How to save money, time, and jail space.

How to save money, time, and jail space.

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Pomona, CA

#1 Feb 24, 2012
#1- Illegal drugs: Legalize it all, cause no matter what the law says people are still going to use them. And they are waisting time, money, and jail space on these drug convictions when they could be locking those who deserve to be locked up, locked up. You know how many times they let others go to put these druggies behind bar? Just throw taxes on it all, and put restrictions. If someone wants to do drugs they are going to do them period.
#2- Prostitutes: Again, it will always be going on, so we need to legalize it, and put the money out for a website and place each girl on it while testing them all for a STD. Like an actual job. Men and women who actually give a crap about themselves could look online and see who is clean and who isn't. The ones that aren't, can't be a prostitute, and will have a red flag indicating they have a STD online. It would make it safer, and again we would be saving time, money and jail space. Now if the ones who have an STD are caught prostituting after warning they were not allowed, throw them in jail.
#3- Tagging: People do ridicouless amounts of time in jail for tagging. And again this really isn't something that deserves jail time. Instead why not community service? There is tagging all over everywhere, put a paint brush in their hand and let them get to it. I bet they would think twice about wanting to tag again. And we would again be saving money, time, and jail space. Also have a better looking community right?
#4- D.U.I's: This is a big problem. Why people who are drunk want to drive and possible kill others busts my bubble. But what is really be done with this? A few days in jail? Really. How about FREE taxi drivers? From all the money that would be saved they could afford to have free taxi drivers for those under the influence. And the police should lay off the "drunk in public" as far as them walking home from a bar. It is better than them driving! And they got to get home somehow. No free taxi drivers won't completely stop D.U.I's, so if someone is caught, make them clean up drunk driving accidents, and all the blood and guts, maybe that would teach them? And if not, and they do it again, the state should take away their license and their car(s), why not? The state takes things away from people all the time.
#5- Murder: This does not include "self defense". I am talking about cold blooded killing. Should it even be a discussion? JAIL FOR LIFE...That simple. That is what justice is alllll about. They shouldn't be able to see the outside world ever again, why? So they could kill again?
#6- Child Molestors/Rapist: This just boils my blood. I can't even believe they walk the streets and breathe the same air as us. They have websites after websites for registered sex offenders. WHY! Why waste money on websites? Why are they even OUT of jail/prison? 99% of these monsters have more than one case against them...AFTER they were released from jail/prison and rehablitation where they con everyone into beleving that "they're cured" and won't do it again!It should be a crime to let them out of jail/prison. I'm sorry as far as I am concerned they can rot in there.Most of these victims are INNOCENT children, whose lives have now been turned upside down. Every time they unlock a cell door to release them, that is another innocent victim. It is almost as if they are allowing this to happen. It is sad when we cant take our children to church cause priest are now molesting children. Kids can't go to school cause teachers are doing it....This has to come to an end. In all reality, capital punishment should be in effect...They say it is "inhumane". Uh hello!?!?! You can get anymore "inhumane" than what these people do to children and adults. Get real! Just take them out of exsitence. THEY WILL NEVER BE CURED! THERE IS NO CURE!

Pomona, CA

#2 Feb 24, 2012
(There is exceptions on the rapist) Or should be. Someone who has sexual intercourse with a 17 year old and they might be 20, they have them register and in some cases that is what is going on. As long as they were both consenting right? Some states its 16. You can drive a car and have a job, but can't have sex? Or you have the parents who charge that person. If you would talk to your children, you would of known before hand they wanted to atleast try it, and talk with them. Dont ruin lives because your stunned your 17, 16 year old is having sex. Make sure they do it wisely. Condoms, and birth control isn't an "okay" for them to have sex, quit looking at it that way. It is making sure your child is protected. They are going to do it anyways right? So make sure they do it the right way. Better safe than sorry.

All comments are welcomed. No need to get nasty of defensive. Just simply put your opinion. We are all adults.There is soooo many more that could use fixing, but these are some of the more common crimes that need to be fixed. I would enjoy hearing so other co

Pomona, CA

#3 Feb 24, 2012
Comments about laws aswell.

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