Evinrude E-tec Motors
cdog mako17 1995

Saint Petersburg, FL

#42 Feb 1, 2011
I have a evinrude 115 etec on a 17 foot 1995 mako engine ran great for first 8 months then over heat alarm came on and engine shut down. I have had engine in shop 4 times since then same problem. boat runs great on plane if it is calm sees but instanly overheats if Icant go 20mph or faster. mechanic says it is do to the pick up not getting eneuph water flow. Im pretty sure I was in rough water before problem accured now new discovey they are now saying my through hull bait well pick up is to close to water pick up on engine. why would this just know start happening? Last week engine tilt switch on motor shorted out and engine automatically came out of water when running 40mph awesome.

Farmington, MI

#43 Mar 14, 2011
Sorry to hear about everyones issues. I hope BRP gets them ironed out. I am a tournament angler and I have run Johnson/Evinrude engines since 1978 and several of those engines are still running just like the day they were new. Of course this was before BRP bought them. In 2003 I purchased a new Ranger with a 225 HO on it, in 08 it was diagnosed with a blown powerhead. I can attest I never abused this engine and was shocked when I was told about it.That was later confirmed when I had the service department run a computer printout of the history. I met with the regional sales rep. there is only so much he can do, I wrote letters to the customer service division and eventually got to the North American customer service director. Long story short, I basically just wasted my time because the engine was out of warrenty. In 08 I did end up replacing the 03 with a new Ranger 08 with a 250 E-tec on the back only because of the past history I had with evinrudes, and so far it's running great with no issues. I know this is a long post, however I have failed to mention a also have had my run in's with Mercury's and absolutely refuse to have another, that's enough said about them. If I have to replace this one I will probably replace it with a Yamaha, however if you google Yamaha recalls they have issues to. Good luck everyone.

Henderson, TN

#44 Apr 5, 2011
noname joe wrote:
I work at a marina in TN. Our rental fleet has (had) 5 of these e-tecs. They all failed at least once if not numerous times. After losing who knows how much business due to e-tecs that won't start, won't stay running or suffer from catastrphic engine failure we pulled everyone one of these engines off the boats and they now sit in storage waiting to be sold. The boys at BRP have no answers and the local BRP dealerships won't even consider them on a trade in because they can't even give the damn things away.
All phone calls to the Big shots at BRP have ended with them verbally accosting us and eventually hanging up on us.
Now thats what I call customer service!
No Name Joe,

I would very much like to speak with you about the E-TEC. Please Email me @ [email protected] This is not a joke I'm from TN and looking for advice
Fed up

United States

#45 Apr 16, 2011
Still battling it out with BRP over my engine failures and yes the 3rd motor is sucking more oil than gas surprise surprise!!! Looks like they are trying to make it last past my warranty so many things have went wrong with this engine theres not enough room to write it all. I will see this lawsuit i filed through to the end if it takes every dime i have just for the principal that big BRP doesnt get to screw its costumers out of their hard earned money with a faulty product. So if your listening BRP I will not settle for no less than all they money im out and a total buy back. Any one watch the FLW on chickamaugha 3 pros with etechs got towed in and thats just from 11mins of interveiws wow what a product so for all you looking to buy new engines or boats i suggest you stick with Merc or yam from personal experience owning 250 etech more time on the water true cause your broke down and cant get back to the ramp thanks for ruining my 2011 bassmasters tourn season!!! i just love paying payments for non use for 2years while brp stalls me cant wait for the jury trial!!!!!!
Will cc

South Dennis, MA

#46 Apr 30, 2011
I have 2 etecs an 09 50 and a 09 115. The 50 ive owned 2 years of that its been in the shop for 5 months! Computer fried with 10 hrs on it. Refused to start when temp was below 40 deg so they replaced the starter with a gear redux unit. The 115 was a brand new leftover bought last aug. Sounds like its running on 2 cylinders at 1500 to 2200 rpm can barely get out of the water with that stumble. Cranks over but wont start for about 30 secs whenever its warmed up stalls sometime when put in gear. Now within the last 2 weeks the lower unit sounds like its going to grenade itself. Verry dissapointed.
Shane from Ireland


#47 May 26, 2011
I bought a second hand 150 etec with 135 hours on it. After about 3 hours of running, the piston put a hole in the cylinder head. It is an 06 model and out of warrenty and is not worth fixing. Evinrude have been super at denying any responsibility. Currently looking at legal action. It's a disgrace, especially since I bought it after reviewing all of their claims / statements.
I believe there is an inherent design flaw which is too expensive to recall all the etecs to fix, so they want to weather the storm and deny that in reality they have shafted any of us who have an etec. The term bully springs readily to mind

Ocala, FL

#48 Jun 3, 2011
I have a 2003 225 ficht that has been in the shop more than in the water. After 425 hours and more than $5000.00 in repairs in the last 6 months,the powerhead went. I think they need to change their add to Spend more time on the water waiting for Sea Tow

Smyrna, TN

#51 Jun 18, 2011
these posts all sound so familiar had to have the 1st. powerhead replaced at 15hrs 2nd at 35hrs.now fouling sparks plugs on 3rd set since last powerhead evenrude sux lets sue .
mark grillo

Waterford, CT

#52 Jun 22, 2011
I have a brand new etec that runs great... but why when i raise the power trim all the way up when stored at dock does it go all the way up and then fall down a little bit. Lately it seems to drop down a liitle when its been sitting a while? Any ideas.
Chris Hays

Chiefland, FL

#53 Jun 27, 2011
I have twin 250 etecs on a 30'offshore boat. I have had two blown powerheads, replaced two lower units, spun both props and countless check engine lights that come on for no reason at all. I have tried to talk to BRP to confront this problem and all they tell me is that it is my problem. The motors only have 275 hours on them in four years but have spent more time in the shop than on the water. The owner of the repair shop told me he has seen more problems out of etecs than any other motor. I currently have two 08 250 etecs for sale and will repower my boat with the new yamaha 250 four strokes.
Robert Partin

Lovettsville, VA

#54 Jul 18, 2011
I have a 2005 225 Etec. It blew a piston with 96 hours on the engine. I had 10 days left on the warrantee so they replaced the power head with an 08. 60hours later it blew again. Now evinrude won't repair the engine and doesn't even show me being the owner of the engine....even though they fixed it for me before. I'm now looking at 8K to fix the damn thing. Atleast their advertising is correct....no scheduled dealer maintenance for three years. Just rebuild or replace it every two.Anyonewho wants to buy a 2005 ranger Z20 Commanche with a blown 225 etec, let me know. I'm selling the crap and getting something else...anything else.
Shane from Ireland


#55 Jul 20, 2011
Update: I have sold what was left of the engine for parts / repair and bit he bullet and bought a Yamaha, thanks to a nice bank manager. I cannot afford to fight Evinrude, so hands are tied.
I did however put a post on youtube, it cannot do any harm and may help somebody.
The more posts the better.
Hopefully new engine won't give any trouble and I can enjoy the water
Dave Edgar

United States

#56 Jul 21, 2011
I have a pair of E-tec 30's they have never run well. Just over a year old and now one will not run at all. It started with the water cooled fuel. The pimp is submerged in a small container under the bonnet and needs to stay cool so it has sea water running through the fuel to cool things down, you guessed it, the sea water got into the fuel and the injectors and stopped everything. Got that repaired ran for a few hours, then would not start, nothing wrong just wont start and the mechanic can't find anything wrong. I got it started with start fluid, ran for a few days, then quit again. Mechanic took to shop said water pump was bad, now nothing, the LED's on computer are now showing faults but nothing is wrong with sensors. The oil tanks on both engines were full of cracks when delivered, junk. Just shows there is no Quality control. The other engine miss fires and shakes all the time. Get a Yamaha or Honda, stay away from BRP. All this thing ever does is sit in the shop. Dave

Rison, AR

#57 Jul 24, 2011
I have an E-tec 175 with 163 hours 33minutes on the power head it a 2007 engine. It blew the number 2 and 4 cylinders. When I called BRP they were the rudest people I have ever dealt with. If I get the situation resloved I am trading it for a Yamaha or Pro XS 175 they do not sell their extended warranty to another company to service. I am through with Johnson/Evinrude. What all the owners ought to do is all have lemons painted on their engines show up at the FLW and Bassmaster Classic and park the boats at the launching ramps and weight in sites and we might get something done that way. They definitely do not care about the customer they only care about selling a motor that will not hold up. I have friend who has a PRo XS 175 and he has 900 hours on the engine and all he has done is change plugs and lower unit oil what does that tell you. E-tec owners ought to get together and sue the hell out of BRP.
mike bauer

Wichita, KS

#58 Jul 29, 2011
i just bought 90 hp etec 2005 first time on the water power head went out . the moter had 56 hours on it took it to smithville marine thay said i needed a new power head at$7,000 so i bought a new 2007 etec 90 hp with 5 year warranty takes guts to make a call like i just did i have ran suziki moter for 25 years never had trouble like this all you here is etec is the best moter on the market i got my fingers crossed the etec .
Ken Kloxin Alaska

Ketchikan, AK

#59 Aug 8, 2011
DONT buy that 225 etec mine blew at 340 hours company will not honor their product

Wasilla, AK

#60 Aug 11, 2011
I have a 2006 Evinrude ETec with 123 hours on it.#2 cylinder blew up. 1/3 of engine life has been at idle, never overheated, never redlined, they agree i didnt abuse it. Obviously the warranty is out. They also offered a "good faith" contract whereby i release them from all liability and they will sell me parts for $2000 and half the labor.($6400 otherwise)
Something sounds fishy to me. If they dont have any liability at all, what am i releasing them from? Just curious to see how many other engines blew up and whether there is a class action pending that i might be interested in getting in on

St. John's, Canada

#61 Sep 10, 2011
I have a 60 hp etec and after 8 months and 90 hours it blew the injectors and then fried the EMM. Sent it to the dealer and 9 WEEKS later i get it back with no compensation. Now its back in the shop after another 95 hours with the EMM fried again and with no explanation for the cause.Only gone 8 WEEKS this time. Time for somone to look into BRP and there WONDERFUL products and warranty. My buddy bought a 75 hp ETEC and blew the powerhead after only 5-10 hours. WTF

Grass Valley, CA

#62 Sep 18, 2011
I have a pair or 115 e tecs from day 1 I have had problems with 1 motor its been I. The shop 3 times all for diff sensor or oil tank issues . These motors do not have over 20 hrs on them . Now it's been in the shop for over 3 weeks throwing all kinds of codes and they still can't figure it out ??? I think I need to get attorney after reading all these problems that everybody else is having . Can anybody help me or I am just plain screwed by brp ? E mail me with suggestion thanks not happy with my none running e tec [email protected]

Alexandra, Australia

#63 Sep 18, 2011
My son has a 75hp Evinrude etec, 2006 model with just over 40 hours fitted to a Bluefin 4.95m tiller steer. Last weekend the gearcase died. Opened the gearcase oil drain plug, oil was white & airated, with metal filings all thru the oil. Anyone had similar problems?

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