There is a letter in the Clearwater Gazette by Chaz Roberts that speaks exactly to my concern. The big problem on CWB is traffic.....NOT parking. Our Mayor and city council are only concerned about revenue and not the ridiculous traffic on the weekends. A new parking garage will only make the problem worse. We should be encouraging less traffic not more. I live on the beach and am essentially trapped in my house on weekend. I will travel south and use the Bellaire bridge to go to the Publix there rather than sit in traffic trying to get to the Publix on Island Way.

Additionally, we are also attracting the dregs of Clearwater as evidenced by the recent shootings. More inexpensive parking will exacerbate this problem as well. Maybe our City Council should spend a Saturday afternoon on the beach and see what they have created. On a recent Saturday a group of thug-types interrupted the quiet on the beach by blasting a huge boom box as they walked down the beach. Is this the image our city council wants. I guarantee you we will not be seeing any more "Best Beach" awards. The Mayor and City Council should be taking a cue from Naples. Wake Up city governments. CWB is starting to become like Venice Beach Ca.