Why do people stretch their earlobes ...

Saskatoon, Canada

#86 Sep 1, 2009
Actually, I find that lots of people "say anything" and mock women with obscenely huge implants. And rightfully so.

If you're going to do extreme bod mod, you'd better have a thick skin, and not just to keep the piercings in. None of us should expect to be treated "like normal" when we have gigantic holes in our ears. I'm up to 1-1/4", and I get all sorts of stares. The best are the innocent, purely curious stares of small children. I wonder if they're imagining sticking their toys in my ears?

Tazewell, VA

#87 Sep 4, 2009
i have 2.5 inch ears and 2g snake bites. i live in a small town where nobody has ever seen anything like it. i get more looks and get more questions about my ears then anything else. some people think there neat and interesting and some of them wont even approach me. this doesnt bother me in anyway. other then the fact that i feel sorry for people who live there lives with a 1 dimensional mind set. things that were considered Taboo 20 years ago are completely average in today's world. i knew every consequence in the process i was committed too. ive been stretching them for 6.5 years and have put a lot of care and effort in them. there past the point of going back on there own, but you can fix them. a small in and out procedure at your dr. office will sow them up and you really cant tell you ever had them. this is not something i will do but the option is open.

close your open mouth and open your closed mind.

Gregory, AR

#88 Sep 5, 2009
It really grosses me out. Sorry that doesn't mean that you aren't a nice person.
tase him

United States

#89 Sep 5, 2009
because they are scum

Aurora, CO

#90 Sep 16, 2009
I have my lobes stretched to two inches and am quite far from regretting them. The process has taken nearly four years and started stretching them because the fact that they were a beautiful sign of social status thousands of years ago. I do it as a symbol of my patience and dedication to this artform.
I didn't stretch them so all of you closed-minded people could judge me or label me and especially not because I want you all to like them or like me for them. If they offend you that much you can make the easy decision to avert your eyes from my ears. I like them and am very comfortable with them, they are an excellent conversation starter which I can thank for meeting some of the coolest most intriguing people in my life. So as for ever regretting them when I'm eighty, I can say confidently I won't be one of those people.

"what if you were living yours, instead of hating mine?"

United States

#91 Sep 16, 2009
Count me in with the people who think it's gross. Not to be too offensive here, I'm sure people who like body art and piercings and plastic surgery are just like everybody else...some smart, some stupid, some nice, and some jerks. Why is it so disconcerting for me to see someone doing this stuff to their bodies, and why is earlobe stretching particularly disturbing? I don't know, it just is. Maybe it's because the earlobe thing is such a new trend, that seemed to pop up overnight for no apparent reason? I know there are going to be a lot of defensive people saying they've had theirs for x number of years, but you know it's gotten big (no pun intended) just in the last 5 or so years.

And congratulations if you've run across people who see past your choice in style and you have a great job or position of responsibility. You know that there are still loads of people who will draw a conclusion by what they see, and many of you will be discriminated against and may not get the job you're deserving of. The difference between you and people who have large noses or are fat is that you are clearly making a choice to look that way. So, when you run across someone who states their discomfort at being around you, passes judgment on you, or just tries not to look at you, remember, you did it to yourself.

Broken Arrow, OK

#92 Oct 7, 2009
huh wrote:
<quoted text>like i said in my first post "attention". thats what everyone wants and thats what this is about. i don't care how you look but i think to limit your options in the eyes of society is just not smart. earrings and tats can be done in a way that you can be cool on the weekend and still look professional in the week but the lobe thing is just uncool in any setting.
who cared about cool?:/

Paragould, AR

#93 Oct 7, 2009

Palos Hills, IL

#94 Oct 12, 2009
I would just like to mention to some of the misinformed people that have posted on this topic that although there is the common misconception of people who have stretched ears are stuck on the lower end of all the 'good' jobs, the ones who you fail to notice are those of us who are not. There are plenty of EXTREMELY successful individuals out there who are very heavily modified and enjoy it. There are numerous reasons for doing such modifications as stretching, and as previously mentioned some are part of culture. Others are obviously not. BUT there are those of us who have worked our entire lives to be as successful as we are and honestly we have to put up with these types of questions and negativity all of the time. It comes with the territory, just like some people on our end of the spectrum would think you are a complete asshole for being close minded, when in all reality so are they for believing that. The truth is, everyone has their own distinct taste in what they believe is their lifestyle and fashion and none of us have any right to dictate each others choices. Stop worrying about what other people are doing and focus on yourself. You'll enjoy life much more by doing so. I understand it's hard when you don't understand why people do certain things, I have a hard time figuring out why some people wear stripes and polka dots together, but it happens and it is not harming me so if that person is happy with their choices, whether it be for the day or their life, then so be it. I'm not asking the people who disagree with modifications to start accepting it or stop questioning it, just know that stereotypes never fit 100% so make sure you know what you are talking about before offending a certain culture. In a case like this, if you were to do the research, people without such modifications are the minority and you are offending a huge portion of the world and a lot of your own ancestry. It's disrespectful. Instead of bashing such people, why not try to understand their logic or even if you decide you really don't care about it that much, then stop the negativity towards it because if it is something you truly do not get or care about, it should not be worth you time to write on the internet about it.

Thank you.

Palos Hills, IL

#95 Oct 12, 2009
I would also like to mention that typically, or at least those of us who are in the body modification industry, do have thick skin and things like this do not bother us. In fact, it is typically the type of person who is disrespectful back to the person who is misinformed or just flat out does not like something in particular. It bothers me when (lets just throw this out this since this is what it is about) someone in particular has stretched ears and another person who does not and does not find this look pleasing at all, puts up a fight stating that, that person is extremely closed minded and the like. It's extremely petty and makes the rest of us look bad and give people the misconception that we are low class and rebellious, when in all reality some of us are no where near being close to either of those. Please, everyone is closed minded to an extent and there is nothing anyone can do to prevent that. I think both sides need to relax and continue to do what makes them happy. If that is making rude comments about other people then fine but there are going to be much happier people out there doing their own thing than worry about someone else's.
new york kid

Huntington, NY

#96 Oct 21, 2009
its funny how people say that your grandkids are going to make fun of you? well im not gonna raise my childern to be just like every other close-minded soul. yet that number that stands out is the ones that if this was a normal thing to do noone would say a word. but yet its different and people can't understand that. keep wearing your gap clothes.

Patton, MO

#97 Oct 27, 2009
Guest wrote:
ok two gage is not big enough to put your pinky through...unless you have fingers the size of infants...
Yes it is I have mine gauged that big and i cant get my pinky finger in it maybe you just have huge pinkys lol

San Antonio, TX

#98 Oct 29, 2009
Dumbasses following trends. And you're a moron if you can't acknowledge that's ALL you're doing. 20 years ago tattoos were not "normal". Now it's a trend to get as many as you can. Same thing with piercings. First it was how many could you put in one ear. Now it's how big can you stretch your earlobes. If you can fit a teacup saucer in there...why you're one trendy mofo! It used to be about rebellion. Maybe it still is. Individuals trying to be individuals and not conforming to what society thinks "beauty" is. Sounds like bullshit huh? Yeah it is, lol. Every other trend-following zombie looks like the other. Thus making each one go even further. It won't be long til the same dumbasses are modifying their lips to hold the salad plate to go along with the saucers in their ears.


Waterloo, Canada

#99 Oct 29, 2009
People can do whatever they want with their ear lobes. Stretch them to 4" if they want. Just as someone can create a thread on here saying they're dumb as hell. Seriously, I need to become a plastic surgeon specializing in ear lobes cause in a few years it will be a big business.

United States

#100 Oct 31, 2009
to give you a reason to be obnoxious.

Chula Vista, CA

#101 Dec 6, 2009
Hay I Ben doing this for one year and I have to say I love it and I'm not going to stop because some one dosent like it or thinks it is nasty it's my body so why not I get asked at school at least once a day why did you do thay I say because I want to be differnt. I also get asked alot what about when you get older I say hay why do people get tattoos why do people dance it's because it's a typ of art. To me geting a new pair of plugs is like geting a new pair of shoes lol. One thing dont tell some one nice gages that's fucking stupid it's like going up to some one and saying hay nice sizes lol say nice plugs or something lol.
xanthose moonflower

United States

#103 Dec 21, 2009
Wow. To whoever posted this topic: you make me sick. I have stretched ears, other piercings, and dreadlocks, so I obviously look like a freak. Why?

To determine the close minded fools who do not deserve a second thought and STAY THE HELL AWAY, thats why.

You are a collectivist clone who deserves no respect.

Toronto, Canada

#104 Jan 4, 2010
cuz we like our look like this!!! i bet i hate your style ,but if you sit next to me i won't change my sit, or ask WHY DO SOME PEOPLE LOOK SO BORING!?

Grass Valley, CA

#105 Jan 23, 2010
Hey.. Just wanted to say that it doesn't really matter what people look like and stuff. Yeah, I may be just a kid and all that, but I'm not stupid. From just looking at someone, you can't tell his/her life's story. Just like people can't look at me and say, "Oh, she has these giant holes in her ears so she's a drug addict, a smoker, and robs convenience stores," because that's everything I DON'T do. Same goes for so-called "normal" looking people. They may have done things far worse than you could ever imagine. I like my ears the way they are, at 2g (haha, I know, kinda small) and I'm planning to stop at 00g. I have total respect for those who have stretched their ears to almost unthinkable sizes. Lots of hard work and patience goes into the stretching process, and it should be something that's celebrated instead of frowned upon by close-minded people, like those few sad posters on here. And I'm not only saying that about ear stretching, but about body modifications in general. Sure, I would never even want to attempt some of the body mod stuff that some people do on a regular basis, but it doesn't mean I look down on that. It only adds to my admiration of them, knowing that they succeed doing things I can only dream of.
Always Right

Lawrence, KS

#106 Feb 3, 2010
I'm sensing a lot of anger from those with stretched lobes.

The great thing about this country though is having the freedom to do basically whatever we want - stretching ear lobes, jumping from planes, and the greatest of all, judging others.

All people with stretched lobes are dumb.

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