Red House, Va has radical Islamic ter...

Lynchburg, VA

#41 Apr 16, 2009
It was said before by a Muslim blogger that they respect and love Jesus. That is impossible. A muslim can not respect Jesus because Jesus Christ claimed to be God. In the Islamic religion that crime is punishable by death.. is it not? It always cracks me up when I hear a Muslim claim that they respect Jesus as a great prophet. They have all been programmed to say that off the top of their heads. It's just automatic. I've had casual conversations with them before and it stumps them every time. They always have to go back to their leader and ask what to say. And they can never say anything except come up with an excuse that Jesus never claimed to be God.(Which is a lie.) Then I ask them, "if Jesus was such a great prophet, and good teacher, yet never claimed to be God, why did they crucify Him?". This sends them back for round two, and they never have an answer for that. Yea... Jesus was a great prophet and we respect Him.. RIGHT! You must renounce Him or accept Him as Lord of all. And besides that, you'd have to be blind to believe that muslims are peaceful. They disrespect their women, the Koran instructs them to launch Jihad on non believers of Islam. Ridiculous. As a resident of a nearby town in Virginia, I exercise my right to bear arms, as do many, and would have no problem defending myself or my family against any antagonist behavior now, or ever.
Chris in VA

Midlothian, VA

#43 Apr 28, 2009
I've seen the camp and it is true. Don't be so naive yourself unless you have checked it out.
Red House Original

Schuylkill Haven, PA

#44 Apr 28, 2009
The Red House "Muslim Compound" is a pitiful, dirty collection of junk trailers, signs proclaiming it to be in honor of some Muslim leader, and a bunch of people laying around collecting welfare checks, sprinkled with a few career criminals who have been up in Circuit Court on "straw man" gun purchases.

Other than wearing shawls and little hats when they come into the corner store in Red House, not really any different from a thousand similar collections of Section 8 housing denizens across the Southside.

I'm not worried. We've got them WAY outgunned, if it ever came to that.
southside va

Lansdale, PA

#45 Jul 8, 2009
Pitiful & Dirty - that pretty much explains it. Lazy, Welfare Collecting, Angry, and to Stupid to know what they believe in.

Only angry because they believe they should be given more than they already are. Apparently they are entitled to everything without doing anything.

I have witnessed look outs - youngmen in the trees watching entrances in Red House and Prince Edward County. Who knows what their intentions are. They breed hate because it is easier than admitting they are responsible for their own supression. I classify this group of people as "they" only because they do not fit a group. I don't think they are true islamics, nor African Americans or any other classification or race. They took the liberty of creating a whole new breed of lazy, goverment leeches. Hate the country which provides for your every financial need. If anything you should be out expressing your love for AMERICA and that check that shows up every month.

Crewe, VA

#46 Sep 3, 2009
I know the camp is there and while some deny it for whatever reasons will not change the facts. Now as for me I am familiar with Red House and have always loved Charlotte County. I would not be afraid to live there. I am as much a patriot of this county as anyone. I know in whom I put my trust.
Virginia Citizen

Culpeper, VA

#47 Oct 29, 2009
I am always amazed by people that live in the United States an enjoy what we have to offer but want it to be something else. All muslims should receive what they project. The bullsh*t we are peaceful and just love Allah is the tagline they use to infiltrate what they desire to destroy. Islam is just another cult designed to enslave the gullible and ignorant. I might add it is also very succesful. Any religion that advocates death for its own members who choose to take another path is a blatant indication that it is a religion follwing SATAN not god. Islamist have no qualms about blowing up innocent woman and children in an effort to spread their disease of intolerance. I , like another poster, know the history and true origin of the cult that calls itself Islam. Mohammed was not a man of god he was a pedophile, a murderer, and a rapist, and a thief. I'm sure they don't teach the actual history of your leader muslims, if they did who would follow. Many of You are cut from the same cloth as the followers of Jim Jones, they too beleived the lies they were told until they were all slaughtered or commited suicide for their prophet. I can only hope and pray that your cult ends with the stench of the rotting corpses that truly beleived all of the lies; and a long life to those former muslims that realised it was not a religion of god but a religion to destroy the children of god.
Kareem Abdula James

United States

#48 Jan 20, 2010
This is all I have to say about the Islamic religion. People must learn to think and reason for themselves. If you are reading this text, then it means you are alive and are presently living on this earth, so, why not try to enjoy yourself as much as possible while you're here...make yourself and other people happy, enjoy your life, food, music, laughter and love. Why do you want to listen to other men who tell you to sacrifice yourself and kill as many peole as you can in the name of religion? Real men don't try to kill defenseless and innocent men women and children because a so-called leader or religious man tells you to do it. Don't be stupid -- wake up!!! You're being used by other men to attain power, comfort and wealth for themselves. Don't be an idiot...don't listen to idiots -- think/reason for yourself!!!
Jo Jo the monkey boy

Culpeper, VA

#49 Jan 20, 2010
To Sumayah, If I taught you nothing but lies you would not be any wiser than you are today. Muhammad was a murderer, thief and a pedophile. Not to mention a kept man by an older wealthy woman, this is where he found the time to create his religion. Islam is the only religion that stones people (male and female) for Adultery. Such a loving caring group of followers. Did I mention islam is also the only religion that will kill you if you want to convert to another religion? Save your propaganda Sumayah it will come in handy when all Muslims meet in Hell ( Thats also in your wonderful book isn't it?). The muslim path is the path straight to hell. Praise Allah the most merciful! He has a special place for all of you Muslims

Kenbridge, VA

#50 Jan 30, 2010
they also say the christians and jews are the "people of the book" and conversion should only be a topic of conversation between the faiths of Abraham. HMMM, mohammed slaughtered over 70 seperate jewish settlements on the arabian peninsula during his "speaking with God" That seems like a false statment of a godless people worshiping goats trying to seem to be with civilized religion
Jo Jo the monkey boy

Culpeper, VA

#51 Feb 1, 2010
Good point Copper, what is also interesting in the history of Islam is the progression from a somewhat tolerant religion to one of complete intolerance. Of course this could just be the result of Imams who have 0 forms of training, there are no Imam schools, from my limited understanding a muslim just decides he wants to be an Imam and teach others, it really explains (at least to me) the radical ones that want their followers to blow up women and children to further their cause. If your a physcopath you get an instant following and cult group to praise how wise you are. Are all of them like that, of course not, but how do I/we on the outside tell the difference?

Fort Lee, VA

#52 Feb 1, 2010
Hoorah for the Pediphile Prophet! If God's word doesn't fit what you want to do, then have a revelation that God will grant you, the Pediphile Prophet, and exemption to rape. kill, pillage and burn as long as it is done in God'e name. Just because you happen to profit, doesn't ,mean anything....

United States

#53 Jan 4, 2011
The people of Redhouse should be ashamed of themselves to let such a criminal organization fester in their town. Are you people that yellow? How many criminals/crimes need to be tied back to this cesspool of Muslim hate, before the people stand up and demand it be removed?
Ford of Fort Pickett

Norfolk, VA

#54 Feb 4, 2011
A Fort Pickett Outlying Landing Field, anybody?
jo jo the monkey boy

Petersburg, VA

#55 Feb 4, 2011
Ford of Fort Pickett wrote:
A Fort Pickett Outlying Landing Field, anybody?
better yet, impact area for an artillery range.

Virginia Beach, VA

#56 Apr 2, 2011
So much for the Religion of Peace. I'm thinking that moslems just plain hate everybody and everything.
For instance, England welcomed moslems from war-torn middle east countries and now look at what has happened. The towel-heads are biting the hands that feed them with free money, homes, and education. This is how they show their gratitude:

No thanks. Wish we had never allowed them into our

Virginia Beach, VA

#57 Apr 2, 2011
There's a Middle Eastern adage I picked up in Saudi Arabia that goes like this:

During the spring rains which occur even in the desert, a frog was preparing to cross the lake when a scorpion asked the frog to allow him to ride on his back to get to the other side.
The frog said "No. You will sting me and I will drown."
But the scorpion assured him that he would not because he would drown also.
So the frog said ok, the scorpion jumped on his back and into the water they went.
Half way across the scorpion stung the frog.
The frog screamed now we will both drown. Why did you sting me when you said you wouldn't?

The scorpion calmly replied "It is my nature."

And that, my friend, is the nature of a moslem.

Charleston, WV

#58 Aug 5, 2011
Tehran, Aug 5, IRNA – Substitute Friday prayers leader of Tehran Ayatollah Mohammad Emami Kashani says the root cause of all problems and backwardness of the world of Islam is failure to define Quranic concepts and put them in action in one’s life.
Islamabad, Aug 5, IRNA – A senior Pakistani columnist on Friday said that US military plot to create rift among Muslim nations would fail.- 17:58 its all the UnitedStates of Americas fauls. lol

United States

#60 Dec 23, 2011
christian brother wrote:
why are we blaiming some muslims for what other muslims have done,if that is the case we christian are the blaim for what tim mcvay did,we are gilty of our christian brothers who molas little boys,how many christian do violent acts and we blaim all the christian,white americans did more violent act or pepole then any other race of pepole
that was a separatist act and not to be confused with the facts.
thetruthshallset youfree

Goose Creek, SC

#61 Feb 7, 2012
There is no such thing as Radical Islam. There is only Islam.

Wayne, PA

#62 Feb 19, 2012
Islam is a cult full of heathens and murderers. All this phoney business about them being loving and caring is a pack of lies. These animals are only here to transform america into a muslim nation. Don't trust these dogs - they are evil and born from the devil.

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