Vince Gill and Amy Grant: A Match Mad...

Vince Gill and Amy Grant: A Match Made In Music Heaven

There are 39 comments on the Desert Local News story from Sep 11, 2007, titled Vince Gill and Amy Grant: A Match Made In Music Heaven. In it, Desert Local News reports that:

“We were very happy to see them”

Vince Gill and Amy Grant: A Match Made In Music Heaven By Leslie Andrews 11.SEP.07 Two of music's finest acts, married in real life, came to Fantasy Springs Casino Sunday night for one spectacular show. via Desert Local News

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Hartwell, GA

#25 Jan 30, 2012
That's really interesting about Vince Gill's beliefs. I had no idea. It's funny how Amy once sang on "Fight":

"I used to sit and ponder
If I'd be fine,
If Jesus lived his own life,
And I lived mine."

Well, it seems that in the late '80s/early '90s, she starting doing exactly that. She watered down her lyrics to the point that, by the time she made her 1997 album, there were no explicits references to God left at all. And then she dumped her husband, who begged her to stay, for a man whose "Christian" faith seems equivocal at best. So much for being a "Christian" role model.

Of course, it doesn't sound like Gary was a dream spouse or anything, with his addiction problems and all. He's probably quite difficult to live with. and now he's on his second adulterous "marriage" as well. But still, there's no excuse for what Amy did.

I think it's best to feel sorry for Amy Grant. Regardless of how things look on the outside, she must be an unhappy, empty person inside. It seems that the only thing she really got by marrying Gill was more money (perhaps). Actually, the ones I truly feel sorry for are her kids--they didn't deserve to be treated like pets and just shunted from one home to the next.

Well, I hope Amy enjoys her sham of a marriage while it lasts, because without God in it, I don't really a whole lot there to keep it together. Sad. I just hope that the pattern of divorce/remarriage doesn't get passed on to Amy's kids too.:(


#26 Jan 30, 2012
Hey Jack, now you're a part of the commenters lol.
It is sad that the kids got the worst part, and it could have been prevented! And sad to say that, the pattern does get handed down, I know of a case in point where more than one of the children in a religous family divorced and remarried after the parents gave the example that it was ok to do.
Yes, there is where the problems lies, GOD is left out of the picture! For some reason or other, they don't think that GOD is big enough to handle their problems.
And isn't it the truth, excuses will not be accepted, though we try to hand them off to people and to GOD.


#27 Jan 30, 2012
Wise Up is on that same album, you know, "wise up and think twice". If only these professing christains would take to heart what they are singing to the world. Like it's been said before,
"do as I say, not as I do"
There is nothing to justify Amy's actions during her affair and divorce, she can't find the answer,
the one she wants to hear, that says it was okay for what she did. Amy left lots of room for compromise. Like the song says, "to back off now is better, take your heart and run".
Amy should've known that she would be bombarded by the christian and nonchristian for having an affair and getting a divorce. She just didn't care,
all she wanted was Vince, her heart was set on coveteousness. It's a sad thing, Amy should've stood back and taken a good look at the whole picture before making decisions that would cause turmoil in several lives. How difficult is it for Amy to sing those songs from her christian albums?
I bet there were many she left out, or probably could not sing on tour with Michael W. Smith.


#28 Jan 30, 2012
Hey, how about Find a Way from the same album, lisen to those words. "you tell me your man's untrue", but LOVE WILL FIND A WAY!
How about the bridge, "If our GOD His Son not sparing, came to rescue you, IS THERE ANY CIRCUMSTANCE THAT HE CAN'T SEE YOU THROUGH?"
Can Amy sing this song today? knowing GOD can see her through any circumstance.
Oh, again, how about the song "I Love You" this one was for Gary Chapman, bet she don't sing this one at


#29 Jan 30, 2012
Amy should have realized that she would be under fire having an affair with a married man and then divorcing her own husband. It all happened so quickly and are Amy and Vince really that happy about the plan they hatched? Of course it was planned that they would both divorce their spouses, you would have to blind not to see it! It all came into place so fast!
A match made in music Heaven? I don't think so, Vince and Amy do not come close to what Amy had with Gary on tour etc. Amy was the center of attraction with Gary, now it's just her and Vince and Vince takes more of the lead and center stage.

Hartwell, GA

#30 Jan 30, 2012
Yes, Buck, you made many good points about Amy. It seems she has so many songs whose messages directly contradict everything she's done recently. One term I've heard used to describe the things you say when you don't actually practice them is "mouth music." In Amy's case, that term rings doubly true. ;)

Another song that's telling is "Sure Enough":

"Sure enough,
To never want to be without you.
Sure enough,
To stay for good."

And then on "Faithless Heart," Amy basically told on herself, but at least she was resisting temptation back then. But I doubt her "faithless heart" has gone away now that she's with Vince. I suspect that, like many of us, she wants what she can't have, and I'd imagine she's gotten somewhat bored with Vince by this point. Their relationship would have to be pretty shallow, I think.

Maybe Amy should sing "Fat Baby" to herself every day, because that seems as good a description of her current lifestyle as any. ;)

I wonder is she ever says to herself, "Amy, you should've just stayed with Gary. No, it wasn't pure heaven, but Vince overall just wasn't worth what you've had to go through. You're really not that much happier now than you were with Gary. And you have a ton of guilt, and lost all your Christian street cred. The grass just wasn't as green as you thought it would be"?

I've also heard that Amy and Vince sometimes both leave their young daughter at home (with a "nanny," of course) for weeks at a time while they go on tour. I guess that's no surprise, because Amy put herself first during the divorce, so why would things suddenly change now?

Anyway, I suppose as many people are always saying, it's good to say a prayer for Amy, Gary, and her kids from time to time. They could certainly use it. That is very sad about her losing her mother. I hope she's finding some peace about it.


#31 Jan 31, 2012
Hey Jack, I can agree with you too.
I must admit I give an lol to Amy singing Fat Baby
to herself,more mouth
yea, don't we all need extra prayer for our sorted lives, but that one prayer might be all we need to get us through.
But, we are responsible for our actions, good or bad, Is Amy taking GOD's love and forgiveness for granted? She was youngest in her family and you know they get spoiled, they give them what they want, don't want to hear them
We cannot change GOD's attribute of love, and yes He will forgive us, but what if we purposely sin?
just to get what we want. Is that not false pretense believing that GOD "has to" forgive us?

Hartwell, GA

#32 Jan 31, 2012
'Is that not false pretense believing that GOD "has to" forgive us?'

Maybe Amy believes God HAS to make her happy too. ;)


#33 Feb 3, 2012
Jack wrote:
'Is that not false pretense believing that GOD "has to" forgive us?'
Maybe Amy believes God HAS to make her happy too. ;)
Amy doesn't think that GOD is doing good at making her happy,
I guess that's why she divorced Gary and did all the rest. lol
She had a house, family, great career and she sold it all for her own happiness. Go figure.....
Tell Me Fool

Spring, TX

#34 Mar 27, 2012
apologiamixer wrote:
Vince Gill plays to two sides however. In an interview with Sting (who claims to be an agnostic) Gill said that he was like Sting because he has a hard time believing that there is only one way to God with all of the religions in the world. I was quite shocked to hear him say it. Maybe that is another reason the Christian music industry dropped Amy Grant like a hot rock when she married him. Their previous marriages failed yet now some people think they are super saints. I think Gill is simply a good business man who knows his audience and doesn't give a hoot about the gospel. It appears he plays the Christians for a fool.
Just now reading these. Vinny was the naughty hillbilly in the henhouse.


#35 Mar 29, 2012
And Amy is innocent bystander. lmao


#36 Mar 29, 2012
Spring Tx, you're just now onto this. lol
Were you with Vinny in the henhouse? lmao


#37 Apr 4, 2013
and where are you anyway?
get back where you belong lol
how many still believe they are a match made "in heaven"? has the # decreased?

Portland, OR

#38 Oct 12, 2013
Buck wrote:
<quoted text>
I am sure many thought the same with Gary & Amy as well.
I mean come on, Amy did have 3 kids with Gary, so something was ok in the marriage it seems. And the marriage was going into it's 17th year. Right now it is 12 years of marriage for Amy & Vince.
Vince and Amy have been apart a lot the last few years, when she was with Gary they toured together a lot!! Now Amy has been on tour with old friend Michael W. Smith, another space between her and Vince..hmm. Almost sounds as if Amy needs to get away from Vince. Does She???????? The last couple years don't sound as if they are going hunky dory for Amy, and you know the #1 priority is that Amy has to be happy. And if she isn't happy, you know it's ok for her to divorce at that one.
SHE CAN GO RIGHT AHEAD I WOULDN'T MIND FILLING HER PLACE..KIDDING ;) OH SO SORRY SHES NOT happy boohoo..I'm not iether but i have tto mmake the best of it...i made vows

Portland, OR

#39 Oct 12, 2013
Buck wrote:
And Amy is innocent bystander. lmao
umm hmm shes real innocent yeah right..little horns beath that face of an angel as vince sings about..

Monroe, MI

#40 Nov 14, 2013
Vince turned amy into a party girl and he is no christian and their marriage is falling a part and has been for sometime now.
vinnys gal

Tampa, FL

#41 Feb 9, 2015
Hypocrite wrote:
I think she is a hypocrite.....true christians don't break up homes and then talk about how the rest of us are supposed to follow God's commandments. What a load of bull. She needs to think about her actions and then see if she is being a "light unto others" before she sings another gospel song!
First off Vince is very hands one.. we all can take pics and have times uni our lives where we dont look our best. A soft humble heart doesn't make a man a sissy..he's.m an Emotional man which there's nothing wrong with that..he's also not a vain man..what to u see as beautmty in a man May be different to another woman. Brad Pitt may be gorgeous but what kind of man is he??? I kook at a man's spirit and heart not just looks..a man can kook like brad but have the ugliest heart but a man that's handsome like Vince gill has both he don't need doesn't have to look like brad cause he's beautiful. On the inside and out can brad say the same for himself... vinnnys bueatiful..

Spring, TX

#42 Mar 1, 2015
Corrina is soon to turn 14. She has scarcely been seen in pics with or without her parents. When she is in pics, she looks uncomfortable to be around her own mom. I think the older girls live in New York and no idea about her son. The only hanger on is his daughter who finally married and recently started her own family.

It seems they are Mr. and Mrs. Christmas.

She said her kids all had to learn to be independent 'cause she wasn't a stay at home mom and didn't make 55 million bucks by staying home and baking cookies.

Now, her ex and his wife have a baby girl. And a spot on a reality (non-reality) tv program I have not seen.

Chapin, SC

#43 Oct 20, 2015
Whatever wrote:
She's a hypocritical slut who left her husband and kids for a twinkie.
Don't you freaking chastise anyone for acknowledging the truth, MORON.
Her songs now are hollow and devoid of respect.
Live with it, and don't insult people who have sound judgment for insulting her character. If you say you speak or sing for the Almighty God, you damn well better live it.
Amen! Everyone one of her dumb Xmas songs come on the radio, I flip the radio station.

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