Former Hells Angels Leader Sentenced

Former Hells Angels Leader Sentenced

There are 201 comments on the story from Jul 25, 2006, titled Former Hells Angels Leader Sentenced. In it, reports that:

PEORIA, Ill. The former president of Chicago's Hells Angels motorcycle club chapter was sentenced to more than nine years in prison for his part in a decade-long racketeering and narcotics ring.

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#71 Dec 6, 2012
Mel probley could have hert tony alot worse then he did.but like i.said i read the statments mel made about tony and others . Bottom line he sate with the fbi and told them a.storey they wanted to hear . And thays what you call a tat snitch
one more thing

Evergreen Park, IL

#72 Dec 7, 2012
he's probably still doing something illegal.................

United States

#73 Dec 7, 2012
I feel sorry for they guys hes working with if he is making moves on the street. Cuse hell rat the all out if he gets caught again . Ive been told mel isnt the sharpes tool in the shead . Out law for life .gary indiana chaper.
o gary indiana chapter

United States

#74 Dec 7, 2012
Mel knows what he did and he has to live with it . Out laws
who cares

Columbus, OH

#75 Dec 10, 2012
Who cares about mel and what he did or does. I myself believes hes a snitch like the one guy wrote how do u get charged with all them crimes and only do two years ive also been told by more then a few he is a snith and one who cant be trusted . But like i said who cares what he dose or did what is mel in all reality an old bicker washed up body builder d rated acter who did even speak a word in his vary small part in h.b.o series ozz . May i say more. Gary indiana.
no stake in t

Chicago, IL

#76 Dec 12, 2012
I have a friend who is a palis illinois police officer who worked with the f.b.i. Task force who investigated mel. And he told me that mel is a snitch and worked as a federal informent . He said mel would still be in jail if he did.nt become a federal informent. Alex c ............

Lake Worth, FL

#77 Dec 13, 2012
Funny if Mel's a rat cause I just seen him in California and he was talking and laughing with some full patches angels, so I'm pretty sure he didn't rat in them or that wouldn't be happening, but bottom line is who really cares, the dude has been home for many years already and obviously goes and does what he wants and looks pretty successful from what I can see, so I look at it like this if the people he hurt don't care then why should I,
South side

Westlake Village, CA

#78 Dec 13, 2012
Bottom line really is who cares,, does it affect you personally? If so then take it up with the man himself,, I hear and see all of this shit talking and the same people are gripping his nuts when he shows up, And that's the TRUTH so get over it!
yes nobody cares

United States

#79 Dec 15, 2012
This isnt the 70s its the year 2012 .like the guy steve posted if the guys mel heart dont care why should he care. Thats exactly how people think now days who cares if the guys a rat and so on . Thats exactly why people rat on one another without givenit a second thought . Case in point. Well . Mel ratted out guys and hes still cool and nothing happend to him . This is exactly why the snitching thing is the in thing to do because nobody cares if a guy is a rat or not now days . What a sad world we live in now days . Next being a child molester will be ok to do as long as the.guy didnt molest your kids or a family member of yours steve . And i agree some guys talk all kinds of shit about mel and when they see him they are on his jock . And mel eats it up whats that say about him or them . Freddy .

United States

#80 Dec 15, 2012
He guy who made the post before mine ,hit the nail on the head . When i was a teen in the 60s if you was a rat you was dead man or you was gone out of the naborhood never to be seen again. However , now days being a rat is no big deal and rats like mel move back into the same naborhood go about there day a life like they did before they became a rat . So like the other guy said people now days rat one another out without thinking twice about it . Becaues , back when a, rat was a outcast now they write books about what they did , move right back into there old naborhoods and on some cases continue to be frieds with the guy or guys they ratted out. Like the other guy stated why stop with rats being excepted .why not excrpt rappist , childmolesters .and people who rob and beat old laddies . Why not they guy didnt hert you or your family .. And now we come to the point as to all the guys who talk about mel behind his back and then when they see mel shake his hand and are on is nutts like tomarrow. what kind of men are they to face cowards is what they are. I myself know mel is a snitch . But like steve said who cares its ok . Yeah ok i myself hate dislike loyal people of anykind . Thats just what i want around me a guy who shakes my hand when hes sees me then when i turn my back talks shit about me . Witch i just the kind of frinds mel has not all but most.also how can one trust a rat to a secrit to be around your wife ,girlfriend kinds and so on . You cant . because for one when backed into a corner it

maybe you they may rat on next time . Bottom line . If you cant do the time dont do the crime. But who care he didnt hert you or rat on you. Its just want i wont around me if i was a criminal a guy who could put me in jail and take me away from my family and friend cause he couldnt do his time like s man and had to use my freedom toget himself out of trouble . But who care ratting seems to be the thing to do now days .
north side chris

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#81 Dec 15, 2012
The guy steve is an idot . For saying in not so many word its ok to rat as long as it aint on him .
i myself dont want a know ware around me. Who wants to bearound a guy who put his friend or friends in prison .
alot of diffrent people say mel is a rat and a few come to his aid and say he isnt .
I read the inditment rico , drugs attempted murder .a bombing and so on . And the man only did two years . Need i say more .
But who care he didnt rat on me . Mel is what most posted on this site a rat . But steve argues mels been out of jail for years and hes even back in his old naborhood and does what he wants to with no trouble from anubody and is doing well .

When becoming a rat being exposed as one come withi it. He made his bed now he has to lay in it . Just like a rappist when exposed being as being one has to live with people knowing what he did and live what he did.and being a rat is no diffirent in my book.

Midlothian, IL

#82 Dec 16, 2012
Well Chris I never said its ok to rat, what i did say is that if he did rat on Hells angels funny how they talk to him still, and if they don't care why should we? Obviously he must not of fucked anybody to bad cause the angels I talk to said he never testified against them just took a deal under Rico that by doing so made the club look bad, but again everyone has their own version of what actually happened, so before you go saying I condone being a rat read my post thoroughly,
north side chris

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#83 Dec 16, 2012
..I myself read the paper work as to what exactly mel did. I never read any paper work ware mel gave any angal up. However . What i did read he gave people up in a chicago wise guys crew up the wise guy being tony c. And ferther more the guy who let me read the paper work is a good friend of mels. Just goes to show what kind of so called friends mel has .i have nothing peronaly against mel but he is what he is a rat .
the paper work

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#84 Dec 16, 2012
Rick dawson has the paper work he was part of tony c. Crew.
the paper work

United States

#85 Dec 17, 2012

United States

#86 Dec 19, 2012
I was in federal prison for 11 years in californa . and let me say this , in all my time in prison i Inever heard of any fellow inmate who did two years on a rico inditment . Its just not happening.before i made this post i went on the net and fond this mel guys case. He was charged with rico attempted murder , drugs bomings and so on . there is no way in hell this guy only got two years in prison . If it looks like duck gwakes like a duck it must be a duck . Okland ca.

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#87 Dec 21, 2012
Shit has gotten deep. There are alot people out there who say this guy is no good . Now they cant all be rong . So what do you think is he or isnt he what most say he is..........

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#89 Dec 23, 2012
art who is this guy

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#91 Dec 23, 2012
Mel got knocked out by harry thanous
iam an informent

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#93 Dec 28, 2012
And you can call me what you want to but you wont call me collect from jail .

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