Former Officer Dennis Decker Accused ...

Former Officer Dennis Decker Accused of Raping Children-Trial Begins

There are 23 comments on the Susan Murphy-Milano..."Moving Out, Moving On" story from Jan 6, 2008, titled Former Officer Dennis Decker Accused of Raping Children-Trial Begins. In it, Susan Murphy-Milano..."Moving Out, Moving On" reports that:

I was very surprised to find a web site still up for former Officer Dennis Decker who is accused of various felonies and child molestation from a fellow police officer. via Susan Murphy-Milano..."Moving Ou...

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Orange, CA

#1 Apr 7, 2008
iam surprised to see this web site still up myself. i think some one should remove this site asap. iam the former wife of this idot. i can assure every one that he is guilty of the charges that he faces. he deserves what he gets and that is life in prison.

Yucca Valley, CA

#2 Apr 8, 2008
i am absolutely outraged at the fact that officer decker was a police officer in the city that i call home while my older daughter was in school she met the young lady who this happened to and i believe that she is a very respectful young lady the desert hot springs police should be ashamed to have such thoughtless mindless stupidity on there fource and maybe have a few interviews with there offficers before hireing dhs pd is a pathetic exuse for a police department.

Riverside, CA

#3 Apr 14, 2008
This Officer is innocent of all charges. The accuser is his lying step-daughter, egged on by his adulteress ex-wife. I wish the jury luck in deciphering the truth from the fiction!!

Indio, CA

#4 Apr 22, 2008
anyone that has ever had to defend themselves in riverside counties so called 'justice system' would agree that this D.A. is outrageously determined to throw anyone in prison that has allegations against them . This guy was a cop , served our community for years and this is how he is repayed , by most likely getting a life sentence for something he probably did not do . I hope that everyone realizes that it has to be proved beyond reasonable doubt that he in fact did what he is being charged with , and this fact alone might be his only chance at ever seeing the light of day outside of prison . I have no respect for pedophiles , molesters or child abusers of anykind , but having been through the ridiculous court system in indio have found that 1. deputy district attorneys do lie under to get what they want . 2. the D.A. is a blood sucking leech determined to make a name for himself on his own agenda for a future in politics

Palm Desert, CA

#5 Apr 22, 2008
anyone with half a brain has heard about the corruption of the Desert Hot Springs police dept. Not surprising they've found child molesters on the force too. I hope he likes his small, cramped cell with Bubba. Congratulations to the jury. They saw through the lies. One down, more to go!

Las Cruces, NM

#6 Jan 2, 2009
I have know this man for over 20 years and could never imagine him hurting anyone. I hope justice prevails...
John Brown

Waterloo, Canada

#7 Mar 16, 2010
The so-called victim was a dhs explorer that did all the underage drinking decoy stings! Now you look at her now 20 years old alcoholic, liar, sleeping with any gurl she meets at parties, even with my ex girlfriend who was 17 at the time late last year. So what kind example is that suppose gettin raped & messing around after her so called incident. The family is a cucko from hell, we all know that officer decker was a good cop that helped the people but he sure married a physcho that loves pulling ranks in police. As for child molster cops in dhs they're are few that are active in that city

Twentynine Palms, CA

#8 Sep 5, 2010
You all are idiots... not believing this girl. Were u in court, did u hear her testify. No! So shut ur mouth. Her testimony was from the heart. What did this young girl have to gain from supposedly lying. Nothing:. She lost everything. Her home, family, belongings.. everything.. she had a very wealthy family. Now she has nothing. And btw a 17 year old girl that's funny.. your pathetic!

Salem, OR

#9 Sep 7, 2011
So I was there at the hearings and I did hear so shut your mouth cause you dont know what your talking about.... As stated the wife is a cold heartless bitch that still cares nothing about her daughter or son. And what is funny about the girl being 17 doesnt matter if she is 10 or 17 she is underage and this so call poor girl that lost everything...why is that cause her family now knows she a liar and was sleeping with the cops daughter and LOST when it came to her complaint, but was paid off well from the cold heartless bitch
dhs dispatcher

United States

#10 Jan 26, 2013
I've known Dennis for a very long time and have worked side by side with him. I've seen his hoochie wife have affairs with several people..such as a fellow dispatcher Ty. She even went as far as Getting a custom license plate for the car that Dennis bought her that said "MY TY"

She's a joke. Hope your reading this Lisa... and I hope Dennis haunts your dreams every night.

I find it amazing that our court system sentanced Dennis to prison for the rest of his life when murderers get a couple years.

I was there every day of the trail. I saw his step daughter and her little cadet friend testify and I watched this little brat sit up there and lie. I wonder how much Lisa promised her for her testimony?

The prosecution's only real piece of evidence was a recorded setup phone call between Dennis and his step daughter. This evidence wouldn't be admissible in any other courtroom.. but the prosecution made it stick. And the whole time Lisa was burning a path to city hall to pick up Dennis' paycheck...... Hang in there Dennis... Karma is a bitch!!!

Banning, CA

#11 Jan 28, 2013

Long Beach, CA

#12 May 21, 2013
Hey Dispather get a real job.. Secondly what ever Lisa did that's her business. Who cares about a license plate obviously you do. what if anything did any of your slanders towards lisa have to do with Dennis being a Molester. Hey let him baby sit your children if you have any. Who really cares what she did. In the end Dennis got caught and thank god for that. Vanessa surely didnt sit with her cadet friend like you stated during the trial. Get your facts STRAIGHT before you bad mouth anyone pal. Try getting a Life of your own and stop worrying about other people's problem. In the END JUSTICE ALWAYS PREVAILS..

Long Beach, CA

#13 May 21, 2013
Hey another thing dispatcher guy. You say you seen Lisa have affairs who gives a crap. Obviously again you do. What in the hell did any of this have to do with Dennis being a molester? Your just a dumb dispatcher that couldn't be a Cop because obvious your not smart enough. Leave these poor people alone and move on with your shallow life. It's funny you say that Lisa payed Vanessa off. Do you no that for a fact? You say she was burning her way to city hall to pick up Dennis's pay check. What's wrong with that. Maybe he allowed her to pick the check up. I think you should Just mind you're own business. Yes karma is a bitch and for your ignorance you will most likely get yours for speaking out of turn.. Dennis will rot in that prison cell and I think that's just what a child molester deserves. Good luck with your so called life loser.

Castaic, CA

#14 May 23, 2013
It would appear to me that all the comments posted in this site are from uneducated people who clearly have no life!!! The molester is where he should be ..... Deckers ex wife and daughter are not on trial so here's a tip for the uneducated white trash..... Get a life

Hampstead, NC

#15 Aug 9, 2013
For those that believe Dennis Decker is could not be more wrong. Did you sit on the other end of the computer and read the disgusting emails he sent to a 13 year old girl? No, you did not.....I DID. I lived that hell every time I put on that Police Explorer uniform and got into a police unit with him. Did you have to deal with the inappropriate touching and words because you were too young to know how to make it stop? NO, WE DID. Vanessa was a brave young lady who sacrificed everything that she had to finally put Decker away after the years of torture he put her through. And I am proud to say that thanks to our testimony and courage Dennis Decker will rot in prison for his crimes against us. And to the DHS Dispatcher who believes that the ONLY evidence they had was the phone call between Decker and are very ill informed. Try HUNDREDS of emails he sent to me...I won't tell you what they said because frankly the words are still burned into my memory and it is not something that any child should ever have to go through.

I thought Dennis Decker was a good man too.....but it turns out he was just a very good liar with a very sick secret. So please....get the facts straight before you call people liars or try to besmirch their good name.

Lisa, people do not know anything and your daughter was so incredibly brave to stand up for herself and I hope that she can now live an incredible life free from Dennis Decker.
Anthony Velasco

Victorville, CA

#16 Sep 19, 2013
To all concern in the truth about D.Decker. I have known the family for many years. The truth is that D.Decker is convicted of a crime that really happened and it was not made up nor was Vanessa paid off by her mother, that was such a stupid and ridiculous comment made by someone.

Someone also said that Lisa had numerous affairs with other men, and that is such a lie and totally fabricated. If you know Lisa she has very high morals and values.

D.Decker deserved what he got and that is life in prison period....

Albuquerque, NM

#17 Sep 30, 2013
For those of you ho know Denny.... you know that this never happened. Lisa is a lying heartless bitch... who did have many affairs including the man she is married to now Ad funny that Lisa does not even speak to her kids because they both see what a manipulative bitch she is. Vanessa is a victim in a way of trying to please he mom after years of Lisa telling he what a failure and loser she is. Dennis Decker s innocent and a true friend of mine and I will be there for him til the end. and Anthony Velasco your a moron

Albuquerque, NM

#18 Sep 30, 2013
and ANON give it a rest you were proved in court to be a LIAR.. hahahahahhaha

Los Angeles, CA

#19 May 15, 2014
lisa wrote:
iam surprised to see this web site still up myself. i think some one should remove this site asap. iam the former wife of this idot. i can assure every one that he is guilty of the charges that he faces. he deserves what he gets and that is life in prison.
shut up thief, first you costed dennis his job at RSO getting him involved in your shoplifting spree, guess that wasn't good enough so you had to one up it.

Murrieta, CA

#20 Jun 23, 2014
I knew the Deckers... I watched their kids for 3-4 years, daily... and...#1. Lisa was a good mom. 2. I reported the "daddy" when her daughter told me about what had just happened to her...When she was 6 or 7... I told her school principle, her teacher, contacted everyone.... And know one believed as they all knew Dennis very well! It made me sick... I hope that she recovered... I hope her mom has recovered... I hope only the best for their family... Except of course... Dennis... I hope he rots in prison, for the rest of his days... He is truly a worthless piece of shit. Controlling, manipulative, disgusting... Again, I knew him well... Was surprised to find info on him but this info is from 2008... Good luck mommy and daughter... Hope you are all doing well.. I did offer to testify on your behalf... They obviously didn't need me as he got what was coming to him... You and kids will always be in my thoughts as I have sooo many pics of when they were little!!!

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