Former Hells Angels Leader Sentenced

Former Hells Angels Leader Sentenced

There are 286 comments on the story from Jul 25, 2006, titled Former Hells Angels Leader Sentenced. In it, reports that:

PEORIA, Ill. The former president of Chicago's Hells Angels motorcycle club chapter was sentenced to more than nine years in prison for his part in a decade-long racketeering and narcotics ring.

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#49 Jul 29, 2012
So mel is a rat who cares . Times have changed people dont seem to care if a guy is a rat now days . Mel knows what he did and has to live with it.however what I dont like is mel denies that is a snitch . From what I was told chuck zeto says he dont believe mel is a rat tell he sees some paper work that mel ratted. Well ,ware is the paper work who has rick dawson is supose to have it . Me myself I believe he is a rat but do really care if he is no I dont cause if the people who really trusted him dont care why should I care or should you .
taylor street

United States

#51 Aug 8, 2012
Mr. 187 what a bunch crap . Mel is stone cold sitch,stool pigen ,informent, rat beefer , and ect. The guy talked a tuff game but when it came down to time mel coldnt do it . So instead he became a snitch and sent a.chicago wise guy to federal prison for.50 years . Mr.187 rat . Like sammy the bull ,henrey hill , nicky barns , lenny patrick and you can add mels name to this list of snitches
more mel news

United States

#52 Aug 8, 2012
Mel did coperated with federal goverment no guestion about it. Mel you clam to be a tuff guy tell all what you.did and to who. Now that you could never do and why cause your a lying snake who couldnt do his time like a real man so you ratted and gave your time to tony c . And you know thatd just what you did. But you and you only have to wake up every morning and look in the mirror and say to yourself iam a snitch.

Melrose Park, IL

#53 Aug 8, 2012
These cracker bike gangs are allowed to break the law and get away with it.
They are nothing but gangbanging drug dealers and murderers.
How come these white boys get let off the hook so easily.
Larry Hoover and Jeff Ford got life in prison, but these whiteboy biker gang leaders get off easy.

Indianapolis, IN

#54 Aug 8, 2012
AngryBlackMan wrote:
These cracker bike gangs are allowed to break the law and get away with it.
They are nothing but gangbanging drug dealers and murderers.
How come these white boys get let off the hook so easily.
Larry Hoover and Jeff Ford got life in prison, but these whiteboy biker gang leaders get off easy.
Probably because they don't go around robbing and beating old men and women.
Max Stomper

Melrose Park, IL

#55 Aug 8, 2012
Max wrote:
<quoted text>
Probably because they don't go around robbing and beating old men and women.
Your right, they just go to school classrooms with shot guns and randomly shoot people for no reason.
Or walk into movie theatres with guns and open fire.
You know, stupid white people shit.
Or how about Jeffry Dahmer?

White people are sick in the head.

Melrose Park, IL

#56 Aug 8, 2012
Both of you shut the hell up or I will ban you from this forum.
Got it?
oh no

United States

#57 Aug 8, 2012

Melrose Park, IL

#58 Aug 8, 2012
oh no wrote:

Peoria, IL

#59 Aug 13, 2012
staff wrote:
<quoted text>
north side chris

United States

#61 Aug 26, 2012
Mel chancy is a federal informent so talk sports around this . And yes we are talking about ex hells angal president of chicago .. He goes to being chicago hells angal president to a rat snitch . .
angry black man

United States

#62 Aug 26, 2012
Jeff fort . Larry hover, lord geno and ect. didnt snitch on anybody like mel did thats why they are doing life sentences . Unlike mel chancy who cooperated with the feds and who is out of prison this day walking the streets a free man . Bottom line mel is a beefer and they are stand up guys who arent rats.

United States

#63 Sep 2, 2012
You are a rat snitch and you know thats just what you are and always will be for the rest of your life. There was a time when you was a stand up guy and did your time like a man . Howrver. The last time around when the feds got you . You became a snitch and gave the feds information about tony c . So stop going around telling anybody who will listen to you that your not a snitch and did your time like a man when that isnt the truth at all . You and sammy the bull have one thing in common you two are both federal informents who couldnt do there time . Rick dawson has the paper work on you cause I myself read it . So now what tell me iam rong . Because you know iam right and as to you being a goverment infoment c.i ect. You are nolonger the prisedent of the hells angels chicago chapter . You are now a low life snitch abd nothing more . And dont be mad at us who expose you for what you truely are you made the chose to become a rat and being exposed as to being a snitch comes along what you did to put people in prison. Rick a.

Chicago, IL

#64 Oct 12, 2012
What we all need now is a new Rodger Corman movie about the Hells Angels , but this time put a little more effot in it Rodger.
mel chancy

United States

#65 Nov 11, 2012
Angry black man. Jeff fort, king larry hover, lord geno are all stand up guys not a no good rat like mel chancy. The real reason mel isnt in federal prison is cause he informed to the federal goverment about a chicago wise guy name tony calobice . Tony is doing 60 years in part because of mel snitching on him . This is what mel did to help the feds.put tony away . He didnt testify at tonys trial what he did was give valuble information to the feds about tony . I muself read his statement to the feds and in part it fead like so. On such day I herd tony talking to this indivodual about this criminal job they did or was going to do and he also gave the feds information as to crimes that toney told mel he did. Like I said I read the profer myself so what the feds did for mel valiable inforation was gave him a get out off jail card insted of doing 20 years he did 2 years and now days he lives in his mothers basment happly ever after with his wife. Also mel dosnt run ,own any night clubs in chicago or els ware. He works at a few clubs as a bouncer for a hundred and.fifty a night . He is also a rep for pride nutrition. You herd me the man lives in his mothers basment Mel is a con artist now days . Now there was a time when he was a stand up guy he.was the president of the hells angals chicago chapter so wsa sammy the bull the under boss of the new york mob family the gambeno crime family now he is a rat just like mel . So in the end mel joins the ranks of sammy the bull henery hell crige tites, and the rest of the goverment informents.
down town

United States

#66 Nov 22, 2012
Ive seen this mel guy at spy bar a few time . Big he is and ugly as hell as well . Ive also heard from a few people that he is a snitch who told on some chicago wise guy . He. Went from bring the pres of hells angal to a snitch. Wow!

Midlothian, IL

#67 Nov 28, 2012
I'm not gonna come on here and defend mel as I really don't know him but I do know tony calabrese and he told me mel did nothing to hurt him and if mel really wanted to he could have real bad, so on that note I don't care what mel did to others or the Hells angels I'm just speaking on what I know from my friend tony c,,

Asheville, NC

#68 Dec 6, 2012
most read what they want to read, some know what they are talking about, but until you live in one mans shoes dont talk shit about what you dont know, its funn two guys go in one comes out, everyone may assume one a rat??? assume ass out of u and me.......i i know the man personally and would give his shirt off his back to anyone
well that is funny

United States

#69 Dec 6, 2012
I read the paper work ware mel did rat on tony c and others . Rick dawson has it and so dose little caral . . Mel is a snitch . He got a rule 35 in his case wich only the procuter can file to reduce a sentence . Botom line is this . You dont do 3 uears on a rico att murder case 0ver 50 keys, of meth and so on iam sorry . Hes a stone cold rat
to pete

United States

#70 Dec 6, 2012
I dont really think anybody csn hert tony c anymore then.they did . The guy is doing 65 years . Hill never get out of federal prison hes done . And as far as mel goes hes a snake the guy will fuck u in a minute u dont know this giy as.well think you do . 100% he is a feferal informent .

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