Bad experience at Bud's gun shop.
EuroShooter - DC

Rehoboth Beach, DE

#125 Feb 23, 2010
I cannot believe that this threat is still alive. I never have...and never a gun on-line (ammo is a different story) but all I read is mostly personal attacks on that shop and it's employees. Some go there and complain about their staff (guy's are to rambo-like...the girl's are to flimsy (sp))..Did one of the girls tell u to stop hitting on her and go back to your fat wife..did some of the guy's tell u to get lost after they wouldn't take off $10.00 of a gun? Go somewhere else for crying out loud and stop the bitching..I rather pay a little more $$$ and support my local gun dealer who can order almost anything..and if he/she becomes a pain I take my FAT wife on a roadtrip to a gunshow or another dealer and get my firearm there. Ever heard of..Take it or leave it...Whatever happens to Bud's certainly will play out over time but the garbage many of u wrtie won't have any impact (positive or negative) on the future of that business.
SSG Larry Amerson

Fort Smith, AR

#126 Feb 23, 2010
Here in Fort Smith Ar I can't find a local gun dealer who can order the guns I want, i could wait for a gun show but then again they might not have the gun i want there (the 2 gun shows I've been to here aren't that great), so I am left to order online guns which I have not a complaint about and if I did I wouldn't post it here. I just get irritated at people who order a gun and then its not up the standard of what they think it should be. If its not don't accept it from your FFL dealer contact Buds and see if they can resolve the problem. But what you said is true; that this thread won't have any impact on the business, however could lead potential buyers not to buy which I am sure Bud's isn't worried they have over 250,000 customers.

Shepherdsville, KY

#127 Mar 6, 2010
I went to Bud's Shooting Range today. I hadn't been in approximately 5 years. After reading some of the reviews, I was worried. My 13 year old son and I had a ball. We had no problems at all with the staff.
T Conley

Georgetown, KY

#129 Mar 12, 2010
WOW, Buds having crappy service .... really? I live here in Paris very close to the store and will never purchase another firearm or box of ammo from them again. One thing that must be noted, there has been a split of the org owner "Bud" from the current owners. With this being said.....
I have purchased many items from Buds in Paris over the past 4 yrs. However after the customer service and price issues I encountered within the past month I will not be doing business with them again. Purchased a S&W MP that I was "closed" on by a sales person whom at the time had my trust and I valued his op. However after the purchase I was not happy with the handgun and (understanding that it was used and expected 20% less in trade same as new car you drive off lot) wanted to trade it on something else. However within a month I was now $400 upside-down in trade on the same piece. I expressed my issues with this and met with resistance. It was only until after, I started to get loud in the showroom did the attempt to work something out with me.
I would compare them to a used car dealer as they use the same tactics. I can speak from exp with this as I am a former dealer and understand both sides. However I also understand that you do not burn your own market, NO matter how big your ecommerce biz is. I also know this as I have also built many Internet Dept. from the ground up and now am a marketing manager for a very large online firm. All this being said I have found a change in the attitude, customer service and the general quality of firearms knowledge within the past year. Even the local law enforcement community is of the same opinion since the split between Bud and the Paris store.
I would encourage anyone to check out the new Buds in Lexington, Evans, Antique and Modern Firearms in Lexington. Also Shooter Supply in Louisville KY is amazing to deal with, along with Sherwood Guns out of the southern KY area.
To Buds In Paris:
I wish you all the best and can only hope that a return to courteous, friendly, fair, firm, educated employees (with more than their commission in mind ) will eventually be a part of the future business model. Until then I will drive the additional 15 miles to Lexington.

Georgetown, KY

#130 Mar 13, 2010
Mr. Conley, lets set record straight: 1) you lose 20% off the wholesale price not retail 2) the sales people do not work on commission 3) the shop in Lexington is Bud's Police Supply, the shop in Paris does not carry many LE guns, the LEOs need to understand that in the split LE guns went to Lexington 4) how did you get in $400 on a gun that cost approx.$450? 5) any credibility you had went out the window when you made an ass of yourself by getting loud acting like a spoiled kid trying to get his way. next time try holding your breath. 6) when you check all the listed shops, I think you'll find Bud's still has the best deals 7) when everything calms down hope to see you back at Bud's. Have a nice day.

Versailles, KY

#131 Mar 16, 2010
Excellent posts for the most part. I personally shoot and purchase often from Bud's. I enjoy it for hobby and self defense reasons but support those who wish not to own guns.
The range rules as stated above are similar to what i have seen elsewhere and the reasons for them are clear.
As an policeman, I understand the attitude that you must give to people on the range.(They have guns and bullets) so you have to talk direct and quick to get results.
as for the gun sales i can not find guns anywhere in this world any cheaper
T Conley

Georgetown, KY

#132 Mar 18, 2010
Let me say this, I would mutch rather do business in my local community and have for several years with you establishment. However the same handgun we are talking about with the crimson trace grips came to over just around $1000.00. We both know what the value of the same hand gun is now. The true issue was the lack of customer service or concern I was given by the reps of the store. Only then did I get pissed and act like an ass. However had I not, then nothig would have been handled. have you googled buds gun shop latley? There is just as many complaints as there is happy buyers. Again I would like nothing more than to spend my money in my own community, however it will be a very long time before I do so.

Georgetown, KY

#133 Mar 19, 2010
Mr. Conley, most of the complaints about Bud's fall on the . People for some reason have trouble seperating the two. I wish somebody could come up with a good way to tell the difference, it would make life in the Paris shop alot nicer. As for customer service, put yourself in the sales persons place. Would you want to help someone that is hollering at you? It's a hard thing to do, be nice to someone with an attitude or not being nice to you.

Scottsdale, AZ

#134 Mar 19, 2010
After reading all this bullshit for weeks on end, Im so happy that I went elsewhere for my purchases. These postings are hilarious. As for Buds Gunshop, Im sure the staff is just a swell bunch of great guys with a great owner!

Jasper, IN

#135 Mar 20, 2010
I went down there with my dad a week ago and i had the complete opposite experience of the first post. We were reminded to put on our eyes and ears before going into the range and told the lane to go to and if we had any problems with the guns to bring them out to them, not to try to fix it ourselves. That is all the counseling I got from the man. My father and I were able to shoot without any disturbances. Although there was some jackass there rapid firing the ENTIRE time I was in there and no one was there to stop him. So it seems as if maybe Bud's has gone back to what this man originally knows it to be. However it would be naive to judge the place based on one visit so that certainly may not be the case. I am going back today. If my visit is note worthy i will post back

Wadsworth, NV

#137 Apr 17, 2010
Sorry guys...not to make you jealous....but there are some wide open spaces still available in which to where I go.....10 minutes away and no "range-err" to be seen.....just shells on the ground..

Wadsworth, NV

#138 Apr 17, 2010
To bad y'all are stuck in ol' Kentuck.....

Lexington, KY

#139 May 6, 2010
As I am new to the Range at Bud's, I really have nothing to compare it to.(always shot outdoors on private property) But, I must say their is a need for strict rules and their enforcement in such an enviroment. Handguns are very dangerous if not handled with EXTREME care.As far as RO yelling well you do have 1-8 people shooting inside..gets kinda loud ya know...Had a few questions about a gun I was interested in and the sales clerk wasn't chatty
but wasn't rude either.
Want to know

United States

#140 May 6, 2010
Who are the 2 blondes that work there,amber and ashley,are they sisters,are the single?are they crazy?

Georgetown, KY

#141 May 6, 2010
They are sisters. One married 2 kids, the other in a committed relationship. Not crazy 2 nice church going young ladies.
Want to know

United States

#142 May 6, 2010
Thank you,they are both very bueatiful girls,see them around all the time,what's the younger ones name???

Georgetown, KY

#143 May 6, 2010
Want to know

United States

#144 May 6, 2010
And she's the one that's not married????

Schuylkill Haven, PA

#145 May 17, 2010
This may all change now that Buds has a new owner. I think his name is Tony. Maybe he will fix all the problems now the old owners are gone. I read on the internet where this tony guy is saying he just opened his new store and gave buds address.

Winchester, KY

#146 May 19, 2010
I dont think Tony is an owner. He just works there. After what he did to his last employer I would be careful with him.

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