Who do you support for U.S. House in ...

Who do you support for U.S. House in Wisconsin (District 2) in 2010?

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Since: Nov 08

Small Town

#2 Oct 15, 2010
Tammy Baldwins voting record should scare the hell out of everyone! She wants One World Governance that removes U.S. sovereignty and gives it to the U.N.!

Since: Nov 08

Small Town

#3 Oct 15, 2010
Tammy Baldwins voting record should scare the hell out of everyone! She wants One World Governance that removes U.S. sovereignty and gives it to the U.N.! Chad Lee MUST be elected!

Stanley, WI

#4 Oct 16, 2010
I think Tammy Baldwin has been in office this long because We The People were not following politics as closely as we are now. I don't believe there are that many extreme liberals in this area of Wisconsin. This is an area of hard working people, not folks who have a hand out for welfare.
Jeff Tyler

Beloit, WI

#5 Oct 17, 2010
New leaders
Don Jacobson

Bringhurst, IN

#6 Oct 17, 2010
I'm fed up with Tammy Baldwin. Hell, she & her partner do not even live in Wisconsin.
Name one bill she has introduced in all her time in office. You can't!
It's time for fresh blood.
Smart Voter

Milton, KY

#7 Oct 17, 2010
Tammy Baldwin has done NOTHING to help the 2nd district in the 12 years she has "represented" it. Time for some REAL change!

Madison, WI

#8 Oct 18, 2010
cty35799, ahh green bay your so cute. smelling the power plant fumes again. howd you like the bass.

Wisconsin people dont have access to welfare as it was known, 1/2 a cent out of each tax payer dollars a year for a budget of $540 for 2 kids a month. was not a failed system. THe Fiscal budget goes poor becasue 1 million dollars has a actual WELFARE policy to boost thier income so they arent poor in their income SEGAMENT figure that out. THey also have substadised housing for them of 30% of their income and GVOERNMENT pays the rest ahh yes fair justice and you are under exposed misguided sabbotosh attempts on people being held back in life as someone wants to power tirp a GOD roel so they look richer because they are jerks and want to COMPETE in life.

MAdison Permitted illegals and Blacks a fighting chance and gave them BUILDING S to own to classfiy as owners and off welfare. Whites did not jump fast enough. THEN over 60 percent of all jobns in Wisocnsin goes to MINNESOTA AND ILLINIOS and you complain about a family out of work wanting a couple hundred buck to live a poor life until they get a education adn back in the job market. REFUSE HEALTH CARES AND DENTAL EMERGENCY Restoration and removal die in pain mother Fers is that what your saying yoru the family scapegoats you die for our crimes GOD and Government had minmal space and secured it for family scapegoats your criems agaisnt them were ot high to register on a rictor scale. BROKE it. Richest people on the palnet because each of you violate life and rights daily against them.

Tammy wanted GOVERNMENTAL overthrow because of ocuclt madness that brain washed employees and to get illegals out and all people stealing down for good BUT does not want that title either But she has done to many years now it was not a life career and we need a fresher mind that has been follwoing the crimes and rule violations waiting on the bench for the position time to move on.

Madison, WI

#9 Oct 18, 2010
I actually was up for one of the welfare offers. I did not like the apartment building locations and hated the idea that it comes with the tenants.

I was going to do a dagger sword medallion and rock shop with a soup and old swiss colon ocffee house. I would of been owned by stock share hodlers, But I was told FAMOUS people that we all know hAD interest in sponsering that busines sand I was the only one that had that idea. SOMEHOW I had procastination fobia and then amnesia and missed the chance.

Madison, WI

#10 Oct 18, 2010
People always wanted to talk crap about something. I AM NAVY SPEED SLOWED DOWN To exist in AMRY speed because family is here. YOU Want them to complain about $540 a month spending, I AM MIDDLE CLASS in NAVY SPEED and guaranteed that more then your millionares here I KNOW YOUR RICH WELFARE PROGRAM spo you start donatein gto these poor WE GAVE YOU PEOPLE MONEY To not look like the poorest rich kids and substadised your housing
IM SUPPOSED TO BE THE MERMAID project with my 4 unit group my own age living and working and having fun discovering and entering info in my com link and exploring and cleaning the world and stuck in thes speed to see little big men hurting people are you hi pay them

Madison, WI

#11 Oct 18, 2010
MY BEST FRIENDS making under sea movies for me cartoons played to my favorite songs to see the sea come to life I HATE WHAT THESE PEOPLE ARE GETTING AWAY WITH MOVE GROUP SHOW these people what true leaders are and come a ground Damn ignorent people harming them purposefully SHOW THEM WHAT REAL LEADERS DO

Madison, WI

#12 Oct 18, 2010
4 supported speeds in TIme. Get NAVY SPEED PRESIDENT moving on these people NOW and train these people properly.

Its not like we had a budget US TREASURY gave the darn money plates They make the money and hand them wads only when they come up to play in the amusement parks. I was declarated by that President My medal has a gold coin hanging off it along with my rank I HATE BEING HERE Where was my choice in the matter

I tried to posture a feel for that speed in tiem politicians and workers and now I am at the bottom I gave them all I had and the MAYOR and UW steals it and slaps me down for it so they can claim it as their victory MOVE IN ON THEM OVER THROW PUT them in prison for criems agaisnt humanity

Madison, WI

#13 Oct 18, 2010
WAIt until Tammy Baldwin finds out she works in the same office as the NAVY SPEED Leader, will HE train her or is he auditing her term while she is working. BREECH that time gap SIRS

I want to go to my real home fully geared and finding plant and cell life in the waste land sector nameing and coding them into the mainframe. WHAT are we doing here, Cant someone override TAMMY BALDWIN doesnt even know what I am talking of, and shes your leading offcial, The President doesnt even know what IM talking of. IM MERMAID PROJECT I was supposed to be birthed in the sea in the tunnel and facilties secured RESEARCHER communication agent And you have me stuck ARMY speed and they steal my work for their friends and finance

United States

#14 Oct 18, 2010
Tammy has proved time & again that she does not care about her constituency! She thinks she is "above" all that.

Madison, WI

#15 Oct 18, 2010
I think the pole numbers listed on this site are questionable
roger brendemuehl

Madison, WI

#16 Oct 21, 2010
We need a change in Congress as incumbents
are bankrupting our country

Since: Oct 10

Location hidden

#17 Oct 22, 2010
Tammy spoke out vocally against the Iraq invasion, which we know the Bush administration DID NOT DO TO PROTECT US, but rather to consolidated their OWN POWER by spilling the blood of our own young men & women and the blood of tens of thousands of innocent Iraqis. She had the courage to stand for what's moral and just when most others blindly followed.

Madison, WI

#18 Oct 22, 2010
I'm still not understanding all the classfications for being over in Iraq to begin with. It takes over 50 Internaitonal law violations to breech someones homeland soils for any war effort to beign with. Each unit is sent out to search and rescue, to sieze, to discover, to confiscate, anything even a medallion that hosts a acnicient cures, is part of one units assingments, so how many law violations were there to begin with?

911 was not a factor in that or the families of the pilots would of been indited as well, and Government classfied them as good people and non deserving of any rebuttle, their homeland naitons will serve it instead.

Then we send over fleets of civlian efforts to make Habitat for Humanity homes, just outside City fenced perimeters. Those peopel don't have jobs to pay for Habitat Homes,nor is the climate permitting those structural developments. The house will catch fire, from the outside; and they live off the water towers. Not making any sense. Then who is in charge of debt collections on monthly payemnts and utilities? Its not going to be any differnt then entering SORRY a BAck population or Mexican popualtion into Human Service private secters and expecting them to do a service without racial profiling or slander or name calling, exploiting stealing Identity to give to another or account numbers for a cousin to consume and clear out.(sorry this is valid in MAdison Wisc. maybe not for you) But for Iraq to have same lower statused employees disgruttled societal workers holding onto old tensions of lifes devlopments to lead and govern ove rthose poor people... Well that was a death sentence sponsered by our leading nations HABITAT HOMES Those people dont dink around and say um well lets consolidate. YOu killed them

Good for Baldwin, exploit all detail as soon as possible, WW3 is around the corner and poor America is going to be ignorent to all naitons indition of CRIME OF HUMANITY against the American people and how that is possible.
A vetern

Platteville, WI

#19 Oct 26, 2010
Tammy has not done anything for this district. What is weird is she has a lot of money in her campaign fund but has not used even a small penny. She is taking our vote for granted and the students on campus will vote her in again because what counties did she carry last time? When a person doesn't even spend time or any money at all on the issues than why should I vote for them?

Madison, WI

#20 Oct 26, 2010
A vetern wrote:
Tammy has not done anything for this district. What is weird is she has a lot of money in her campaign fund but has not used even a small penny. She is taking our vote for granted and the students on campus will vote her in again because what counties did she carry last time? When a person doesn't even spend time or any money at all on the issues than why should I vote for them?
Thats becasue UW is permitting the students to have a Vote. Which is a large volumne number of non-residential aliens. SO its who the PRoduction studios kids fathers want and the celebrity kids father have to MAKE their kids vote for who the PRoduction studios they want or they are harmed or sued. So whatever they want goes. Mkae sure the professors can override kids programs and get them to lead their own heads off judgement of first hand lifestyle and information, but these kids are programmed mentality. SOme refuse to believe things liek lets say PSYCHO movie was basedof the life of peorple form Northern Wisconsin. THey dont have that knowledge and do their papers off someone else crap offline. ALL validity is gone, peoples opinions have overridden as valid fact for their own mind set download for potential what percentage of sales if someone attmpts to pick thier whimsy life nad views and make a movie or book off of it.

Cant win can we. Unless you can trigger all time speeds at once, but that isnt rationale, nobody would vote for this secter then your all ignorent.

Evansville, WI

#21 Oct 28, 2010
Tambo only comes to our hometown for photoshoots.... Not impressed with her at all

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