Salt Lake City, UT

#219 Aug 14, 2012
Why wrote:
If you saw it happening, you could have. You must be a shitty friend
Look here idiot that can't read, I said I knew it happened not saw it loser, you are proof of how things get changed. Read everything first before you assume. Yes, I know what they put him through and I was not in the picture at that time. Wish I was or Ib

Salt Lake City, UT

#220 Aug 14, 2012
SMDH wrote:
<quoted text>
Apparently you didn't know Trey because he was a wonderful person. Everyone makes mistakes in their lives but if you don't learn from them then that is your own fault. I grew up with Trey and he happens to been one of my close friends. I loved him and always will. I am sorry you will never get to know the Trey that I and many of his other friends know. He would give you the shirt of his back. The only POS I see is you. I will pray for you and ask GOD to forgive you. I hope Steven Larue rots in hell for all of eternity. TREY WE LOVE YOU AND WILL SEE YOU ONE DAY. FORGIVE THOSE WHO WANNA RUN YOUR NAME INTO THE GROUND BECAUSE ANYONE THAT KNEW YOU ALREADY KNOWS YOU ARE A WONDERFUL PERSON AND LOVES YOU DEARLY. WATCH OVER ALL OF US DOWN HERE AND KEEP US SAFE.
Since he was such an angel him and all his friends should have never threatened Steven... Over and over again. Obviously he didst change.

Austin, TX

#221 Aug 14, 2012
Truth wrote:
<quoted text>
Look here idiot that can't read, I said I knew it happened not saw it loser, you are proof of how things get changed. Read everything first before you assume. Yes, I know what they put him through and I was not in the picture at that time. Wish I was or Ib
Actually what I loved was you were like "Did you see said abuse happen?" The poster replied yes, and in your very next post you aknowledged it. Seems like you try to get away with something there.

Blossom, TX

#223 Aug 14, 2012
She went from one abusive family to another. I went to school with Treys younger cousin at prairiland and he beat the hell out of his then girl friend when we were in high shool. Trey was good guy just caught up in some bad stuff!! R.I.P!!
Shame on u

Broken Bow, OK

#224 Aug 14, 2012
Heather did not pull the trigger. Besides there are alot of ways to get back at.someone if thats you feel necessary you don't go around killing everyone that pisses you off.
Get a Clue

Paris, TX

#225 Aug 14, 2012
History wrote:
<quoted text>No that isn't the point, you too make an assumption that you have the facts of the case. You assume that the shooter just shot, you don't know what happened before, nor do I, nor do I care unless I am selected as a member of the jury.
That is the point. If the victim was posing a threat, the shooter did not call law enforcement or leave. He took matters into his own hands. That is not an assumption -- it is a fact. He picked up a gun, he shot the gun, and a man is dead. Doesn't really matter what went before, the point is that he didn't call for help or leave.

Blossom, TX

#227 Aug 14, 2012
Init4the argument wrote:
Goodbye and good riddance to both these men. I feel no sorrow for them.
To their families: sorry for your losses.
To the posters : you keep me entertained. Keep up the good work.
aint t great
someone from Paris

Irving, TX

#228 Aug 14, 2012
Obviously you dont know the story if you think the reason Trey was shot was because he was standing up for Heather. BTW Heather and Steven were NOT together therefore it shouldnt matter who she was/wasnt dating. Its none of anyones business who she is with. Her children werent with her the night all of these events took place so they shouldnt be mentioned in the first place. Heather may date but her kids are well taken care of. Yes its very sad that Trey lost his life over this but Heather isnt the one to blame here. Steven is the one that pulled the trigger and that is who you shoudl all be pointing your fingers at. Stop all the bashing, there are tons of hurt people over this whole situations. Trey's family will never see him again, Steven's son will not see his daddy for a really long time, heather lost someone she loved dearly.
someone from Paris

Irving, TX

#230 Aug 14, 2012
enoughisenough wrote:
oh pUHLEEZE! Obviously you are one of Heather's sisters or parents. No one else would stand up for her right now. As far as her loving Trey, she loves everyone with a penis that has ever poked a little fun at her. Trey didn't mean anything to her. He was another notch in her bedpost. She was cheating on him even. If anything, he was just a way for her to get Steven out of her life finally. She pushed EVERY single guy she has been with to fight Steven, & Trey was the only one man enough to stand up against Steven. LOOK what that did to him! You can thank Heather for that family grieving, and her son now not being able to see his daddy for a long time. What does she care about that anyway? Her other son doesn't see his daddy either. I know her kids are taken care of! They have practically been raised by her parents the past year or two. She should have been home with them, being A MOTHER! Are you going to take up for her the rest of your life? If so I feel sorry for you, you have a lot of defending to do. Granted she will probably never have any more drama out of Steven again, but she'll get pregnant again by some other loser and your parents will have another child to raise.
Actually I'm not any part of her family. Who are you to think you know her entire life story?
Easy money

Blossom, TX

#231 Aug 14, 2012
Think about it wrote:
<quoted text>
That is by far the dumbest thing I have ever heard. I seriously doubt God had anything to do with a man taking it upon himself to right his perceived wrongs by shooting another individual right in front of his mother. A small minority of soldiers and cops are murderers, but the ones killing in the legitimate performance of their duties are not. You cannot in any way compare what they do to what this man did.
God judges every second and never sleeps and all will be judged.
jesse lee

United States

#233 Aug 14, 2012
Whats done is done no more hatein or pointin fingers

Mesquite, TX

#234 Aug 14, 2012
Observer wrote:
<quoted text>
As I stated before there were TWO DWIs on his record. THAT pretty much proves he is a drunk to me.
I see him every single day drinking. That IS a drunk. He drinks alone. THAT is a drunk. He has threated his neighbors while he was drunk. I have been witness to a consistent pattern of drunken behavior.
You may choose to disagree all that you want, but it won't change a thing. He is what he is. Just because he hasn't been CAUGHT recently does not mean I haven't witnessed him drinking on his front porch and getting right in his truck and running up and down the roads of Reno. I am a first hand witness to it. Poor choices.
if you're a first hand witness to someone drinking and then driving, maybe you should call the cops, dumb@$$. need I go in to any more depth for you to realize that you are damn near an accomplice??

United States

#236 Aug 14, 2012
Unless you were directly involved, i.e. close friends or family, of either of these individuals, get a life and quit arguing over who deserved what. I for one, am an supporter of the 2nd Amendment and it's cases like these that makes it hard to keep our rights in carrying guns. If the problem can't be solved with words, seperate, if that doesn't work, use your fists, I know it's a stupid waste, but sometimes it needs to be let out. Resorting to using a gun, no matter the circumstances unless it's life or death, is stupid, and cowardly. I'm not condemning either of these individuals, their actions, or the actions that lead up to this event, but sometimes people need to just step back and think about their lives. THEIR lives. For those of you that aren't involve, think about YOUR lives before pointing fingers, calling names, and being derogative of someones upbringing, way of life, etc. That is all.
Im Confused

Paris, TX

#237 Aug 14, 2012
mym wrote:
<quoted text>
I know that I saw her at a store with her youngest child and whatever guy she was with at the time, just a couple of weeks after she and Steven split and this guy was not Trey. I feel sad for both of these men and their families, it seems that they were both victims of hers. She goes through so many men that something like this was bound to happen. Sorry, but a good mother would not have her kids around man after man after man. What ever happened to going to work, spending time with your kids, playing with your kids, reading to your kids, putting your kids to bed, and then going to bed yourself. It may sound boring but it doesn't result in sadness like this. So I guess someone else had her kids when all of this happened...hmmm seems a good mother would be with them you know, just in case they wake up sick or something. Maybe she should think about putting dating on hold until her kids are old enough to have their own lives and then she can worry about dating and being selfish. I have to wonder what kind of men her kids will grow up to be as they've seen all of these different men come in and out of their lives. I just hope that somewhere they have some good influences. I'm not trying to say that what Steven did was ok, because I don't think it was at all...but I do know that he was threatened and why would he be threatened by Trey if a certain person wasn't feeding him (Trey) info.
If he had been threatened, what was he doing at Trey's house? If someone threatens me, I'm going out of my way to avoid them.

Blossom, TX

#238 Aug 14, 2012
there no place for improvement in lamar county keep on keepin on

Lithonia, GA

#240 Aug 14, 2012
hmmmm wrote:
<quoted text>
if you're a first hand witness to someone drinking and then driving, maybe you should call the cops, dumb@$$. need I go in to any more depth for you to realize that you are damn near an accomplice??
I have been. Now I won't have to.

Blossom, TX

#241 Aug 14, 2012
cortney trammel wrote:
oh "cash" if only you would put your real name out there. All i see is your screen name updating old shit stirring up trouble.
Everyone should do them a favor and leave the family alone. We are all sick and tired of seeing people bash this family with words and opinions that DONT and WONT ever count for shit. So save your time, and your hurtful words for something else. All this family is trying to do is find some sort of peace.
my real name is cash

Blossom, TX

#244 Aug 14, 2012
cash seems pretty tame to me
Justhere2irritat e

Grand Prairie, TX

#245 Aug 14, 2012
Amused that people participating in this thread are so defensive. Lol
lil b

Paris, TX

#246 Aug 14, 2012
got what was coming to him
rest in piss

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