You Paid For It: Greenville Asst. Cit...

You Paid For It: Greenville Asst. City Manager's Trip To South America

There are 123 comments on the Fox2Now story from Nov 16, 2009, titled You Paid For It: Greenville Asst. City Manager's Trip To South America. In it, Fox2Now reports that:

In this You Paid For It report, a tiny Illinois town with big ideas for spending taxpayers money.

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#83 Nov 19, 2009
Bill wrote:
wonders if Nice Guy is brown-nosing Ms Stephens in an effort to be appointed to fill her husband's seat when he retires from his seat in the Illinois General Assembly?
I truly feel "Mr. Nice Guy" is not "savy enough/intelligent" enough to hold any position in BoCo/ STATE OF IL..and brown=nosing DOESN'T count.......get out there new voters and learn from this current mess! lET'S GET A MUCH HIGHER % OF VOTERS!!!

Schuylkill Haven, PA

#84 Nov 19, 2009
nice guy --- just please answer the question. why did willey run and hide from elliott? why not do his job and do what he is hired to do -- represent greenville. it is impossible to answer anything with your back turned and retreating though a closed door. what kind of representative it that. that is pure and simple running from responsibility and NOT DOING YOUR JOB. you seem to know everything about the man and his job, why then would he not address questions from the media? what is it about you and cool jets? the last sentence of your last comment says it all. find out more about the trip? how can we when your man willey will not speak to the press. you think the advocate is the ultimate authority about this? why not let another news media ask a few questions and get the answers straight from the man who should know everything. if this trip was so valuable, he should standing on the square with a megaphone shouting the necessity and positive aspects the this 20,000.00 trip not hiding from the press or people with questions. please you seem to know so very much about this -- why did he not at least give mr ellitt the courtesy of speaking with him? you and a very very few others must feel this was appropriate behavior. what are you and willey trying to hide? please be honest, his actions where not normal. also, there is no statue of limitations on knowledge. 60 days do not mean this matter is over and will go away like you want it to

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#85 Nov 19, 2009
Nice Guy wrote:
Hello "its just me". For the people that want to read the Bond county Watch, go for it. It is a shame that someone must spend time to find stuff that makes the person in question look bad. My point is that better ways are available to review a person in government. Like set down with the person and talk out your concerns. Talk to the boss or go to a council meeting and voice your concerns. Better yet, run for councilmen or mayor. The way to get people out of government is to vote them out. The last election, you may remember, two old timers lost and were replaced by younger men and basically, nothing has changed. The old timers were YES men and had little or nothing to contribute to city government. So the question is how do you change city government? A group needs to get together with a purpose and provide a slate for election with financial backing so they can win. To have any effect on government, it takes 3 votes on the council with the same purpose. None of this has anything to do with the purpose of the forum regarding the South America trip. So, I'm sorry about getting off track but many have said, "throw the bums out of office, so to speak". Have a good day and thanks to everyone that takes time to think about Greenville. <quoted text>
Sounds like know one is there to listen to the common man in G'ville==so stop with your conversations....seems like everyone is very tired of the "status quo"!

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#86 Nov 19, 2009
Nice Guy wrote:
Hello "stop-Greenville. Try to be fair with your posts. You must remember that the Greenville city council must agree to Greenville business. It is not Mr. Willey or Lisa but the council that puts the stamp on the paycheck. The council agreed to the Lisa bonus, the council agrees to how tax dollars should be spent. Citizens that don't like city government policies can and should run for office. Once you get elected, it is in your hands. I said I would like to see some respect in this forum and that still goes. The comments about crooked government, police, how bad Greenville College is and all that STUFF is just not very nice or appropiate. Once again, that being said, you have a right to speak and I admire your effort and have NO ill feelings for you. Your opinion matters and Greenville needs to listen to all. Have a nice day and really, cool your jets just a bit. <quoted text>

Then from what you say....I say the "team" of mayor/city councilmen/assit. city manager/city manager all need to be held accountable....isn't that a "JOB" for the states attorney's office for an investigation??????

United States

#87 Nov 19, 2009
To say the leaest wrote:
Has anybody seen the Bond County Watch. It tells a pretty good story of what may be going on at City Hall. Movies in the room,$900 limo service, wine, minibar and lots more. All gathered from City Document Alomost forgot the $50,000 Mastercard bills paid but never approved by the Council.$85.oo room service. Mr Willey had every opportunity to set the record straight. Why did the Council try to hide the trip. Why did'nt they receive a report on the trip? Who knows. Don't forget the flowers for the title company lady for closing the Buchiet deal and the $1000 worth of gift baskets for Major employers. Thats enough. e-mail:[email protected] for more.
No wonder Margaret Iberg resigned/retired.......she needs to be interviewed,(Elliott, take note!) as I'm sure, she could tell MANY stories....and such a great gal for putting up with it all!!!! God Bless U, Margaret for all the GRIEF!!!!!

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#88 Nov 19, 2009
who the hell wrote:
Who the hell is Mr Nice Guy from St Jacob and how does he know so much about Greenville and city hall politics. I think I smell a rat - a city hall rat who is attempting to get Mr Willey's agenda on line. Or could it be ?????????? It is obviously someone very close to the situation. Well Mr Nice guy, let me clue you in on something ---- 99% of Greenville is not buying what you are trying to sell and who you are selling it for!
From now on....everyone should call him WILLEY sure does fit ands has such a fine sound, doesn't it?!?

Schuylkill Haven, PA

#89 Nov 19, 2009
a neighbor just played the interview for me on his computer -- what a terrible portrayal of greenville. mr willey should be replaced
Tom DeVore

United States

#90 Nov 19, 2009
Bob, your comments in the post #84 above were well presented and should be the main point. I agree with you that the Advocate should not be the sole authority. On many occassions it appears the Advocate does not follow up very well on politically sensitive issues. Also, Dave likely is reluctant to speak publically due to the fact that the expenditures were obviously abusive, and I would hope he is embarrased. Ultimately his worthiness, or lack thereof, should be based on all of his accomplishments and failures, not just this one issue, and if everyone still thinks he needs to go then run for city council and work on firing him. Marti, as far as an investigation by the states attorneys office. There was nothing criminal about the expenditures. Poor decision making and wasteful quite possibly, but not illegal.

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#91 Nov 19, 2009
Mary wrote:
If the trip does result in trade for our businesses in Greenville, it will be worth it. We have gotten several new businesses since they hired Lisa. I think she is doing a great job. Unlike some of the people who posted comments, I DO read the Advocate and listen to the news on WGEL, especially when it pertains to the city council or the school board.(The school board, by the way, is the reason our real estate taxes are so high.) I keep track of everything our councilmen vote on, because I am one of the 25% of the registered voters in this town who vote in every election. And, before the idiots on here start accusing me of the things they accused "nice guy" with, I am not related to and I don't even know Mr. Willey. Some of the things he has done since becoming CM I don't like and some of the things I was all for. However, it is the council members that have to approve everything. So it is their votes that I remember when they come up for re-election. If you care enough about Greenville to post a comment, then please vote in the next election! Until the other 75% of the registered voters start putting their vote where their mouth is, politics will continue to be politics as usual.
I'm confused......isn't our great nation outsourcing jobs to other nations (i.e. south america)...and "yes" please vote BoCo/G' yes and vote often! It's the IL way in politics!

Scott Air Force Base, IL

#92 Nov 19, 2009
The story is kinda short on information. Didn't they city vote on this?
Head in the sand

East Saint Louis, IL

#93 Nov 19, 2009
Several responses have said that nobody knew how much the trip was going to cost. Don't you think tickets have to be purchased in advance and you would not head to Peru without hotel reservations. Come on guys they all knew what the cost was. BUT if the Mastercard bills are not approved or on the list who cares. Don't you all think it strange that $52000 worth of expenses were paid without ant approval. Scary. Would you not think that Lisa would have given a public report when she came back. Everybody knew dam well how much it was to cost but who cares. It is somebody elses money. Spending is out of control at City Hall but your elected officials care less. Spendf it til its gon. See how many truth in taxation hearing have and will be held. You taxes are goin to raise. How about the $1500 cash advance and the $1800 phone bill. Add that to the $19500 and it only gets worse. The City DID NOT vote on it.
Reality Check

East Saint Louis, IL

#94 Nov 19, 2009
The City will install hitching post at City Hall to tie up all the white horses riden into town to save the day. We appreaciate all the efforts and see all the activity in Greenville but it does not come without a cost. The City bought the Value City building and Buchiet moved in without so much as a down payment. We will build a new $700,000 road.
Donnald..$2.4 million in TIF money,$250,000 land gifted plus numerous fees waived. Love Truck Stop $875,000 TIF funds. Sleep Imm motel $175,000 sewer project. Molinero, cheap land plus some land given to them. Cheap in the eyes of Mr. Rogier's $20000 an acre screwing of the City. The overpass project was actually started by CM Larry Stover 10 or so years ago. The decisions by these businesses to move to greenville are all sound business decision. The amount of incentives given would make anyone turn their head. Only hope our check book can afford it.
Nice Guy

United States

#95 Nov 20, 2009
Maybe the forum is getting closer to being reasonable. The name calling seems to have calmed down a bit and just maybe some thought is being put into the posts. It would be great if we could keep on message, South America Trip. Reality Check went back 10 years and talked about all the money that is on the books for current development. Economic development is expensive as was the South America Trip. I believe this is the first time the city has tried to give something back to the companies that provide jobs in Greenville. I think the trip was well intentioned but it will take time to find out if it really worked. I doubt if it will as I can't see South America buying much from the Greenville companies. I hope future trips are given more thought.
lets look

Granite City, IL

#96 Nov 20, 2009
may an investigation is necessary. i don't know that the state's attorney's office is the correct choice, but perhaps an outside auditing firm. yes, this will cost the city money we don't have, but if wrong doing, cash mis- management or mis-conduct with city assets is discovered, the end result could save money in the long term
Nice Guy

United States

#97 Nov 20, 2009
I believe this forum has run the course and said what is on the minds of people in the Bond County area. Not much more to say that has not already been said. I believe, in summary, we can say that many disagree with the premise of selling local merchandise or products in South America. In addition, most think the trip cost was excessive. As I have stated before, 20/20 hind sight is always right on. I don't see any laws broken, and I don't see blatant mis-management. Maybe some poor judgement but that may not be the case. I think city government, trying to attract companies to buy the products Greenville industry produces is actually beyond the scope of Greenville government. If the local companies thought this was a good opportunity, I think a representative of the company would have gone to South America to sell their products. Finally, because many people who expressed views in this forum were not aware of the South America trip before it appeared on TV on the Elliott Davis program, You Paid For It, a general lack of information was and is apparent. Information has been public long before Elliott and his broadcast. Elliott gave very little information to the public and had much more information to use if he wanted to. Maybe it is good he didn't. I am not pleased with any part of the South American information and I hope the city finds a more productive and better use of money they spend for ED purposes. If Greenville and the Bond County area is fortunate, Project Carolina will come our way and the result will be many more jobs and a very large expenditure constructing the new facility. So far, the project is secret in nature and Illinois and Missouri are not indicating the name of the company at the request of the prospective company. God bless you all, support your local government, get active in the process, pick up a ballot for elective office, and try to do what is right.
To nice guy

Mansfield, IL

#98 Nov 20, 2009
your the one who obviously had a lack of knowledge about Greenville. Everyone has been talking about this for months. Everyone knew about this and several people complained. Maybe alot of people will show up at the next meeting, even Elliott Davis. As far as an investigation goes, it would have to be an outside one. The D.A. would never press charges against someone with authority. This was suppossed to get tucked away and it didnt. Just like every other thing Willey and some other people in town, this was not suppossed to be nosed into.

East Saint Louis, IL

#99 Nov 21, 2009
Nice Guy wrote:
This post is for Elliott Davis and I hope he responds. Elliott, I enjoy watching your program and I think many of the stories need to be seen. In regard to the Greenville South America story. You had a ton of information you didn't use. In addition, the videos you showed of the South America water front appeared to be from a Travel Agency and had nothing to do with the trip. Your pictures showing the wine bar and restaurant were also out of a Travel Agency and not pertinent to the subject. No pictures of Lisa setting around a conference table with several other ED people. No data on expected results of the trip. You made the program look like Lisa researched a vacation trip and found one. How wrong that is. She was contacted by others wanting to know if Greenville was willing to send someone with the group. Lisa has had so much success and thanks to Dave Willey and the council, we hope to have more success in the future. The city is a great place to live, has a nice 4 year college, Greenville College, for advanced learning, citizens with a good work ethic, and much more but it needs a lot of help to find a way to provide more things to do for the children and grownups too. We need an improved tax base to help fund many of the projects needed. Your story is not complete and I can tell you this, Greenville does NOT spend tax dollars without some deep thought. The South American trip looks suspect in mant citizens eyes and yet when the Greenville Advocate wrote an article about the trip, the mayor responded and indicated the trip was above board. Elliott, I wish you much success in the future and just wanted you to see that not everyone agrees with you on this subject.

East Saint Louis, IL

#100 Nov 21, 2009
thanks to who ever had the guts to turn this in----we moved to greenville 7 and 1/2 years ago--thinking the taxes would be better---they are higher than madison county--what a mistake the taxes here are terriable!!!!in 2004 they were 1980.34 in 2005 they were 2016.06 in 2006 they were 2168.66 in 2007 they were 2278.04 in 2008 they were 2557.62 in 2009 they are 2612.24--this is for a small 3 bedr -1 bath- with crawl space-gee- what will they be in 2010?? we are planning to get out of (dodge)assoon as we can-the people who run this city think everyone is as wealthy as they are- so they can have it---thanks for running the program on greenville---wake up everybody----

East Saint Louis, IL

#101 Nov 21, 2009
no, i will tell you what is illgal here--our taxes, city people's salary and the way they milk the people of greenville money wise---thank you!!!!
Tom DeVore wrote:
Bob, your comments in the post #84 above were well presented and should be the main point. I agree with you that the Advocate should not be the sole authority. On many occassions it appears the Advocate does not follow up very well on politically sensitive issues. Also, Dave likely is reluctant to speak publically due to the fact that the expenditures were obviously abusive, and I would hope he is embarrased. Ultimately his worthiness, or lack thereof, should be based on all of his accomplishments and failures, not just this one issue, and if everyone still thinks he needs to go then run for city council and work on firing him. Marti, as far as an investigation by the states attorneys office. There was nothing criminal about the expenditures. Poor decision making and wasteful quite possibly, but not illegal.
Mom of 2

United States

#102 Nov 21, 2009
Just an FYI mayor Alan Gaffner was at the football game today. Guess where he was at? Standing in the bleachers on the Tolono side. I wonder why??????????

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