Just to let everyone know, the Calvary baptist Church 801 East Glenwood Dyer Road Glenwood,Il 60425, now has Sunday School at 9:30am . Theres a class for kindergarden-ages 11, a teenage Sunday School class , new members, 20 year old-39 year old class, a regular adults Sunday School class.
Right afterwards, is the nursery,which is our own version of church, in a kids atmosphere. Plenty of fun activites,we do. Some include,having devotion, singing christian kids songs, have a snack , color christian bible pages, and other things.
Devotion 10:45am Church 11:00am

So, why not come and worship onlong with us, this Sunday, May 27,2012 do feel free to invite former, new,casual , friends,neighbors,acquitances, loved ones,kids,spouses, coworkers to Calvary. We have an anoited new pastor, which is why I know you will want to come. Calvary might be the church for you and your family. Trust me, from experience, Calvary has,had and always will be a caring church! Remember, all races, etc are welcome at Calvary!