HEP Clearwater Florida SCAM for Vets

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Danang 74

Clearwater, FL

#1 Oct 18, 2011
The Clearwater Homeless Emergency Project AKA HEP is nothing more than a SCAM to line the pockets of a few. This so-called "non profit" uses money to build a sweet cushy office buildibng and a wonderful thrift store, while the Vets live in awful conditions.

I challange anybody who would even consider to make a donation to this place VISIT BOTH the offices (upstairs and downstairs)-- nice conference room - Eh? Then visit the actual housing.

Vet rip-off in the names of God and Jesus. It is disgusting! They get $1,800.00 a month per Vet plus, plus, plus!

The best way to measure a non-profit is to look at the offices and then the care the clients get.

HEP - Don't drink the Kool Aid

Clearwater, FL

#2 Feb 17, 2012
I do live at HEP /Phase I/ and I am satisfied! I do know, that the veterans live in nice apartments, they do not have to share the 1Br/1Ba apartment with a room mate. Maybe the author of the above comment expected a penthouse... Or would it be possible he had some trouble with the rules? I lived before in "Tent City" /Pinellas Hope/ and let me tell you, it is MUCH better at HET as it was in "Tent City." Also, the employees at HEP are much better trained than in Tent City. There is no comparison! HEP, you are the best and if and when I get on feet again, you can count on my help.

Indianapolis, IN

#3 Mar 14, 2012
OR how about a vet taking care of themself?

Free ride is over fife, time to get off the gubment teat. You don't get BAH in the REAL world!!!

Tarpon Springs, FL

#4 Oct 24, 2013
Right on, Range Rover! I did investigate the claim, that HEP receives $ 1,800/ per.month for each vet. I could not find anything supporting that claim. If anyone has an information, regarding the above, please leave me a message here. Thank you.
Ugh People

Clearwater, FL

#5 Nov 9, 2013
Range Rover, being that you're in Indianapolis....figure out where your opinion matters here in Florida. Next, I can say that I have volunteered at HEP. Very organized and wonderful place. It's not a free handout.

Finally, my family and I were military and were nearly living on the streets two years ago. My husband was being forced to retire since he had injured his back and couldn't pass the physical fitness. He also had lovely surgery done to his wrist and AFTER he got out found out they left metal pieces floating around (he didn't have surgery to have metal removed), which is why he had problems supporting himself during pushups. We were fortunate to have family to stay with until all the transitional pays and jobs were found. We were terrified about our future and easily could have ended up living in a wonderful place like HEP. There weren't any jobs to be found two years ago. All the 'military friendly' companies that posted jobs didn't even call us. I have a degree and was willing to take a housekeeping job at the VA hospital, but they gave me a physical and said my service related injury disqualified me from working as a janitor! So, get over yourselves. Pooh happens to good people all the time. Thankfully, there are people like those at HEP.

Clearwater, FL

#6 Dec 17, 2013
This place needs to be investigated. I will keep everyone posted in the future. Les! You don't have to suck up no more-they can't harm you.

Clearwater, FL

#7 Dec 18, 2013
H.E.P.(Human experimental Project). It's a RE-programming cult crossed between,Liberalism + scientology + control.

The one's who do stay have no other choice...they have to due to financial reasons. And H.E.P. knows it that all too well. They love their power over others mainly those who don't really know their Rights and or Civil Rights. There are violations on a daily basis. They are just sitting back and collecting the monies.

There's also a lot of HIPAA Violations regarding staff members too,mainly one person in particular. C.Y.

Their motto should be: If you won't bow to us-there's the door!,.....There are hundreds of others who want your bed.

So, Justice you are right! That place should be investigated. But,Mrs Green and her Minions are untouchable.

Good luck anyways.

Clearwater, FL

#8 Jan 15, 2014
I don't know about some of the comments but I am checking to make sure. I am a person that volunteers and if I find most monies are going to administration I will join this fight. I double the Police Chief would allow such a thing to happen but I will find out.
I volunteered there once but as a regular volunteer in the area I do it because I want to see things happen to help not for the praise but no one said thank you then or since. The men were very nice about thanking the servers but noting came from HEP. However those working in admin came and took food for themselves.
What a black mark for the great volunteers in the area.
To bad but please "volunteers" do not use this of other places.

Clearwater, FL

#9 Feb 7, 2014
Those people that work there are very scummy and dirty. It's all about the dollar and control over other people. They try to shame you with guilt but by the same time,claim to build you up. They are delusional in thinking they are trying to help others-yet hold them back. I believe Clare is as fake as one can get and she's the worst of them all. Janet claims to be a "Safe Zone" But yet, she's right in there on top by controlling others too. She's so New-Age even God probably flips her the bird. This place is just a FEMA camp. They all have direct links to Zack and they report EVERYTHING to him like mindless zombies. Which is funny because, Zack is totally emotionless. This is Liberalism at work people beware!

Clearwater, FL

#10 Feb 25, 2014
Carl and Chopper Dude aren't even vets so what are you doing on here?

Clearwater, FL

#11 Feb 25, 2014

Clearwater, FL

#12 Mar 8, 2014
After living there for a number of years................i'd never go back. too much bullsh*t. A 6 month stay would be fine but any longer then that you start to lose your identity. Try to get into tent city and try to stay there. It's harsh BUT,.,at least you have freedom(S).
RAM Clearwater

Saint Petersburg, FL

#13 Mar 22, 2014
HEP saved my life. I totally disagree with the negative comments posted here about the Homeless Emergency Project (HEP) located in Clearwater, Florida. As another individual posted you can see that HEP has an excellent record as a charity and I've never experienced anything but professional respect from the staff. They have rules: don't drink, don't do drugs, don't break the law and do positive things to improve your life.

HEP has no fences, no locked doors--when you enter the program everyone agrees to follow the rules. Why agree to follow the rules, if you have no intention of following them? I know it must be difficult to stop drinking and doing drugs, but they have help for everyone who wants it.

Every single staff member and administrator could be making more money doing something else with less stress--no doubt about it. They do it because they care about people and are interested in improving the lives of veterans and others in the community who have found themselves homeless for various reasons.

If it wasn't for HEP I'd sure I'd be dead by now. I fight severe PTSD every waking moment. HEP provides a safe supportive and environment for those who are trying to overcome mental health, addiction and other issues.

Please check out the facts about HEP from independent objective evaluators like Charity Navigator and read what they say about this excellent organization. If you are considering financial or other donations, I can't think of a better cause in Pinellas County than HEP.

Again, HEP saved my life. I battle things every day and the only hope I have was put there by the supportive staff at this organization. Thank you HEP!

Dunedin, FL

#14 Apr 5, 2014
JUSTICE: I am not sucking up to HEP, I have no reason to do so and I never did! I live in a nice apartment complex in Clearwater and I could not be happier. But then again,there are rules over here too, just as everywhere else and that is how it should be. We, as human beings are unfortunately not perfect.

CHOPPERDUDE: I lived 23.5 months in my car, 18 mo. in "Tent City" and over 1yr at HEP. There is no question that HEP is 100x better than Tent City. Is it without any problems or things that I did not liked? Of course not! One for example was the compulsory attendance, once a week for a 1hour psychology "course" that have not helped ONE ondividual that I knew of. But then again, who knows, it could be somehow connected to the grants HEP is getting. The other thing was the leftwingness/liberalism... But just because I am a conservative republican, I should not expect that everyone should be the same way. After all, this is United States. I would not like to live in a country again where everyone is expected to think the same way and do the same things. It sucked!

Clearwater, FL

#15 May 1, 2014
Les,les,les,......That place tries to force liberal thinking on everyone. When someone starts to show independence-the HEP tries to reel them into a liberal mindset. At HEP everyone is expected to think the same way and you know that. Clare comes across as a wonderful caring individual,who jokes, laughs a lot. But do something like think freely,...BOW! She'll put you back where you belong. Everything you ever tell her-she'll use it against you later on in a humiliating way if you feels,crossed.

And as the mandatory meeting go-you hated them too. you say 1 person got helped that you know of. That's nothing compared to the larger number that has to attend them AND are not helped because they serve no purpose what's so ever.

I own my own home NOW and,I'm under no stupid/petty rules.

Clearwater, FL

#16 May 1, 2014
correction: "she'll use it against you later on in a humiliating way if she feels,crossed.

P.S. HEP feeds on people who can't/won't think for themselves. Which makes them demoncraps/liberals themselves.

Look at most of the people there-they don't want to leave. They want to stay there forever. But if they do-they will never have anything-ever!

They don't want a life they want someone to take care of them. that's why they probably became homeless in the first place-Irresponsibility. Most people that I ran into are borderline-retarded,lazy dumbasses/

A free thinking-independent/republica n does not belong there. They will be destroyed by HEP'S controlling-liberal-nazism.

Don't be fooled by Clare-I believe she's inspired by a demon.

Saint Petersburg, FL

#17 Dec 30, 2014
Before you donate your money or property to HEP, go visit the place. Notice how nice the "Copper Building" is where the people work are located and then go across the street to the place they call "The Horse Shoe." Get the picture? The workers at HEP have this beautiful building while the homeless are packed in sub-standard housing with threats.

Never trust a non-profit when you see the nicest building and most of the money is going to the administrators and NOT the people who are supposed to get help from your donations. Think about how many people could live in the Copper Building. Let the staff move to the Horse Shoe LOL! Like that will happen!!!!

That's all I knew at HEP were threats from the case managers almost weekly. I think it's sick how people like to abuse the homeless. The HEP motto is "hand-up, not a hand-out." Maybe they should make the motto "Backhand the Homeless!!!" Threats! Threats! Threats! Lies and more lies!

It's better to sleep in the streets than listen to these people and their threats.

HEP, treat people with R-E-S-P-E-C-T

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