Review: Nulink

De Pere, WI

#61 Jul 24, 2013
They suck, I hate that if you live in Newnan you cannot go with any other company but them and you should have the choice if you own a home, I may sell just to not have to deal with them anymore. Some of you are right, you only allowed to be two weeks late on your bill after that they will cut yoy off not to mention they only give 3 extensions a year, it is horrible there are companies out there that work with customers and they should that is how you keep your business. Not saying you should not pay on time but when you fall on hard times its god companies that are willing to work with thier people that stick around. I hope they go out of business. First of they charge way to much for movie channels and internet and thier so called promotional packages suck!!! Cant wait to get away from this company.

Sharpsburg, GA

#62 Aug 9, 2013
Nu link now have good techs that know what they are doing customer service is local and helpful unlike Comcast and uverese. There is no contract and reasonable pricing. The have upgraged there internet services and unlike Comcast if service fails they fix it in hours or a day not 3 weeks!!! That is a unexeptable amount of time to be without. And they pay there employees a living wage unlike the competitors and these days that has to count for something

Sharpsburg, GA

#63 Aug 30, 2013
I have never had a problem with their service. I have only had to call them to move my service then upgrade it. I have never had an outage or slow service. I have been very impressed with them ever since they began service.

Greenville, GA

#64 Nov 15, 2013
My NuLink Service has been rock steady sinceI got rid of their cable, going with Direct TV, and keeping NuLink's internet service.

NuLink screwed the pooch with my phone service when the service first rolled out, but it all worked out: I got pissed off & got rid of our hard wire phone and now use my cell phone for everything.

NuLink's lack of HD channels and the phone debacle inspired me to switch to Direct TV. I had to stick with them on their internet service, they were limited choice, and the internet service been one of the least of my worries.

Again, the internet has been rock solid with one or two temp(temp=10-15mins)outages over the last 7-8 yrs. I am pleased for now.

Newnan, GA

#65 Dec 19, 2013
Wow, it seems everyone else is in my same boat. So how does Summergrove get rid of the stranglehold that is NuLink? I too am fed up with the overpriced, under serviced, cable company. I had charter quote me on the phone a price that was cheaper than Nulink's promotional price. With that price, I would get HD channels, premium channels, a DVR that is actually user friendly. HBO go and the rest of the internet channels that I can't currently get with nulink. As well as faster internet service. Unfortunately, when the tech came out to install the service, I was told the same thing as Helmutt in the post above. They couldn't do anything because of the boxes and the NuLink monopoly. So what can we do in order to turn complaints into action? Who do we need to talk to at city hall? Do we all just need to cancel our services and go with satellite until NuLink eventually goes out of business? All these complaints go back years. When do we take action to make our situation better?

Newnan, GA

#66 Jan 23, 2014
I have NuLink high speed internet and every night around 8:30pm my speed slows to 1.00 or less and should be 15.0. The tech parades me a multiple test of my equipment, have me direct wire to the modem even though I try to tell them MIT is not my equipment with the same results, nothing. They keep me on hold while they type endless notes that mean nothing.
In the end they say everything look right. I then remind them I am paying for 15.0 and expect to get that. Tonight after the same No Help, he says is there anything else I can do for you? I asume he means wash my car or paint my house, since he sure isn't talking about anything to fix my internet. I am so frustrated...
I wish Comcast could come in here.
Nu customer

Newnan, GA

#67 Mar 26, 2014
We just switched from DLS (AT&T) to this and we're really not as happy as we'd hoped. It goes down so frequently on the wireless side and even the one computer which is hardwired to the wireless router loses signal. We wanted the faster speed of 15 mbps from AT&Ts 6 mbps, and WHEN it works, it's faster, but this is really frustrating. I didn't realize that they would still be having problems some three years after most of these reviews. thank goodness I am only pay 50% rate. When it gets to full rate, I may have to reevaluate.

United States

#68 Mar 31, 2014
I am moving to Summergrove very soon and I will make it my mission in life to get Nulink kicked out or at the very least bring other options like Uverse. How man people work from home in Summergrove? Out of 3,000 homes it has to be a fair amount...I think we bring a "disruption of commerce" claim to the city and state.

United States

#69 Mar 31, 2014
Lawsuit over slower than advertised internet speeds. Ya, that sounds familiar.

Newnan, GA

#70 Mar 31, 2014
I believe the only reason they aren't considered any monopoly is for the measly fact that dish and inDirecTV are still available- but Internet certainly needs a look. Keeps getting more expensive, but not any better. They don't care if you leave, either. Their stranglehold power sources from somewhere..

Milledgeville, GA

#71 Apr 22, 2014
I have been in Summergrove since the first homes were built. Back then it was a municipal utility and the internet cost was $15 a month for 1.5mb service. Over the past 10 years as Newnan Utilities sold off to Nulink and all the promises were broken for cost, upgrading, service and friendliness the cost is now $90 for basic service.

In my other house at Lake Sinclair I have Charter, not the best but I do like the 50 MB service for $29!!! They bought the Commincom (laughable franchise) rights and fixed things. Cable too is far far far far far far better. I would love to see Verison FIOS or even Comcast (ah be careful what you wish for!!!) come into Summergrove. Google fiber, please! Even a mesh network. Anything.

With high cost and awful service Nulink will hopefully go out of service or at least get competition. Anyone try Clear in Summergrove?
Den W

Grantville, GA

#72 May 31, 2014
I've had problems for weeks with my NuLink Digital internet service. I think I finally figured out the problem (since they obviously can't - or WON'T). After sending someone out to tell me what I already know - everything is fine on my end - they decide there's a saturation issue. He shows me HIS NuLink subnet, on which he has 30Mbs service, is on a subnet with only 79 people. Mine has over 200! Over 200 people on my subnet, and then they tell me it's NetFlix fault, cause NetFlix will use all the bandwidth you are allocated. Well, I'm not even using NetFlix, so I'm paying for someone else's NetFlix bandwidth?? How is that MY issue??!
I guess they think they're an airline, and they can just over-book their bandwidth. You get 15Mbs, but you can't use 15 Mbs, cause if you do, other people who have 15Mbs won't be able to use their 15Mbs. Nice business model they have going there.
So, after wasting days with phone support, and them sending someone out to tell me what I already knew - it's NOT on my end - they decide it's a 'saturation' issue. Really?? An idiot could tell that. The bandwidth goes to less than 3Mbs on my 15Mbs service every night at 8:00 pm. You can almost set your watch by it.
Bottom line,I see it as a business decision, I guess. Put as many people on the same subnet as you can squeeze, let 'em suck wind from 8-11 pm each night. When enough people bitch, they cull a few people off onto another subnet that's not currently choking so they'll shut up. But, the problem comes back in a week or so when that subnet gets choked down by all the complainers.
I guess they think I'm stupid. I guess I am. And they tell me they're about to double the internet speeds in the 'near future', cause Comcast is eating them alive. Yeah, but you know what, double zero is still zero. If I can't keep an internet connection long enough to sync data, it's not really a 'connection', is it?
So, now they're sending someone back out again. Another half-day wasted from work. I don't have the slightest notion why I have to go through this charade again, other than there's no one there who can get this fixed on the weekend. And this is the second weekend in a row (last week was Memorial day - a LONG weekend) I can't use my internet. I had better service when I had 1.5Mbs DSL with ATT.

Milledgeville, GA

#73 Jun 1, 2014
At least I found out that Summergrove gets good TV reception! I cancelled my basic cable and went with over the air and now get 24 hd stations! Of course they forgot to kill the charge they made to the basic cable bill for over the air stations so yet another month of credit coming. Now all I need is a way to change to some other Ethernet. DSL would work but AT&T seems to want to leave the business.
Keep praying for an end to the Nulink monopoly.
You are correct in that the net service dives after 8 pm. This problem has existed since the Newnan Utilities days. When you can get by charging $60+ a month for bad service why change?

Newnan, GA

#74 Jun 5, 2014
Hands down the worst company I have ever done business with. They should be run out of town for their deceptive practices. I am moving out of Summergrove because of their unwillingness to deal with their inability to keep up with demand. I can't believe that this community is actually allowing this level of incompetency to do business - if you can call it a business - and puts up with their bs. Every technician that I have dealt with regarding the throttling every evening has deployed stalling tactics. I have been emailing them for 3 months and they are still sending the data to their "engineers"??? Like this company has anyone with that level of competency. Every night at the same time my 30 mbps connections dips below 3 mbps or less. I cannot wait to get back to Comcast and that is saying a lot. If you are reading these posts and have any interest in moving to Summergrove stay far away unless you are ok with late 90's dsl speeds. I am not exaggerating and do not listen to anyone that tells you differently. They are straight out lying. This is a great community and a nice subdivision but Nulink is THE ABSOLUTE WORST! Goodbye Nulink. I hope your company gets what it deserves and anyone else comes to this neighborhood that will provide at least mediocre service.

Tyrone, GA

#75 Jun 17, 2014
I used Newnan Utilities for cable many years back and switched to DirecTv because I would lose my picture during the most popular events (Super Bowl, World Series, etc). They couldn't handle the demand.
Same story now with NuLink Internet. I pay for 15mbps and have the same problem mentioned with speed drops and problems connecting with the one computer hard wired to the wireless modem. Customer Service blames it on my security system and anything else they can come up with. Now, seeing how many other people have the same problem, I'm convinced it's because they simply can't handle the volume. This is awful.

Newnan, GA

#76 Jul 25, 2014
The nulink internet service is the biggest ripoff of all my monthly bills by far.$64.62 fo 15 meg. And now I have to pay $3.00 more because i now have a modem/wireless router. Thats $67 for 15 meg!!! Really???? Buddy of mine has comcast in ATL and gets 50 meg for 39.99!

Mableton, GA

#77 Jul 31, 2014
havein some bad stuff with nulink..they want me to pay some charges that I no nutjing how could ur bill be 60.00 and tturns out to be 280.00 one month..when I never got to see a full pic..i called they said they dnt have me down for the call..5 times I anybody have any other number that's over them....

Newnan, GA

#78 Jan 17, 2015
kathy wrote:
havein some bad stuff with nulink..they want me to pay some charges that I no nutjing how could ur bill be 60.00 and tturns out to be 280.00 one month..when I never got to see a full pic..i called they said they dnt have me down for the call..5 times I anybody have any other number that's over them....
Hey Kathy I would not normally say this but... you seem like a 3rd grader.. you cannot announce you cannot spell.....
Jesus you need to hide because you cannot say anything.....

United States

#79 Apr 11, 2015
I have never called and complained on someone before, and I'm 39. I'm not sure if nulink drug tests their technicians, but they should probably start! An hour late, and the guy couldn't even walkstraight, 20 minutes to smoke a cigarette before he starts, then wanted to use my bathroom, which he spent 15 minutes in there! How does this company stay on business!?! I have never been so angry at a company..ever! Over priced, incompetent, no customer service what so ever. I am forced to use this company at my apartment's a shame when an entire building wants to petition to have this changed. My Bill keeps going up, yet I'm getting nothing new. I have a roku, but can't even use the features because Nulink does not support them. if you have a choice, don't choose them!

Newnan, GA

#80 Apr 23, 2015
I have internet with Nulink because it is the only option I have in the subdivision where I live. I cannot even tell you how bad the service and product have been. The internet is slow and goes out often. Resetting the modem is almost a daily routine. I called to set an appointment up when my internet went down completely, and set up a date and time. No one showed up so I called the office. They told me "sorry but his car kinda went out this morning." No one called to tell me. Please do yourself a favor and avoid this company at all costs. It is a VERY poorly run.

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