Cats poisoned by antifreeze mixed wit...

Cats poisoned by antifreeze mixed with food

There are 418 comments on the South Florida Sun-Sentinel story from Jan 30, 2008, titled Cats poisoned by antifreeze mixed with food. In it, South Florida Sun-Sentinel reports that:

The mystery unfurled with nine furry bodies, three of them dead. Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control investigators are trying to determine who poisoned the stray cats by mixing their food with antifreeze ...

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Miami, FL

#149 Feb 1, 2008
April wrote:
This is ridiculous!
Now that this is all over the net, another case like this just happened in Coral Gables but these cat were NOT strays and had a home. This is awful and cruel and now these idiots will continue doing this. EVERYWHERE!
I didnt't know that antifreeze could kill cats until I read this article and I know many others didn't as well. Now that they told us these dumb teens and people in general who hates cats will know how to destroy these innocent pets.
Sad so sad!
April I hate to tell you, but there was a similar antifreeze case years ago, and I believe it involved dogs. The dangers of sweet-tasting and smelling antifreeze have been known for years. The papers also print up stories of shootings, stabbings, maulings, bombings, etc. My opinion is, if you have a deviant mind, you're going to commit deviant acts regardless of what you read in the paper. We've simply turned into a country where people are abusing pets at an alarming rate; that is quite scary.
Cat Hater

Oaxaca, Mexico

#150 Feb 18, 2008
I was actually looking for a way to poison cats on the internet and saw this, Wow thats great Thanks for the info. My neighbors have at least 20 cats and they urinate all over my patio. Now I can kill them all and no one will know the better. Thank you SOOOOOOOOOO much.

Buy now, need to get going.





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Shreveport, LA

#152 Feb 29, 2008
Cat owners obviously enjoy the smell of cat urine and poop and can't wait until a fresh load is dumped by their kittys so the stench is made fresh again. Oh wait! How dare I insinuate cat owners are somewhat perverted by saying they enjoy the smell of sh*t and p*iss. OK then! I think you get the message! Keep your cats off my porch and out of my children's sandbox so we don't have to put up with your pet's waste, but some ignorant cat owner will try to justify it's OK for their cat to keep on doing whatever it wants to. I say say if it doesn't stop I'll take care of the problem on my terms since the kitty's owner doesn't have the sense or courtesy to make it stop! Just remember - My family's health is more important than that of a cat's

Lubbock, TX

#153 May 6, 2008
it is sad that cats or other innocent animals have to go through such terrible thing but then they were not meant to live forever and I know that is not their fault but only humans are the blame for it


#155 Sep 3, 2008
I'm with jjjj. So much hysteria over a few stray cats. Who cares when people die unless you personally know them?


#156 Sep 3, 2008
Karma wrote:
Cats are special creatures. Whoever harms them intentionally will eventually encounter a moment when they will feel the pain themselves that they inflicted on those helpless creatures. Whatever they were trying to protect by killing those cats will be damaged even more. Karma will take care of them, rest assured.
But doesn't that apply to everything? What makes cats so "special"?

New Cumberland, PA

#157 Jan 22, 2009
Cat Hater wrote:
I was actually looking for a way to poison cats on the internet and saw this, Wow thats great Thanks for the info. My neighbors have at least 20 cats and they urinate all over my patio. Now I can kill them all and no one will know the better. Thank you SOOOOOOOOOO much.
Buy now, need to get going.
The article in the Sun-Sentinel was not newsworthy, it was irresponsible journalism. The person in the above response protrays sociopathic and borderline personality traits. Such irresponsible and sociopathic people have broken the heart of an 8 year old little girl. Her little female neutered loved kitty goes outside periodically. Someone in the neighborhood must have practiced the perversions of these people. May their blackened hearts be broken to the same depth. A little 8 year old girl had to come home from school and learn that someone had poisened her kitty. Again may their hearts be broken their guilt uncovered and just punishment delivered.
Cat Slayer

South Africa

#158 Feb 1, 2009
Thanx to this article ,, we cat unlovers --now can find a untraceble way to get rid of straying cats ,living and feasting in our homes when we are not around.
And for those wo dont like the topic ,,please teach your cats not to stray,, or wait you cant learn a cat anything, sorry then for CATS!!
Cat Lady

Las Vegas, NV

#160 Feb 18, 2009
I to had a problem with the colonies I take care of. I had some of my best friends in my cats. I had to put some of my cats down because of a cruel person poisioning them with Anti-freeze. All the beautiful birds were dieing because they love to eat the dry cat food. I have DNR working with me to get to the bottom of this cruelty. I hope all the best for you in stopping these people from hurting these beuatiful animals.
Cat Lady

Las Vegas, NV

#161 Feb 18, 2009
By the way, I am from Pawleys Island,SC not TX
Cat poisoning is a FELONY

New Braunfels, TX

#162 Apr 4, 2009
You should all know that poisoning cats and dogs is a felony. If you want further proof, go to the humane society site and look at the law in your state. If the cats in your yard are so bothersome I hardly think killing them is the way to go unless you want to lose your job, be publicly embarrassed, and go to jail! Good luck sick people!
mmm hmmm

Belleville, MI

#163 Apr 29, 2009
I say more power to them!! I would make sure to kill the family pet first though, so the people who own it suffer. Then I'd slip some antifreeze into his/her breakfast.
Had it with Cats

Victoria, Canada

#164 May 18, 2009
I'm sick and tired of all these cat lovers trying to keep these nasty creatures alive. I'm tired of not being able to use my garden and patio because is stinks of cat piss. Tried the bottled cat repellent, cyanne pepper, the motion sensor that sprays water, orange peels, etc. Nothing works. Probably spent $200 on a "humane" way to get rid of the thing. Hey, my kids don't crap in my neighbors yards, don't ruin their property. Why should a cat owner think they have the right to ruin my pleasure in using my property?
fair is fair

Johannesburg, South Africa

#166 May 27, 2009
I don't mind pets. But if someone else's pet becomes a problem to me i will kill the pet. Part of having a pet is taking responsibility for your pet. Make sure your pet is not a nuisence to other people. Right now my neigbours cat is intruding in my house and yard. So i have poisened it. End of my problem.

Albuquerque, NM

#167 Jun 14, 2009
I have cats and am an avid cat lover but I have a problem with feral cats coming into my yard and attacking and killing native animals and birds. I keep bird feeders up and the ferals are killing them. Something has to be done to stop the ferals. If you are a responsible pet owner, kudos to you. If you are a senseless moron letting your cat out at night to breed and wreak havok. Your cat needs to be put down. Antifreeze or a .22. I will take responsibility for your cat for you.


#169 Jun 27, 2009
You need to crush the tablets between two spoons first then mix with the food - one pill per foil tin of food is usually sufficient !!
Cat Lover Rocky Mount

Charlottesville, VA

#171 Jul 30, 2009
Any idoit that kills cats are stupid and should receive the same ingredients they suggest. Trap and take to a no kill shelter. Maybe some one would love this little creatures. I do!!!!!!!!!!
sorry4you ALL

Denison, TX

#172 Sep 11, 2009
My neighbors were trying to kill another neighbors cats and left a bowl of antifreeze too close to the curb and my toddler wandered too far one day during a garage sale I was having and drank it. he died. I hope all of you who think this is a solution to your feline problem feel something about this. You can never be too SAFE! Just pick the cat shit up like the rest of us. They are serving a sentence for Involuntary Manslaughter, but that will not bring Adam back to his mother and me. I hope this makes you think before you do something stupid.

Mount Juliet, TN

#173 Sep 12, 2009
Everyone knows you are supposed to catch the cats in a trap, drown them, and then skin them. The skins are used to make a tarp to cover your boat, car, etc. just whatever of yours the cats used to like to walk all over after you just washed it. Whatever you do, don't poison them! They can crawl under your house or end up elsewhere on your property when they die, and then you have the smell to deal with. If you feed them right, you can also eat them. After a diet of low-grade for about a week they taste like chicken, but look like a squirrel or something in the pan. Or you can let animal control pick them up and they can do the killing for you, if you are squimish.

Raleigh, NC

#174 Sep 22, 2009
For years we had feral cats multiplying like crazy. Out of concern for my children and the spred of disease, I called the local animal control office, and for awhile they'd put out traps. Then one day I called and they said I'd have to trap the animal myself before they'd come pick it up. I did it once in a box and they came and picked it up. I felt I was doing their job for them, and gave up. Recently, I've only seen one cat around the yard, where there used to be dozens.

Yesterday, while cleaning my garage, I saw this cat close up. He/she was staggering like it was drunk and its eyes had trouble focusing. It makes me wonder if someone has been poisoning the cats. They used to crawl into my garage and use the bathroom; once a female delivered her brood in a corner under some wood.

With rabies on the rise again in our area, and animal control not helping, I have mixed feelings about their extermination. I am angry at people who abandon their animals, leaving them to breed unabated. Years ago before the feral cat problem surfaced, I adopted an abandoned female who had been spayed. It took her about a year to come to me, and I fed her after that until her death several years later.

Personally, I'd NEVER poison and animal (with the possible exception of rats or mice), but am not sorry to see them gone either. I guess you can say that I am ambivilent.

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