I am the owner of the properties below for Harker and the review dated 6/3/14. You both did NOT leave the house in the condition per the landlord tenant laws and your lease. You both should tell people you did not honor your lease upon move out and the one dated 6/3/14 you could not even put your name! I would not either since you left the house in horrible condition with animals you were not authorized to have! I have personally seen both places upon move out and Shar did her job wonderfully. Maybe both of you should learn to honor your leases!!!! People like you make it hard for Owners like me to re-rent when you do not leave the places in good condition. Now you are mad because Shar charged you per the laws she does not create!!! You both have a serious lesson to learn here! I have had Shar as a manager for over ten years and she is incredible. She is courteous to both tenants and owners and she takes care of my properties unlike the other mangers I used. I am sorry you both chose to state lies about her due to her doing her job great! I would recommend her to everyone! She is awesome