,resulting in over 16,000 injuries.A total of 1,649 law enforcement officers died in the line of duty during the past 10 years,an average of one death every 53 hours or 165 per year,There were 145 law enforcement officers killed in 2006.these are the facts,Police officers men and women carry the weight of the community on their shoulders.spend a day in a Police Officers shoes for a day.
james nowacki-concers of police survivors-westwood
Who are you kidding?!? its not as if westwood is the south bronx these cops have it easy
Alex Dorsi

Salt Point, NY

#58 Jul 27, 2012
On May 18th, 2012 I got pulled over in Westwood at around 3:40 am when the officer said he smelled alcohol coming from my car when he was behind me. That is one of the most ridicilous things I have ever heard from a cop. I had to undergo a sobriety test that I passed without a problem. I have now learned that Westwood is not a town to be driving around in at 3am because the cops will just pull you over for anything. Westwood police are all assholes and should burn in hell.

Saddle River, NJ

#59 Feb 12, 2014
That big dick Huchenson would lock up his own mother. He is known as

Saddle River, NJ

#60 Feb 13, 2014
james clearly loves the Weswood police , but the the problem is they abuse there job title . I WORKED in a real law enforcement job in the BRONX . THE westwood police dept is a very easy job. 170.000 a year. COME on there are know tripple murders happening here . WAKE UP JIM.......

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