James Burch and Tabby Caple back toge...

James Burch and Tabby Caple back together??

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Paragould, AR

#1 Apr 11, 2013
Why they are back together? Who knows! Everyone knows that James is a pot head and that tabby will have sex with everyone! That was proven when James went to basic training and his so called Fiance cheated on him with numerous people, stole all his money, and even took pregnancy tests while he was gone! Its really no surprise they are back together because in all reality they are really perfect for each other. Cheaters will always be cheaters and sluts will always be sluts!

Farmington, MO

#2 Apr 11, 2013
I can tell you right now that James is my cousin and it would not be wise to run your mouth on topix! Who cares if they are back together, does it concern you? No so grow the f up and get a life!

Pearcy, AR

#3 Apr 11, 2013
88M_ANG wrote:
Why they are back together? Who knows! Everyone knows that James is a pot head and that tabby will have sex with everyone! That was proven when James went to basic training and his so called Fiance cheated on him with numerous people, stole all his money, and even took pregnancy tests while he was gone! Its really no surprise they are back together because in all reality they are really perfect for each other. Cheaters will always be cheaters and sluts will always be sluts!
I do not know either of these people but why do u care? That is he problem with this town everyone has to be in everyone's business.

United States

#4 May 4, 2013
This is my brother in law, and not necessarily. They do what they want when they want. THEY ARE ADULTS. If they want to fuck, let them fuck. If they want to be friends, let them be friends. If they want to talk, and get over whatever they had in their past like adults, then so be it! James is NOT a pot head. He just got a job at wal mart, works for zaxby's, and yes, he had to get a drug test to get a job at walmart, so please, refrain from the lies. Now, he does have a bad habit of smoking regular cigarette tobacco, but so be it. He is hyper, and slightly crazy, but all around a great person to be around. What really upsets me, is I think I know who is posting this. Get over yourself.

United States

#6 May 7, 2013
James is a pot head and tabby is a slut who would have sex with anybody and I don't understand why he's back with her she cheated on him and spend all his money while he was at basic and I don't give a FUCK who sees this lol I'll talk shit on topix if I want to

Longmont, CO

#7 Aug 15, 2013
Is this the same james related to April sheehan?
just curious

United States

#8 Aug 15, 2013
that's funny i thought he was with tiffany

United States

#9 Aug 15, 2013
junkie ho

United States

#10 Aug 29, 2013
He's with Tiffany
just curious

United States

#11 Aug 29, 2013
people need to make up their mind and quit jumping back and forth

United States

#12 Aug 29, 2013
They both sleep around

Jonesboro, AR

#13 Mar 13, 2014
Well now he is married to Tiffany Ward or what ever her last name is now. She is a hoe with two kids already and half the women in Paragould wanna beat her ass for one reason or another though mostly because she sleeps with their men. I found out about her luckily before I slept with her last weekend which is why I was searching on here for the name Burch but I guess they deserve each other.

Greenbrier, AR

#14 Mar 18, 2014
Well fyi this is tiffany and yes we are togather and happy and u can bet ur ass i didnt try to sleep with u ya i had my bad times everyone dose but honestly if ur not going to put ur name out there obviously u r a shit starter lol i find some ppl so funny .. i am happy and wouldnt do anything to mess that up so say what u want i am actually pretty excited right now that i have see this bc that just means we have haters and hey without haters who is going to keep us amssed ... if anyone knows me they know i am not fucked up about someone wanting to whoop my ass i have calmed down a lot but hey i love a challange so quit being a pussy and tell me in stead of posting it like a cool cat lol might get my ass whooped but i will for sure let u know if u dont know me u might want to rethink it bc i can handle mine i just dont go down that road if i dont have to bc i am grown but u can bey ur ass if it comes to that i am not that person to back down even if i might get my ass handed to me but u can bet ur ass that that person will know i have been there so either grow up or spit out who u are lol and another thing keep my husbands name and kids out ur mouth u dont want to go there for real ... just bc ur life suck u dog on other ppl well i am not going to say stop bc i find it pretty amazing that there are still ppl like yall out there and will have fun with this thank u all for making my night i think its time for this girl to go to bed with her husband :)

United States

#17 Mar 25, 2014
Hey Tiffany. Why don't u tell everyone how yu beat a pregnant women back a bit back. I'm a burch family member & guess what, us burch's don't like U. So yeah, uve got haters honey. From the family u married into. I think tyler and tim are a bit of an idiot, tho, 4 letting u freeload off of ehm after they bought ur kids a bunch of stuff. I can't even believe James. Choosin a over stretched pussy over his family. Because of u livinwith Tim and James's dad, &them stepping up for some girl who has been in the trouble with the law who knows how many times, instead of realizing the girl who hasnt even got a detention in school but a bit of an attitude isnt the 1 who came 2 ur door and beat the shit out of u,they refuse to allow them to see their grandchild, & honestly I don't blame them. I hope u feel good about ruinin his family over getting about offending for those 2 not liking ur parenting style. No 1 likes it parentin style. Instead of Beatin someone for saying u need to be a better person, maybe as a parent u should take in the info. Cuz if some1 that isn't even a parent yet sees ur mistakes, then maybe as a parent, u should rethink if what ur doin is right. She was a bitch, but that ain't any reason 2 go in her home an beat her. I hope u rot in hell because god won't want u in heaven. And I hope James comes to his senses & and realizes pussy & beating family ain't as important as loving family.

United States

#18 Mar 25, 2014
Tabby is oh so much better than James. He's turned himself into a piece of shit by dating that Tiffany girl. I hear they're married now. She's probably cheating on him as they go.

United States

#20 Mar 27, 2014
Well, Tiffany, as a start, things other than haters that would keep you amused are YOUR CHILDREN, or maybe puzzles. Puzzles are nice, too. The community center offers a lot of nice activities. McDonald's has a bingo night. Crosswords, television. Oh, FarmVille on Facebook is apparently quite amusing. Seems like you have truly made it out of that "bad time" yet if you're beating pregnant people, or simply beating anyone for that matter over an opinion. It wouldn't surprise me if you let your anger get the best of you and you've probably gave that James guy a black eye a few times by now. I know you from the past... You aren't any better of a person than you were back then. Treat your children right. Don't use them as an excuse to hurt someone. And you surely shouldn't be using them for attention.

United States

#21 Mar 27, 2014
Well, it comes to my attention that I have a lot of people defending me. Sort of? I get called an idiot, but for all the right reasons, as odd as that sounds. Truly, you've always known that I allow karma to take its own course, and let it do its own thing. I do not intend of interfering when it is Karma's turn. Karma may show justice 5 days from now, or five years. It isn't my responsibility to take Karma's place. I am not a fighter. I am a lover, which is why i havent ever been in a true fight, unless you consider forcing yourself through my door and beating me in my recliner with my dog on my lap as a fight. I hope to show my child/children the love they deserve. I stick up for what I see as right. I may not be nice about it, but as someone else said, that is NOT a reason to beat someone over simply getting offended.
Tabitha Caple

Paragould, AR

#22 Mar 28, 2014
ok wow why is people still talking about this? and in everyone else's business. All this is old news. and I am typing all this bc I want everyone to know how all this talk affects me. yes James Burch was a huge part of my life. We were together for years yes we was engaged and yes I did love him. but since everything that happened between us I think I have grown up a lot. I am happy now. some people say I am happier now than when I was with him. no I am not talking shit or putting him down. I have been with my boy friend for almost 5 months now, and I could not be happier he is amazing. I really didn't think I would be able to trust or believe any other guy that talked to me bc I would automatically just think they were lying. but I completely trust and in love with the man i am with now. I think I have grown up a lot bc I actually was able to get over what happened and Forgive everyone that was involved in our situation. It doesn't matter what happened in the past between me and him. bc its in the past and everyone has moved on. so people stop talking crap and trying to start bs and getting in other peoples business. Its in the past and I am over it and I bet so is James and Tiffany, so don't u think u should do the same? and it doesn't matter who he is with now or who he has been with, all that matters is that the past is the past and u learn from it. I really do wish James and Tiffany the best of luck. bc no matter who it is (ur best friend or people that u don't get along with) every one should be happy. so please all of this stuff is old news so move on. so that is all I got to say. o and people GROW UP

Hot Springs National Park, AR

#23 Jun 3, 2014
Huh, I didn't know she was married. Wonder how the kids are.

Paragould, AR

#24 Jun 4, 2014
Wow! Really people?! Tiffany don't pay any attention to what these damn fools are saying!! Worry about you and them beautiful babies of yours!!! F*ck them haters babygirl!!!

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