Evinrude E-tec Motors


#64 Oct 8, 2011
my 2011 30 hp etec forward controls has done nothing but let me down to not happy only done 9 hrs keeps cuting out and stop pumping water dont bleve everthing on the internet i did its been back to the dealer three times only had it on the water twice

United States

#65 Oct 11, 2011
I have an '06 -etec with only 30 hours. Blew #3 piston.Dealer says bad gas but is same ga used i3 previous trips. Mechanic says hat is what evinrude tells them when they dont want t admit they have a problem. All mechanics say to stay away will never own another one.
Robbie Jenkins

Nebo, NC

#66 Oct 11, 2011
75 06 with 30 hours and clown power head everyone of the mechanics I talked to said to scrapit and[get a 4-stroke yamaha as the etec will keep blowing heads

Albany, GA

#67 Nov 2, 2011
I have a 225 Etech Ho, I have been through three lower units, a powerhead and numerous other problems like injectors and sensor's. Its never ending you fix something, something else breaks....

Caledon, Canada

#68 Nov 8, 2011
I need a new motor and I was convinced an E-Tec was the one I was going to get. Fortunately I happened upon this site and read every posting. Thanking all you out there.....YES to YAMAHA!!!!!!
Kelly Korol

Campbell River, Canada

#69 Nov 24, 2011
I'm currently going through hell with my 2 Etec 130's. One just died after 287 hours of easy running, and the other has a bad bearing that is about to go. These engines are less than 2 years old and BRP is not helping in any way except to sell me a new short block for $6870. I need my boat for my business and right now, its bleeding me dry. I spent $30k and I got 2 years out of them, what a deal.
BRP is not offering any support behind their product and their dealer says they can't get support from them either. Time for a class action law suit, anybody else in?

Klamath Falls, OR

#70 Dec 3, 2011
Same story here. New ranger reata spring 06 150hp ETEC 8hr and change new power head. Third blow-up demanded new motor this one a lemon got new power head. Fourth blow-up spring 09 (96 total hrs) factory rep changed power head. His report "bad" gas, wrong prop, and something wrong with hull. By the way your out of warranty. Talked to two lawyers at least two year fight with no guaranty. There advice get rid of it while it is still running. Seven marina would not even consider a trade. Finally traded for Suzuki uses less than half the fuel over 100hrs with no problems so much for "bad" hull. It cost me over 10k to find out BRP is a low life company. Class action suit count me in.
kippo Queensland Aust

Glass House Mountains, Australia

#71 Dec 16, 2011
So what I'm hearing is e-tecs suck and not to buy one. Sorry for your misfortunes, I hope they sort themselves out and you get back on the water. I have a 30 Yamaha CV that looks like it was built in the stone age and try as I might I can't kill it (I have hit sand bars, rock bars, boatramps, crocodiles). The only issue is that it guzzles fuel like it's going out of fashion hence looking at the e-tecs. thank you all for posting your issues on line as it gives guys like me an idea of faults (and if you listen to the dealers you could stick manure in the fuel port and gold dust would come out the exhaust). guess I'll be going with a four stroke yamaha. For anyone looking at changing brands for a larger style motor my bro runs a 140Hp 4stroke suzuki on his 5.8m boat. we have run it out to the great barrier reef (130km one way from point of departure). we've had no issues and it is awesome on fuel.

Hayward, CA

#72 Dec 25, 2011
brian langhorst wrote:
No ethanol in any two stroke. No no no!!!!
In some states you don't have a choice!!!

Hayward, CA

#73 Dec 25, 2011
You can get recall information from the BRP Evinrude site!
Noah wrote:
<quoted text>
What was the recall for?

Dunlap, TN

#74 Jan 4, 2012
i have a 225ho it has 161hr on it has blown 4 times need number5 waiting forwarenty to deside if they will pay
Stephen Houzet

South Africa

#75 Jan 7, 2012
I have a Mercury 150 Efi 1997 model with about 450 hours on now.I use it every summer and just charge the battery before the season.I have done 3 impellors myself since 1997 and it runs better now than ever.BEST INVESTMENT I EVER MADE.My friend has a 150 E-TEC and I nock the shit out of it on performance.It is on a Panache 2150
Ronnie Larivierre


#76 Jan 16, 2012
Have a brand new 115 H.O e-tec and one of the cylinders blew at 3.5 hours. Next the knock sensor failed then the TPS sensor. Then the injector oil tank was leaking because it was cracked. 14 hours so far and the summer is still not over yet. What will happen next? I don't know but the best solution will
be to trade it in for a Honda or Yamaha. BRP means (Breakdown, Repair, Pay)
Ronnie Larivierre


#77 Jan 17, 2012
Shirley wrote:
I purchased an Evinrude 175 e-tec motor in June 2006; I since then have replaced 4 power heads and now needs number five. I just received a phone call October 1, 2009 from BRP telling me it is now my problem and for the warranty people to deal with. The first power head went in 10 hours, second in under 3 hours. I have a 175 e-tec and have went through 4 power heads in 3 years and under 30 hours of use, all this time I have been dealing with BRP and doing everything they ask, to be told today that it is my problem. From day one I have asked for a new motor saying this one is a lemon, but I was told by BRP that I would have to blow 3 power heads before they would replace the whole motor. We are going on to number 5 power head and BRP said my three year is up in June 2009. All long in the three years they were telling me do not worry if this power head goes, no question asked we would replace the whole motor. But today they tell me it is my problem. I had this motor for three years but only had it on the water for 1.25 year the rest of the time it has be in the shop or waiting to be repaired.
Shirley Y
St. Paul, Alberta Canada
Ronnie Larivierre, Quebec Canada. Sorry to read about all the mechanical problems you experienced on your engine. You are not alone as you can see. I sold my 115 H.O E-TEC but took quite a loss on it. Just put a deposit down on a new HONDA. I hope Evinrude quickly goes bankrupt the way they did before BRP bought them out. BRP has no interest in helping their customers whether it is warrantied or not. Their E-tec outboards and snowmobiles are absolute junk. Yes fourstrokes may be heavier and slower but have proven far more reliable and durable than these leaned out customer tested grenades. I don't care how good they say they are or how much they brag about how good they are against their competition, BRP will never see a dime of my hard earned dollar as long as I can drive a boat. I will advertise and tell everyone I can that I have no faith in their product. In a nut shell BRP (BREAKDOWN, REPAIR, PAY). Obviously from the posts I have read on here BRP is ripping customers off. Goodluck to everyone else.
Goodluck to everyone and k

Fairfield, CT

#78 Jan 19, 2012
2009 175 etec with 142 hours on it with a blown powerhead, same issue 4 months out of warranty my mechanic took reports from motor said everything looked great and he could not believe a motor that in as good of condition that it was blew a piston fighting with evinrude. I believe I will have to take this to court

Saint Louis, MO

#79 Jan 19, 2012
I have an '06 90 Etec (bought it used from my Father in Law. So far, no issues either for him or me, after he got it set up at a different dealer than the one that originally sold it.(First shop had no clue how to tune it with a laptop/software).

I'm sure each and every one of you has had issues...or you wouldn't be posting. However, if each post represents a separate motor/issue (and that's not 100% accurate - but close enough, I guess) this still represents a total of 75 "bad" eggs out of the, what, half million motors sold over 10 years or more?

I'm satisfied with mine...and wish you were, too. However, the 0.015% defect ration would never convince me NOT to buy another E-tec. I had what I considered to be a "lemon" of an Exploder years ago, but that hasn't put me off of Ford altogether.

BTW...I've been following this series of posts since early summer, and have read each one, so hope no one claims I'm jumping in here stirring the pot. Just a different opinion/experience, I guess. Hope you all get your issues settled to your satisfaction.

Pymble, Australia

#80 Feb 21, 2012
Hi all,

I can add to these problems from an Australian perspective.

Bought a 16 footer boat with 60hp etec new in 2007. Motor broke down first day out. Stopped, would not restart. 3 weeks in the shop. Broke down in one hour next time out. 4 weeks in shop. Next outing the gearbox exploded after 30 minutes running. I demanded a new motor and after 3 weeks it was replaced.

2nd motor failed at 90 hrs. The engine went into the sleep, low oil mode. After 8 weeks in the workshop and 3 trips out with it supposedly fixed and going back it worked again.

December 2011 crossing a very rough bar at Gold Coast seaway the motor stopped. I was recovered by the local marine rescue in harrowing circumstances. 9 weeks on now and I still don't have the motor back. BRP Australia have finally undertaken to replace the EMM under a good will clause. I have lost my enthusiasm for etec and evinrude.

I went with them because of the apparent technological advantages and the fact that I had had a faithful 70 Hp Johnson for ten years 1996 - 2006.

To finish on a positive. When running the motor is very powerful and economical, quiet and starts easily. I use the boat fishing offshore and I tow the kids on tubes and can pull 1 adult skier.

I wont buy another Evinrude however. I am stuck with it now until I can buy a Honda, but that's years away.

Incidentally the EMM is $2500 to replace in Australia at the moment despite our dollar being worth more than the US. You wouldn't think that it could cost that much to ship would you?

Happy fishing guys.


#81 Mar 7, 2012
Got a 200 ho etec under 100 hours and it failed on the weekend just behind the fly wheel is 4 hoses for the cooling system they join into a cylinder that has stainless bolts with galvanized nuts. The galvinised nut has rusted and cracked the housing so water flows out of it has anyone else had this drama

Arlington, TX

#82 Mar 26, 2012
Does anyone remember the problems that Evinrude/Johnson had with thier VRO, oil pumps, blown engines? Would it make sense to start mixing oil into the gas of these E-Tecs? I have a 08' 115 HP, 2 yrs old, 20hrs. The only problem that I have had is that it will not idle. I think it is the fuel filter under the callin. I have a water seperator and run mid grade gas with 2+4. It can sit up for 4 months and always starts but just started the not idling. Any suggestions?
Polite Canadian

Toronto, Canada

#83 May 21, 2012
I have a 2004 E-tec 75 hp. The motor iis only used on weekends in the summer months at the cottage. It let me down a few years ago and $1.200.00 later my micanic installed a new injector. I just put it in the water for the season and it fired up first turn of the key. Always a good feeling when that happens! Unfortunately a few minutes on the water I noticed a problem. The boat will not accelerate. The rpm's aren't there? I can't get the engine to increase rpm. It runs rough at low rpm and only seems to be running at 1/3 the power it usually has.????? I am worried about taking my young family out for a pontoon boat ride. HELP PLEASE.

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